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Learning to be an L of a driver.

A NEW RAC survey suggests motorists aged 17-19 account for one in eight serious crashes - not the sort of statistic you want to read when your own kids are approaching, or have reached, the age when they can learn to drive.

Daughter's been pestering for months, but we've stalled her for the time being - she won't need, or be able to afford, a car at university. Besides, she has the road sense of a blindfolded hedgehog. But son and heir - well, he already has form...

Aged four, he drove Mrs R's car into our front porch. Yes, really. I was in the kitchen when two sheepish youngsters - him and his sister - edged in. "Daddy....come to the front of the house." I opened the door to find it filled with the front of Mrs R's car. Yes, they'd found the keys, fancied a "drive" and with laddo at the wheel, released the

handbrake, allowing the car to slowly roll down the drive. How it stopped short of front wall demolition, I'll never know.

He's always loved his cars, though, so on Sunday, we did what any parents nervous about their kids driving would do - we let him drive a Lamborghini. It was a "junior driving experience" at Stafford and he burned up the track.

But if he wants a Lambo, he'd better start saving up.


Robson Jnr takes the wheel in a Lamborghini on the track
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 4, 2014
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