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Learning throughout life.

Learning throughout Life

The students who come to learn industrial techniques in this industrial city along the southern rim of the Ruhr District are themselves vocational teachers and technical instructors, and they come from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Here in Solingen, they will spend 24 months as scholarship recipients of the German Foundation for International Development (DSE), specifically, its Central Facility for Vocational Advancement (ZGB), which runs the state branch of North Rhine-Westphalia in this city since 1966. At this center in Solingen, capital of the German cutlery industry, the young specialists from Third-World nations receive instruction that blends the practical with the classroom.

In workshops equipped with the latest in equipment and adhering to strict safety regulations, students mill, turn, or polish materials. They also draft technical designs, carry out material checks, write computer programmes, pass tests in the art of welding, discuss issues of workshop safety, and jot down notes about their work for subsequent review.

Ten German instructors help conduct the courses, helping the students in managing courses, exercises, exams, hands-on training, and learning education techniques.

Cooperation between the governments of Pakistan and the Federal Republic of Germany in the establishment of the Hub Chowki School for electrical and metal-working instruction in Karachi is very close, with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) figuring prominently in its construction. Prior to coming to Solingen for advanced instruction, Waseem Haider, 26 years old, and Rawat Khan 31, worked there as 2 instructors in mechanics.

PHOTO : Waseem Haider uses a caliper gauge to show Rawat Khan (in Photo Center) and Hermann Ferlic (on right)
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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