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Learning Asset Integration (LAI) initiative.

The Defense Acquisition University has embarked on a major new initiative focused on providing significantly improved job performance support to the AT&L workforce. The Learning Asset Integration initiative will allow the workforce anytime/anywhere access to the principal DAU learning assets that previously have been available previously only in the classroom or through a controlled formal distance learning course.

Career-long Learning

DAU provides career-long support through the products and services offered in its Performance Learning Model (PLM). A major DAU goal is to integrate and leverage all learning assets developed by and available to DAU to maximize the value of all assets to the AT&L workforce. Learning assets range from small objects like a graphic representation of the acquisition framework, to a large online career field community of practice and its body of knowledge. Learning assets cover the spectrum from internal and external sources as follows:

* Learning objects and courses developed by DAU's authoring tools

* Classroom course presentations and information artifacts

* Continuous learning modules/courses

* Rapid deployment training assets

* Targeted training assets

* Performance support assets

* DAU and Department of Defense guidebooks and handbooks

* Policy and reference documents (in AT&L Knowledge Sharing repository)

* Database of questions and answers ("Ask a Professor" in AT&L Knowledge Sharing repository)

* Case studies, best practices, automated templates/tools

* Knowledge communities, subtopic areas, and contributed assets

* Student-developed studies, reports, and lessons learned,

* Faculty business cards with identified areas of expertise (from the human resources database)

* Advanced distributed learning repository of DoD sharable learning objects.

What is LAI and how will it be accomplished? LAI is capturing, organizing, life cycle managing, and providing open access to a broad spectrum of learning assets in a central digital repository or repositories. An architecture of the initial Learning Asset Integration is shown to the right.

DAU is in the process of selecting and purchasing a new learning content management system that will include a robust central digital repository. The repository will be configured to accept learning assets in structures/taxonomies that will make it easy for users to access the stored knowledge. The system will have easy-to-use templates for knowledge owners to contribute learning assets and describe them by using meta tags.

Why is LAI an imperative?

DAU believes it must integrate its learning assets to:

* Leverage and maximize the value of all DAU products and services

* Provide the most accurate and current knowledge available in all DAU products and services

* Enrich the activities and content in courses and course modules

* Minimize the cost of development and maintenance through asset reuse

* Help AT&L workers to develop career qualifications and competencies

* Help AT&L workers to stay current in their profession

* Help AT&L workers to do their jobs efficiently and in real time

* Help AT&L workers to make smart business decisions

* Support DAU's e-Learning vision and support future competency-based training.
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