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From establishing a telecommuting policy to using the best of Web 2.0 to build teams of people who've never met, the challenges of virtual team management are something that more and more companies and communication departments are dealing with.

CW Bulletin: February 2007 | Volume 5, Issue 2


New social media, such as Second Life, are adding a new dimension to communication by offering a way for people to become part of an online "world." But what are the business applications for these kinds of experiences? We asked some of our technology experts to explain and offer some examples of organizations that are making use of this breakthrough technology:

Social Media Is Changing Everything by Anders Gronstedt

When Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwarz needs to communicate with the world, he doesn't necessarily call a press conference, issue a press release or even convene a webinar or videoconference. He blogs. His online diary gives him an unfiltered channel leading to the employees, customers, analysts and resellers who represent the first wave of perception formation regarding important company products and service initiatives.

Sun is leading a transformation of the communication profession, as the Web transitions from an information repository to a platform of collaboration and community building.

Leveraging the Collaborative Environment by Rob Key

Meet Scott, age 28, with a Dunkin' Donuts cup costume, a web site, a MySpace page and an archive of compelling brand content that, by the way, happens to rank No. 4 in a Google search for the brand name. Scott is among the legions of brand enthusiasts who are knocking down the walls of the traditional "us versus them" brand relationship, demanding to be let in and be a part of the brand experience.

Where in the World Is Second Life? by Anders Gronstedt

Like most corporations, computer maker Dell offers a pop-up list of countries and regions on its web site. But look closely between Saudi Arabia and Senegal, and you'll see a country called Second Life. Click on it and you'll find that it's not a country but a world--of the virtual kind.

Ready for Life in Transparencyville? by Angelo Fernando

Before you jump up and down about social media and the wonderfully transparent world it is creating, consider the consequences. There's just no way to prevent those outside your walls from looking in. Leaky information, errant e-mails and inappropriate instant messages now have the capacity to become very, very public. If there's one lesson that communicators need to take away from the new social media, it's how to operate in a world of transparency.
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Publication:Communication World
Date:May 1, 2007
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