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Learn lesson of eye horror; Your say Sickening gouge attack that blinded Tina Nash is a chilling warning of the dangers of staying with an abusive partner.

PS100 Letter BRAVE Tina Nash's account in last week's Sunday Mirror of how her monstrous boyfriend Shane Jenkin gouged out her eyes was beyond horrific.

It's a crime of unparalleled wickedness which came after Jenkin had physically abused Tina for years.

For a young mum to be denied the bliss of being able to see her children makes his crime even more hideous. I hope he rots in Hell! - Carol Davies, Stannington, Northumberland IT was harrowing to read Tina Nash's story. What a brave and inspirational young lady she is. Tina's experience should serve as a chilling wake-up call to every abused woman who has ever stayed with a violent partner, desperately hoping he might change. - C Young, Maidstone, Kent IT was horrific reading how Tina Nash's boyfriend gouged out her eyes.

The terrible 12-hour attack during which she feared she would die beggared belief.It is a pity that thug Shane Jenkin will never have to experience the same fear and devastating injuries.

I just hope that reading Tina's story will empower anyone in a violent relationship to get out while they can. - J Singer, Leeds


Tina lost both eyes in attack
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 28, 2012
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