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Learn How to Draw for the Non-Artist.

Learn How to Draw for the Non-Artist

Earl R. Phelps

Phelps Publishing

9781887627122, $19.95, PB, 132pp,

Synopsis: "Learn How to Draw for the Non-Artist" was specifically created by Earl R. Phelps for anyone who is intimidated by a lack of previous experience (or perceived lack of talent) for drawing--or simply wants to improve their drawing skills as an artist.

Anyone and everyone can learn how to draw with this thoroughly 'user friendly' instructional guide and manual which includes a combination of pencil and ink drawings. All that is required is a pencil and paper to get started.

Aspiring artists will learn to draw many different things and after completing "Learn How to Draw for the Non-Artist" will have accomplished drawing such things as Still Life, the Human Head, Human Figure, Mammals, Reptiles, Sports Figures, Supercharacters, Fantasy drawings and basic Perspective drawing.

Critique: Very nicely organized, inspiring, and an ideally personal DIY instructional resource, "Learn How to Draw for the Non-Artist" is especially and unreservedly recommended to the attention of anyone of any age or background who would like to learn the basics of drawing--or simply improve their drawing skills.

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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Date:Dec 1, 2019
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