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Learn About the Impact of Institutionalisation on the Hedge Fund Industry, and how This Is Transforming the Hedge Fund and Funds of Funds Marketplace.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "Hedge Funds: Crossing the Institutional Frontier" to their offering.

"Hedge Funds: Crossing the Institutional Frontier" is a most timely addition to the hedge funds discourse, considering changes in the industry itself: how hedge fund managers should be reacting to consolidation in the industry and the changing demands of investors. The author, Sohail Jaffer has brought together 18 experienced industry leaders who discuss trends within the marketplace and the challenges confronting the industry:

--What are the key factors in a successful hedge fund evolution?

--What are the business models and structural issues in Hedge Funds Mergers & Acquisitions?

--What is the impact of institutionalisation of the industry, and how is this transforming the hedge fund and funds of funds marketplace?

--What are the risks and opportunities for hedge funds in this new environment?

--What are the issues in combining hedge funds and structured products?

--How can hedge funds meet the dangers (and opportunities) of private equity investments?

--What are the operational and regulatory risks facing the industry and how can the industry best meet these?

--How can hedge funds get the best from their prime broker?

--Understanding investible hedge fund indices

--How to successfully leverage a hedge fund portfolio

--What are the new drivers for successful investments, including entry into new markets such as Asia.

This book provides you with a detailed account of the key issues facing the hedge fund industry, and strategies for hedge fund managers to gain success both over competitors and with investors from leaders in the field.

Key Topics Covered Include:

Part I - Trends in the hedge funds marketplace

--Identifying the key trends and challenges shaping the growth of the global hedge fund industry.

Tom Brown, Giles Drury and Neil Fatharly, KPMG

--Hedge fund mergers and acquisitions: the industry trends and business models driving deals.

Eric Weber, Freeman & Co. LLC

--Hedge fund mergers and acquisitions: how and why does it happen?.

Brad Southern, Freeman & Co. LLC

--From start-ups to big swingers: hedge fund boutique to hedge fund business.

Philip Manduca, Titanium Capital

Part II - The changing demands of investors.

--Examining the increasing institutionalisation of an industry: what are institutional investors' expectations of hedge funds?.

Alan H. Dorsey, CRA Rogers Casey

--Picking future hedge fund winners.

Blaine Tomlinson, Financial Risk Management

--Funds of funds in the brave new world: earning their keep.

Omar Kodmani, Permal Group

--Myths and realities of hedge fund investing.

Robert Jaeger, EACM Advisors LLC

--The institutionalisation of the hedge fund marketplace.

Bruce Brittain and Andrew Wittkop, Pimco

Part III - Risks and opportunities for hedge funds.

--Combining hedge funds and structured products.

Lothar Mentel, Threadneedle

--Private equity: dangerous territory for hedge funds or a new opportunity?.

Sir David Cooksey, EVCA

--Hedge fund operational risks: risks without rewards?.

Jean-Rene Giraud, Edhec-Risk Advisory

--FSA update: supervising hedge fund managers not hedge funds.

Andrew Shrimpton, Financial Services Authority

--Prime brokers: analysing their developing roles in the marketplace.

Jim Lafaman, Credit Suisse

Part IV - New strategies for hedge fund investing.

--Angels and demons: demystifying investible hedge fund indices.

Thomas Schneeweis, University of Massachusetts and

Lyra Capital

Vassilis N. Karavas and Igor Grasic, Lyra Capital

--Leverage in hedge funds and leveraging hedge fund portfolios: the alpha and the omega and the 'in between'.

John E. Dunn, III, Thunderbird, the Garvin School of

International Management

--Asian hedge fund markets come of age.

Khiem Do, Baring Asset Management

--Strategic decisions in constructing hedge fund portfolios.

Sudhir Krishnamurthi, Rock Creek

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Date:Sep 4, 2006
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