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Leap learning. (What's new? Holiday gifts galore).

It's tough to beat an interactive learning system that's not only fun, but has interchangeable parts and numerous add-ons to keep things fresh and varied, or at least that's how our kids feel about the products from Leap Frog Enterprises, Inc., Emeryville, Calif. To start out, we obtained the LeapPad Learning System ($49.99), which adeptly brings to life the magic of books and reading while developing phonics awareness, spelling, and vocabulary. Children touch the page with the "magic" pen and LeapPad leaps to life with delightful characters, music, and activities. A seemingly countless number of book and cartridge titles ($19.99 each) work on LeapPad. To sharpen reading skills our three especially enjoyed Scooby-Doo and the Zombie's Treasure and Arthur's Lost Puppy. Hit It, Maestro? Classical Composers and Their Greatest Hits proved to be a musical treat while Monster Money allowed them to compare the value of different coins while playing math and counting games. Other licensed characters include Bob the Builder, Bear and the Big Blue House, Dora the Explorer, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Then there is Leap Frog's Turbo Twist handheld line, which includes Brain Quest, Vocabulator, and Fact Blaster, each retailing for $29.99. Brain Quest has challenging, fast-paced games and activities to help master social studies, English, and science facts. Vocabulator has three game modes for working on prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, and word roots and tenses. Fact Blaster teaches history, geography, science, nature, sports, people, and music.
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Date:Nov 1, 2002
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