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Leap into learning. (time out).

LeapFrog's iQuest Interactive Talking Handheld makes studying for a test less painful and more enjoyable. The iQuest is geared to students from fifth through 12th grades and provides study materials based on textbooks used in classrooms, as well as standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT, and ACT.

The handheld comes with the Mind Station hub, which lets you log on to the Internet, set up your own Web page, link to textbooks, and down load chapter outlines and quizzes. The iQuest Test Prep cartridge contains questions in vocabulary, math, and reading comprehension to help students study for standardized tests.

Mind Station is easy to set up and its space-age design makes it a cool accessory for desktops. The iQuest is a rugged handheld with rubberized side grips and a colorful, removable faceplate. In addition to study guides and quizzes, it also features an address book, dictionary, calculator, and scheduler. So you get a PDA and study tool rolled into one package. The only drawback is the interactive voice, which can get a bit annoying--and there's no way to adjust the volume. But you can use headphones so you don't annoy everyone else. LeapFrog's iQuest is a cool way to study without lugging a backpack. (iQuest Interactive Talking Handheld, $59.95; Cartridges, $14.99-$24.99;
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Author:Donaldson, Sonya A.
Publication:Black Enterprise
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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