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Leanardo da Vinci: Dreams, Schemes, and Flying Machines.

Leonardo da Vinci: Dreams, Schemes, and Flying Machines. Heinz Kahne. New York: Prestel (888-463-6110), 2000. Illus., hardcover, 30 pp. $14.95.

The title in Prestel's new "Adventures in Art" series presents Leonardo as a polymath, a man who first asked such questions as: Where do rivers come from? Or How do birds fly? Or How do you cast a horse in bronze? This book is an assemblage of many such questions and brief text amplifications. What dominates the cream colored pages, though, are the visuals. Photographs of modern reconstructions of his models and the clearly reproduced drawings and paintings begin to answer the questions. Strong page design integrates text and pictures in ways to attract and hold a reader of any age.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Marantz, Ken
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 2000
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