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Life of change: Mary Lean reflects on a major upheaval in her life. Dec 1, 2006 1439
To Romania, withCdetermination: his dream was to go to Antarctica. Instead he has spent his life challenging totalitarianism, and its aftermath. Patrick Colquhoun talks to Mary Lean. Dec 1, 2006 1588
Building peace from the grassroots. Dec 1, 2006 567
Art power: whether you're a clown, a singer, an actor or simply a member of the audience, you have an impact on the world, Mary Lean discovers. Cover story Oct 1, 2006 1528
Meeting place of two great longings. Oct 1, 2006 592
Getting down to reality. Aug 1, 2006 395
Ear to the ground: from Mary Lean in South-East England. Jun 1, 2006 711
Change for a change. Editorial Jun 1, 2006 361
Images of immigration detention. Apr 1, 2006 413
Mozart and the desert. Editorial Feb 1, 2006 354
Advent. Poem Dec 1, 2005 108
Europe is not for the lazy-hearted: what does it mean to be European today? Oct 1, 2005 1386
What a waste. Editorial Jun 1, 2005 382
Let's hear it for St Anns! Mary Lean visits an innercity area of Nottingham, England, and meets the residents who are determined to rescue it from guns, drugs and crime. Apr 1, 2005 2252
One billion children. Feb 1, 2005 420
What hope for a clean Africa? Amina Dikedi tells Mary Lean about the people who give her hope for Africa. Interview Feb 1, 2005 2199
Caux 2004: narrowing the gaps. Editorial Oct 1, 2004 336
Daybreak. Oct 1, 2004 406
We must all look to our wrongs. Book Review Aug 1, 2004 373
Where community spirit takes wing; Mary Lean visits Bergh Apton, an English village which shows what communities can do when they get going. Cover Story Aug 1, 2004 2515
The cosmonaut and the cross: Easter in Russia introduces Mary Lean to the resilience of faith and the power of grandmothers. Jun 1, 2004 1299
Welcome to the EU! Apr 1, 2004 369
Pride, perjury and the psalms: twenty-three years in Parliament, nine months in the Cabinet, seven months in prison--Jonathan Aitken talks to Mary Lean. Interview Apr 1, 2004 1533
Repairing the carpet of community: housing is about people--not just bricks, maintains a trail-blazing housing non-profit organization in Richmond, Virginia. Mary Lean discovers how giving people the best can transform no-go areas. Cover Story Dec 1, 2003 2738
In real time. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 130
Fair trade makes good: as you reach out for a jar of coffee in the supermarket, you can give a hand to the people who grew the beans. (Lead Story). Jun 1, 2003 2715
On the frontiers of a needy world: like most western Europe countries, Switzerland is seeing a rise in asylum applications. Mary Lean finds out how the Swiss are responding. . Cover Story Apr 1, 2003 2832
A musician, heart and soul: not many people launch out on a new career in their late sixties, but composer Margaret Rizza did. She talks to Mary Lean. (Profile). Interview Apr 1, 2003 1571
Say sorry? Impossible! Mary Lean hears how Joseph Wainana's quest for revenge turned into a campaign for reconciliation. Dec 1, 2002 814
Freedom of the airwaves: (radio broadcaster Peter Onebe). Dec 1, 2002 628
Welcome to Britain: do we have to make the people who come to us for help so unwelcome. Dec 1, 2002 1329
What's Emily to us? What can a play about a reclusive American poet tell us about ourselves? Quite a lot, if the experience of its creators is anything to go by. Edie Campbell and Jack Lynch talk to Mary Lean. (Renewal Arts). Aug 1, 2002 1599
Steps in faith: Hugh Nowell has made a vocation of rising to the unexpected. (Turning Point). Aug 1, 2002 1329
Letting in the light: Mary Lean is transported by the work of a man whose art was his message. (Bookmark). Book Review Jun 1, 2002 978
A life I never dreamt of theatrical success didn't make Vendela Tyndale-Biscoe happy. Nor did drugs and partying. (Turning Point). Jun 1, 2002 1246
Ear to the ground. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 740
Travelling west from Rajanpur: it's a long way from a remote village in Pakistan to Brighton, England. Imam Abduljalil Sajid tells Mary Lean about the encounters which inspired his passion for interfaith understanding. (Profile). Biography Apr 1, 2002 2001
A gamble which paid off: the world lay at RD Mathur's feet as a young man--and he decided to give everything to try and change it. (Turning Point). Apr 1, 2002 1586
Eric Liddell--pure gold. (Book Review). Book Review Feb 1, 2002 435
Extravagant love. (Reflections). Poem Feb 1, 2002 234
House of love has many rooms: Mary Lean finds some remarkable companions on the road from fear to love. Oct 1, 2001 1774
Peace-building and forgiveness: the first of two Agenda for Reconciliation conference focussed on peace-building initiatives... Oct 1, 2001 1886
Hair raising flight: (Shabibi Shah's recounts her flight from Afghanistan in 1982). Aug 1, 2001 519
Rebuilding Somalia: exiled and in despair, Osama Jama Ali had no idea of the impact an unexpected letter would have on his life. The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia's first government for a decade talks ... Aug 1, 2001 978
Jumpstarting young leaders: what difference would it make if people learnt to be leaders at the beginning of their careers rather than the end of their careers? Jun 1, 2001 1338
From Walkerswood to the world: since we last wrote about Walkerswood, Jamaica, in 1994, its cottage industry has burgeoned into a company with a 2 million (pounds) turnover ... Apr 1, 2001 801
Brighter world of Bamboula (restaurant in London). Apr 1, 2001 923
Whole story. Editorial Oct 1, 2000 366
Europe needs refugees. Editorial Jun 1, 2000 444
Season of renewal. Editorial Apr 1, 2000 435
Still no room at the inn? One in 264 people alive today has had to flee their home. While millions struggle in refugee camps, others bang on the doors of Western nations seeking asylum ... Dec 1, 1999 3215
Getting the government to say sorry: the government of New Zealand has taken the unheard of step of apologizing to the Maori people - and beginning to redress their grievences. Oct 1, 1999 1715
`Your daughter may never walk': Vladimir Devakov tells Mary Lean why he's through with being a victim. Oct 1, 1999 996
Incorrigibly independent: at 18, Paul Gundersen was risking his life for his country, Finland; at 55 he was haggling with bureaucrats behind the Iron Curtain. Oct 1, 1999 1739
Ugandans go for green. Aug 1, 1999 571
All change at the town hall. Jun 1, 1999 649
Interlude. Jun 1, 1999 447
Other 3 Rs. Apr 1, 1999 506
Making the most of the new millenium: as the countdown clocks tick their way towards the year 2000, Mary Lean looks at plans to mark a global rite of passage. Feb 1, 1999 2005
This time next year. Dec 1, 1998 455
Four faiths under one roof: women of four different religions live and work together in Jyoti Kanetkar's home in Pune, India. Dec 1, 1998 701
Building bridges across the divides: it's not just the ethereal scenery that brings people from conflict areas to Caux in Switzerland. Oct 1, 1998 2813
Bringing down the curtain: what happens when people with a common cause disagree about the way forward? ... the experience of MRA in Briatin, which has recently sold the Westminster Theatre. Jun 1, 1998 3662
One last great service to their country: Mary Lean meets the British World War II veterans who are calling for reconcilliation with Japan. Apr 1, 1998 1272
Facing the past. Editorial Feb 1, 1998 334
Maori: children lead the way: over the last two decades the Maori people of New Zealand have found new confidence through a movement which runs `language nests' for pre-school children. Jun 1, 1997 1202
When should the media stir up the mud? Jun 1, 1997 657
Struggle to be decent: British politician Frank Field talks to Mary Lean about gun control, sleaze and the moral force of the welfare state. Apr 1, 1997 1501
Still giving peace a chance: in 1970 a cleaner in Belfast's Gasworks had a dream - of Northern Ireland's women working together for peace. Apr 1, 1997 1273

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