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Leading light in research.

CASIM, the Centre for Accelerator Science Imaging and Medicine, will be one of the most advanced scientific centres in the world.

It is made up of two main parts, the Fourth Generation Light Source and Sirius.

The technology developed using Casim at Daresbury Laboratory would revolutionise medicine,IT,communications,chemical processes,our understanding of the environment and knowledge of the beginnings of the universe.

The Fourth Generation Light Source, or 4GLS, is an extremely advanced laser.

It is designed to produce short,bright pulses of light, a million,million,million times brighter than an ordinaryt bulb and the power is equivalent to that which would be needed to light every light in London.

It will enable scientists to study molecules, such as those in chemical reactions,as they happen - the way drugs interact with cells.

Sirius is the key to the study of nuclear physics.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 2, 2003
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