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Leading Cosmetic Dermatologist from Spokane Dermatology Clinic Presents First Report on Regional Aesthetic Volume Enhancement (R.A.V.E.) for Facial Rejuvenation at American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting.

The Non-Surgical R.A.V.E. is a Simple Procedure Which Involves the Injection of Small Amounts of a Filler Substance Named Radiesse in Facial Regions for a "Volumized" and Wrinkle-Free Appearance

NEW YORK -- The non-surgical technique of regional aesthetic volume enhancement or R.A.V.E. is fast becoming the principal cornerstone of facial rejuvenation among those who seek sustained cosmetic improvement without the knife. This latest trend in aesthetic procedures relies on using a long-lasting filler to add volume and contour to facial areas that have lost their youthful fullness with the goal of recapturing what cosmetic surgeons refer to as the "triangle of youth."

Speaking at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery held in New York, New York, on April 19-24, 2007, Dr. Wm. Philip Werschler, an internationally prominent cosmetic dermatologist, reported that Radiesse is the structural foundation of his R.A.V.E. technique because it acts both as an immediate wrinkle filler and a collagen bio-stimulator to produce new collagen for natural long-lasting aesthetic correction. As such, Radiesse offers the robust strength, durability, longevity and safety required for successful regional contouring of the aging face.

"With the recent FDA-approval of Radiesse, we now have a filling agent that offers the combined benefits of replenishing loss volume, providing immediate results, plus stimulating natural tissue building activity. This powerful combination produces greater advantages than any single part," said Dr. Werschler, assistant clinical professor of medicine and dermatology, University of Washington, Seattle. "Further, Radiesse is highly malleable and moldable; there is little to no need for overcorrection or planned follow-up treatments; and multiple facial regions can be rejuvenated using about half as much product per treatment compared to the volume and cost needed with most other fillers," he added.

R.A.V.E. is a simple procedure which involves the placement of small amounts of Radiesse in facial regions, such as the cheeks, chin and jaw line, to smooth wrinkles, lift and support facial structures, and restore fullness, helping to take back a few years and regain a more youthful, relaxed and natural look.

Dr. Werschler, who is past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, reported virtually 100% satisfaction with this procedure among his patients. The procedure is also good for all skin types and patients of color who want to go from blah to fabulous in a few hours. The results last about one year or more in most patients. Side effects were limited to mild swelling and bruising for about 2-7 days. There is no incidence of allergy to this substance, which can be a complement to traditional plastic surgery or combined with other injectables and laser treatments for non-surgical total facial restoration without a scalpel.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 2, 2007
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