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Leadership Search Begins.

Due to the announced January '01 retirement of current AMO President Dick Lattimer, the AMO Board of Directors is now accepting applications for a new president/ceo. The AMO president/ceo, serves as the archery community's representative to state and federal legislatures, government agencies, the media, various conservation organizations, and the public, and also supervises a full-time staff of two (with one part-timer) and works with the 14 members of the AMO Board of Directors, numerous AMO committees, and members of the 600-strong organization. The job calls for someone who can handle a tough travel schedule -- and meet the demands of a growing and changing industry that is leading the fight to preserve hunting/fishing privileges. The role also calls for a planner who can lead the industry through the annual Archery Industry Trade Show. If you have the experience and want to share your skills, contact: President/CEO Dick Lattimer, AMO, 4131 NW 28th Lane, Suite #7, Gainesville, FL 32606; (352) 377-8262; fa x (352) 375-3961, or visit the website via

AMO Updates

* A recent AMO press release showed that U.S. state fish and game departments receive 75 percent of their annual operating budgets from Pittman-Robertson federal excise taxes on hunting/fishing equipment sales (with Missouri being the only notable has a special state sales tax).

* According to AMO contacts at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, participation in bowhunting continues to increase while general hunting license sales continue to fall. While bowhunting license sales have been relatively flat in recent years, overall growth has been steady, from about 1.25 million in 1970 to 3.2 million in '97.

* AMO President/CEO Dick Lattimer, who is also Chairman of the National Archery Museum, has reported that the Museum, which doesn't have an exhibit site, is exploring the idea of creating an interactive online museum on the Internet. If you have an opinion on this matter or would like to share your archery artifacts online, be sure to contact Dick Lattimer at (352) 375-3961. This idea is still in the info-gathering stage.
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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