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Leader: Tim Gillett Reasons to be cheerful?

A new year has rolled around, and there's no doubt that many of us wish that it brings fresh opportunities, hope for the future and, of course, rapid progress away from what has been, for many, a fairly ghastly 12 months.

Covid-19, and all that the pandemic has entailed, has had a drastic impact on the scholarly communications industry--no more so than in terms of its annual events programme. First the cancellation of a plethora of conferences and exhibitions around the globe in 2020, before organisers pivoted to 'virtual' get-togethers and a new world of Zoom presentations, discussion panels with participants strewn across the world, and the ever-present danger of 'photobombing' partners, children and pets.

Our very own event CISPC 2020 was no exception, and for those unable to attend the event we are carrying a four-page report--along with a short review of APE 2021 (held in mid-January) and a preview of February's Researcher to Reader event to be held in London and online. We are delighted to associate ourselves with these two top-notch conferences.

We also have features on peer review, digital preservation, the need for equity in open access publishing--and a report from Russia, where scholars and publishers are hoping that a declaration of 2021 as a year of Science and Technology will mean an increase in the sphere of scientific publications in the country.

There appears to be a long way to go before we are back to normal--whatever that might mean--but we are at least moving into 2021 with a spirit of hope!

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Publication:Research Information
Date:Feb 1, 2021
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