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Leader's Training Program (LTP). (CTC Notes: National Training Center).

The NTC offers a six-day LTP about 120 days before a scheduled rotation. Though the Wrangler Team is responsible for the brigade LTP, the Sidewinders provide additional resources to enhance the LTP experience.

LTP Attendees and Tools

To get the most from the LTP, the Sidewinders recommend that the following engineer battalion personnel attend:

* Battalion commander

* Battalion executive officer (XO)

* S3

* S2

* Assistant brigade engineer

* Assistant S3 (planner or battle captain)

* S1 or S4

* Company commanders

* Company XOs

* Specialty leaders (light engineer platoon, combat support equipment, explosive ordnance detachment)

The following tools are recommended:

* NTC maps

* Modified combined obstacle overlay of NTC

* Pluggers

* Laptop computers

* Printer

* Tactical standard operating procedure (SOP)

* Binoculars

* Digital camera

* TerraBase w/MrSids Imagery


* Field Manuals 101-5, Staff Organization and Operations; 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics; 3-90.3, The Mounted Brigade Combat Team; 5-71-3, Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Armored); 5-71-2, Armored Task-Force Engineer Combat Operations; 20-32, Mine/Countermine Operations; 90-7, Combined Arms Obstacle Integration; and 3-34.2, Combined Arms Breaching Operations.

Planners 101

The Sidewinder team conducts two classes during an LTP that are designed to enhance the performance of the engineer battalion planners. Both battalion and company-level planners benefit from the session. The first class is NTC Terrain Analysis; it focuses on how to provide the "so what" of terrain to the commander. The second class, Engineer Planning at the Basic Combat Training and Task Force Level, provides a planner's overview and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for planning in a time-constrained environment.

Brigade Combat Team Classes

The following classes are also available, by request, for either the engineer battalion and/or the brigade LTP participants: Combined Arms Breaching Operations and Combined Arms Obstacle Integration. Since trends at the NTC indicate that these two subjects pose significant challenges to brigade combat teams, we recommend that units work through their brigades to schedule these classes.

The POCs for the LTP are MAJ Michael Rose (SW03), e-mail, and CPT Tom Hairgrove (SW03B), DSN 380-5151, or e-mail
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Author:Major Rose, Michael W.; Captain Hairgrove, Thomas B., Jr.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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