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Lead the way.

I would like to use this article to reach out to all of you and highlight my travels around the Regiment. Since my message to you in the last issue of the bulletin, I attended the Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) Nominative Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Conference in January at the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas. We had a week with the senior Army leaders, to include the Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Army, Army G1, Army G3, Director of the Army National Guard, Chief of the Army Reserve, TRADOC Commander, and past SMAs. Many others provided briefings and insight into our future. This was a very informative week for all attendees.

I also briefed TRADOC Commander General Brynes, the SMA, and all the Nominative CSMs on our Engineer Branch Key Initiatives. CSM Baich and myself visited and had dinner with our future sergeants major (SGMs) and their spouses who were attending the SGM Course at the Sergeants Major Academy.

Here at Fort Leonard Wood, I visited the 1st Engineer Brigade, 5th Engineer Battalion, 35th Engineer Battalion, 169th Engineer Battalion, 544th Engineer Battalion, and 577th Engineer Battalion. The 1st Engineer Brigade is a diverse organization that does remarkable work with limited manpower. The brigade produces professional, confident, and competent leaders and soldiers through the Advanced Individual Training, One-Station Unit Training, B-6 Additional Skill Identifier, and Sapper Leader Courses. In addition, the brigade provides support to the Engineer School and Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy in conducting the Officer Education System, Noncommissioned Officer Education System, and Warrant Officer Candidate School.

I had the privilege of carrying the 18th Engineer Brigade unit colors from the U.S. Army Engineer Museum at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, to Heidelberg, Germany, and then participated in the activation ceremony of the 18th Engineer Brigade (see article on page 37.) I was the NCO of the Year for this brigade in 1983. To participate in the activation twenty years later, as the Regimental CSM, made it a very special event. This brigade is not the same as in the old days, because it is redesignated as a Theater Army Brigade. The commander, designated as a brigadier general, is COL (P) William H. McCoy.

I spent ten days in Europe, visiting the leaders and soldiers of the 130th Engineer Brigade, 94th Engineer Battalion, 54th Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Division Engineer Brigade, 16th Engineer Battalion, 40th Engineer Battalion, 1st Infantry Division Engineer Brigade, and 9th Engineer Battalion. Then, in Kosovo, I spent a couple of days with the 82d Engineer Battalion "Blue Babes" and watched the Super Bowl with them. The leaders and soldiers from all these organizations were heavily engaged in future operations, and the morale was high. They were confident in their abilities and were prepared for any mission.

I visited the Caterpillar[R] plant in Peoria, Illinois, where we had soldiers training on CAT[R] equipment. The leadership there was doing a superb job of supporting the Regiment's needs in a professional and expedient matter. It is a great team effort, and the support cast at CAT was doing it right in every facet of the requirements. My special thanks go out to Mr. Frank Weinburger, Mr. David Haney, Mr. Rick Sharp, and Mr. Thomas Brady.

I continually spread the word about our engineers at the U.S. Army Engineer School. They are a great team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide key information and solutions to the many issues that our leaders identify and inquire about. These important issues come in daily, and our engineers here always provide quick response to the field.

We continue to support the Regiment through a host of different means. One example of excellence is our mobile training teams (MTTs) that are providing countermine training throughout CONUS and OCONUS (Germany, Kuwait, and Afghanistan). They are doing a great job, and I have received positive feedback from leaders throughout the Regiment. As BG Castro says, we are a "Team of Teams"--always supporting and reaching out to each other.

I realize that as a Regiment we are extremely busy and engaged in a multitude of ongoing missions. I will continue to encourage you to keep safety on the forefront when performing our missions. Continue to take care of the soldiers and their families, because this is one of our most important missions, and if done right, everything else will be accomplished easily. Remember that we can only be effective if we take care of ourselves; if we don't, then we can't focus on taking care of our soldiers and the mission at hand.

I want to congratulate CSM Rodney Craddock as the new 18th Engineer Brigade CSM and CSM Gerald Jones as the new 1st Engineer Brigade CSM. I also want to thank CSM Dave (and Rosie) Delgado for their professionalism and dedication to the Regiment as they transition into retirement, They have been a superb command team and family. We bid them farewell and wish them the very best in the future.

In closing, let me say thanks for your dedicated support to our great Regiment. It is held in high esteem, and that is due largely to all our efforts. We are a Regiment that takes great pride in producing superior results. We are always on the cutting edge of full-spectrum engineering with the energy of taking care of each other, our soldiers, and their families--while giving our total support to mission accomplishment. Be proud of whom you are, and always let those around you know that you are a proud member of the best Regiment in our Army. God bless you all.

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Author:Command Sergeant Major McDaniel, William D., Jr.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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