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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome LTG Robert Van Antwerp, and his wife Paula, as the 52d Chief of Engineers and thank the command team of the 1st Engineer Brigade for their efforts in making ENFORCE 2007 the success that it was. Under the leadership of COL Iverson and CSM Falaniko, the Soldiers and civilians of the brigade showed their dedication to the mission by working tirelessly throughout the weeks leading up to and during the conference. Thanks also to the Army Engineer Association's COL (R) Jack O'Neil and CSM (R) Julius Nutter for their hours of support throughout the week and to all the vendors for their outstanding displays and great information. Thanks for all you continue to do for our Regiment and for helping make ENFORCE 2007 such a success.


We kicked off ENFORCE in St. Louis with an evening ice breaker, where we were able to rekindle old friendships and meet new people. This year's breakout sessions were a great opportunity for us to discuss important issues about the future transformation of our Regiment. Newly activated units since the last ENFORCE joined the engineer Regimental colors for the Regimental Review ceremony. The new Counter Explosive Hazards Center (CEHC) building was dedicated to Medal of Honor recipient SFC Paul Ray Smith. We took the time to honor our fallen sappers during a solemn memorial ceremony at the Engineer Memorial Grove. This somber event served as a reminder that freedom isn't free. We are forever in their debt, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Families of every Soldier who has made the ultimate sacrifice. We continue to pray for those Soldiers who are deployed in harm's way.

As we progressed throughout the day, we received the State of the Regiment address from LTG Van Antwerp, who spoke with words of wisdom. During this year's Regimental Ball, we announced the gold de Fleury Medal recipient, LTG Elvin R. "Vald" Heiberg III, the 46th Chief of Engineers; the Itschner awards; and the Best Sapper awards. It was good to see all of the Regiment's leaders again, back here at the home of the engineers, engaged in the shaping of our future in support of our transforming Army. I especially want to thank the Engineer Branch Sergeant Major, the Engineer Personnel Proponency Sergeant Major, and the 416th ENCOM Sergeant Major for taking time out of their busy schedules to be a part of the Council of Sergeants Major. Their presence during our conference was historic, and the insights they have on what's important in our Army, its future, and the initiatives being worked were of great value to us all.

One of the aspects of ENFORCE that is extremely important to the future of our Regiment is the interaction that results when we all come together on common ground. This year proved to be very beneficial because we were able to extract recommendations on important issues such as professional and personal development for all Soldiers, MOS consolidation, assignment and training considerations, promotion considerations, and force structure and equipment modernization.

Best Sapper Competition

The Regiment's 3d Annual Best Sapper Competition was held from 30 April--3 May 2007. There were 13 teams of high-speed and motivated sappers that entered the competition. However, we can only have one 1st place with a runner-up and 3d place, so in 1st place were 1LT Krug and SSG Flores; 2d place went to CPT Evangelista and CPT Winkelmann; and 3d place winners were 1LT Gillman and SGT Paulson. This was the best competition yet! (See article, page 28.) I would like to thank the sponsors that supported our engineer Soldiers. For next year's competition, I encourage all commanders and sergeants major to plan ahead and come to Fort Leonard Wood to show your support to our sappers.

In closing, let me say thanks for your dedicated support to our great Regiment. It is held in high esteem, and that is due largely to all your efforts. We are always on the cutting edge of full-spectrum engineering with the energy of taking care of each other, our Soldiers, and their Families--while giving our total support to mission accomplishment. Be proud of who you are, and always let those around you know that you are a proud member of the best Regiment in our Army. God bless you all.

Essayons!! Engineers Lead the Way!

CSM's Note: I want to publicly thank and say farewell to the CSMs who will leave the Army this year after having served with all their being, mind, heart, and body. Our Regiment will be forever in their debt. Their presence in their units will certainly be missed.

By Command Sergeant Major Clinton J. Pearson

United States Army Engineer School
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Author:Pearson, Clinton J.
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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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