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Lead Generation Solutions Introduces a New Trade Show Lead Qualification Service to Help Companies Maximize ROI.

WAYNE, Pa. -- Lead Generation Solutions, an organization specializing in reaching high-level decision-makers, qualifying their needs, and generating appointments for clients' sales teams, announces a new trade show lead qualification service to help companies maximize their trade show ROI.

According to Mike Drohan, president of LGS, three out of four business-to-business companies fail to call and qualify every trade show lead immediately after the show. And Drohan thinks that's a mistake.

"They know they should," says Drohan. "They know there are lots of good leads buried beneath a pile of bad ones. But they simply don't have the capability to do it and they don't realize that a service like ours exists. Often they choose between two poor options. One is to have their sales team call and qualify the leads, the other is to cherry pick their 'A-List' and discard the rest because it is too difficult. At best qualifying raw leads is a very poor way to spend their time, at worst their closers will not call."

Drohan feels most companies expect 20% of their trade show leads to end up being good ones and the rest they just accept to be unproductive. Drohan's ideal client is one that knows the value of the prospects that are slipping through their fingers.

"Our new lead qualification service can dramatically change things for that company," says Drohan. "Our team of experienced lead development sales reps will call every lead, qualify their needs, and identify the true prospects. Done immediately after the show, no opportunity gets lost and the company can leverage the time of their closers by following up on the best opportunities first. Our services will help beat the competition; remember, their booth isn't the only booth where a prospect creates a lead," says Drohan.

"We can provide their sales team with just the qualified prospects, increase the number of prospects by as much as double, and identify where the prospects are in their buying cycle. Capturing these missing prospects and qualifying their needs helps our client to increase sales and revenues, and maximize their trade show ROI."

"Lead qualification requires unique skills. The talents needed to qualify prospects are very different from those needed to close sales. We can provide the qualification expertise exactly when they need it. We're able to finish and exit quickly, yet always be ready to take on their next project," says Drohan.

About Lead Generation Solutions

Lead Generation Solutions is a privately held company that specializes in executive-level lead generation and lead qualification services. Our client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium size businesses. All of our services allow our clients to leverage the time of their sales team to increase sales activity, sales and revenues, and overall sales ROI. For additional information visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 31, 2005
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