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Critical Elements Lithium produces battery grade lithium hydroxide. May 17, 2022 450
The poison wreaking havoc in gold mining. May 10, 2022 1187
Controlled and Prolonged Release Systems of Urea from Micro- and Nanomaterials as an Alternative for Developing a Sustainable Agriculture: A Review. Tapia-Hernández, José Agustín; Madera-Santana, Tomás Jesús; Rodríguez-Félix, Francisco; Barreras-Urb Apr 11, 2022 10592
Quality Improvement in Vegetable Greenhouse by Cadmium Pollution Remediation. Yu, Zhihui; Tang, Jie Mar 23, 2022 6363
Effects of Tooth Brushing and MouthWashing on Leaching Bisphenol A Levels From an Orthodontic Adhesive: An In Vitro Study. Arslan, Basak; Yildirim, Ertan; Bodur, Onur Can; Tuncer, Burcu Balos; Ulusoy, Mehmet Cagri; Tuncer, Report Mar 1, 2022 3601
Prevention and Control of Spontaneous Combustion of Residual Coals in Acid-Soaked Goaf in Gas Drainage Condition. Qin, Cunli; Huang, Qiming; Wang, Shibin; Li, Jun; Ju, Shuang; Wang, Gang Feb 25, 2022 9224
A Capillary Model for Predicting Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Ion-Adsorption Rare Earth Ore Based on Improved Kozeny-Carman Equation. Shi, Liang; Rao, Yun-zhang; Wang, Dan; Zhang, Mei-dao; Huang, Tao Feb 18, 2022 6128
Leaching threatens tobacco crop quality. Feb 6, 2022 419
Study on Leaching of Phosphate from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant's Sewage Sludge and Followed by Adsorption on Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide. Phuong, Thao; Cong, Tien Dung; Ta, Van Thanh; Nguyen, Thu Hang Report Feb 2, 2022 5256
Recovery of Rare-Earth Elements from Brazilian Ion-Adsorption Clay: A Preliminary Study. de Souza, Ana Carolina S.P.; Giese, Ellen C. Jan 1, 2022 2695
Quantifying the Rate Copper Leaches From a Copper Drinking Vessel Into Simulated Beverages Under Conditions of Consumer Use. Pharr, Caroline R.; Rowley, John G.; Weber, Monika; Adams, Dain; Gray, Isabelle; Hanson, Erin; Hilbo Report Jan 1, 2022 4026
FEATURED ARTICLE: QUIZ #4: Quantifying the Rate Copper Leaches From a Copper Drinking Vessel Into Simulated Beverages Under Conditions of Consumer Use. Jan 1, 2022 618
Why you should be concerned about soil salinisation. Dec 25, 2021 466
Warning Model of the Ionic Rare Earth Mine Slope Based on Creep Deformation Time Series. Wang, Dan; Rao, Yun-zhang; Han, Min; Shi, Liang; Liu, Li; Zhang, Mei-dao Dec 8, 2021 5149
Environmental impact of alum shale mining and oil and uranium production in Kvarntorp, Sweden, based on historical archives and environmental monitoring data. Ahlgren, Kristina; Backstrom, Mattias Dec 1, 2021 7122
Urea Application Rate for Crop Straw Decomposition in Temperate China. Wang, Y.; Wang, H.; Gao, C.; Seglah, P. A.; Bi, Y. Nov 30, 2021 8708
Formation Mechanism of Preferential Flow Paths and Seepage Characteristics of a Novel Growable Pile for Heap Leaching of Rare Earth. Ju, Wei; Yang, Jianhua; Wang, Zemin; Yao, Chi; Zhang, Xiaobo Nov 29, 2021 8209
Urease and nitrification inhibitors with pig slurry effects on ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions, nitrate leaching, and nitrogen use efficiency in perennial ryegrass sward. Park, Sang Hyun; Lee, Bok Rye; Kim, Tae Hwan Report Nov 11, 2021 6692
Evaluation of Enhancement Factor for Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Water through Adsorption by Non-Activated and Activated Carbon Prepared from Rice Husk. Irfan, Muhammad; Shafeeq, Amir; Nasir, Tahir Saleem; Bashir, Farzana; Ahmad, Tausif; Abbas, Naeem; B Sep 1, 2021 4356
Open-cell polyvinylidene fluoride foams as carriers to promote biofilm growth for biological wastewater treatment. Ghahramani, Pardis; Eldyasti, Ahmed; Leung, Siu N. Report Aug 1, 2021 6123
Rio2 Limited announces results from Run-of-Mine heap leaching trial. Financial report Jun 22, 2021 459
The composition and properties of ash in the context of the modernisation of oil shale industry. Uibu, Mai; Tamm, Kadriann; Viires, Regiina; Reinik, Janek; Somelar, Peeter; Raado, Lembi; Hain, Tiin Jun 1, 2021 7505
Alien Metals says initial test leaching results encouraging at Elizabeth Hills silverÃátailings project. May 27, 2021 414
Today's Market View - SolGold, Rainbow Rare Earths, Cora Gold and more... May 25, 2021 4187
Response of Salts in Saline Soil Using Different Irrigation Scheduling in Semi-Arid Zone of Pakistan. Soomro, Kamran Baksh; Alaghmand, Sina; Shaikh, Muhammad Mujtaba; Andriyas, Sanyogita; Talei, Amin May 1, 2021 5317
Impact of dung beetle activity on the quality of water percolating through Allophanic soil. Aislabie, Jackie; McLeod, Malcolm; McGill, Alexandra; Rhodes, Phillippa; Forgie, Shaun Report Apr 1, 2021 7232
Impact of long-term conservation agriculture induced changes in soil properties on persistence of pendimethalin under different cropping systems. Babal, Bhawna; Phogat, Ved K.; Sharma, Manoj K.; Ahlawat, Sushil Report Apr 1, 2021 6513
Evaluation of the salt leaching method for the production of ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber foams. Zonta, Edoardo; Valentini, Francesco; Dorigato, Andrea; Fambri, Luca; Pegoretti, Alessandro Report Jan 1, 2021 8661
One city's trash is a geophysics student's treasure. Greene, Sarah; Leitch, Alison Jan 1, 2021 309
Effect of Carbonation on the Leachability of Solidified/Stabilized Lead-Contaminated Expansive Soil. Zha, Fusheng; Liu, Congmin; Kang, Bo; Xu, Long; Yang, Chengbin; Chu, Chengfu; Yu, Chuang Jan 1, 2021 8500
Application of Biochar in the Remediation of Contaminated Soil with High Concentration of Lead and Zinc. Zhao, Xiaoming; Yang, Binbin; Li, Yuan; Tang, Dongqi; Xu, Ke; Li, Dongdong Jan 1, 2021 4484
Hydrogeology Response to the Coordinated Mining of Coal and Uranium: A Transparent Physical Experiment. Zhang, Tong; He, Xiang; Zhang, Kai; Wang, Xiaohan; Liu, Yang Jan 1, 2021 4450
Physicomechanical Assessments and Heavy Metals' Leaching Potential of Modified Asphalt Binders Incorporating Crumb Rubber and Tin Slag Powders. Ibrahim, Ali Huddin; Mohd Hasan, Mohd Rosli; Sani, Ashiru; Poovaneshvaran, Sharvin; Wong, Tracy Leh Jan 1, 2021 6411
Porous Silk Scaffold Derived from Formic Acid: Characterization and Biocompatibility. Zhang, Ting; Xiong, Qianwei; Shan, Yuxi; Zhang, Feng; Lu, Shijun Jan 1, 2021 2989
Metal Flux from Dissolution of Iron Oxide Grain Coatings in Sandstones. Parnell, J.; Wang, X.; Raab, A.; Feldmann, J.; Brolly, C.; Michie, R.; Armstrong, J. Jan 1, 2021 8075
Poly(ε -caprolactone)/Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) Blend from Fused Deposition Modeling as Potential Cartilage Scaffolds. Kosorn, Wasana; Wutticharoenmongkol, Patcharaporn Jan 1, 2021 8230
The Epoxidized Vietnam Rubber Seed Oil as a Secondary Plasticizer/Thermal Stabilizer in PVC Processing. Thuy, Nguyen Thi; Duc, Vu Minh; Liem, Nguyen Thanh Jan 1, 2021 5699
Physical and Chemical Properties, Pretreatment, and Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash and Bottom Ash for Highway Engineering: A Literature Review. Lu, Yong; Tian, Angran; Zhang, Junhui; Tang, Yongsheng; Shi, Peixin; Tang, Qiang; Huang, Yucheng Dec 9, 2020 14985
Cyclone Metals pursues clean development of copper-gold assets in Queensland as copper supply deficit looms. Dec 5, 2020 701
Vertical Root Distribution of Different Cover Crops Determined with the Profile Wall Method. Kemper, Roman; Bublitz, Tabata A.; Muller, Phillip; Kautz, Timo; Doring, Thomas F.; Athmann, Miriam Nov 1, 2020 9879
Machine Learning Model for Nutrient Release from Biopolymers Coated Controlled-Release Fertilizer. Irfan, Sayed Ameenuddin; Azeem, Babar; Irshad, Kashif; Algarni, Salem; KuShaari, KuZilati; Islam, Sa Nov 1, 2020 5921
Decomposition of Cyanide from Gold Leaching Tailingsby Using Sodium Metabisulphite and Hydrogen Peroxide. Hou, Dongzhuang; Liu, Lang; Yang, Qixing; Zhang, Bo; Qiu, Huafu; Ruan, Shishan; Chen, Yue Oct 7, 2020 3604
Research on the Negative Externalities Evaluation for the Development of Weathered Crust Elution-Deposited Rare Earth Ores. Ligang, Xu; Meijuan, Xu Oct 5, 2020 8370
Agricultural managed aquifer recharge -- water quality factors to consider. Waterhouse, Hannah; Bachand, Sandra; Mountjoy, Daniel; Choperena, Joseph; Bachand, Philip A.M.; Dahl Oct 1, 2020 6674
Sulfate sorption measured by a buffering index over a range of properties of soils from south Western Australia. Anderson, C.C. Report Oct 1, 2020 9498
Potato Yield Gaps in North Korea and Strategies to Close the Gaps. Kim, Yean-Uk; Lee, Byun-Woo; Heu, Sunggi; Shim, Kang-Bo; Kim, Do-Soon Oct 1, 2020 5575
Characteristics and Applications of Sewage Sludge Biochar Modified by Ferrous Sulfate for Remediating Cr(VI)-Contaminated Soils. Li, Yuan-Yuan; Zhang, Ting-Ting; Ning, Zhi; Chen, Jin-Hong Sep 29, 2020 6130
Comparative Study of Bisphenol A Release from Various Orthodontic Adhesive and Myofunctional Appliances--An In-Vitro Study. Ganiger, Chanamallappa R.; Patil, Sahil Sainath; Pawar, Renuka; Phaphe, Sandesh; Ronad, Yusuf Ahamme Sep 7, 2020 2574
Possibilities of utilizing organic-poor metalliferous black shales (argillite). Palvadre, Rein Sep 1, 2020 8375
Translation of Irrigation, Drainage, and Electrical Conductivity Data in a Soilless Culture System into Plant Growth Information for the Development of an Online Indicator Related to Plant Nutritional Aspects. Ahn, Tae In; Yang, Jung-Seok; Park, Soo Hyun; Moon, Heon Woo; Lee, Ju Young Sep 1, 2020 8327
Cyanobacteria as a Nature-Based Biotechnological Tool for Restoring Salt-Affected Soils. Rocha, Francisco; Lucas-Borja, Manuel Esteban; Pereira, Paulo; Munoz-Rojas, Miriam Sep 1, 2020 8306
Effects of Fertilization Management under WSPI on Soil Nitrogen Distribution and Nitrogen Absorption in Apple Orchard in Loess Plateau. Cheng, Qiyun; Ma, Juanjuan; Ren, Rong; Zheng, Lijian; Guo, Xianghong; Sun, Xihuan Sep 1, 2020 5143
Comparison of Water Capture Efficiency through Two Irrigation Techniques of Three Common Greenhouse Soilless Substrate Components. Schulker, Brian A.; Jackson, Brian E.; Fonteno, William C.; Heitman, Joshua L.; Albano, Joseph P. Sep 1, 2020 6879
Soil Nitrogen in Response to Interseeded Cover Crops in Maize-Soybean Production Systems. Mohammed, Yesuf Assen; Patel, Swetabh; Matthees, Heather L.; Lenssen, Andrew W.; Johnson, Burton L.; Sep 1, 2020 7273
Crop residue ashes reduce leaching, persistence and bioavailability of sulfosulfuron and pretilachlor used in the succeeding crop. Kumar, Anup; Singh, Neera Report Sep 1, 2020 7727
Monitoring and Modelling Analysis of Maize (Zea mays L.) Yield Gap in Smallholder Farming in Ghana. Danquah, Eric Owusu; Beletse, Yacob; Stirzaker, Richard; Smith, Christopher; Yeboah, Stephen; Oteng- Sep 1, 2020 8831
Effects of Different Rates of Poultry Manure and Split Applications of Urea Fertilizer on Soil Chemical Properties, Growth, and Yield of Maize. Adekiya, Aruna Olasekan; Ogunboye, Oluwaseyi Iyabo; Ewulo, Babatunde Sunday; Olayanju, Adeniyi Aug 31, 2020 7195
A Low-Cost Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Based Amperometric Sensor for the Detection of Isoproturon in Water Using Carbon Paste Modified Electrode. Tcheumi, Herve Leclerc; Wendji, Aude Peggy Kameni; Tonle, Ignas Kenfack; Ngameni, Emmanuel Aug 31, 2020 6564
XRD-Rietveld Method for Evaluating the Leaching Characteristics of Hardened Cement Paste in Flowing Water. Zhang, Lunchao; Zhou, Jikai; He, Xu; Chen, Chen Aug 31, 2020 5849
Experimental Investigation of Cement/Soda Residue for Solidification/Stabilization of Cr-Contaminated Soils. Zha, Fusheng; Zhu, Fanghua; Kang, Bo; Xu, Long; Deng, Yongfeng; Yang, Chengbin; Chu, Chengfu Aug 31, 2020 6710
Milk Production, N Partitioning, and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows Grazing Mixed or Spatially Separated Simple and Diverse Pastures. Carmona-Flores, Lorena; Bionaz, Massimo; Downing, Troy; Sahin, Muhammet; Cheng, Long; Ates, Serkan Aug 1, 2020 13672
Specific Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Soils: Individual and Competitive Experiments. Campillo-Cora, Claudia; Conde-Cid, Manuel; Arias-Estevez, Manuel; Fernandez-Calvino, David; Alonso-V Aug 1, 2020 12236
Substitution of Mineral Fertilizer with Organic Fertilizer in Maize Systems: A Meta-Analysis of Reduced Nitrogen and Carbon Emissions. Wei, Zhibiao; Ying, Hao; Guo, Xiaowei; Zhuang, Minghao; Cui, Zhenling; Zhang, Fusuo Aug 1, 2020 6855
Modeling Water Flow and Phosphorus Sorption in a Soil Amended with Sewage Sludge and Olive Pomace as Compost or Biochar. Filipovic, Vilim; Cerne, Marko; Simunek, Jiri; Filipovic, Lana; Romic, Marija; Ondrasek, Gabrijel; B Aug 1, 2020 10202
Short- and Long-Term Effects of Lime and Gypsum Applications on Acid Soils in a Water-Limited Environment: 1. Grain Yield Response and Nutrient Concentration. Anderson, Geoffrey C.; Pathan, Shahab; Easton, James; Hall, David J.M.; Sharma, Rajesh Aug 1, 2020 13826
Platina Resources new extraction technology could provide key to unlocking scandium deals. Jul 22, 2020 701
Soil Waterlogging and Nitrogen Fertilizer Source Effects on Soil Inorganic Nitrogen. Kaur, Gurpreet; Motavalli, Peter P.; Nelson, Kelly A.; Singh, Gurbir; Bararpour, Taghi Report Jul 1, 2020 9759
Cover Crops and Landscape Positions Impact Infiltration and Anion Leaching in Corn-Soybean Rotation. Singh, Gurbir; Kaur, Gurpreet; Williard, Karl; Schoonover, Jon; Bararpour, Taghi Report Jul 1, 2020 6785
Solubility and Efficiency of Rock Phosphate Fertilizers Partially Acidulated with Zeolite and Pillared Clay as Additives. Teles, Ana Paula Bettoni; Rodrigues, Marcos; Pavinato, Paulo Sergio Jul 1, 2020 13536
Winter Annual Rye Seeding Date Influence on Nitrogen Recovery and Ammonia Volatilization from Late Fall Surface-Applied Manure. Akbari, Parisa; Herbert, Stephen; Hashemi, Masoud; Barker, Allen; Zandvakili, Omid Reza; Bistgani, Z Jul 1, 2020 5510
Combining Green Manuring and Fertigation Maximizes Tomato Crop Yield and Minimizes Nitrogen Losses. Farneselli, Michela; Benincasa, Paolo; Tosti, Giacomo; Guiducci, Marcello; Tei, Francesco Jul 1, 2020 7993
Assessing Nitrogen Cycling in Corncob Biochar Amended Soil Columns for Application in Agricultural Treatment Systems. Sanford, Joseph R.; Larson, Rebecca A. Jul 1, 2020 10077
Sulfur Uptake from Fertilizer Fortified with Sulfate and Elemental S in Three Contrasting Climatic Zones. Degryse, Fien; Baird, Roslyn; da Silva, Rodrigo C.; Holzapfel, Christopher B.; Kappes, Claudinei; Ty Jul 1, 2020 8490
WATER RESISTANCE OF SOLIDIFIED RADIOACTIVE WASTE. Kovalchuk, V.; Kozlov, I.; Dorozh, O.; Bogdanov, N.; Meletenko, N. Jul 1, 2020 3114
Effect of Particle Size and Solution Leaching on Water Retention Behavior of Ion-Absorbed Rare Earth. Guo, Zhong-Qun; Lai, Yuan-Ming; Jin, Jie-Fang; Zhou, Jian-Rong; Sun, Zheng; Zhao, Kui Jun 30, 2020 8103
Effect of Multiple Leaching Cycles on Decay Resistance of Micronized Copper Azole-Treated Southern Pine Sapwood. Xu, Guoqi; Cappellazzi, Jed; Konkler, Matthew J.; Morrell, Jeffrey J. Report Jun 22, 2020 3116
Jindalee Resources receives encouraging lithium test results from McDermitt. Jun 17, 2020 387
Soil Water and Nitrogen Fluxes in Response to Climate Change in a Wheat-Maize Double Cropping System. He, Yong; Shi, Yilin; Liang, Hao; Hu, Kelin; Hou, Lingling Jun 1, 2020 6587
A Nitrification Inhibitor, Nitrapyrin, Reduces Potential Nitrate Leaching through Soil Columns Treated with Animal Slurries and Anaerobic Digestate. Giacometti, Caterina; Mazzon, Martina; Cavani, Luciano; Ciavatta, Claudio; Marzadori, Claudio Jun 1, 2020 4997
Proposed Techniques to Supplement the Loss in Nutrient Cycling for Replanted Coffee Plantations in Vietnam. Pham, The Trinh; Nguyen, Ngoc Hoi; Yen, Pham Nguyen Dong; Lam, Tri Due; Le, Ngoc Thuy Trang Jun 1, 2020 5906
Application of Fly Ash and Slag Generated by Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste in Concrete. Zeng, Cong; Lyu, Yan; Wang, Dehong; Ju, Yanzhong; Shang, Xiaoyu; Li, Luoke May 31, 2020 4478
Combined Effects of Dewatering, Composting and Pelleting to Valorize and Delocalize Livestock Manure, Improving Agricultural Sustainability. Ronga, Domenico; Mantovi, Paolo; Pacchioli, Maria Teresa; Pulvirenti, Andrea; Bigi, Francesco; Alles May 1, 2020 4678
Fate of a [.sup.15]N-labeled Urea Pulse in Heavily Fertilized Banana Crops. Raphael, Line; Recous, Sylvie; Ozier-Lafontaine, Harry; Sierra, Jorge May 1, 2020 6299
Phosphorus Availability and Potential Environmental Risk Assessment in Alkaline Soils. Elbasiouny, Heba; Elbehiry, Fathy; Ramady, Hassan El-; Brevik, Eric C. Report May 1, 2020 11491
Optimizing Nitrogen Fertigation Rates for Young Southern Highbush Blueberry. Fang, Yang; Williamson, Jeffrey; Li, Rebecca Darnell Yuncong; Liu, Guodong Report Mar 1, 2020 7974
Solidification and Stabilization of Spent TBP/OK Organic Liquids in a Phosphate Acid-Based Geopolymer. Dong, Teng; Xie, Shuibo; Wang, Jingsong; Zhao, Guodong; Song, Qingchun Mar 1, 2020 3938
Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Improve the Prediction of Copper Recovery by Leaching. Flores, Victor; Keith, Brian; Leiva, Claudio Mar 1, 2020 7873
Musgrave Minerals welcomes improved test results from partner Cyprium at Cue Copper Project. Feb 25, 2020 502
Effects of Mixed Hardwood and Sugarcane Biochar as Bark-Based Substrate Substitutes on Container Plants Production and Nutrient Leaching. Yu, Ping; Huang, Lan; Li, Qiansheng; Lima, Isabel M.; White, Paul M.; Gu, Mengmeng Feb 1, 2020 5697
Efficiency of an Integrated Purification System for Pig Slurry Treatment under Mediterranean Climate. Terrero, Martire Angelica; Munoz, Maria Angeles; Faz, Angel; Gomez-Lopez, Maria Dolores; Acosta, Jos Feb 1, 2020 13131
Comparison of the Agricultural Use of Products from Organic Waste Processing with Conventional Mineral Fertilizer: Potential Effects on Mineral Nitrogen Leaching and Soil Quality. Elbl, Jakub; Simeckova, Jana; Skarpa, Petr; Kintl, Antonin; Brtnicky, Martin; Vaverkova, Magdalena D Feb 1, 2020 9527
Erratum: Saastamoinen, M.; Sarkijarvi, S.; Valtonen, E. The Effect of Diet Composition on the Digestibility and Fecal Excretion of Phosphorus in Horses: A Potential Risk of P Leaching? Animals 2020, 10, 140. Saastamoinen, Markku; Sarkijarvi, Susanna; Valtonen, Elisa Correction notice Feb 1, 2020 334
King River Resources updates Speewah Project PFS to focus on smaller scale development. Jan 22, 2020 545
Golden Minerals Reports Promising Bio-Oxidation Test Results. Jan 17, 2020 978
The Effect of Diet Composition on the Digestibility and Fecal Excretion of Phosphorus in Horses: A Potential Risk of P Leaching? Saastamoinen, Markku; Valtonen, Susanna Sarkijarvi Elisa Report Jan 1, 2020 8828
High-Temperature Hay Biochar Application into Soil Increases [N.sub.2]O Fluxes. Escuer-Gatius, Jordi; Shanskiy, Merrit; Soosaar, Kaido; Astover, Alar; Raave, Henn Jan 1, 2020 9397
Applying Rare Earth Elements, Uranium, and [sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr to Disentangle Structurally Forced Confluence of Regional Groundwater Resources: The Case of the Lower Yarmouk Gorge. Siebert, Christian; Moller, Peter; Magri, Fabien; Shalev, Eyal; Rosenthal, Eliahu; Al-Raggad, Marwan Dec 31, 2019 12445
Heap leaching: Could it be an alternative to conventional gold extraction? Dec 13, 2019 2752
PNX Metals targets near-term heap leach gold production from Fountain Head. Dec 13, 2019 681
Mysterious Mineral: Fluoride. Deepika, Ram Mohan Sai; Nagaraj, Shahsidhar Kurpad; Sreeramulu, Pattrapalli Nadipanna Dec 2, 2019 5511
Winter Rye Cover Crop with Liquid Manure Injection Reduces Spring Soil Nitrate but Not Maize Yield. Everett, Leslie A.; Wilson, Melissa L.; Pepin, Randall J.; Coulter, Jeffrey A. Dec 1, 2019 8566
Soybean in No-Till Cover-Crop Systems. Halwani, Mosab; Reckling, Moritz; Schuler, Johannes; Bloch, Ralf; Bachinger, Johann Dec 1, 2019 7475
Aura Energy Completes Successful Test Work At Haggan Vanadium Project. Nov 29, 2019 169
Metal pollution poses new danger to corals in warming oceans: Study. ANI Nov 20, 2019 450
PNX Metals receives gold recoveries up to 97% in tests on Fountain Head ore. Nov 8, 2019 450
Processing Tomato-Durum Wheat Rotation under Integrated, Organic and Mulch-Based No-Tillage Organic Systems: Yield, N Balance and N Loss. Tosti, Giacomo; Benincasa, Paolo; Farneselli, Michela; Guiducci, Marcello; Onofri, Andrea; Tei, Fran Report Nov 1, 2019 6197
Soil Amendment with Biochar Affects Water Drainage and Nutrient Losses by Leaching: Experimental Evidence under Field-Grown Conditions. Libutti, Angela; Cammerino, Anna Rita Bernadette; Francavilla, Matteo; Monteleone, Massimo Nov 1, 2019 11595
Nitrogen fixation in summer-grown soybean crops and fate of fixed-N over a winter fallow in subtropical sugarcane systems. Kearney, Lee J.; Dutilloy, Emma; Jose, Terry J. Report Nov 1, 2019 5635
Presence of Bisphenol A and Parabens in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: An Exploratory Study of Potential Sources of Exposure. Iribarne-Duran, Luz M.; Artacho-Cordon, Francisco; Pena-Caballero, Manuela; Molina-Molina, Jose M.; Nov 1, 2019 14960
Recovery and Then Individual Separation of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium from Spent Car Catalytic Converters Using Hydrometallurgical Technique followed by Successive Precipitation Methods. Yousif, Ahmed M. Oct 31, 2019 4020
FPX Nickel Commences Leach Testing of Nickel Concentrates for the Production of High-Grade Nickel Solution. Oct 30, 2019 970
Soil properties of sugarcane fields controlling triazine leaching potential. Portocarrero, Rocio; Aparicio, Virginia; de Geronimo, Eduardo; Costa, Jose Luis Report Oct 1, 2019 8191
Platina Resources set to begin technology trials to improve scandium project metrics. Sep 20, 2019 389
Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM) Technology Trials Seek to Improve Scandium Project Metrics. Sep 19, 2019 588
Leaching Study Conducted on Phenolic Novolac Resin-Coated Proppants. Sep 17, 2019 1102
Tillage, compaction and wetting effects on N[O.sub.3], [N.sub.2]O and [N.sub.2] losses. Thomas, Stephen M.; Fraser, Patricia M.; Hu, Wei; Clough, Timothy J.; van der Klei, Gina; Wilson, Sa Report Sep 1, 2019 16667
Hydrochloric Acid Leaching Study of Rare Earth Elements from Moroccan Phosphate. Amine, Marouane; Asafar, Fatima; Bilali, Latifa; Nadifiyine, Mehdi Aug 31, 2019 4866
Low-VOC Coalescents: Effect on Film Formation, Dirt Pick-Up Resistance and Surfactant Leaching. Santos, Juliane P.; Paula, Natalia F.; Pagani, Robson A.; Caldato, Rafael A.; da Silva, Raquel; Barr Aug 1, 2019 3633
Iconic Announces Additional Metallurgical Results Bonnie Claire Lithium Project, Nevada. Financial report Jul 25, 2019 944
Quantity and biodegradability of dissolved organic matter released from sequentially leached soils, as influenced by the extent of soil drying prior to rewetting. Vujinovic, Tihana; Clough, Timothy J.; Curtin, Denis; Meenken, Esther D.; Lehto, Niklas J.; Beare, M Report Jul 1, 2019 11144
Surface Activation and Pretreatments for Biocompatible Metals and Alloys Used in Biomedical Applications. Huynh, Vivian; Ngo, Ngan K.; Golden, Teresa D. Jun 30, 2019 17231
Mechanical Properties and Leaching Characteristics of Geopolymer-Solidified/Stabilized Lead-Contaminated Soil. Li, Yuan-Yuan; Zhang, Ting-Ting; Jia, Shi-Bo; Liu, Jiang; Quan, Xian-Hao; Zheng, Wei Jun 30, 2019 4896
Recycling of Oily Sludge as a Roadbed Material Utilizing Phosphogypsum-Based Cementitious Materials. Xiao, Wei; Yao, Xiao; Zhang, Fuyang Jun 30, 2019 6046
PROPERTIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF OIL SHALE ASH LANDFILLS. Pihu, Tonu; Konist, Alar; Puura, Erik; Liira, Martin; Kirsimae, Kalle Report Jun 1, 2019 5202
Content, extraction and export of nutrients in sugarcane under salinity and leaching fraction/ Teor, extracao e exportacao de nutrientes em cana-de-acucar sob salinidade e fracoes de lixiviacao. de Lira, Raquele M.; de F., Enio F. Silva; da Silva, Geronimo F.; de Souza, Diego H.S.; Pedrosa, Elv Jun 1, 2019 6107
Stability and phosphorus leaching of tilapia feed in water/Estabilidade e lixiviacao do fosforo da racao de tilapia na agua. Bueno, Guilherme Wolff; de Mattos, Bruno Olivetti; Neu, Dacley Hertes; David, Fernanda Seles; leiden Jun 1, 2019 5741
Arkema's New ENCOR 601 Binder Addresses Surfactant Leaching in Masonry Coatings. May 1, 2019 197
Removal of Synthetic Azo Dye Using Bimetallic Nickel-Iron Nanoparticles. Foster, Shelby L.; Estoque, Katie; Voecks, Michael; Rentz, Nikki; Greenlee, Lauren F. Apr 30, 2019 8341
The Effect of Calcium Formate, Sodium Sulfate, and Cement Clinker on Engineering Properties of Fly Ash-Based Cemented Tailings Backfill. Xu, Wenbin; Li, Qianlong; Haruna, Sada Apr 30, 2019 6723
Adequacao do teste de lixiviacao de potassio em sementes de Moringa oleifera/Adequacy of potassium leaching test in Moringa oleifera seeds. Medeiros, Maria Luiza Souza; Demartelaere, Andrea Celina Ferreira; Pereira, Marcio Dias; de Padua, G Apr 1, 2019 5060
Effect of Peat Addition on Sorption and Leaching of Triazole Fungicides in Oran Soils. Hammi, Kahina Ait; Nieto-Latorre, Elias; Urena-Amate, Maria D.; Socias-Viciana, Maria M.; Miloudi, H Mar 31, 2019 5216
CEMENT STABILIZATION TREATMENT OF LEAD AND NAPHTHALENE CONTAMINATED LATERITIC SOILS. Oluwatuyi, Opeyemi E.; Ashaka, Edwin C.; Ojuri, Oluwapelumi O. Report Mar 1, 2019 5092
Mapping the potential risk of Escherichia coli leaching through soils of the Waikato River catchment, New Zealand. McLeod, M.; Aislabie, J.; McGill, A.; Rhodes, P.; Hunter, D.W.F.; Thornburrow, D. Report Mar 1, 2019 12597
Liming on picloram leaching in dystrophic Red Yellow Latosol/Calagem na lixiviacao do picloram em Latossolo Vermelho Amarelo distrofico. Franceschi, Mauricio; Arantes, Sayonara A. do C.M.; de Andrade, Ednaldo A.; Rocha, Adriano M. da; Ar Feb 1, 2019 3510
REE MOBILITY AND TETRAD EFFECTS IN BAUXITES: AN EXAMPLE FROM THE KANISHEETEH DEPOSIT, NW IRAN. Abedini, Ali; Azizi, Mansour Rezaei; Calagari, Ali Asghar Report Jan 1, 2019 9909
Chemical-bromatological characteristics of forage sorghum varieties irrigated with saline effluents from fish farming. Simoes, Welson Lima; Guimaraes, Miguel Julio Machado; de Araujo, Gherman Garcia Leal; Willadino, Lil Jan 1, 2019 4525
Oxidative Chlorination Leaching of Stibnite Using Acidic Ferric Chloride Lixiviant. Bhatti, Muhammad Arif; Adnan, Ahmad; Ahad, Abdul; Kazmi, Kamran Raza; Akram, Adnan Technical report Dec 31, 2018 6877
Do enzyme inhibitors dicyandiamide and NBPT influence the microbial immobilization of phosphorus in Humic Cambisol?/Inibidores enzimaticos dicianodiamida e NBPT influenciama imobilizacao microbiana de fosforo em Cambissolo Humico? Dall'Orsoletta, Daniel J.; Gatiboni, Luciano C.; Schmitt, Djalma E.; Arruda, Bruna; Heidemann, Joice Nov 1, 2018 4376
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A review on anaerobic digestion, bio-reactor and nitrogen removal from wastewater and landfill leachate by bio-reactor. Mojiri, Amin; Aziz, Hamidi Abdul; Zaman, Nastaein Qamaruz; Aziz, Shuokr Qarani Report Jun 1, 2012 3945
Anglo Asian Mining agrees USD7.5m loan to fund start of agitation leaching plant construction. May 18, 2012 177
Clay and biochar amendments decreased inorganic but not dissolved organic nitrogen leaching in soil. Dempster, Daniel N.; Jones, Davey L.; Murphy, Daniel V. Report May 1, 2012 4921
UV-curable phthalazinone-based epoxy methacrylate antifouling coatings with N-vanillylnonanamide as antifoulant. Wang, Jin-Yan; Lv, Ming-Xia; Kou, Yan; Wang, Qin-Yi; Jian, Xi-Gao May 1, 2012 3424
TUC Resources Limited (ASX:TUC) Stromberg Metallurgical Testwork Results. May 1, 2012 489
Applicability of CDE equation for simulation of Escherichia coli bacterial leaching from a silty clay soil. Maneshdavi, Maryam; Jafarnejadi, Alireza; Shirani, Hossein; Sayyad, Gholamabbas Report Apr 1, 2012 1086
Effects of different sampling intervals on apparent protein and energy digestibility of common feed ingredients by juvenile oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus)/Diferentes intervalos de coleta na determinacao da digestibilidade aparente da proteina e da energia de ingredientes comuns para o apaiari (Astronotus ocellatus). do Nascimento, Thiago Matias Torres; Fabregat, Thiago El Hadi Perez; Rodrigues, Laurindo Andre; Sako Apr 1, 2012 3032
Alexander Mining granted ammoniacal leaching patent in DRC. Mar 5, 2012 177
Preparation of alumina from retorting residue of oil shale. Xu, Y.-M.; He, D.-M.; Shi, J.-W.; Guan, J.; Zhang, Q.-M. Report Mar 1, 2012 3610
Protocol comparison: laboratory versus natural weathering tests for performance evaluation of coatings on preservative-treated wood. Nejad, Mojgan; Ung, Tony; Cooper, Paul Mar 1, 2012 5323
Toro Energy Limited (ASX:TOE) Excellent Uranium Extraction Results for Theseus Project WA. Feb 29, 2012 681
Resource Mining Corporation Limited (ASX:RMI) Announces Efficiency Improvements for Organic Acid Leach Process. Feb 15, 2012 310
A laboratory test of the leachability and decay resistance of some synthesized borate compounds. Li, Zhiqiang; Jiang, Mingliang; Ma, Xingxia; Jiang, Zehui; Fei, Benhua Feb 1, 2012 3803
Effect of soil type and rainfall on dicyandiamide concentrations in drainage from lysimeters. Shepherd, Mark; Wyatt, Justin; Welten, Brendon Report Feb 1, 2012 6088
Effects of nitrogen application and time on fodder yield and some characteristics of forage sorghum var. speed-feed. Varmazyari, Atefeh; Khalili-Mahaleh, Javad; Roshdi, Mohsen; Kharazmi, Kambiz Report Feb 1, 2012 4301
Plasticizer migration from cross-linked flexible PVC: effects on tribology and hardness. Ambrogi, Veronica; Brostow, Witold; Carfagna, Cosimo; Pannico, Marianna; Persico, Paola Report Jan 1, 2012 3950
El-Nakheil oil shale: material characterization and effect of acid leaching. Muhammad, A.F.; Salmawy, M.S. El; Abdelaala, A.M.; Sameah, S. Report Dec 1, 2011 5923
Plant growth and soil responses to soil applied organic materials in Tasmania, Australia. Ives, S.W.; Cotching, W.E.; Sparrow, L.A.; Lisson, S.; Doyle, R.B. Report Oct 1, 2011 9195
Water workgroup recommends new salinity guidelines for regulatory agencies. White, Hazel; White, Janet Oct 1, 2011 939
Nutrients and antinutrients composition of raw, cooked and sun-dried sweet potato leaves. Mwanri, Akwilina W.; Kogi-Makau, W.; Laswai, Henry S. Survey Sep 1, 2011 5351
Estrogen activity in plastic products: Yang et al. respond. Yang, Chun Z.; Bittner, George D.; Yaniger, Stuart I.; Klein, Daniel J.; Jordan, V. Craig Report Sep 1, 2011 1177
A general overview on seed dormancy and methods of breaking it. Mousavi, Sayed Roholla; Rezaei, Maryam; Mousavi, Aboutaleb Sep 1, 2011 2930

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