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Le tour de TPV.

A grade of NexPrene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) from Solvay Engineered Polymers plays a key role in both the function and the aesthetics of a new bicycle rack designed and built by Stromberg Carlson Products, Inc., of Traverse City, Mich. "The All X-cess bike rack--as the name implies--permits access to any individual bike on the rack without disturbing any of the others," says Solvay. It comes in versions that hold either two or four bicycles, with a variety of bumper or trailer-hitch mounting options.

The All X-cess design uses pairs of trays onto which a bicycle's wheels are placed to support the weight of the bike. Molded polymer clamps, tightened by a threaded locking device, secure each individual bike to the rack by attaching to the bike's frame. Thermoplastic rubber pads over the hard-molded clamp protect the frame and cables from abrasion while it is being transported in the rack.

These pads are injection molded from NexPrene 1064A UV/LCOF TPV, a UV-stabilized material developed by Thermoplastic Rubber Systems of Shirley, Mass., and marketed by Solvay. The NexPrene TPV is described as a fully crosslinked EPDM/PP compound designed to deliver the performance of thermoset rubber combined with the ease of thermoplastic processing. It has a hardness of 64 Shore A and exhibits excellent resistance to compression set, Solvay says. Both these properties are important to the application, the company points out. NexPrene 1064A LCOF provides a low-friction surface to protect the bike's painted frame and its components from abrasion. It also ensures the security of the clamping function itself.

Color was also important in the material selection. As a safety feature, says Solvay, Stromberg Carlson wanted the clamp pad to be bright yellow, to provide visibility to following vehicles. Thus the NexPrene TPV is precolored to match PMS 012C yellow.

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Title Annotation:Plastics Applications; thermoplastic vulcanizate; Solvay Engineered Polymers; Stromberg Carlson Products Inc.
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Date:Nov 1, 2003
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