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Lawyers stump for the state legislature.

At least 39 lawyers--five in the Senate and 34 in the House--are on the ballot this fall in state legislative races. Another 14 lawyers had filed in legislative races, but were eliminated in the August 26 primary, according to state election results.

In several of the seats, the incumbent lawyer/legislators either are unopposed in November or face only minor party or write-in candidates. In House District 49, both major party candidates are attorneys.

There were three state Senate races where attorneys were involved in a primary:

* In District 19, incumbent and attorney Gary Siplin defeated Maurice "Doc" Woodard in the Democratic primary, 56.6 to 43.4 percent. He faces Republican Belinda Ortiz in the November general election.

* In District 29, attorney Chris Smith got 69.4 percent of the vote in a four-way primary. He faces a write-in candidate in November.

* In the District 31 Democratic primary, attorneys Ken Gottlieb and Tim Ryan lost a close primary to Eleanor Sobel. Sobel got 35.8 percent of the vote, Gottlieb 32.7, and Ryan 31.6. She faces a write-in candidate in November.

In House races where attorneys were in primaries:

* In District 8, attorneys Herbert R. Brown and Sean Shaw were eliminated in a seven-way Democratic primary.

* In District 18, Republican attorney John R. Capra was defeated in a three-way primary.

* In District 21 Republican attorney Christopher A. France was eliminated in a three-way primary.

* In District 31, Republican attorney Ronald E. Stump was eliminated in a four-way primary.

* In District 40, Republican attorney Eric Eisnaugle defeated Joe Mantilla 68 to 32 percent. He faces Democrat Christian Todd in November.

* In District 49, Democratic attorney Warren Hope Dawson was defeated by Betty Reed 70.3 to 29.7 percent.

* In District 81, Democratic attorney Adam Fetterman defeated Bill Ramos 59.9 to 40.1 percent. He faces Republican Michael DiTerlizzi, winner of the Republican primary.

* In District 83, Democratic attorney Bryan S. Miller defeated attorney Frederick W. "Rick" Ford, 67.1 to 32.9 percent. He faces incumbent Republican Carl J. Domino in November.

* In District 94, Democratic attorney Roshawn Banks was defeated in a six-way primary.

* In District 101, attorney Samuel D. Lopez was defeated by Maria Jiminez in the Democratic primary 70.7 to 29.3 percent.

* In District 106, attorney Joseph S. Geller was defeated by Richard L. Steinberg in the Democratic primary 68.7 to 31.3 percent.

* In District 109, attorneys Leslie P. Quezaire and Cynthia A. Stafford were eliminated in a nine-way Democratic primary.

Senate races that will be on the November 4 General Election ballot or which are unopposed are:

* In District 23, Democratic attorney Morgan R. Bentley faces Nancy C. Detert, who won the Republican primary for the seat.

* In District 27, attorney and incumbent Democrat Dave Aronberg faces Republican Matt Caldwell and Green Party candidate Aniana H. Robas.

* In District 35, Democratic attorney Dan Gelber faces Republican Dean Santoro.

House Races that are on the November 4 ballot or where an attorney candidate is unopposed are:

* In District 3, incumbent and Republican attorney Clay Ford faces Democrat Lumon May.

* In District 9, Democratic attorney Michelle Rehwinkel-Vasalinda faces Republican Peter Boulware, who won the Republican primary.

* In District 16, incumbent and Republican attorney Charles McBurney was reelected without opposition.

* In District 19, Republican attorney Mike Weinstein faces Democrat Larry Jones.

* In District 28, attorney and Republican incumbent Dorothy Hukill faces Democrat William Smalley.

* In District 35, incumbent and Republican attorney Dean Cannon faces British Reformed Sectarian Party candidate Thomas J. Kelly.

* In District 36, incumbent and Democratic attorney Scott Randolph faces Republican Stephen Villard.

* In District 47, incumbent and Republican attorney Kevin Ambler faces write-in candidate Ian Grossman.

* In District 49, incumbent and Democratic attorney Darren Soto faces Republican attorney J. P. Quinones.

* In District 53, incumbent and Democratic attorney Rick Kriseman is unopposed.

* In District 65, Republican attorney John Wood faces Democrat Bob Hagenmaier.

* In District 73, incumbent and Republican attorney Nick Thompson faces Democrat Stephen Gray-Biancett.

* In District 77, Democratic attorney Elton J. Gissendanner faces Republican incumbent Denise Grimsley.

* In District 85, Republican attorney Howard S. Coates faces Democrat Joseph Abruzzo.

* In District 86, incumbent and Democratic attorney Maria Sachs faces independent John J. Sottilare

* In District 87, incumbent and Republican attorney Adam Hasner faces Robert "Rob" Ostrov, who won the Democratic primary.

* In District 91, incumbent and Republican attorney Ellyn Bogdanoff faces Democrat Chris Chiari.

* In District 93, incumbent and Democratic attorney Perry Thurston faces write-in candidate Tchaka S. Lawrence.

* In District 95, incumbent and Democratic attorney Jim Waldman faces write-in candidate Jessica Finkelstein.

* In District 96, incumbent and Democratic attorney Ari Porth is unopposed.

* In District 97, incumbent and Democratic attorney Martin Kiar faces Todd Goberville, winner of the Republican primary.

* In District 99, incumbent and Democratic attorney Elaine Schwartz faces write-in candidate Andrew J. Housman.

* In District 104, incumbent and Democratic attorney Yolly Roberson is unopposed.

* In District 107, Republican attorney Jorge Luis Lopez faces incumbent Democrat Luis Garcia.

* In District 114, incumbent and Republican attorney Anitere Flores is unopposed.

* In District 115, incumbent and Republican attorney Juan-Carlos Planas is unopposed.

* In District 120, incumbent and Democratic attorney Ron Saunders faces Republican Ernie Hernandez.

This list of candidates was compiled by comparing filing candidates with the Bar's membership list. Some attorneys may have been inadvertently omitted. If you know of a Bar member who is running for the Legislature and who was left off, please contact the Bar News at
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