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Lawyering and Ethics for the Business Attorney, 4th Edition.


Lawyering and Ethics for the Business Attorney, 4th Edition

Marc I. Steinberg

West Academic Publishing


240 pages


American Casebook Series


Steinberg takes up the subject of lawyering and ethics for the business attorney. He presents 12 scenarios and a table of cases beginning with WhoAEs Client. When an individual visits a lawyerAEs office, the attorney normally know who the client is. However, entity representation renders the attorneyAEs identification process more complex. Eleven more scenarios cover confidentiality owed to existing and former clients; the lawyer as intermediary; corporate internal investigation; parent-subsidiary related party; the corporate opportunity doctrine and the lawyerAEs role; the multiple representation dilemma for the business attorney; screening and the personally disqualified attorney; business attorney as litigator in corporate settings; lawyers taking equity interests in their clients; inside counsel; and counsel as director. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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