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Lawyer wants colleague arrested.

Cllr. Martin and Mr. Seeboe were battling in a property case at the Probate Court Monday when he (Cllr. Martin) informed the Court that from the inspection of the case file, Mr. Seeboe who made representation and submission in the case was not a lawyer.

When Judge Holder inquired from Mr. Seeboe that his colleague [Cllr. Martin] was contending that he [Mr. Seeboe] signed as Attorney - At - Law, Mr. Seeboe responded that it was an harmless error by the Clerk of Court and asked the court that such precept should be ignored.

The accused, Mr. Seeboe says he is the administrator of the Intestate Estate of the late Wiahs Jah.

But according to Cllr. Martin, all precepts that were furnished the court indicate and show Mr. Seeboe as a mere administrator and not a legal counsel who is authorized by the position supra to practice law within this jurisdiction.

Cllr. Martin claims that all of Mr. Seeboe's precepts were done on the basis of deception and lies before Judge Holder and the Court, thus requesting the Court to strike all submissions made by Mr. Seeboe on grounds that he is not a lawyer.

Cllr. Martin further pleads with the Court to hold Mr. Seeboe in contempt for allegedly showing himself as a lawyer when in fact he is not a lawyer.

In verbal arguments in court following submissions by both parties, Cllr. Martin claimed that people always argue that the Judiciary is rotten, saying Mr. Seeboe is one of the elements that damage the image of the Judiciary.

But Mr. Seeboe who says he is the administrator of the Intestate Estate of the late Wiahs Jah counter argues that he relies on the rules of the Probate Court Section 5.1.

According to him, the rule reads that in representation before a court, a party who is an individual may represent himself or herself without any attorney or counselor at law, except as provided in Section 5.2 where that individual is incompetent or an infant.

Meanwhile Mr. Seeboe asks the Court to hold Cllr. Martin in contempt on grounds that the counsel is a mere stranger from Simah Law Firm and is not on records, and further requests the court to hold Atty. David N. Katiah in contempt over claims that his action is tantamount to one year suspension.

Mr. Seeboe rather asked that the Court strike Cllr. Martin's petition and grant him all and any relief. Judge Holder has reserved ruling in the argument pending assignment.

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Publication:The New Dawn (Monrovia, Liberia)
Date:Jun 12, 2018
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