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Ending inequality begins with unified personal status law: Aoun. Mar 8, 2020 164
Fatyana for comprehensive reforms to end inequality, injustice from society. Feb 21, 2020 822
The Ubiquity of Positive Measures for Addressing Systemic Discrimination and Inequality: A Comparative Global Perspective. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 123
Duterte certification no guarantee of SOGIE Equality bill passage. Sep 11, 2019 876
Inequality in Extracurricular Education in Russia. Sergey Kosaretsky, Ivan Ivanov Jul 1, 2019 5236
Americans United Announces Support For LGBTQ Equality Legislation. Jun 1, 2019 476
House passes Equality Act. May 31, 2019 190
'Equality' law reduces rights of many. May 25, 2019 220
Lyra killers blasted; Partner slams New IRA as she reveals plea to PM on marriage equality law. May 9, 2019 241
"EQUALITY ACT": Would Unleash Federal Persecution of Christians. Newman, Alex May 6, 2019 3565
Bishops oppose Equality Act. Apr 5, 2019 227
Human Rights and Equality in Education: Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education for Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups. Book review Mar 1, 2019 145
ERA legislation assures equality for all. Feb 25, 2019 829
Equality and abortion are mutually exclusive. Stark, Paul Feb 1, 2019 749
Grand Mufti rejects calls for equality in inheritance between males, females. Nov 26, 2018 235
Travellers' ban 'could be in breach equality laws' COUNCILLORS THWARTED IN THEIR CALL FOR A UNIVERSAL INJUNCTION. Nov 15, 2018 460
Hundreds of thousands march for marriage equality in Taiwan amid referendum debate. Oct 28, 2018 346
Royal Directives, Decisions Ordered by Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, Proceeding from Aiming to Realize Justice, Equality, in accordance with Shariah-Senior Ulemas' Body says. Oct 20, 2018 229
Equality Now conducts sensitization on FGM. Sep 25, 2018 199
Cards for the Poor and Funds for Villages: Jokowi's Initiatives to Reduce Poverty and Inequality. Suryahadi, Asep; Izzati, Ridho Al Report Aug 1, 2018 11324
Reimagining Equality: A New Deal for Children of Color. Book review Jul 1, 2018 178
Arab lawmakers challenge Israeli parliament's rejection of proposed bill on equality. Jun 11, 2018 498
Motorcyclists launch unity ride for equality. May 28, 2018 274
Hidden Inequality in the West. Mar 26, 2018 1096
The struggle for equality continues; COMMENT. Feb 6, 2018 506
Another year of elusive equality. Jan 17, 2018 648
CJ stresses on equality in education system. Jan 10, 2018 369
CJ stresses on equality in education system. Jan 10, 2018 369
Australia Implements Marriage Equality After Vote. Jan 1, 2018 132
On the Asymptotic Hyperstability of Linear Time-Invariant Continuous-Time Systems under a Class of Controllers Satisfying Discrete-Time Popov's Inequality. De la Sen, M. Jan 1, 2018 9406
FTDES calls for materilising President's legislative initiative on equality in inheritance. Nov 21, 2017 279
Individual Freedom and Equality Committee to present its report on legislation in February 2018. Nov 15, 2017 224
That's rich; Fianna Fail's anger at block on equality Bill; Government claims wealthy could get dole. Nov 9, 2017 442
What Happened to Equality? The Construction of the Right to Equal Treatment of Third-Country Nationals in European Union Law on Labour Migration. Book review Sep 1, 2017 135
Riachy for an electoral law that achieves true equality, Jarrah for keeping Lebanon away from surrounding fires in the region. May 1, 2017 238
Hontiveros to prioritize passage of health, equality bills in 2017. Jan 3, 2017 403
Justice and Equality National Party says the group of economic policies announced recently by the council of ministers were necessary. Nov 10, 2016 152
Respect for 'Sovereign Equality of States' principle stressed. Sep 13, 2016 197
GCC expresses concern over a U.S. Congress bill contradicting the principles of equality and sovereign immunity of countries of the world. Sep 12, 2016 209
Are "all men (and women) created equal?": advances have been made in the united states and other countries, but we have a long way to go to reach any semblance of equality between individuals with disabilities and the general public. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Cooke, Matthew Sep 1, 2016 2213
Is it time to end affirmative action? Connerly, Ward; Brooks, Cornell William Apr 25, 2016 1105
Nomocracy and equality before the law. Mar 2, 2016 1217
Pay gap shows 'racism is alive and well at the highest levels' After David Cameron attacked universities over racial inequality and vowed to introduce new laws to shame them into action, a new study has revealed that black workers face a massive pay gap which widens as they achieve more qualifications. Darren Devine reports. Feb 2, 2016 678
State of LGBT Equality in seven Kansas cities detailed in HRC's new Municipal Equality Index. Jan 1, 2016 455
Voters in Ireland rebuff church with vote in favor of marriage equality. Jul 1, 2015 530
The gay divorcee: marriage equality in Florida and the nation. Insignares, Luis E.; Kruger, Brian J. Jun 1, 2015 4771
The married persons equality act. Hubbard, Dianne; Coomer, Rachel; Holf, Julie Apr 1, 2015 1430
The road to equality: the struggle of gay men and lesbians to achieve equal rights before the law. Wilson, Kath Dec 22, 2014 5877
MLA SETS OUT 'GAY CAKE' CONSCIENCE CLAUSE BID; DUP push to exempt religious beliefs from equality legislation. Dec 9, 2014 541
Social housing and the LGBT communities; Repealing discriminatory laws was just the first step toward legal protection and equality for all. Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, explains. Sep 18, 2014 651
Fair is foul: a critical analysis of UEFA financial fair play. Szymanski, Stefan Report Aug 1, 2014 6167
No asterisk for equality. Apr 13, 2014 620
Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law: Justice and Ethics in the Islamic Legal Tradition. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 142
Obama vows to act against economic inequality bypassing Congress in 2014. Jan 29, 2014 104
Tunisia charter to uphold equality, freedom of opinion. Jan 7, 2014 732
INEQUALITY ABOUNDS IN MODERN APPRENTICESHIPS; The latest news from HR, recruitment, employment law and staff issues. Sep 27, 2013 460
No abortion in equality bill. Brief article Jul 5, 2013 141
French equality law to push male parental leave, fair pay. Jul 3, 2013 465
Women's sport: still waitresses at the banquet of life. Robinson, Laura Jul 1, 2013 1267
Challenging sex segregation in sport. Gordon-Moershel, Ellie Jul 1, 2013 1826
Equality without asterisks. Jun 27, 2013 526
Of families and fairness: to marriage equality, I happily say 'I do'. Lynn, Barry W. May 1, 2013 846
Religion and marriage: civil law must be based on equality, not theology. Apr 1, 2013 488
Ferzli: We want law securing equality in electing MPs. Mar 1, 2013 112
Comparative equality and anti-discrimination law; cases, codes, constitutions, and commentary. Book review Dec 1, 2012 124
Common ownership and equality of autonomy. di Robilant, Anna Dec 1, 2012 19752
MPs call for revoking immunity given to senior state officials, call for equality under the law. Nov 22, 2012 360
Gender Equality: Human Rights versus Islam. Jun 30, 2012 8503
The kids are not all right: for the estimated 2 million children of same-sex couples, anti-marriage equality laws have a real and harmful impact. Harmon, Andrew Jun 1, 2012 509
Celebrating in Seattle: the Seattle Lesbian gives us VIP access to the passage of marriage equality and the after parties. Toce, Sarah May 1, 2012 116
Elusive equality; women's rights, public policy, and the law, 2d ed. Book review Apr 1, 2012 166
How the West was won: passage of the marriage equality bill in Washington caps a long, deliberate journey for Ed Murray, the gay state senator behind the campaign. Bolcer, Julie Apr 1, 2012 560
Marriage equality repeal is a return to discrimination: efforts to repeal civil marriage take our focus away from the economy, creating jobs, streamlining our budget and finding solutions for education funding. Splaine, Jim Mar 23, 2012 370
Christians opposed to equality laws likened to Muslims wanting sharia imposition in UK. Feb 17, 2012 269
Equality law too costly? Burden of rules on firms may outweigh benefits. Dec 23, 2011 408
The beginning of the end of domestic-partner benefits? With the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York, the state joins six other states in which same-sex couples can get married. What will that mean for domestic-partner benefits? Shelly, Jared Reprint Oct 1, 2011 489
Kansas Equality Coalition endorses ordinance change. Criqui, Scott Brief article Oct 1, 2011 155
Action to address ongoing health inequities. Aug 1, 2011 370
Gay bishops to be allowed by church; New guidance after equality law brought in. Jun 20, 2011 445
Family policy paradoxes; gender equality and labour market regulation in Sweden, 1930-2010. Book review Jun 1, 2011 136
New law affects all Be aware of risks; The case of a gay couple who were told they could not share a double bedroom at a hotel could be the first of many brought under the Equality Act 2010, says PAUL JOHNSTONE. Apr 29, 2011 683
Bangladeshi Islamists strike over equality law. Apr 4, 2011 334
Sex equality questions for University of Wales; TOP ACADEMICS MAKE PROTEST TO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION. Mar 31, 2011 717
Assistance to victims of discrimination by equality bodies of the EU member states--a Scandinavian perspective; legal issues arising from combing the function of providing assistance to victims... Book review Feb 1, 2011 242
Principle of non-discrimination and equitable representation in framework agreement ten years after--formal or substantive equality?! Lozanoska, Jana Jan 1, 2011 2642
Emma Jones, associate at Gabb & Co, advises on the Equality Act 2010; SPONSORED COLUMN. Column Dec 15, 2010 276
Gay couple sue hotel over ban; Christian owners deny breaching equality laws. Dec 14, 2010 498
'Socialist' equality law to be scrapped. Nov 19, 2010 225
'Socialist' equality law to be scrapped. Nov 17, 2010 225
New laws on equality a welcome progression. Nov 11, 2010 495
Two sides to every coin: as the UK adopts a new Equality Act, Ruth Prickett wonders how managers can reconcile conflicting views to create fairer workplaces. Prickett, Ruth Nov 1, 2010 848
opinion; Morecrofts' Charles Millett says the Equality Act does not add much to existing law. Oct 7, 2010 238
Warning on equality law. Oct 5, 2010 277
Concern as Equality Act comes in. Oct 2, 2010 249
Onus is on businesses to know new equality laws. Sep 29, 2010 576
Equality Act--new changes. Choudhury, Bhaskar Jul 16, 2010 756
Hindus approach Malta's Archbishop to bring religious equality before law. Jul 14, 2010 319
Hindus and Jews appeal various religions to strive for religious equality in Malta. Jul 13, 2010 360
Hindus seek Pope's intervention to bring equality of religions in Malta. Jul 10, 2010 302
European Ombudsman rejects Hindus' request regarding equality of religions in Malta. Jul 7, 2010 375
Is this a new dawn for equality and diversity? Apr 22, 2010 1093
Equality Bill will create a fairer society for all. Apr 7, 2010 184
Proms and other racial ephemera: the positive social construction of African Americans in the "post"-civil rights era. Wanzo, Rebecca Mar 22, 2010 12080
UAE a Country of Justice and Equality, Says Khalifa. Feb 23, 2010 263
Give marriage equality a chance: we should be proud that our new law was crafted 'the New Hampshire way'. Splaine, Jim Dec 31, 2009 518
Home state advantage: hometown hero Jesse Connolly is harnessing Maine's sense of fairness to preserve marriage equality. McGuinness, William Nov 1, 2009 564
Equality standard helps firms meet new regulations. Oct 23, 2009 460
The right to food for all: a right-based approach to hunger and social inequality. Kong, Karen Sep 22, 2009 14600
Women in the UK who work full time earn an average of 17.1 per cent less than their male equivalents--and the gap is even worse in financial jobs, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Sep 1, 2009 164
Sound policy on equality; EMPLOYMENT: ASKTHEEXPERTS. Jun 16, 2009 402
Peaks and Valleys: fighting for equality in the Mormon Church's backyard. Bolcer, Julie May 1, 2009 451
History judges us by our fairness. Splaine, Jim Apr 10, 2009 502
Top five stories on Brief article Feb 1, 2009 196
Equality law threat to cheap OAP haircuts. Jan 27, 2009 204
Corridor of love: Connecticut could tip the scales in favor of a marriage equality zone that stretches from Vermont to New Jersey--but how will the decision sway voters in California? Kaiser, Charles Nov 18, 2008 852
Law requires equality of mental health coverage. Ault, Alicia Nov 15, 2008 596
Effect of expanded private sector contraceptive supply on inequality of use. Report Nov 1, 2008 308
Odds even up for girls; EQUALITY: Prospects for female staff never better. Sep 26, 2008 317
Is ban a breach of human rights? SCOOTER CAMPAIGNERS TAKE FIGHT TO EQUALITY COMMISSION. Sep 20, 2008 409
Equality law is unveiled. Sep 18, 2008 116
Bosses say equality law a nightmare; But fairness pledge widely welcomed. Jun 27, 2008 484
Matter of respect; Employment FOCUS Douglas Jaap, an employment specialist and partner at the Edinburgh-based firm Gillespie Macandrew, looks at how the law ensures equality at work. May 1, 2008 398
MP Vera backs equality for royal family. Apr 25, 2008 264
Equality commission in legal changes call. Oct 24, 2007 89
A state of equality. Editorial Apr 14, 2007 600
Smaller guns and lighter bikes for female officers; New equality laws may force change to equipment. Mar 14, 2007 361
New equality laws may force change to equipment. Mar 14, 2007 221
Spainish eye equality. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 158
The times they are a-changin'. Mildon, Marsha Jun 1, 2005 1030
Private law redistribution, predictability, and liberty. Keren-Paz, Tsachi Jun 1, 2005 15407
Illuminated about equity: this large Georgia district, has taken the lead in meeting Title IX regulations. (District profile: Clayton County, Georgia). D'Orio, Amy Jan 1, 2003 1268
On Aristotelian equality, the fundamental right to equality, and governmental discretion. Bendor, Ariel L. Jan 1, 2003 7976
Where do we go from here? Lugtig, Sarah; Parkes, Debra Mar 22, 2002 2262
Norwegian sexual equality laws might be tightened. Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 141
The "brown paper syndrome": unaccompanied minors and questions of status. Montgomery, Catherine Feb 1, 2002 9614
TURKEY - Nov. 22 - Men & Women Become Equals. Brief Article Nov 24, 2001 119
The European Union's policy on the equality of women. Rossilli, M. Grazia Mar 22, 1999 4049
Sexual difference and politics in France today. Haase-Dubosc, Danielle Mar 22, 1999 12168
God, labor, and the law: the pursuit of religious equality in Northern Ireland's workforce. Thorpe, Jane Hyatt May 1, 1998 18620

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