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Law fails female victims of violence, hate and abuse. Sep 27, 2020 234
FREEDOM OF SPEECH BACKLASH FORCES HATE BILL RETHINK; YOUSAF ACCUSED OF TINKERING Justice Secretary announces controversial law will be redrawn. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Sep 24, 2020 402
Misogyny could be classed as hate crime under new proposals with more protection for women; The Law Commission is investigating if those who physically or verbally abuse women because of their gender should face tougher sentences. By, Brett Gibbons Sep 23, 2020 461
Nats need to care more about quality of Scotland, not the quantity of its promise. Alex Bell Sep 10, 2020 882
To the victims and targets of hatred, we won't abandon you.. we will not walk away from Hate Crime Bill; GOVERNMENT URGED TO LISTEN Justice Secretary calls for dialogue with opponents over legal changes. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Sep 10, 2020 523
THOUGHT CRIME WRITER; NOVELIST VAL FEARS SHE COULD END UP ON WRONG SIDE OF LAW AS HER COP CHARACTER HEADS FOR TV Author on finding right TV star to play her fictional cop and why she's fighting law change. Anna Burnside Sep 6, 2020 1179
WHAT IS NEW LAW? Exploring reasons for significant backlash. ANDY PHILIP Sep 5, 2020 501
LAW & LITERATURE / Richard Wright's Native Son: Dread in Chicago's desolate South Side. Normey, Rob Sep 1, 2020 1119
Shehryar Afridi urges UN to designate RSS as terrorist organization. Aug 8, 2020 557
Shehryar Afridi urges int'l community and UN to designate RSS as a terrorist organization. Aug 6, 2020 550
Councillor hits out at 'badly drafted' plans for hate crimes law. STEPH BRAWN LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER Jul 30, 2020 651
Bishop cautious over Hate Crime Bill. Jul 30, 2020 222
'Law must protect Gaelic' Heritage: Lobby group wants same hate safeguards as sexuality or religion. JOHN ROSS Jul 25, 2020 346
Bill 'strikes right balance and will help protect victims of hate crime' LEGISLATION. HUMZA YOUSAF SCOTTISH JUSTICE MINISTER Jul 21, 2020 344
HATE CRIME LAW 'OUTDATED' AS JUST 3 JAILED IN 20YRS; Chief calls for overhaul of legislation. EXCLUSIVE BY AILBHE JORDAN Jun 30, 2020 275
GARDAI CALLED OUT TO PROBE 90 HATE CRIMES; Virus has kept numbers down >>>>Change to law is long overdue. Jun 24, 2020 379
US anti-racism protests: Perfect storm that was waiting to happen. Mohammed Almezel, Editor At Large Jun 3, 2020 1811
Bid to crack down on 'stirring up' hate crime. Apr 27, 2020 176
Human Rights Watch calls on India to repeal it's anti-Muslim citizenship laws. Apr 11, 2020 1090
MP blasts 'sick violence against Muslims in India'. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Mar 4, 2020 372
NA unanimously passes resolution against new Indian citizenship bill. Dec 17, 2019 270
Did Jersey shooters target Jews? Associated Press Dec 12, 2019 394
Hate Speech Bill: Hate Crimes Law Already Exists a FG. Nov 13, 2019 198
How UAE residents can be slapped with charges of discrimination, hate crime. Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Oct 22, 2019 497
Hate speech v Freedom of speech. Sep 4, 2019 191
Muslim girl attack shows it's time to tackle race hate; Call for Government to bring in new laws. Aug 22, 2019 346
Police chief's warning over a no-deal Brexit. Aug 13, 2019 425
El Paso shooting: 21-year-old suspect in custody as officials investigate possible hate crime. Aug 4, 2019 613
20 dead in El Paso shooting. Attanasio, By Cedar; Balsamo, Michael; Press, Diana Heidgerd Associated Aug 4, 2019 979
PCC adds to campaign for disability hate crime legislation. Jul 25, 2019 484
PCC adds to the calls for a 'Lee's Law'. Jul 25, 2019 456
Cops seize artwork from gallery over complaints of 'homophobic hatred' POLICE CALLED IN AFTER CLAIMS IT'BREACHED HATE CRIME LAWS'. Jul 20, 2019 459
Britain First fined [pounds sterling]44,000 by Electoral Commission over 'breaches of the law'; The far-right group failed to meet "basic requirements" in a "serious offence" that showed "a disregard for the law", the Electoral Commission declared. Jul 16, 2019 477
Shocking case in city sparks calls for new offence. Jun 17, 2019 564
New laws could cut 'mate crime'. Jun 17, 2019 462
Crime statistics are stain of shame; RECORD View. Jun 15, 2019 253
US hate groups continue to increase. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2019 219
A toxic legacy that lives from beyond the grave. Apr 22, 2019 714
Capitol Retort: Hate fake, property seizures, press freedoms. Feb 28, 2019 1248
Macron says anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism. Feb 21, 2019 376
Remembering Matthew Shepard: The brutal killing of a Wyoming college student 20 years ago raised awareness about violence against the LGBTQ community and led to an expansion of hate-crime laws. Bubar, Joe Jan 28, 2019 4295
FBI: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in the US Up 37% in 2017. Nov 15, 2018 322
Sectarian abuse should be treated as hate crime; Experts call for new law. Nov 15, 2018 176
Elderly woman questioned by police as hate criminal after 'beeping car horn at black driver'; Hate crime rules forced police to quiz the pensioner after she beeped at a driver who was "taking ages" at a petrol station. Nov 5, 2018 405
Bowers Faces 29 Charges for Pittsburgh Synagogue Mass Murder. Oct 29, 2018 3460
shooting horror at u.s. synagogue. Oct 28, 2018 679
Beaten, urinated on and sexually assaulted - calls to protect Liverpool's homeless from shocking abuse; Mayor Joe Anderson wants rough sleepers to be protected by law - as details of terrible incidents revealed. Oct 22, 2018 631
SHEPHERDING A SON'S LEGACY. Artavia, David Oct 1, 2018 1013
Lynching a hate crime, India must enact law to end it. Sep 21, 2018 980
Ukip leader Gerard Batten lashes out at Nigel Farage in furious row over Tommy Robinson; The new Ukip leader accused his predecessor of "throwing stones in a glass house". Sep 21, 2018 491
Wolf-whistling at women could be classed as a hate crime as police forces encouraged to expand scope of laws; Campaign groups want constabularies in England and Wales to follow the example of Nottinghamshire Police. Jul 9, 2018 595
Harassing or abusing women should be a 'hate crime', campaigners say; Recording misogyny as a hate crime would help law makers understand the full scale of the day-to-day abuse women face, says a charity boss. Jul 9, 2018 432
Reporting hate crimes: The Arab American experience. Jul 8, 2018 1357
A new federal law would give new protections to police who are attacked, as happened here in Holiday Hills in 2014. Jun 1, 2018 941
A new federal law would give new protections to police who are attacked, as happened here in Holiday Hills in 2014. Crime: 'Blue Lives Matter' legislation in Illinois stalled. Jun 1, 2018 941
Is attacking a cop a hate crime? Federal legislation asks the question. Jun 1, 2018 953
terror in a texas town; Serial bomber notches up 5 attacks in 19 days. Mar 21, 2018 438
Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder, 4th Edition. Book review Mar 1, 2018 164
Religious minorities face increased 'demonisation' in India: Amnesty. Feb 23, 2018 372
Blasphemy law and hate crime. Feb 10, 2018 934
Germany faces anti-Semitism. Brief article Jan 26, 2018 166
UK Considers Prosecuting Making Catcalls, Street Harassment As Hate Crimes. Dec 9, 2017 454
Historian wins second acquittal in hate crime case. Dec 5, 2017 442
Historian wins second acquittal in hate crime case. Dec 5, 2017 438
Former Tesla Factory Workers Claim 'Jim Crow-Era' Drawings, Racial Epithets. Oct 18, 2017 598
Law letting down Jews. Jul 16, 2017 117
Man Federal Agenices Are Failing To Report Hate Crimes. Jun 27, 2017 1137
Amnesty call for tougher response to hate crimes. Jun 23, 2017 193
Taking a call on prejudice-motivated crimes in society. May 27, 2017 682
Fewer countries ban same-sex relations, but violence common. May 15, 2017 494
Sikh Man Shot At Home By White Man After 'Go Back To Your Own Country' Comment. Mar 5, 2017 368
Governor Cuomo Announces New Initiatives To Fight Hate Crimes and Anti-Semitism in New York. Zalman, Jonathan Feb 24, 2017 171
Hate Crimes Rise For Second Straight Year In 2016. Feb 16, 2017 454
Kentucky House Passes 'Blue Lives Matter' Bill After Protesters Shut Down Proceedings. Feb 15, 2017 455
Mississippi Senate Considering Blue Lives Matter Bill. Jan 26, 2017 430
Burqa Bans, Hate Crimes And Laws That Ignore Cultural Norms Challenge Islam Around The World. Jan 11, 2017 601
Trump's Hate Crimes Problem. Dec 1, 2016 2522
California Killing Investigated As A Hate Crime. Nov 29, 2016 616
3 Shielding cops from hate. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 146
Travellers and the law Clr [...]. Aug 11, 2016 163
Audio: Reaction Mixed to Abbott's Proposal to Protect Cops With Hate Crimes Law (Audio). Jul 20, 2016 126
Greg Abbott: Targeted Killing of Police Officers Should Be a Hate Crime in Texas. Jul 18, 2016 453
Some Lawmakers Talk Gun Control After Florida Shooting. Jun 13, 2016 409
A love born in Lima: illicit, anonymous love notes sparked a lifelong romance for these two expatriate Peruvians. Fairyington, Steph Jun 1, 2016 624
It's Now A Hate Crime To Attack Police In Louisiana. May 27, 2016 467
Pay gap shows 'racism is alive and well at the highest levels' After David Cameron attacked universities over racial inequality and vowed to introduce new laws to shame them into action, a new study has revealed that black workers face a massive pay gap which widens as they achieve more qualifications. Darren Devine reports. Feb 2, 2016 678
Religion Questioned After Recent Terror Attacks. Dec 3, 2015 551
The feds shouldn't prosecute Dylann Roof; redundant charges against the Charleston shooter highlight the unconstitutional absurdity of the federal hate crime statute. Sullum, Jacob Nov 1, 2015 667
New UAE Law against hate crimes and discrimination. Sep 29, 2015 769
FLAMING DISGRACE; Top cop calls for urgent review of hate law. Sep 5, 2015 320
Law Against Hate. Jul 29, 2015 849
UAE guards against hate crimes: officials. Jul 22, 2015 339
UAE issues law against hate crimes, discrimination. Jul 20, 2015 335
United Arab Emirates issues law against hate crimes and discrimination. Jul 20, 2015 448
Hate Crimes, Sodomy Law Before House Panel. May 6, 2015 560
Anti-hate crime measure taking back seat to priority bills - Belmonte. Nov 5, 2014 432
'BRING IN HATE CRIME LAWS'. Oct 13, 2014 227
Muslims in the United States: Lives made uncomfortable in a 'Free' society. Jun 30, 2014 2113
OSCE to hold meeting on combating hate crimes against Muslims. Apr 26, 2014 198
Hate crimes get worse in Turkey. Apr 22, 2014 1393
Matthew Shepard's ghost. Krayewski, Ed Mar 1, 2014 370
HC demands law to punish hate crimes. Feb 13, 2014 211
Sticks and stones. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. Jan 1, 2014 1070
Hate crime law positive step, but not without pitfalls. Oct 1, 2013 897
Russian Orthodox Church is a moral compass. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 287
20 YEARS FOR HATE CRIMES. Aug 8, 2013 109
CHR to document 'hate crimes' vs LGBTs. Jul 30, 2013 434
Hate Crime Law in UK to be reviewed. Jun 27, 2013 350
GOP-controlled House passes Violence Against Women Act, sends it to Obama for signature. Mar 1, 2013 272
'A negation of Australia's fundamental values': sentencing prejudice-motivated crime. Mason, Gail; Dyer, Andrew Dec 1, 2012 18862
Commission head: Turkey needs new regulations against hate crime. Oct 17, 2012 284
Camera catches Toledo arsonist. Oct 12, 2012 582
Rally shows support for diversity. Narine, Shari Brief article Aug 1, 2012 130
OIC chief urges Myanmar Pres., Ban to help end violence against Muslims. Jul 27, 2012 162
End discrimination & violence against sexual minorities. May 1, 2012 1395
Chile passes most of hate crime law after gay s killing. Apr 5, 2012 264
Freedom of expression, minorities and state protection. Akhtar, Zia Essay Mar 22, 2012 8352
Bill C-304. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 202
Incidents and offenses. Jan 1, 2012 884
Hate crime by jurisdiction. Jan 1, 2012 282
Table 2: incidents, offenses, victims, and known offenders, by offense type, 2012. Jan 1, 2012 553
Table 3: offenses, known offender's race, by offense type, 2012. Jan 1, 2012 568
Table 6: offenses, victim type, by offense type, 2012. Jan 1, 2012 486
Table 11: offenses, offense type, by participating state, 2012. Jan 1, 2012 1445
A simple model of optimal hate crime legislation. Gan, Li; Williams, Roberton C., III; Wiseman, Thomas Jul 1, 2011 8633
The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Act: the interplay of the judiciary and Congress in suspect classification analysis. Kim, Lisa Kye Young Mar 22, 2011 14876
Hate crime by jurisdiction. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 282
About hate crime statistics. Jan 1, 2011 1514
Hate Crime Statistics Act. Jan 1, 2011 417
Protecting the homeless under vulnerable victim sentencing guidelines: an alternative to inclusion in hate crime laws. O'Keefe, Katherine B. Oct 1, 2010 10181
WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO FACE HATE ABUSE? Band guitarist threatened on bus. Jul 6, 2010 638
Bulgarian Law Doesn't Punish Hate Crimes - Human Rights Experts. Jun 13, 2010 478
Waging war against hate; RecordView. Mar 24, 2010 332
Queer injuries: the racial politics of "homophobic hate crime" in Germany. Haritaworn, Jin Essay Mar 22, 2010 9237
Hate crime statistics for 2008. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 324
GLBTLO name change reflects inclusiveness. Gordon, Mary Dec 7, 2009 406
Mad men: uphill political battles in Washington have religious right leaders foaming at the mouth. Boston, Rob Dec 1, 2009 2733
Obama signs Defense bill with hate-crimes extension. Nov 23, 2009 339
PC attack speeds up new law. Nov 13, 2009 125
Hate crimes investigator educating local police. Nov 13, 2009 225
When gays weren't called gay. Nov 5, 2009 876
11 years later, a tougher law. Editorial Oct 30, 2009 489
Expand hate crimes bill. Editorial Oct 12, 2009 554
Editor's letter. Barrett, Jon Editorial Sep 1, 2009 540
Love for hate crime laws. Sullum, Jacob Aug 1, 2009 399
Badgered by hate crimes: University of Wisconsin students are "dying" to make a point. Aug 1, 2009 214
Controlling thoughts, words, and deeds: the Matthew Shepard Act, "hate-crime" legislation, is supposedly needed to stop violence against people with abnormal sexual orientations, but it's clear that's not its intended goal. Duke, Selwyn Jun 8, 2009 1996
Hate crimes bill passes despite religious right ire. Jun 1, 2009 282
Conservatives nervous as hate crimes bill advances. May 15, 2009 353
MURDERED GOTH SOPHIE'S LAW GETS STRAW'S BACKING; Hate crime fight win for mum. May 8, 2009 185
GLBLO talks about legality of marriage for all at conference. Daher, Sadira Conference news Apr 6, 2009 260
B'nai Brith Canada is calling into. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 308
Religious freedom struggling says Holy See warns agains miguided hate crime laws. Jan 1, 2009 571
Hate crime by jurisdiction. Jan 1, 2009 310
Data declaration: table 11. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 327
Federal hate crime laws and United States v. Lopez: on a collision course to clarify jurisdictional-element analysis. Dipompeo, Christopher Dec 1, 2008 24726
Do it yourself: gay Libertarians oppose government-imposed discrimination in marriage laws and military policies. But they also oppose employment protections and hate-crimes legislation. A paradox? Corrigan, Conn Nov 4, 2008 753
"Nigger": a critical race realist analysis of the N-word within hate crimes law. Parks, Gregory S.; Jones, Shayne E. Jun 22, 2008 19262
Reaction to "hate crime" laws. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 155
Judicial activism and progressive legislation: a step towards decreasing hate attacks. Bantley, Kathleen A. Mar 22, 2008 6768
The evolving federal role in bias crime law enforcement and the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007. Lawrence, Frederick M. Mar 22, 2008 16202
Hate crimes on the rise. Editorial Mar 12, 2008 644
Killing hate crimes. Wenzel, Ryan Jan 29, 2008 309
WE'LL MAKE GAY HATE A THING OF THE PAST; Tough new laws aim to stamp out violent attacks. Jan 16, 2008 326
SAFER SCOTLAND; Tough new laws to stop hate crimes and protect NHS workers. Jan 16, 2008 423
Candidates by the issues: you've followed the debates, listened to the stump speeches, and watched the candidates play political hot potato with gay issues. But before you march into the caucus room or voting booth in 2008, take a look at how the frontrunners for president stand on all things gay. Garcia, Michelle Jan 15, 2008 1474
House rebuffs claims of Religious Right in hate-crimes vote. Jun 1, 2007 399
The context and determinants of South Africa's new role in the United Nations. Strydom, Hennie May 1, 2007 13577
The problem of hate legislation. May 1, 2006 396
A dangerous mix: mandatory sentence enhancements and the use of motive. Geller, Joshua S. May 1, 2005 14152
New Mexico's mecca in turnmoil. Brief Article Apr 12, 2005 163
Across the Nation. Brief Article Mar 15, 2005 184
Punishing hate and achieving equality. Adams, David M. Jan 1, 2005 9642
Outlaws or in-laws? Successes and challenges in the struggle for LGBT equality. Fisher, John Oct 1, 2004 11530
The Senate's gay games: passage of a hate-crimes bill may have been a political ploy to boost the antigay Federal Marriage Amendment. Jul 20, 2004 395
Punishing hatred and prejudice. Hurd, Heidi M.; Moore, Michael S. Apr 1, 2004 33784
Dangerous homosexual hate-crimes bill reintroduced in Senate. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 181
Hate crimes in Canada. McKay-Panos, Linda Feb 1, 2004 2745
Introduction. Jan 1, 2004 984
Appendix A--Hate Crime Statistics Act. Jan 1, 2004 355
Protection of religious communities by blasphemy and religious hatred laws: a comparison of English and Indian laws. Fernandes, Deepali Ann Sep 22, 2003 12433
States may ban cross burning. (Upfront Update). Greenhouse, Linda May 9, 2003 128
New Mexico sides with equal rights. (Law). Tkaczyk, Christopher Brief Article Apr 29, 2003 161
GOP support for hate crimes bill. (Insider Report). Brief Article Mar 24, 2003 251
Across the nation. (The Nation). Mar 18, 2003 116
A new day in Washington: Sen. Gordon Smith says gaffes like Trent Lott's may have helped open fellow Republicans' minds about gay rights legislation. (Behind the Headlines). Ghent, Bill Interview Mar 18, 2003 666
Introduction. Jan 1, 2003 972
Appendix A--Hate Crime Statistics Act. Jan 1, 2003 355
New York's Hate Crimes Act of 2000: problematic and redundant legislation aimed at subjective motivation(Commentary). MacNamara, Brian S. Dec 22, 2002 12870
The overlooked constitutional objection and practical concerns to penalty-enhancement provisions of hate crime legislation. Nearpass, Gregory R. Dec 22, 2002 12069
Is hate free speech? Does the First Amendment protect something as offensive as burning a cross? The Supreme Court will decide. (National). Perez-Pena, Richard Sep 27, 2002 1252
Hate crimes legislation fails in Senate. Rigsby, Deborah Brief Article Jun 17, 2002 134
Support from Ashcroft: hate crimes get overdue attention as the attorney general applies a little-known law to a six-year-old murder. (Justice). Bull, Chris Brief Article May 14, 2002 342
Probe of church's sale of anti-Semitic literature halted. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 261
US hate crime legislation: a legal model to avoid in Australia. Morgan, Jo Mar 1, 2002 10641
Foreword. Jan 1, 2002 233
Methodology. Jan 1, 2002 809
EU to Outlaw "Racism"? (Insider Report). Brief Article Dec 31, 2001 247
Students report tolerance of gays. (What the numbers say). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 119
The waiting game. (Legislation). Ghent, Bill Brief Article Nov 20, 2001 166
Getting along in Cortez: in the aftermath of the matter of transgendered Navajo Fred Martinez Jr., a Colorado town faces its dark side, and Martinez's mother faces life without her bestfriend. Barrett, Jon Oct 9, 2001 1965
Hate-crimes bill gets a boost. B.G. Brief Article Aug 28, 2001 131
Hate Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Hate Crime Sentencing After Apprendi v. N.J. Chilton, Bradley S.; Caputo, Gail; Woods, James (American actor); Walpole, Holly Aug 1, 2001 4251
From Sisyphus's dilemma to Sisyphus's duty? A meditation on the regulation of hate propaganda in relation to hate crimes and genocide. Gaudreault-DesBiens, Jean-Francois Aug 1, 2001 10548
Keeping a congressional record. Brief Article Jul 17, 2001 260
As of May 2, 2001, twenty-six states now have hate crimes law that cover sexual orientation. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 83
Domestic violence and hate crimes: acknowledging two levels of responsibility. Isaacs, Tracy Jun 22, 2001 9799
Going local. BULL, CHRIS Jun 19, 2001 1573
Another shot at a hate-crimes bill. Ghent, Bill Brief Article May 8, 2001 154
Examining the boundaries of hate crime law: disabilities and the "dilemma of difference". Grattet, Ryken; Jenness, Valerie Mar 22, 2001 17382
Is Hate Crimes Bill Needed? Brief Article Mar 5, 2001 287
Hate-crimes bill fails again. Nov 7, 2000 179
A dramatic change in sentencing practices. Chemerinsky, Erwin Nov 1, 2000 1901
The House takes a stand on hate. Brief Article Oct 24, 2000 109
Religious Right Lobbies Against `Hate Crimes' Bill. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 282
ADVOCATE POLL. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 162
On equality, bias crimes, and just deserts. Simons, Kenneth W. Sep 22, 2000 12689
Briefly Noted. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 275
To live and die in Grant Town. QUITTNER, JEREMY Aug 29, 2000 1817
Till death penalty do us part. Kuehl, Shiela Brief Article Aug 29, 2000 696
The Truth About Hate Crimes Laws. KIM, RICHARD Jun 5, 2000 993
Hate Crimes Bill Passes in Georgia. Harry, Jennifer L. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 149
Stabbing angers Arizonans. Brief Article Mar 28, 2000 144
REFLECTIONS ON JASPER. Rushdy, Ashraf H.A. Mar 1, 2000 3552
Where are homosexuals leading us? Eady, Robert Jan 1, 2000 3679
On hate and equality. Harel, Alon; Parchomovsky, Gideon Dec 1, 1999 15469
Hate Crimes Legislation. POLLITT, KATHA Brief Article Nov 29, 1999 1009
Hate Crimes. Sullivan, Andrew Brief Article Nov 29, 1999 505
Paralysis Society of America. STARNES, NANCY Nov 1, 1999 797
March 13, 1990: Federal hate-crimes legislation, round one. Romesburg, Don Brief Article Oct 12, 1999 228
Washington. Brief Article Aug 31, 1999 530
Hate crimes: state and federal response to bias-motivated violence. Grigera, Elena Aug 1, 1999 3457
The Truth About Hate Crimes Laws. Kim, Richard Jul 12, 1999 996
The many kinds of hate crime. May 1, 1999 498
`Our Cities ... Are Too Great For Hate'. Sullivan, Tom Brief Article Mar 15, 1999 842
Introduction. Jan 1, 1999 899
Social insecurity. Humm, Andy Editorial Sep 22, 1998 1326
Executive order: enough hate already. Condon, Lee Oct 14, 1997 1256
Conceptualizing private violence against sexual minorities as gendered violence: an international and comparative law perspective. Wilets, James D. Mar 22, 1997 29114
The punishment of hate: toward a normative theory of bias-motivated crimes. Lawrence, Frederick M. Nov 1, 1994 32950
Motive crimes and other minds. Candeub, Adam Jun 1, 1994 21805
The criminalization of hatred. Dority, Barbara May 1, 1994 1507
A matter of intent. Knoll, Erwin Editorial Aug 1, 1993 701
Editor's introduction. Kleinig, John Jun 22, 1992 2383
First Amendment challenges to hate crime legislation: where's the speech? Weinstein, James Jun 22, 1992 11086
Freedom of thought as freedom of expression: hate crime sentencing enhancement and First Amendment theory. Redish, Martin H. Jun 22, 1992 9572
The ADL Hate Crime Statute and the First Amendment. Alexander, Larry Jun 22, 1992 2087
Messages, motives, and hate crimes. Schauer, Frederick Jun 22, 1992 2251
Rethinking the war against hate crimes: a New York City perspective. Jacobs, James B. Jun 22, 1992 4752
Some further thoughts on "thought crimes." (Penalty Enhancement for Hate Crimes) Weinstein, James Jun 22, 1992 2340

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