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Education dept submits rules before cabinet. May 12, 2021 908
Enforcement of law on corporal punishment urged. May 4, 2021 345
LAW: HARD LESSONS. Apr 11, 2021 1745
Grim reality: Corporal punishment. Mohsin Saleem Ullah Apr 4, 2021 693
US welcomes Islamabad ban on corporal punishment. Feb 28, 2021 290
Child rights activist seeks proper mechanism to help ban on corporal punishment. Feb 26, 2021 455
Child rights activist seeks proper mechanism to help ban on corporal punishment. Feb 25, 2021 461
Ban on corporal punishment. Feb 25, 2021 361
Corporal punishment prohibition law's passage to help improve education standards: Ashrafi. Feb 24, 2021 164
NA passes bill to ban corporal punishment in Islamabad. Kashif Abbasi Feb 24, 2021 787
NA passes bill to end corporal punishments in schools. Feb 24, 2021 299
Bill against corporal punishment of children passed by National Assembly. Feb 24, 2021 502
In rare unity, MNAs jump to child's defence. Feb 24, 2021 741
Era of private tuition, notebook, corporal punishment ends. Feb 17, 2021 524
Scotland becomes first nation in UK to ban smacking. Nov 8, 2020 435
UK's first ban on smacking comes into force in Scotland; Scotland becomes the 58th country to outlaw corporal punishment after the defence of justifiable assault was removed from Scots law. By, Neil Shaw Nov 7, 2020 500
Smacking ban: what is Scotland's new law on physical discipline and punishment of children - and when does it come into effect? A ban against smacking children will come into force in Scotland under new legislation; A ban against smacking children will come into force in Scotland under new legislation. Iain leggat Nov 6, 2020 538
Smacking ban rids Scotland of a nonsensical law that allowed adults to assault their children - Joanna Barrett; Many years ago, we at the Coalition for Equal Protection set out on a mission to give children the same protection from physical assault as adults. For a country that aspires to be the best place in the world for children to grow up, it seemed astounding that our most vulnerable members of society were the least protected from harm. Joanna Barrett Nov 3, 2020 1043
Scots parents will be 'caught unaware' by national smacking ban; Parents in Scotland will be "caught unaware" when a national ban on smacking children comes into force next month, campaigners have warned. Scott Macnab Oct 22, 2020 581
No Holds Barred: The Use of Restrictive Behavioral Intervention in Missouri Public Schools. Hawley, Claire Sep 22, 2020 12127
Gov't pushes to ban parental corporal punishment. Jun 10, 2020 341
IHC seeks law ministry's comments on legislation about corporal punishment. Mar 6, 2020 444
Children punishment case: IHC seeks reply from law ministry till March 12. Mar 6, 2020 686
Bill banning corporal punishment approved by cabinet, to be presented to NA: Mazari. Mar 5, 2020 543
Bill prohibiting corporal punishment to be tabled in NA, Mazari tells IHC. Mar 5, 2020 688
Bill banning corporal punishment approved by cabinet, to be presented to NA: Mazari. Mar 5, 2020 505
IHC bans physical punishment in schools. Feb 14, 2020 174
Physical punishment isn't reasonable so get rid of it; Viv Laing, NSPCC Cymru/Wales Policy and Public Affairs Manager, explains why the move to make smacking children in Wales illegal is the right decision VP mi. Viv Laing Jan 29, 2020 702
Wales outlaws smacking kids. ADAM HALE Jan 29, 2020 357
Senedd outlaws physical punishment of children; WALES JOINS SCOTLAND AND 57 OTHER NATIONS THAT HAVE BANNED SMACKING. ADAM HALE Jan 29, 2020 423
Wales votes to ban smacking of our children. adam hale Jan 29, 2020 366
AMs vote on anti-smacking law. RUTH MOSALSKI Political editor Jan 28, 2020 561
Anti-smacking law set to win approval from AMs. RUTH MOSALSKI Political editor Jan 28, 2020 570
Wales today votes to make parents criminals if they smack their children; Physical punishment of children will be outlawed. Ruth Mosalski Jan 28, 2020 608
Smacking law set to be passed. Jan 28, 2020 226
Smacking was hangover from law that allowed beating of wives and servants -- Alex Cole-Hamilton. Oct 8, 2019 733
Mum says 'every loving parent' should smack their child for proper discipline; Journalist Claire Muldoon defended physical discipline on This Morning as Scotland becomes the first part of the UK to ban smacking. By, Talia Shadwell Oct 6, 2019 843
'Smacking ban' moves closer. Sep 19, 2019 384
'Smacking ban' moves a stage closer to being law. Sep 18, 2019 481
Corporal punishment in schools must end, says HRW. Sep 17, 2019 339
Activists demand laws against corporal punishment. Sep 14, 2019 429
Punjab minister visits Hunain's family, promises to introduce legislation against corporal punishment. Sep 6, 2019 474
Middle East schools struggle to stamp out physical punishment. Jun 22, 2019 999
Overdue reform - or a step too far? IN THE Scottish Parliament a ban on smacking was overwhelmingly backed in principle. MSPs voted in favour of a bill to give children the same protection from assault as adults. However the anti-smacking legislation must overcome several more hurdles before becoming law. Two north-east MSPs, with differing views on the issue, give us their thoughts. May 30, 2019 601
MSP: Ban on smacking 'a positive step'. May 28, 2019 177
Smack ban in the middle; As MSPs this week prepare to vote on a Bill making it illegal for experts on both sides of the debate to assess the implications parents to physically punish their children, we ask of a smacking ban for thousands of Scottish families. May 26, 2019 1153
NA panel clears bill against corporal punishment in capital's schools. May 21, 2019 631
NA body approves bill against corporal punishment in capital's schools. May 21, 2019 704
Barnardo's supports Wales smacking ban. May 18, 2019 276
Have your say over change to law. May 11, 2019 355
Give children same protection as adults. May 9, 2019 368
Word on the web Wales bringing in new ban on smacking children. Mar 26, 2019 169
Wales bringing in new ban on smacking children; WEBCHAT. Mar 26, 2019 325
Welsh Government starts move to ban smacking. Mar 25, 2019 635
Smacking ban starts its journey into law. Mar 25, 2019 290
Wales takes steps towards ban on smacking children; BILL TO OUTLAW PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT OF YOUNGSTERS. Mar 25, 2019 646
Authors lament veto of corporal punishment measure, will refile the bill in the 18th Congress. Mar 1, 2019 406
Duterte vetoes bill banning corporal punishment for children. Mar 1, 2019 581
Unicef appeals for approval of positive, non-violent discipline law. Mar 1, 2019 768
Duterte: Corporal punishment produces law-abiding citizens. Feb 28, 2019 403
Bong Go backs veto of bill vs. corporal punishment, cites parents' rights. Feb 28, 2019 986
House OKs bill banning corporal punishment of children. Nov 12, 2018 514
Spare the rod. An updated policy on spanking from the AAP. Nov 9, 2018 456
Senate OKs bill prohibiting corporal punishment against children below 18. Oct 8, 2018 665
Senate OKs bill prohibiting corporal punishment for minors. Oct 8, 2018 568
Death of student from lashing raises alarms. Kabendera, Eric Oct 1, 2018 1314
Ban on smacking 'will help protect children' Smacking ban proposal divides opinion in Wales. Aug 6, 2018 847
Parents divided in views on smacking. Aug 6, 2018 367
Smacking proposals divide Wales but majority agree it will protect children's rights; But some fear a change to the law will criminalise 'loving' parents. Aug 6, 2018 920
Why experts discourage caning on adolescents. Jul 31, 2018 743
Poll violators face paddles. May 12, 2018 650
Aceh to restrict access to public floggings. Apr 19, 2018 276
Aceh to restrict access to public floggings. Apr 19, 2018 276
KP Cabinet approves draft of legislation against corporal punishment. Apr 12, 2018 342
KP cabinet approves draft of legislation against corporal punishment. Apr 12, 2018 346
KP to ban corporal punishment in schools. Apr 12, 2018 263
Legal recourse: K-P cabinet okays bill on corporal punishment. Apr 12, 2018 776
The Battle Over the Paddle: Is corporal punishment an effective disciplinary tool in school or a form of abuse? Smith, Patricia Feb 19, 2018 891
Keeping Punishment in Check Helps Kids. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 233
Public's views sought on smacking ban plan. Jan 11, 2018 465
The facts on smacking and what a change in the law would mean; The Welsh Government has launched a 12-week consultation on proposals that would effectively ban smacking. What does the law say now? Is it legal to smack your child and will it be made illegal? Here's what you need to know... Jan 10, 2018 1148
Public to be asked views on smacking children ban plan; 'Hitting or smacking a child is never loving or caring'. Jan 9, 2018 817
Public's views sought on smacking ban plan; WG TO CONSULT ON PROPOSED WELSH LAW. Jan 9, 2018 475
`Subtle` parenting approach could help kids with ADHD. Nov 8, 2017 572
Striking out against child smack culture; Move to outlaw corporal punishment by parents. Oct 24, 2017 1026
SMACKING YOUR KIDS IS BANNED; Government backing for MSP's Bill. Oct 20, 2017 394
Smacking kids survey as ban is considered. Oct 14, 2017 186
Vatican claims on rights of children 'downright wrong' McAleese blasts Church on corporal punishment. Sep 14, 2017 368
Smacking makes parenting more difficult for everyone. Aug 1, 2017 1339
Parenting isn't easy but smacking just makes it harder for everyone. Jul 31, 2017 1288
Smacking law will bring Wales in line with other nations. Jul 20, 2017 563
Redefining parental rights: The case of corporal punishment. Godsoe, Cynthia Jun 22, 2017 11349
NA body discusses Prohibition of Corporal Punishment, OGRA (Amendment) Bills. May 17, 2017 379
Duterte admits spanking bottoms of female cops. Nov 28, 2016 358
Oman schools: Ban on corporal punishment sees positive reaction. Oct 29, 2016 366
Archbishop backs call to ban smacking. Nov 26, 2015 240
Archbishop supports call to ban smacking. Nov 26, 2015 383
Hands off our children, youngsters deserve to have rights; On Universal Children's Day, Children's Commissioner for Wales Professor Sally Holland explains why she wants to ban smacking... Nov 20, 2015 1219
Corporal punishment: the case of a child abuse by a Malaysian couple in Sweden. Islam, Zahidul; Rahman, Mashiur Case study Aug 1, 2015 2061
Child rights groups push bill banning corporal punishment. Jul 27, 2015 532
Charity calls for legal ban on smacking. May 27, 2015 103
Catholics should take lead in banning paddling. Block, Nadine Mar 27, 2015 854
Committee numbers may hold up ban on smacking. Dec 5, 2014 216
No need for delay over ban on smacking children, SAYSAM. Nov 26, 2014 293
Passage of law vs corporal punishment pressed. Oct 25, 2014 394
Spare the rod' bill debated. Sep 11, 2014 510
From policy to practice supporting students with diverse needs in Thailand: critical issues and implications. Opartkiattikul, Watinee; Arthur-Kelly, Michael; Dempsey, Ian Report Sep 1, 2014 7353
Call to ban smacking. Dec 30, 2013 116
Balochistan Government to legislate against corporal punishment. Sep 12, 2013 417
Council backs call to ban smacking children. Apr 26, 2013 413
NA unanimously passes Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill' 2013. Mar 13, 2013 425
NA unanimously passes Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, 2013. Mar 13, 2013 425
NA passes Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill 2013. Mar 13, 2013 424
Legislation sought on corporal punishment in Balochistan. Nov 21, 2012 231
Jamaica To End Flogging Of Prisoners. Nov 17, 2012 226
2012: revisiting the issue of corporal punishment in our nation's schools. Rollins, Judy A. Editorial Sep 1, 2012 910
Manila to ban corporal punishment. Jan 22, 2012 388
School retires the paddle. Brief article Jan 20, 2012 135
Battle over the paddle: is corporal punishment an effective disciplinary tool in school or a form of child abuse? Frosch, Dan Oct 24, 2011 1044
'Smacking kids is ok', says Oz church opposing ban on corporal punishment. Aug 8, 2011 184
"Spanking" Bill Passes After Being Reconsidered. May 12, 2011 367
Bring back the lash: why flogging is more humane than prison. Moskos, Peter Essay May 1, 2011 2163
Evolving standards as a judicial mandate: necessary or superfluous? Klimko, Katheryn Mar 22, 2011 7257
Eliminate the use of corporal punishment in public and private schools that receive federal funding. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2010 114
Corporal punishment behind high school dropout. May 15, 2010 269
Corporal punishment and the cultural defense. Renteln, Alison Dundes Mar 22, 2010 13709
Corporal punishment in the public schools: an analysis of federal constitutional claims. Mitchell, Courtney Mar 22, 2010 9588
Where and how to draw the line between reasonable corporal punishment and abuse. Coleman, Doriane Lambelet; Dodge, Kenneth A.; Campbell, Sarah Keeton Mar 22, 2010 33847
The age of discipline: the relevance of age to the reasonableness of corporal punishment. Cope, Kristin Collins Mar 22, 2010 10684
Parental entitlement and corporal punishment. Dwyer, James G. Mar 22, 2010 12238
Just who do we think children are? New Zealanders' attitudes about children, childhood and parenting: an analysis of submissions on the bill to repeal section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961. Debski, Sophie; Buckley, Sue; Russell, Marie Apr 1, 2009 5950
Staff use of force in U.S. confinement settings: lawful control tactics versus corporal punishment. Martin, Steve J. Essay Dec 22, 2006 4309
Corporal punishment is legal in 22 states. Would you support its use in your school? Sep 1, 2005 757
Minor corrective force of a transitory and trifling nature. Mitchell, Teresa Apr 1, 2004 943
Might not always right: size often does matter when it comes to securing rights, but little voices can shout too, and sometimes they're heard. Oct 1, 2003 3302
"Give him a doing": the birching of young offenders in Scotland (1). Mahood, Linda Dec 1, 2002 9943
Spanking survives. Mitchell, Teresa Apr 1, 2002 300
Determining reasonableness under the Fourth Amendment: physical force to control and punish students. Urbonya, Kathryn R. Jun 22, 2001 27846
Abandon the Rod and Save the Child. BLOCK, NADINE Mar 1, 2000 2640
Virginia Supreme Court to hear appeal on physical punishment of mentally retarded residents. Zimic, Deborah Jan 1, 1987 1232

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