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Duterte signs law giving free internet access in public places. Aug 2, 2017 200
Philippines : Free internet in public places now a signature away from becoming law. May 28, 2017 322
Eating, smoking at public places banned. May 12, 2017 140
Up to QR20,000 fine for littering in public places. May 9, 2017 278
VAPING BAN CALL; Doctors: Outlaw e-cigarettes in public places. Jun 23, 2016 247
Area Regulation Brandbu south / west including environmental impact assessment and design of flood protection measures, public spaces and squares. Jun 1, 2016 208
Halfway There! Allergy & Asthma Network Praises States For Expanding Access to Epinephrine in Public Spaces. May 2, 2016 478
Shbib issues decree banning electoral ads and candidates pictures in public places. Apr 21, 2016 135
Egypt to ban wearing of the veil in public places? Nosseir, Amna Brief article Mar 1, 2016 233
The lost "effects" of the Fourth Amendment: giving personal property due protection. Brady, Maureen E. Feb 1, 2016 8289
The lost "effects" of the Fourth Amendment: giving personal property due protection. Brady, Maureen E. Feb 1, 2016 28626
Some theoretical essences of Lithuania squares formation/ Kai kurios teorines lietuvos aiksciu formavimo esmes. Tiskus, Gintautas Report Feb 1, 2016 5252
The great electronic cigarette debate; FEATURE Are you for or against e-cigs in public? We canvass opinions from either side of the debate... Media Wales Chief Reporter Martin Shipton argues why electronic cigarettes should be banned in indoor public places. Jan 9, 2016 2023
After Ferguson, we must ask: who owns the streets? Mock, Brentin Sep 22, 2015 1285
Make all Public Places 100% Smoke-free to Protect Public Health. Aug 19, 2015 1507
Lawmakers OK in 2nd deliberation law on use of CCTV cameras in public places. Jun 16, 2015 286
Ministers push ahead with e-cig ban in enclosed public spaces. Jun 9, 2015 520
Ministers push ahead with ban on e-cigs in enclosed public spaces. Jun 9, 2015 600
Lawmakers OK law on use of CCTV cameras in public places. Jun 2, 2015 281
Flap over Michigan city cross may affect local council elections. Mar 1, 2015 527
Mich. town officials vote to stop displaying cross after AU intervention. Feb 1, 2015 382
Stub it out: Smokers and venue owners continue to flout smoking ban in public places. Jan 24, 2015 613
Beijing Bans Smoking in Public Spaces. Nov 29, 2014 150
China bans indoor smoking at all public places and offices in Beijing. Nov 28, 2014 308
Draft law on installation of surveillance cameras in public places does not stipulate creation of unified database -- MP. Nov 20, 2014 107
New law being drafted to improve safety in public places. Jun 11, 2014 505
Plan to stub out smoking in public places with ban. May 19, 2014 610
Draft law barring minors from public places in night time brought up for public discussion. Mar 17, 2014 137
Citizenship and vulnerability: the case of the disabled citizen and urbanism policies of the real estate public space in Cameroon/Citoyennete et vulnerabilite: le cas du citoyen handicape et des politiques d'amenagement de l'espace public immobilier au Cameroun. Fernande, Abanda; Paul-Ivan, Biligha Report Mar 1, 2014 4524
Al Ain: Anti-smoking drive in public places launched. Sep 23, 2013 386
Putin Risks Ire of Smokers with Ban in Public Places. Jun 1, 2013 387
Bangladesh passed a "tough law" banning smoking in public places. May 6, 2013 689
Knowledge is power: the fundamental right to record present observations in public. Gunn, Travis Mar 1, 2013 14882
One question, two IREM Members: "some apartment communities are adopting smoke-free policies to reduce maintenance and turnover costs. Do you think there should be city or state laws to prohibit smoking in apartment communities?". Mar 1, 2013 598
Putin to ban smoking in public places in Russia. Feb 25, 2013 280
Putin signs law banning smoking in public places. Feb 25, 2013 310
Vehicles, goods 'for sale' displayed at public places, violating rules. Jan 1, 2013 565
Criminal law - failed the breathalyzer? Just contest the location of the stop - Commonwealth v. Virgilio, 947 N.E.2d 1112 (Mass. App. Ct. 2011). Ketcham, Jillise Jun 1, 2012 4656
Occupy the parks: restoring the right to overnight protest in public parks. Ofer, Udi May 1, 2012 12208
Lebanon bans smoking in closed public places. Aug 18, 2011 125
Nepal bans smoking at public places from today. Aug 7, 2011 241
New York's ban on smoking in public places an 'absolute joke': Critics. Jun 28, 2011 310
Insite: site and sight:. Young, Margot Jun 18, 2011 3221
Jurisdictional justice, democracy and the story of Insite. Lessard, Hester Jun 18, 2011 13502
Metro Manila to ban smoking in public places. May 30, 2011 252
Civic space production and local government capacity: lessons from Muang Klang, Thailand. Balassiano, Katia Report Apr 1, 2011 6663
French Senate approves bill banning viel in public places. Sep 14, 2010 244
Smoke-free public places law can protect kids from second hand smoke. Jun 8, 2010 486
Readers welcome proposed ban ?on smoking in public places. May 26, 2010 439
Smoking ban in public spaces expected within a year. Apr 8, 2010 745
Belgium first to ban burqa and niqab in public spaces. Apr 1, 2010 461
Senate Body passes bill on prevention of sexual harassment of women at public places, offices. Jan 14, 2010 216
Senate Body passes bill on prevention of sexual harassment of women at public places, offices. Jan 14, 2010 216
Syria bans smoking in public places. Oct 12, 2009 92
ISF warns aefor saleAE signs illegal in public places. Jul 11, 2009 199
Keeping migrants in their place: technologies of control and racialized public space in Arizona. McDowell, Meghan G.; Wonders, Nancy A. Report Jun 22, 2009 8071
An annoying law: free speech in Michigan. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Apr 1, 2009 262
The war on smoking: is this a step too far? Graphic picture warnings will appear on packs from October. We assess the potential impact of such draconian regulations. Mills, Lauren Apr 12, 2008 831
Oil-rich Kuwait moves to ban smoking in public places. Cochrane, Paul Dec 1, 2007 825
Beer sales look likely to slump at the pump; Smoke Free WEEK... ONLY 4 DAYS TO GO UNTIL NEW LAWS COME INTO EFFECT AND LIGHTING UP IN PUBLIC PLACES IS BANNED. Jun 26, 2007 254
Mixed views in Wales as smoking ban in public places hits home. Apr 4, 2007 326
Be ready for ban on cigs in public places; NEW LAW: Advice service offers help to pubs. Dec 11, 2006 339
Whose city centre? Guy, Cliff Jul 1, 2006 1367
Smoking ban in public places. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 123
No butts on beach. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 101
Smile, you're on candid cell phone: with millions of cell-phone snapshots being beamed into cyberspace, are people's privacy rights at risk? Harmon, Amy Dec 8, 2003 348
Menorah can be displayed at government plaza in Cincinnati, High Court says. (People & Events). Jan 1, 2003 584
Public performance copyrights: a guide to public place analysis. Kheit, John Sep 22, 1999 20218
Wilderness apartheid. Burcat, Joel R. Apr 1, 1992 1124

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