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Judge could alter workers' comp attorney fee award. Cresenzo, Bill Feb 14, 2019 613
SJC questions timeliness of lawyer's fee collection claim. Murphy, Pat Dec 13, 2018 1699
Worcester foreclosure defendants make emotional plea to SJC. Olson, Kris Dec 13, 2018 964
Navigating the Changing Landscape of Attorneys' Fee Litigation in Florida. Ellison, Jason M.; Farach, Manuel Nov 1, 2018 2601
Attorneys' fee dispute now headed to Appeals Court. Olson, Kris Apr 12, 2018 862
FLSA attorneys fee award vacated. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 7, 2018 560
A policyholders right to select counsel at insurers expense. Pisegna, Vincent J.; Cichello, Anthony J. Oct 26, 2017 795
The world after Baker Botts: compensation for successfully defending fee applications. Baxter, Michael St. Patrick Sep 22, 2016 13300
A blatant inequity: contributions to the common benefit fund in multidistrict litigation. Downing, Jack Jun 22, 2016 10497
Keep an eye out for bar fee statements. Killian, Mark D. May 15, 2015 1401
Inmates who cried wolf: the dangers of applying the PLRA's limit on appellate attorney's fees in prisoner deprivation of rights claims. Shakro, Peter Dec 1, 2014 10725
Attorneys' fees in a loser-pays system. Eisenberg, Theodore; Fisher, Talia; Rosen-Zvi, Issi Jun 1, 2014 18900
Imposing indigence: reclaiming the qualified right to counsel of choice in criminal asset forfeiture cases. Lasky, Matthew R. Jan 1, 2014 13229
Attorney advertising and the contingency fee cost paradox. Engstrom, Nora Freeman Apr 1, 2013 7831
Attorney advertising and the contingency fee cost paradox. Engstrom, Nora Freeman Apr 1, 2013 25172
Trial court did not abuse discretion by awarding attorney fees for three separate appraisal orders that resulted from single appeal. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2013 470
Rule 82 & tort reform: an empirical study of the impact of Alaska's English Rule on federal civil case filings. Rennie, Douglas C. Jun 1, 2012 21589
Fixing compensation pursuant to a contingent fee contract following a premature termination of the attorney-client relationship. Fox, Jonathan J. Dec 22, 2011 14869
Fair is fair - reshaping Alaska's Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act. O'Quinn, Ryan P.; Watterson, Thomas Dec 1, 2011 20495
Hardt v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.: breathing new life into claimants' ability to obtain attorney's fees under ERISA's civil enforcement provision. Timmerman, Tiffany R. Sep 22, 2011 15928
Reasonable hourly rate determination: overview of recent decisions. Zaslavskaya, Yelena Sep 22, 2011 8579
The Supreme Court of California rules on Santa Clara contingency fee issue - backpedals on Clancy. Axelrad, David M.; Perrochet, Lisa Jul 1, 2011 6304
Paradigm shifts in e-discovery litigation: cooperate or continue to pay dearly. Manlowe, Robert C.; Samardzich, Andrija; Shelton, Gregory D. Apr 1, 2011 7077
Unhappy SLAPPers: more muscle for the Citizen Participation Act: the Illinois Supreme Court held that the act immunized a defamation defendant's statements to a reporter about a developer. Dec 1, 2010 913
Getting fees from the other side in divorce: the IMDMA lets one party get attorney fees from the other in some cases. But don't overplay your hand. Sep 1, 2010 793
Real estate lawyers: beware short-sale fee agreements: a proposed fee arrangement presented to a lawyer by a short sale negotiator raises red flags for a veteran real estate practitioner. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Aug 1, 2010 845
Now how much would you pay? Avoiding involuntary pro bono: lawyers tend to be uneasy with the business side of practice, but there's nothing unprofessional about getting paid. Here's how to increase the odds that you will. Erger, Karen Aug 1, 2010 1509
Do class action lawyers make too little? Fitzpatrick, Brian T. Jun 1, 2010 20322
The IRS will absolutely, positively not pay your attorneys' fees (or will they?). Bonnette, Harris L., Jr. May 1, 2010 4444
Fraud's final frontier: Iowa's battle over becoming the final state to allow private consumer fraud actions. Sand, Rob Mar 22, 2010 12024
Administrative law - government agency withholding information, reimbursing attorney fees - Davy v. Central Intelligence Agency. Heyman, Brett E. Mar 22, 2010 5405
Fundamental, but not fundamental enough: Missouri's balancing test in the area of parental rights. Walsch, Nichole Mar 22, 2010 12306
New statute clarifies family law attorney-fee provisions: a new law drafted by ISBA's Family Law Section Council should bring some order to Illinois's confusing, inconsistent scheme for awarding attorney fees in family law cases. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Oct 1, 2009 807
Empowerment through restraint: reverse preemption or hybrid lawmaking? Little, Laura E. Jun 22, 2009 20516
When MIRA liens trump attorney fee claims: a harsh result in light of Karpierz? Williamson, Carrie B. Mar 22, 2009 12380
There's no day like today to pay your ARDC registration fee; the cost of bringing yourself into compliance goes up the longer you wait. Feb 1, 2009 940
Defending politicians, getting paid: how do lawyers in the land of Lincoln (and Ryan and Blagojevich) make sure they get paid when defending politicians charged with corruption? Feb 1, 2009 1041
A question of costs: considering pressure on white-collar criminal defendants. Ribstein, Sarah Feb 1, 2009 13770
1099s for deadbeat clients? A law-office management expert puts forth the option of sending a nonpaying client a 1099 for the value of your services. Is it really OK to do so? Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jan 1, 2009 975
Avoiding mere incantations: evaluating success on nonfee claims when determining prevailing-party status under 42 U.S.C. (section) 1988. Brumley, Jessica L. Jan 1, 2009 9170
Shooing the vultures away from the consumer bankruptcy carcass: attorney fees owed by debtors for marital dissolution are not domestic support obligations. Davis, Christopher V. Jan 1, 2009 13938
The 2008 amendments to the APA: the Open Government Act. Sellers, Lawrence E. Dec 1, 2008 4663
What's a POA agent worth? Agents are entitled to reasonable compensation. But what's reasonable? Gunnarsson, Helen W. Aug 1, 2008 1015
The perilous world of POA agents: they're responsible for tedious recordkeeping and, in some cases, prodigious uncompensated labor. They risk getting caught in family crossfire, even being sued. Who would want this thankless job? And can you make a well-meaning agent's work easier? Gunnarsson, Helen W. Aug 1, 2008 3541
Consider the possibilities of a structured fee. Wood, Robert W. May 1, 2008 337
Guilty pleas or trials: which does the barrister prefer? Tague, Peter W. Apr 1, 2008 20543
What price frivolity? Section 57.105 comes to the APA. Rimes, John Jan 1, 2008 4066
Public benefit vs. profitability. Marchetti, L. Gino, Jr. President's page Jan 1, 2008 1047
The constitutionality of federal restrictions on the indemnification of attorneys' fees. Maskay, Nishchay H. Dec 1, 2007 25771
Reflections on free exercise: revisiting Rourke v. Department of Correctional Services. Simson, Gary J. Sep 22, 2007 4289
Nonrefundable fees must be confirmed by written agreement. Blankenship, Gary Sep 1, 2007 594
The Illinois Supreme Court OKs advance payment retainers: the court last month approved lawyers' use of the advance payment retainer, cautioning that more familiar retainer agreements will be the preferred option in most cases. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jun 1, 2007 1088
It's official - you can't collect fees for collecting your own fees; as a matter of public policy, "[l]awyers representing themselves simply do not incur legal fees," the third district ruled recently. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jun 1, 2007 747
The trouble with hourly billing: does the tradition of billing by the hour push lawyers to pad bills and thus engage in the kind of "dishonest[]" behavior forbidden by the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct? Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jun 1, 2007 890
Two new issues in post-BACPA 13 cases. Baer, Charles Apr 1, 2007 2240
Texas court requires new look at fees when damages are reduced. Sileo, Carmel Mar 1, 2007 674
Extra fees for extra effort - a win in the appellate court: the appellate court reversed the trial court's rejection of a plaintiff's firm's argument that its extraordinary effort justified fees that exceeded the statutory med-mal limit. Feb 1, 2007 1460
Federal court sanctions against attorneys under 28 U.S.C. section 1927: the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals attempts to divide the standard for multiplying the proceedings in bad faith. Waldman, Glenn J. Jan 1, 2007 5018
Florida high court says med-mal fee limits impede right to counsel. Dec 1, 2006 760
Erie similarities: Alaska Civil Rule 68, "direct collisions" and the problem of non-aligning background assumptions. Roesch, Benjamin J. Jun 1, 2006 15045
Gallagher v. Manatee County: the sovereign immunity cap for FCRA claims includes attorneys' fees and costs. Schwartz, Darren A. May 1, 2006 1811
The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. Kolinski, John T. Apr 1, 2006 7375
Beyond statute, rule, and contract: equity as a basis for awarding attorneys' fees. Karatinos, Theodore E.; Umsted, Hugh C. Feb 1, 2006 1998
Moving for attorneys' fees and costs: do it right and do it on time. James, Jeffrey M. Jan 1, 2006 3976
Georgia court declares tort 'reform' provision unconstitutional. Ertel, Karen Dec 1, 2005 654
Proposed Florida rule would prevent trial lawyers from taking cases. Sep 1, 2005 373
Connecticut passes medical malpractice legislation. Sep 1, 2005 311
Civil lawyers must investigate sources of fees, Fifth Circuit rules. Ertel, Karen Aug 1, 2005 777
Supreme Court agrees with IRS on contingent attorney fee cases. O'Leary, D. Michael Jun 1, 2005 2000
Interpreting rule 68 to conform with the Rules Enabling Act. Barbero, Megan May 1, 2005 19016
Prevailing New York civil rights plaintiffs get fees - with a caveat. Jablow, Valerie Feb 1, 2005 682
Washington's attorneys' lien law. Wood, Robert W. Dec 1, 2004 389
The constitutional battle over the public interest litigant exception to Rule 82. Zanzi, Abizer Dec 1, 2004 11379
Entitlement to attorneys' fees under FDUTPA. Federbush, David J. Jan 1, 2004 4242
Maximizing your legal budget. August, Gary K. Nov 1, 2003 569
Attorney fees. Nov 1, 2002 829
Parents can now recover attorney's fees in special education disputes. Jul 1, 1986 428
Congress seeks to overturn Smith v. Robinson. Jul 1, 1985 442

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