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Reform or reshuffle? Consequences of the 2005 Missouri Tort Reform Act. Geisman, Barbara A. Mar 22, 2013 16573
Law & medicine: tort reform. Tan, S.Y. Report Feb 15, 2013 1669
More complaints, lower costs after tort reform in Texas. Ault, Alicia Report Jan 1, 2012 512
In defense of deterrence. Popper, Andrew F. Sep 22, 2011 11426
What climate change can do about tort law. Kysar, Douglas A. Jan 1, 2011 38545
Uniformity, federalism, and tort reform: the Erie implications of medical malpractice certificate of merit statutes. Grossberg, Benjamin Dec 1, 2010 27635
Shady Grove and CAFA: opening the federal door for class actions barred by states. Lay, John T., Jr.; Blake, Shaun C. Oct 1, 2010 2086
Counselor, stop everything! Missouri's venue statutes receive an expansive interpretation. Shreves, Darin P. Jun 22, 2010 12965
A review of state law modifying the collateral source rule: seeking greater fairness in economic damages awards. Benjet, Bryce Apr 1, 2009 21522
Plaintiffs win big in Ready: the Supreme Court holds that good-faith settling tortfeasors can't be included in apportioning fault after verdicts to determine joint and several liability. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Feb 1, 2009 925
The push to reform class action procedure in Australia: evolution or revolution? Clark, Stuart; Harris, Christina Dec 1, 2008 26002
'Reform' bills fall flat while pro-consumer measures soar. Nov 1, 2008 430
From courtrooms to capitols: by advocating for their injured or powerless clients, trial attorneys learn skills that serve them well in political life. The desire to see justice prevail beyond individual cases fuels the many trial lawyers who choose to enter politics. Smith, Chris Nov 1, 2008 2278
Tort reform in America: abrogating the collateral source rule across the states. Wershbale, Jamie L. Oct 1, 2008 7306
Do you speak tort 'reform'? Corporate America and its political allies have found clever ways to spin the tort 'reform' message: they speak a common language that is colored green. Haber, Jon Sep 1, 2008 1664
Supremes: the best approach to tort reform survives: the Supreme Court holds that a med-mal plaintiff is entitled to a 90-day extension to file her certificate of merit - and that a 2004 law didn't reenact the version of 2-622 invalidated in Best v. Taylor. Aug 1, 2008 1068
Stealth tort 'reform' unveiled. Peterson, Kathleen Flynn President's page Jul 1, 2008 711
N. Dakota: top in tort reform. Brief article May 1, 2008 187
AAJ opposes tort 'reform' provision of Bush's Medicare plan. May 1, 2008 434
The injustice of health courts: promoted by tort 'reformers' to adjudicate the claims of injured patients, administrative health courts would unduly increase the influence of health care providers and insurers in resolving medical malpractice cases. Hochberg, Francine A. May 1, 2008 4302
Government liability in negligence. Aronson, Mark Apr 1, 2008 21497
Ohio Supreme Court defers to legislature, upholds caps. Mar 1, 2008 576
Reframing the model: the Jury Bias Model has served as a useful tool for more than a decade. Now, you can apply it in new ways to help jurors see your case in a more positive light. Wenner, David; Cusimano, Gregory S. Mar 1, 2008 4486
Defending justice, one case at a time. Peterson, Kathleen Flynn President's page Feb 1, 2008 752
Voir dire: new research challenges old assumptions: research shows that 1) judge-directed voir dire can be less revealing of juror prejudice than lawyer questioning and 2) attitudes toward hot-button issues like tort reform are better predictors of juror bias than race, class, and other demographic factors. Andreano, Frank P. Sep 1, 2007 2894
Focus on facts to defeat preemption: while preemption is primarily a question of law, factual evidence about a federal agency's action or inaction can help plaintiffs defeat a motion to dismiss. Menzies, Karen Barth Mar 1, 2007 4388
Special interests thwart Ohio consumer-rights bill. Feb 1, 2007 284
Corporate wolves in victims' clothing: to most tort 'reform' advocates, the only good lawsuit is the one they file, the only injuries that deserve compensation are theirs, and damages paid to them (but only to them) should be unlimited. The right dose of ridicule can expose these hypocrites for what they are. Lane, Justinian Jul 1, 2006 2611
Do business courts really mean business? Many nonbusiness cases are being transferred to courts that were created to streamline disputes between companies. This trend weakens consumer protection. Jackson, Gary W. Jun 1, 2006 2735
A victory for accountability. Suggs, Kenneth M. President's page Apr 1, 2006 792
The health courts facade: tort 'reformers' tout health courts as an administrative solution to medical negligence claims. But the proposals are not likely to be effective - and may cause more harm than good. Doroshow, Joanne Jan 1, 2006 2698
Groups to push 'reform' proposals in 2006. Dec 1, 2005 264
Georgia court declares tort 'reform' provision unconstitutional. Ertel, Karen Dec 1, 2005 654
Group life inclusion in TRIA back on shaky ground. Postal, Arthur D. Nov 7, 2005 750
Tort 'reform' included in states' comprehensive legislation. Mar 1, 2005 476
Med-mal amendments go to Florida courts. Feb 1, 2005 280
Tort reform should go beyond damage caps. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 1, 2005 352
Vetoes and voters stem the tort 'reform' tide. Jan 1, 2005 594
Tort law reform in Australia: fundamental and potentially far-reaching change: following the Ipp Report, reforms are going forward in New South Wales, with the emerging result that runaway insurance costs are coming under control. Clark, S. Stuart; Harris, Christina Jan 1, 2005 4854
When monster trucks attack. Peters, Charles Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 140
High court to review taxes on attorney fees. Jul 1, 2004 452
ATLA's law firm takes 'reform' fight to the courts: when the right to trial by jury is threatened, the Center for Constitutional Litigation steps in to support the plaintiff side. Peck, Robert S. Jul 1, 2004 3228
Cheese Louise. Franke-Ruta Garance Apr 1, 2004 478
Med-mal on his mind. Loiacono, Kristin Mar 1, 2004 756
Tort reform passes Ohio Senate. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 139
An unwise 'reform' measure: many states require that plaintiffs enlist certified witnesses to authenticate their claims before filing a lawsuit. This increases costs and delays - and may infringe on constitutional rights. Kopstein, David M. May 1, 2003 2607
Doctors hail new reform initiatives: Bush proposals on Medicare, tort reform. Frieden, Joyce Apr 1, 2003 912
Medical liability lobby. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 101
Liability reform redux. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer; Peters, Sally Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 100
Nursing homes try again to limit court evidence: insurance bill also includes far-reaching tort reform provision. Moritz, Gwen Feb 3, 2003 1164
Protect access to health care. (Commentary). Chambers, Dr. Carlton Column Feb 3, 2003 727
Premiums, verdicts fuel fight for tort reform. Bayles, Jill Jan 13, 2003 2049
Lawmakers pass malpractice bill. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 104
Nevada liability relief. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 113
In Favor of Tort Reform. Julien, Denis Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 815
ATLA helps knock down Florida tort `reform' law. Baron, Fred Apr 1, 2001 766
Constitutional challenge filed to Florida tort `reform' statute. Peck, Robert S. Jan 1, 2000 453
Florida tort reform - 1999. Latimer, Walter G. Nov 1, 1999 2336
Supreme Court Asserts Role in Policy-Making With Tort Reversal. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 471
Oregon, Indiana courts weigh in on side of consumers in tort `reform' cases. Hellwege, Jean Sep 1, 1999 1361
Trial lawyers challenge the constitutionality of Ohio 'tort reform' law. Brienza, Julie Brief Article Jan 1, 1998 367
Does products bill collide with Tenth Amendment? White, Jeffrey Robert Nov 1, 1997 3753
Fatal distraction: Ohio risk managers can tip balance this fall. Allen, Anne B. Oct 1, 1997 746
Access denied: 'tort reform' rhetoric is closing the courthouse door. Daniels, Stephen Jul 1, 1997 2648
Tort reform revolution. Simonetti, Gilbert, Jr. Sep 1, 1996 1930
The Reform Act: what CPAs should know. Pincus, Andrew J. Sep 1, 1996 1556
Survey of the states. Brizzolara, Margaret Cover Story May 1, 1996 4682
Insurance legislation 1995 takes its turn. Allen, Anne B. Dec 1, 1995 6101
Reviewing the restatement. Wagner, Bill Nov 1, 1995 3235
Defeating the "deep pocket" syndrome through Tort reform. Sager, William H. Jun 1, 1994 1984
Quick facts on products liability: what you need to know to protect consumers. Stewart, Larry S. Apr 1, 1994 5226
Update from Capitol Hill. Nace, Barry J. President's Page Mar 1, 1994 1116

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