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LDI: Proof of Loss Deadlines for Hurricane Claims in Louisiana Extended. Stephanie K. Jones Dec 9, 2020 444
New bill could increase Alberta's usage-based insurance. Nov 30, 2020 154
New bill could increase Alberta's usage-based insurance. Nov 30, 2020 152
California Issues Moratorium on Insurers Non-Renewing or Cancelling Following Wildfires. Nov 5, 2020 428
Florida Property Insurance Market Inches Closer to Crisis ? Part 2. Amy O'Connor Oct 30, 2020 1985
National Teen Driver Safety Week is Oct. 18-24. Oct 21, 2020 248
Need for risk management in focus. Aug 19, 2020 491
Lloyd's Launches Culture Dashboard, Sets Gender Target for Market. Jul 31, 2020 1024
Florida's Citizens to Resume Policy Cancellations, Nonrenewals Next Month. Amy O'Connor Jul 14, 2020 430
R Street Lauds Louisiana Lawmakers for Passing Auto Insurance Reform Bill. Stephanie K. Jones Jul 1, 2020 456
Cellphone While Driving Ban Goes into Effect in Idaho. Jun 30, 2020 334
Declarations. Jun 15, 2020 632
Michigan's No-Penalty Amnesty Period for Uninsured Drivers Starts July 2. Stephanie K. Jones Jun 15, 2020 346
California Consumer and Insurer Groups Square Off Over Homeowner Insurance Bill. Jun 9, 2020 402
California Consumer and Insurer Groups Square off on Homeowner Insurance Bill. Jun 9, 2020 402
No. It's Not Just the Insurance Company's Fault the Policy is Hard to Read. Patrick Wraight Jun 3, 2020 861
Declarations. May 18, 2020 598
Florida's Capitol Preferred to Shed Nearly 24K Policies; Regulator to Oversee Operations. Amy O'Connor May 15, 2020 1613
Florida's Capitol Preferred to Shed Nearly 24K Policies; Regulator to Monitor Operations. Amy O'Connor May 15, 2020 1772
Declarations. Mar 23, 2020 427
NY Regs Ask Insurers for Details of Business Interruption Policies in Wake of COVID-19. Elizabeth Blosfield Mar 20, 2020 1279
NHIF terminates special cover for civil servants, police, prison. Mar 16, 2020 724
Florida Carriers, Facing Market Turmoil, Pursue Massive Rate Increases. Amy O' Connor Feb 26, 2020 2168
HCI Approved by Florida Regulator to Replace Anchor P&C Coverage for 43K Insureds. Amy O'Connor Feb 18, 2020 1478
Insurer Group Says Proposed California Regs Could Axe Discounts for Millions. Jan 30, 2020 477
Insurer Group Says Proposed California Regs Could Ax Discounts for Millions. Jan 30, 2020 477
FRA reviews most important achievements in 2019. Fatma Salah Jan 29, 2020 299
Insurers Say Proposed California Regs Could Axe Discounts for Millions. Jan 28, 2020 455
Arkansans expecting new state laws to benefit the insurance sector. Jan 10, 2020 146
Arkansans expecting new state laws to benefit the insurance sector. Jan 10, 2020 144
Velella Wants to Adapt 2% Non-Renewal Rule on Auto Insurance for Homeowners; Files Legislation. Jan 1, 2020 560
Under what conditions is property insurance impossible in Azerbaijan? Dec 27, 2019 298
California makes changes to auto insurance regulations. Dec 24, 2019 111
California makes changes to auto insurance regulations. Dec 24, 2019 113
California Proposes Major Change on Auto Insurance Group Discounts. Dec 23, 2019 603
MoneySavingExpert's single rule that could save you hundreds on car insurance; One woman saved [pounds sterling]684 by making this simple change. Lottie Gibbons Dec 14, 2019 283
Citizens CEO Notes Impact of AOB Reforms as New Rates to Take Effect in Florida. Amy O'Connor Nov 20, 2019 876
United Kingdom Commercial Property Insurance Market Report, 2004-2024 Analysis & Forecast. Report Nov 12, 2019 1230
Another Louisiana Auto Insurance Provider Lowers Rates. Oct 21, 2019 137
Donelon: Tort Reform Needed to Fix Louisiana's Auto Insurance Crisis. Stephanie K. Jones Interview Oct 7, 2019 1470
New car insurance rules could ban price hikes and force your insurer to find you a cheaper deal; Cheap car insurances deals can suddenly increase when it comes to renewal time while some firms' practices discourage customers from switching. Hannah Graham Oct 5, 2019 388
How the Future of Insurtech Innovation Is Tied to the Traditions of Regulation. Mark Hollmer Oct 3, 2019 951
The Future of InsurTech Innovation Is Intertwined With Regulation. Hollmer, Mark Discussion Oct 2, 2019 942
Insurance Innovation will be Shaped by Regulators. Oct 2, 2019 939
Democrats want probe into auto insurance companies. Sep 26, 2019 136
Democrats want probe into auto insurance companies. Sep 26, 2019 134
Idaho Insurance Agent Loses License for Failure to Handle Premiums. Jergler, Don Sep 26, 2019 191
Total loss cars to be only sold through auctions. Sep 13, 2019 672
Washington Company Penalized for Asbestos and Lead Safety Violations. Jergler, Don Sep 3, 2019 360
How Cellphone Bans Affect Automobile Insurance Markets. Karl, J. Bradley; Nyce, Charles Statistical table Sep 1, 2019 12715
Texas Auto Burglary/Theft Prevention Fee Rises. Aug 19, 2019 234
New North Dakota Insurance Laws Now in Effect. Jones, Stephanie K. Aug 12, 2019 744
Why you could be fined [pounds sterling]2,500 for giving someone a lift in your car; Car insurance can be expensive - and this loophole could end up costing you even more. Jul 29, 2019 474
Successful Strategies for Health Plan Medical Policy Outreach. Jaworski, Chelsey; Tapia, Anabel Jul 1, 2019 1639
New Louisiana Law Aims to Protect Policyholder Choice of Auto Repair Shop. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Jun 21, 2019 247
Systems Integration: Leave Patchwork Solutions Behind. Ruscitto, Marisa Jun 4, 2019 1223
California Commissioner to Hold Hearing on Auto Insurance Groups And Premiums. Jergler, Don Brief article May 14, 2019 344
Florida Passes 'Catch All' Insurance Bill Impacting Surplus Lines, Catastrophe Fund. May 13, 2019 1246
Michigan lawmakers looking to reduce car insurance rates. May 7, 2019 128
Michigan lawmakers looking to reduce car insurance rates. May 7, 2019 126
Louisiana House Passes Bill Targeting High Auto Insurance Rates. Apr 26, 2019 581
Florida Gov to Sign AOB Reform Bill; Citizens Plans Rate Decrease. Apr 25, 2019 1004
Florida Gov to Sign AOB Reform Bill; Citizens Plans Rate Review. Apr 25, 2019 1042
Florida Governor to Sign AOB Reform Bill; Citizens Plans Rate Review. Apr 25, 2019 1042
Washington Commissioner Fines Pet Insurer $25K. Apr 16, 2019 554
Cashpoint; CITYDESK For live business news visit. Apr 5, 2019 145
Cashpoint; FINANCE. Apr 5, 2019 140
Information Controversy: Industry pushes back against proposed ban on education, occupation in underwriting auto in California. Darragh, Timothy Apr 1, 2019 257
Two Arch Capital Subsidiaries Finalize Post-Brexit Plans. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 340
Underwriting and Rating Tools Under Attack in State Legislatures. Mar 18, 2019 635
Florida Regulator to Hold Public Hearing on Citizens Rate Increase. Mar 13, 2019 397
Georgia introduces mandatory car insurance. Feb 6, 2019 103
Georgia introduces mandatory car insurance. Feb 6, 2019 101
Lawmakers Need to Decide Nature of Texas Windstorm Insurer, Sunset Commission Says. Jones, Stephanie K. Feb 4, 2019 905
"Sorry" Is Never Enough: How State Apology Laws Fail to Reduce Medical Malpractice Liability Risk. McMichael, Benjamin J.; Van Horn, R. Lawrence; Viscusi, W. Kip Feb 1, 2019 26681
Texas Sunset Board: Legislature Needs to Decide Nature of Windstorm Insurer. Jones , Stephanie K. Jan 23, 2019 906
Flood Insurance, Terrorism Cover, FIO Will Be on the 2019 P/C Congressional Agenda. Dec 2, 2018 493
Rating Return: Return on equity can be a valuable measuring tool, but not for everyone. Smith, Kate; Roberts, Jeff Dec 1, 2018 1651
Michigan's representative calls on legislature for auto insurance reforms. Nov 28, 2018 219
Michigan's representative calls on legislature for auto insurance reforms. Nov 28, 2018 217
Exclusive: Insiders Symington, Lehmann Analyze Mid-Term Elections for P/C Insurance. Simpson , Andrew G. Nov 27, 2018 1043
Exclusive: Insiders Symington, Lehmann Analyze Mid-Term Elections for P/C Insurance. Nov 27, 2018 1351
The car insurance myths police say you need to know about; Organising car insurance can get complicated. Nov 17, 2018 788
New ISO Management Liability Program Targets Private Companies' Increasing Risks. Brief article Nov 15, 2018 308
Australian regulator calls for ending general insurance commissions. Nov 8, 2018 207
Australian regulator calls for ending general insurance commissions. Nov 8, 2018 209
Georgia Insured Losses from Hurricane Michael Near $700M. Nov 6, 2018 370
TWIA's Request to Hike Liability Limits Denied; Rate Increase Decision Suspended. Nov 5, 2018 819
Texas Windstorm Insurer's Request to Hike Liability Limits Denied. Oct 18, 2018 503
15 Emerging Risks from Policies to Playgrounds, Sandboxes to Scooters. Simpson, Andrew G. Oct 18, 2018 2757
Insurer Group Hammers Claim that California Prop 103 Saved Drivers Billions. Oct 17, 2018 627
New U.S. Law Places Greater Focus on Disaster Resilience, Though Shortfalls Remain. Oct 16, 2018 737
Mother, Don't Let Your Child Become an Adjuster in Washington State: Statute Makes Individual Adjuster Liable for Tort of Bad Faith. Zalma, Barry Oct 15, 2018 1362
Trump Signs Bill Ensuring Sports Medical Malpractice Insurance Travels Across State Lines. Brief article Oct 10, 2018 336
2 Recent Florida Supreme Court Rulings Could Impact Insurance Industry. Large, William W. Oct 2, 2018 1062
South Carolina Issues Emergency Order to Insurers, Updates Hurricane Florence Data Call. Oct 1, 2018 395
Drop in number of drivers having licence revoked. Oct 1, 2018 283
Texas to Hold Hearing on Windstorm Insurer Rate Increase Filing. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Sep 27, 2018 287
Because New Jersey Law Applies, New York PIP Arb is Disll1issed: In the Matter of the Arbitration between: Kazu Acupucturel PC and Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Rogak, Lawrence Sep 24, 2018 476
San Francisco May Screen Insurers for Their Fossil Fuels Investments. Sep 17, 2018 822
What Is an NRRA Exempt Commercial Purchaser? Brown, Richard A.; Klein , Jeffrey M. Sep 17, 2018 773
South Carolina Issues Hurricane Florence Data Call, Emergency Order to Insurers. Sep 17, 2018 587
Insurance Commissioner OKs Fees, Rate Hikes for Texas Fair Plan. Jones, Stephanie K. Sep 17, 2018 240
New Task Force to Address High Auto Insurance Rates Louisiana. Sep 3, 2018 363
California governor signs wildfire insurance bill. Aug 29, 2018 125
California governor signs wildfire insurance bill. Aug 29, 2018 123
Some Bad Reasons to Buy Insurance. Wraight, Patrick Aug 29, 2018 1081
Wildfire Insurance Bill Signed by California Governor. Brief article Aug 28, 2018 286
Detroit Mayor, 8 Motorists Sue Insurance Commissioner Over Michigan's No Fault Law. Aug 24, 2018 530
New Task Force to Address High Auto Insurance Rates Louisiana. Brief article Aug 22, 2018 301
DRIVING DOWN CAR INSURANCE FRAUD CLAIMS; Proposed laws set to tackle big payouts. Jul 29, 2018 312
HUD Makes Reinsurance Program Available On Interim Binder. Jul 23, 2018 942
Florida Insurers May Rescind Auto Policies in NY Accidents, but Proof Must Comply with NY Law: T & S Med. Supply Corp. v Ocean Harbor Cas. Ins. Co. Rogak, Lawrence Jun 25, 2018 702
Insurer liable for all damages arising from fire. Jun 22, 2018 1353
Louisiana Seeks to Clarify Named Storm/Hurricane Deductible Law. Jones, Stephanie K. Jun 21, 2018 760
New York Auto Insurance Now Automatically Includes Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage, Per New Law. Dodge, Timothy D. May 28, 2018 853
T. Weiss Realty Corp. Apr 18, 2018 303
ERA harms women. Apr 17, 2018 829
ERA harms women. Apr 17, 2018 147
Bill Would End Fed Oversight Of Insurer-Owned Thrifts. Klimko, Frank Apr 1, 2018 366
In Wake of School Shootings, Insurers Face Potential Issue of Armed Teachers. Kiriluk-Hill, Renee Apr 1, 2018 542
UAE drivers urged to take advantage of 'no-claims' discounts for car insurance. Mar 25, 2018 601
Martin Lewis explains the single rule that could save you hundreds on car insurance; Families with more than one car could be paying thousands more than they need to - even if they shop around - and there's only one way to find out. Mar 18, 2018 464
Just one driver in 10 is safe from the [pounds sterling]4,000 cost a new car being stolen or written off; Anyone who's bought a new car using credit in the past three years is risking a [pounds sterling]4,000 bill if something goes wrong -- and only a tiny proportion are covered by insurance. Mar 9, 2018 506
Insurance Scope of Coverage. Feb 26, 2018 176
ALM relocates to Grand Central market. Feb 14, 2018 261
California insurance commissioner issues formal notice to insurers on mudslide coverage for homeowners. Jan 30, 2018 431
US Insurer Heritage Wins Regulatory Nod for USD 250m Narragansett Bay Insurance Acquisition. Nov 28, 2017 453
US Insurer Heritage Wins Regulatory Nod for USD 250m Narragansett Bay Insurance Acquisition. Nov 28, 2017 457
Florida's Citizens cites $1.23 billion of insured Hurricane Irma losses. Reprint Oct 9, 2017 331
Axis Capital to Close Acquisition of Novae No Later than 18 October. Sep 27, 2017 666
Insurers may have a Cydiminished value' problem in Georgia. Reprint Sep 25, 2017 1292
Auto Insurance Rates. Sep 1, 2017 153
Former NYPD officer sentenced to 2 years in prison for auto insurance fraud. Reprint Aug 24, 2017 336
Florida OIR approves Citizens request to limit coverage on non-weather claims. Aug 21, 2017 328
Liberty Mutual ordered to pay $4.5M on a $25,000 policy. Reprint Aug 16, 2017 1673
Farmers settles with Minn. for charging higher auto insurance rates to renters. Reprint Jul 26, 2017 435
Allstate loses bid to overturn $14M insurance bad faith verdict. Reprint Jun 22, 2017 678
W.R. Berkley reaches $12M settlement with California Department of Insurance. Reprint May 25, 2017 569
N.Y. to auto insurers: Don't use education or occupation in setting rates. Rosalie L. Donlon, May 18, 2017 546
Enforce the law to stop travellers. May 15, 2017 189
Legislators push to redirect auto theft prevention funding back to agency. May 9, 2017 858
D.C. or not D.C.? That is the Question: State Regulatory System Defended by PCI as House Hears Viewpoints. May 8, 2017 2836
It's time for an update. Pusey, Leigh Ann May 1, 2017 650
Check out your Member Benefits: Thousands of dollars in savings are available. Jan 1, 2017 291
Crackdown on car insurance rip-offs; Watchdog probe claims industry fixed premiums. Sep 14, 2016 365
Limitation on availability of medical mal lifted; Cuomo passes wide range of bills. Aug 29, 2016 1656
Brexit and the P&C insurance industry: What's next? Jun 24, 2016 2196
A modern look: updated English law will have global consequences when it takes effect this summer. Tobin, Andrew May 1, 2016 599
Drivers more worried about car insurance than road law; 92% say costs are biggest concern. Apr 25, 2016 361
Individual welfare when consumers can shop for health Insurance. Dusansky, Richard; Koc, Cagatay Report Apr 1, 2016 5155
International regulation. Apr 1, 2016 136
Will new Flood bill lead to privatization of coverage? Mar 4, 2016 1158
In the works: as cyberrisk escalates, regulators move to strengthen cybersecurity oversight. Harman, Thomas Feb 1, 2016 1481
Cuomo Vetos bill raising minimum limits of liability on auto insurance. Jan 25, 2016 330
Missouri's insurance czar bans price optimization. Jan 14, 2016 176
Majlis A'Shura Hails the Royal Orders to Return 3 Draft Laws to the Council of Oman. Jan 5, 2016 507
Fire Insurance Policy Clauses (Part-2). Dec 31, 2015 1316
Commission warns LTO vs car insurance monopoly. Dec 2, 2015 530
These weird driving laws could cost your clients money, boost their car insurance rates. Aug 11, 2015 752
Liberty mutual says no-fault is best way to reduce auto insurance rates. Jun 29, 2015 1003
State rules that affect car insurance quotes. Jun 9, 2015 829
Cyclicity in the French property-liability insurance industry: new findings over the recent period. Bruneau, Catherine; Sghaier, Nadia Abstract Jun 1, 2015 12524
Motorcycle passenger is still "occupying" it after being thrown off; gets no PIP benefits for being struck while on pavement: Boyson v Kwasowsky. Rogak, Lawrence N. May 25, 2015 2393
What happens when state formed insurer acts in bad faith? First party bad faith creature of statute in Florida. Zalma, Barry May 25, 2015 1337
Drones: Proposed new FAA regs and property insurance implications. Apr 1, 2015 883
Assembly bill passed to put consumers on board of directors of NYPIUA. Feb 9, 2015 455
Miss. legislators enact first statewide building codes to withstand greater hurricane force wind. Dec 29, 2014 1214
TRIA reauthorization is essential to the economy. Prieto, Megan Sep 19, 2014 677
Short Takes on Sundry topics: Sandy claims deadline, sewer backup, continuing ed problems, security breach law, and hail & ice. Trupin, Jerome Sep 15, 2014 2577
Torts. Hustead, Bob Letter to the editor May 15, 2014 136
Closing gaps in global property insurance. Batten, Nicholas May 1, 2014 757
Businesses should welcome Dubai's new health insurance law. Mar 10, 2014 1355
Tennessee Bills Seek Change in Coverage for Sinkhole Losses. Feb 22, 2014 1907
The Case, the Policy and the Decision: Policy That Inadvertently Omitted Exclusion Can Be Reformed. Feb 17, 2014 357
Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Auto Insurance. Feb 11, 2014 895
Insurance industry leaders see a yes, a no and an appetite for regulation ahead: outlook for personal and commercial lines not optimistic. Jan 27, 2014 738
Two immutable business laws: Insurers enter a world in which n+1 is reshaping competition. Stephenson, Scott Jan 1, 2014 468
CFA, Industry Spar over Report Supporting Tighter Auto-Insurance Regulation. Dec 4, 2013 1035
The Laws of attraction: can property/casualty insurers earn their customers' love? Kauderer, Steven; O'Neill, Sean; Whelan, David Dec 1, 2013 1705
Bills to Delay Flood Rate Hikes Garnering Mixed Reactions. Oct 30, 2013 723
Assurant Specialty Property signs agreement on lender-placed hazard insurance with Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Oct 9, 2013 211
Cuomo signs extension to keep lid on medical malpractice premiums. Aug 19, 2013 1001
Insurers, Lawmakers, Regulators Take On Repackaged Drugs. Jul 11, 2013 426
Need global D&O protection? A growing number of choices are available. Zacharias, Carol A.N. Jun 22, 2013 655
Ways to drive down cost of car insurance; YOUR RIGHTS WITH JACQUI KENNEDY Birmingham City Council's head of regulation and enforcement. Jun 17, 2013 304
Florida Gov. Scott Signs Bill to Reform Last-Resort Insurer. May 30, 2013 703
Senate targets auto fraud. Nash, Katlin May 20, 2013 1412
Law & Medicine: understanding malpractice insurance. Tan, S.Y. May 15, 2013 1327
N.Y. Senate Tries Again with Auto Fraud-Fighting Bills. May 14, 2013 225
SHEILA'S WAILS; Women drivers in 20% car insurance hike over EU rule. Apr 27, 2013 223
FHFA Wades into Force-Placed Issue with Proposed Regulation. Mar 26, 2013 623
Should I stay or should I go? The impact of natural disasters and regulation on U.S. property insurers" supply decisions. Born, Patricia H.; Klimaszewski-Blettner, Barbara Mar 1, 2013 16738
Opening up: robust state regulations are allowing special-purpose financial captives to be used by the insurance industry. Pinzon, Albert; Etherington, Geoffrey; Lerner, Zachary Mar 1, 2013 1763
HUD Finalizes Disparate-Impact Criteria; Insurers Claim Regulatory Overreach. Feb 12, 2013 379
Kansas, Ohio Could Allow Electronic Proof of Insurance. Feb 4, 2013 250
PIANY proposes legislation eliminating need for auto rental collision waivers. Feb 4, 2013 570
2012 Statehouse wrap-up: NAMIC's top concern: modernization laws. Alldredge, Neil Feb 1, 2013 1005
State Farm Request to Raise Deductibles in Some Louisiana Parishes is Denied. Jan 25, 2013 284
Regulators Are 'Taking Over the Joint': U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO. Jan 16, 2013 347
Katy Auto Insurance Agent Cautions Texas Drives Against Forgoing Auto Insurance in 2013. Jan 12, 2013 422
NAMIC Voices Concern with HUD 'Disparate Impact' Rule. Jan 10, 2013 347
Giving notice: Florida law is clear: notice to an agent is notice to a principal. Zalma, Barry Jan 1, 2013 855
LICONY names board chairman. Dec 14, 2012 946
Attempt to Delay Florida PIP Reform Fails. Dec 13, 2012 325
Admiral reveals motorists' call for stricter driving test regulations. Dec 12, 2012 661
Admiral reveals motorists' call for stricter driving test regulations. Dec 12, 2012 661
Katy Texas Insurance Expert Discusses Benefits of Buying Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Dec 9, 2012 490
AIA Hires, Promotes Staff to Meet Regulatory Challenges Abroad. Nov 27, 2012 477
Legal developments in European casualty insurance. Nov 1, 2012 409
Potomac Watch: Thrifty Regulation. Nov 1, 2012 730
Producer's Corner. Nov 1, 2012 730
Diamond reveals young women unprepared for change in gender law. Sep 14, 2012 629
Diamond reveals young women unprepared for change in gender law. Sep 14, 2012 647
Conspiracy charges against former Howden officials seen as welcome regulatory shift by former supt. Zinkewicz, Phil Sep 10, 2012 827
In Response to Joplin Tornado, Missouri Requires Reinsurance for Farm Mutuals. Aug 23, 2012 232
On vacation? Acunto, Steve Aug 20, 2012 1159
NAIC Promises Greater Focus on Force-Placed Insurance as CFPB Proposes Rules. Aug 10, 2012 775
Kyrgyz government approves bill on mandatory homeowners insurance. Aug 3, 2012 139
Insurers Win Exemption in CFTC Swaps Definitions. Jul 11, 2012 480 reveals that nervy Brits call for UK driving laws to follow Europe. Jul 9, 2012 647 reveals that nervy Brits call for UK driving laws to follow Europe. Jul 9, 2012 647
No Meaningful No-Fault Reform for New York's Insurers. Jul 5, 2012 351
Driving force: auto insurance issues dominate state legislative landscape in 2012. Blume, Paul, Jr. Jul 1, 2012 1482
Online Auto Insurance: Florida at Bottom of Regulator Report Card. Jun 29, 2012 506
OAI: Electronic Auto Insurance Proof Takes Hold as Louisiana Enacts Law. Jun 19, 2012 432
Japanese Parliament Approves Law to Secure Iranian Oil Supply. Jun 17, 2012 381
BRAKING A ROAD LAW; Cash point. Jun 15, 2012 223
CMA Mandates Insurance Companies to Insure All Kinds of Vehicles. Jun 11, 2012 532
Michele Coleman Mayes retires as GC of Allstate. Jun 8, 2012 407
Property-liability insurer reserve error: motive, manipulation, or mistake. Grace, Martin F.; Leverty, J. Tyler Report Jun 1, 2012 14772
Insurance pricing, reserving, and performance evaluation under external constraints on capitalization and return on equity. Ulm, Eric R. Report Jun 1, 2012 11184
OAI: Michigan Senate Vote Spotlights Mini-tort Auto Insurance Law. May 24, 2012 531
Consumer Advocates Say Force-Placed Insurance Needs Regulation. May 22, 2012 565
Risk Retention Act does not relieve N.Y. insurer of form, rating filing. May 21, 2012 314
OAI: Fiery Car Insurance Reform Debate Ends with Governor's Approval. May 7, 2012 578
Florida Gov. Scott Signs 'Milestone' PIP Reform. May 4, 2012 470
Disparate impact rule: federal regulator targets risk-based insurance pricing. Detlefsen, Robert May 1, 2012 1059
OAI: Importance of Car Insurance Proof Underscored by New Tenn. Law. Apr 19, 2012 359
New Florida Citizens Assessment Bill Could Attract New Capital. Apr 9, 2012 1079
Verisk Exec Describes New Crime Analytics Division. Mar 30, 2012 314
State handcuffs no fault crooks, locks up scores of conspirators in major bust: industry praises DFS effort. Morrow, Betty Flood; Plock, Alyssa Katherine Cover story Mar 19, 2012 3966
Insurance policy? Both sides battle over proposed health exchange ban. Sanders, Bob Jan 27, 2012 543
N.Y. department mandates use of claims-made for medical liability. Jan 9, 2012 872
OAI: New Regulations Could Have Auto Insurance Price Implications. Dec 26, 2011 485
New Online Car Insurance Price Comparison Website Launched by Dec 1, 2011 358
Legislature wraps ups with gambling bill. Nov 17, 2011 993
Price of car registration and foreign travel insurance to be cut. Nov 2, 2011 165
Managerial discretion and corporate governance in publicly traded firms: evidence from the property-liability insurance industry. Miller, Steve M. Sep 1, 2011 14705
The advent of paper IMEs in no-fault claims: win they be a solution or a problem? Clermont, Woody R. Sep 1, 2011 7177
Holding pattern: the IRS continues to aggressively challenge property/casualty insurers' deductions for loss reserves. Forray, Susan J.; Riley, Richard R., Jr. Sep 1, 2011 1534
The origins of an industry: from preventing unhappy ghosts to overcoming religious and cultural objections, here's a brief look at the evolution of the life insurance market. Anderson, Brian Sep 1, 2011 1316
Legislature wrap up: NRRA, rate modernization, tort reform provide a busy year. Alldredge, Neil Aug 1, 2011 1576
OAIN: New Oregon Auto-Sharing Law Has Insurance Implications. Jul 11, 2011 375
Bed bug insurance. Holbrook, Emily Brief article Jul 1, 2011 192
A change gonna come: breaking down the coming turn in the P/C insurance market cycle. Treanor, Christopher M. Jul 1, 2011 2392
Tennessee revamps captive law. O'Rourke, Morgan Brief article Jul 1, 2011 137
Dogs take $90M bite out of State Farm in 2010. Jun 1, 2011 255
House Poised to Pass Insurance Sunset Bill. May 10, 2011 326
Auto accident fraud "crisis" cited, as NYIA testifies at Senate hearing. Apr 18, 2011 416
Facing the challenge: the soft market, pending regulatory changes and fallout from the financial crisis combine to make life difficult reinsurers. Panko, Ron Apr 1, 2011 2346
Far reaching impact of insurance equality ruling. Mar 10, 2011 723
This year's major insurance bill targets sinkhole claims: lawmakers focus on cost drivers. Fineout, Gary Feb 1, 2011 1167
Saying no: insureds can't force agents and brokers to sell more coverage than they want. Zalma, Barry Feb 1, 2011 1096
Taiwan firms to raise commercial fire insurance premiums 10%. Shen, Ben Brief article Jan 14, 2011 202
Safe text? Driven to distraction. Suderman, Peter Brief article Dec 10, 2010 196
The ripple effect: solvency II's impact will affect any insurers that want to do business in Europe. Panko, Ron Dec 1, 2010 2010
A call for positive change. O'Leary, Erin K. Nov 1, 2010 1062
Headed the right way: teenage driving deaths keep falling although distractions have multiplied. Panko, Ron Oct 1, 2010 1586
NYSID acts to keep coastal insurance affordable, available: comprehensive proposal includes standardizing hurricane deductibles, more closely monitoring insurers among consumer protection items. Cover story Sep 30, 2010 756
NYIA: data at odds with NYSID on Coastal Ho. Sep 30, 2010 651
Wisconsin diocese offers contraception insurance; will fire employees who use it. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 232
Cuomo signs malpractice statute calling it most comprehensive reform ever enacted. Sep 17, 2010 1099
Pollution coverage alert: few companies purchase insurance against losses caused by pollution, but the deepwater horizon oil spill may change that. Lindorff, Dave Sep 1, 2010 437
Expansion plans. Goch, Lynna Aug 1, 2010 329
Rethinking the regulations: proposed federal legislation would increase the lines of business that risk retention groups could write. Panko, Ron Cover story Aug 1, 2010 2225
Lloyd's ends insurance for Iran-bound gasoline. Jul 16, 2010 212
Election could change property market: candidates refuse to back deregulation. Fineout, Gary Jul 1, 2010 1207
Awareness prompts growth for environmental insurance: although coverage is available and affordable, contractors' pollution liability insurance is a well known but not well understood product. Learn about new regulations and how to turn a need into an opportunity for growth. Pritchard, William, Jr. Jul 1, 2010 1821
NYIA annual meeting: full plate of issues. Anderson, Cassandra Conference notes Jun 21, 2010 778
Statute of limitations--rental cars: in the Matter of the Arbitration between: Continental Medical PC and State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. and Citiwide Auto Leasing Inc. Rogak, Lawrence N. Jun 21, 2010 2135
Producer compensation disclosure. Bauer, David R. Letter to the editor Jun 7, 2010 258
Separation of ownership and control: implications for-board composition. He, Enya; Sommer, David W. Jun 1, 2010 14122
Congress mulls regulatory authority; monster institutions need controls, committee chair says. Postal, Arthur D. Jun 1, 2010 543
The consequence of financial crises in Albanian insurance market. Madani, Filloreta; Cakrani, Edmira May 1, 2010 1936
Compromise measure on Florida's property insurance market could emerge: industry cares as much about cost drivers as rates. Fineout, Gary Apr 1, 2010 1342
Strickland makes partner. Apr 1, 2010 89
Some effects of globalization on U.S. employee health care benefits. Fox, Richard Interview Mar 22, 2010 6286
New York accident involving NJ car gets PIP applying NJ rules: A.B. Med. Servs., PLLC a/a/o Leon Regis v GEICO Cas. Ins. Co. and Mercury Indem. Co. Rogak, Lawrence N. Mar 22, 2010 856
Explaining the pitfalls of underinsurance. McChristian, Lynne Feb 1, 2010 882
Unintended consequences of well-intended legislation: a call to action regarding statutes impacting first-party insurance claims. Leftwich, Paul M. Feb 1, 2010 986
New York producers groups mount last ditch battle opposing: producers compensation disclosure regulation: as the clock ticks its way toward January 15, day for comments on the New York Insurance Department's proposed Section 30 amendments, the communications blitz has been stepped up among producer associations, their constituent agents, department officials and others affected by the proposed regulation. Acunto, Steve Cover story Dec 14, 2009 976
Number of accidents or number of claims? An approach with zero-inflated Poisson models for panel data. Boucher, Jean-Philippe; Denuit, Michel; Guillen, Montserrat Report Dec 1, 2009 10168
A citation analysis of risk, insurance, and actuarial research: 2001 through 2005. Colquitt, L. Lee; Sommer, David W.; Ferguson, William L. Dec 1, 2009 11089
Is New York's no-fault auto insurance returning? I.I.I. analysis finds average cost of no-fault claim has soared 56 percent since 2004. Nov 16, 2009 817
JUA surplus belongs to N.H. Reynolds, Deb; D'Allesandro, Lou Column Oct 9, 2009 667
Check Euro speed limits. Oct 2, 2009 185
Mobile homes, mobile market. Hoelle, Tim Sep 1, 2009 1263

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