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Procedure Telematic Art. 60, Legislative Decree. N. 50/2016 For The Supply And Administration Of Needles And Syringes For The Needs Of The Hospitals Of The Puglia Region. Nov 18, 2016 118
Senate body nominates its members to evaluate Teaching Hospitals performance. Nov 17, 2016 208
United States : Police officer now on duty in Emergency Department to increase patient safety. Oct 28, 2016 217
Dubai begins pilot project to rate hospitals. Oct 4, 2016 763
Vice - President Gives Directive for Securing Hospitals and Emergency Sections. Sep 27, 2016 176
Impacts on Emergency Department visits from personal responsibility provisions: evidence from West Virginia's Medicaid redesign. Gurley-Calvez, Tami; Kenney, Genevieve M.; Simon, Kosali I.; Wissoker, Douglas Aug 1, 2016 7254
Hospitals brace for new overtime regulations. Friedman, Mark Jul 4, 2016 1634
Whanau want easier access to tupapaku. Brief article Jul 1, 2016 304
Fresh attempt to outlaw smoking outside hospitals; First Minister to set out plans for Senedd... including abolishing restrictions on strikes. Jun 28, 2016 345
Health minister inspects Luxor hospitals, refers absent doctors to prosecution. Jun 14, 2016 377
Ask Judith: when it comes to your rights and entitlements at work, NSWNMA assistant general secretary Judith Kiejda has the answers. Kiejda, Judith May 1, 2016 778
Breaking news. May 1, 2016 359
Optimal staffing: new resource aims to help RNs implement evidence-based staffing plans. Trossman, Susan May 1, 2016 1651
Peer review with patient representation and two-hospital collaboration. Moser, Joseph D. May 1, 2016 2418
A 'durable opportunity': ED overcrowding in the ACA era. Boerner, Heather May 1, 2016 1524
Renovation of the hospitals fatebenefratelli - ophthalmic and macedonio melloni designed to conform to the new fire prevention regulations and safety measures. Apr 26, 2016 236
Renovation of the hospitals fatebenefratelli - ophthalmic and macedonio melloni designed to conform to the new fire prevention regulations and safety measures. Apr 21, 2016 232
Legal charter vital for health sector. Apr 14, 2016 575
Eliminating harm: how hospital systems are working to reverse medical errors. Boerner, Heather Mar 1, 2016 1484
Peterborough hospital explores CMC affiliation. Brief article Feb 5, 2016 289
Amnesty hits out at strategic attacks on Syrian hospitals. Feb 1, 2016 655
Lower court decision upheld. Brief article Dec 18, 2015 152
Open tender, in accordance with art. 55 of legislative decree no. 163/06 for the assignment of integrated service management and maintenance of biomedical equipment supplied to hospitals and local asl. Dec 17, 2015 183
A withering dissent demonstrates why an admitting-privilege requirement is sound law. Andrusko, Dave Dec 1, 2015 1087
The Service Of Design Documents For The Regulation Of Day Hospitals And Day Surgery. Nov 23, 2015 116
Open tender, in accordance with art. 55 of legislative decree no. 163/06 for the assignment of integrated service management and maintenance of biomedical equipment supplied to hospitals and local asl. Nov 16, 2015 181
Advocates Sue to Stop Illegal Dumping of Nursing Home Residents. Nov 12, 2015 900
Imran: PTI to use all means to bring health reforms in KP Asks philanthropists to donate Rs800m for starting SKMCH on Dec 29 in Peshawar. Nov 8, 2015 410
340B: major changes may be coming to the federal drug discount program for low-income and vulnerable populations. Boerner, Heather Nov 1, 2015 1638
AARP: Millions of NY Family Caregivers in Line for Help as Governor Signs CARE Act. Oct 27, 2015 1577
Abortion clinic owner: "Planned Parenthood should be defunded". Terzo, Sarah Oct 1, 2015 943
252 medical beds for ksd hospitals. Sep 2, 2015 297
Abortionists formally ask Supreme Court to review two provisions of Texas' HB 2. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2015 475
252 medical beds for KSD hospitals. Aug 29, 2015 280
Change to transfer laws a worry? Kiejda, Judith Brief article Aug 1, 2015 154
Improving hospital reporting of patient race and ethnicity--approaches to data auditing. Zingmond, David S.; Parikh, Punam; Louie, Rachel; Lichtensztajn, Daphne Y.; Ponce, Ninez; Hasnain-Wy Aug 1, 2015 6392
Is ICD-10 bad for the ER? Brief article Jul 1, 2015 243
Using advance practice registered nurses and physician assistants to ease physician shortage. Hariharan, Selena May 1, 2015 3569
VUEMED Partners with Zebra Technologies to Release VueTrack-UDI to Help Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors and Hospitals Satisfy FDA-Mandated UDI Regulations for Medical Devices. Apr 30, 2015 454
Glaucoma guideline is launched in Scotland. McCormick, Emily Apr 18, 2015 689
Community hospitals ask for staffing flexibility; Nurses worried about effects of proposed ICU rules. Spencer, Susan Apr 3, 2015 825
Emergency nurses: planning the 2015 programme. Haskell, Libby Apr 1, 2015 494
Procedure for the conclusion of a framework agreement in art. 59 of legislative decree. n. 163/06 as amended, for the supply of four pacemakers, cardioverter-defibrillators, leads and introducers earm. Mar 26, 2015 203
The public are justifiably concerned about privatisation. Holmes, Brett Editorial Mar 1, 2015 709
Brazil : NEW LAW to allow foreign investors to acquire hospitals in BRAZIL. Jan 24, 2015 195
Losing and winning under the ACA in 2015. Boerner, Heather Jan 1, 2015 1585
NSW Health: GP co-pay will swamp EDs. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 231
Private hospitals: action secures DON role. Dec 1, 2014 337
CMS releases data on $3.5b in industry payments. Schneider, Mary Ellen Dec 1, 2014 471
Medicaid malfunctions: more emergency room visits. Suderman, Peter Brief article Nov 19, 2014 293
The winding road of RAC audits: how to ensure your facility stays ahead of the curve in a constantly changing landscape. Tillman, Tracey Nov 1, 2014 1561
As News Breaks that Second Health Worker in Dallas Tests Positive for Ebola National Nurses Call on President Obama to Issue Executive Order Directing Hospitals to Follow Highest Standards for Beating Ebola. Oct 15, 2014 885
As News Breaks that Second Health Worker in Dallas Tests Positive for Ebola National Nurses Call on President Obama to Issue Executive Order Directing Hospitals to Follow Highest Standards for Beating Ebola. Oct 15, 2014 887
New Law In Effect This Week Guarantees Safer Patient Care for Critically Ill Patients. Oct 1, 2014 1276
Impact of states' nurse work hour regulations on overtime practices and work hours among registered nurses. Bae, Sung-Heui; Yoon, Jangho Oct 1, 2014 8181
India : Regulation of Medical Treatment Charges in Private Hospitals. Aug 6, 2014 187
Observation "services" and observation "care"--one word can mean a world of difference. Venkatesh, Arjun K.; Suter, Lisa G. Editorial Aug 1, 2014 1538
Strained comparisons, bogus analogies on display in recent pro-abortion court victories. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2014 1026
Law & medicine: antitrust issues in health care, part 3. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2014 1305
Indiana's pro-woman law requiring admitting privileges for abortionists takes effect. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2014 452
New ObamaCare endgame: the VA for all. Jul 1, 2014 733
Hospitals: Case backlog causing severe harm to providers. Chandler, Wil Jun 30, 2014 1443
Sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene devices. May 5, 2014 215
Call for tough laws in dog attacks. Apr 28, 2014 226
Figures prompt call for dog laws. Apr 28, 2014 131
Law enforcements depts. doing their job: Certain elements do not want talk process to succeed, Hamza Shahbaz. Apr 11, 2014 237
Azzi refers to premiership draft laws relevant to social safety. Apr 10, 2014 112
The clinical hospital of magellan, "dr. Lautaro navarro avaria", framed in the public procurement law n 19,886, by its regulations approved by ds 250/2004 (h); requires hiring service and support pab. Apr 10, 2014 119
Provision of Medical consumables. Apr 8, 2014 463
GOOD CARE DAY; Paralysed artist welcomes new law which means he could be looked after in his own home. Apr 2, 2014 309
Ratios breakthrough. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 241
Make Metford public: nurses and midwives held a silent vigil last month, outside a community forum to discuss the new Maitland Hospital development. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 262
Pro-abortionists file another lawsuit challenging portions of Texas' HB 2. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2014 377
AMHCA testifies before congress on Medicaid expansion, counselor coverage under Medicare. Finley, James Apr 1, 2014 1195
Power supply for 2 two and a half months for patients and personal with law, igss hospital coatepeque. Mar 22, 2014 215
Row over hospital closure measure. Mar 13, 2014 178
New law will help Hunt to axe hospitals. Mar 12, 2014 137
NW Bio Announces Two German Approvals: "Hospital Exemption" for Early Access Program with DCVax-L and Eligibility of DCVax-L for Reimbursement. Mar 10, 2014 1835
NW Bio Announces Two German Approvals: "Hospital Exemption" for Early Access Program with DCVax-L and Eligibility of DCVax-L for Reimbursement. Mar 10, 2014 1839
Austria : Helping hospitals get to grips with new European legislation on dose. Mar 8, 2014 451
Nursing staffing Bill is on agenda. Mar 6, 2014 180
Medbox To Lobby For Compassionate Care Act And Governor Cuomo's Executive Order. Mar 5, 2014 792
Successive supplies of drugs, cytostatics, dressing materials. Feb 27, 2014 321
Supply of medical devices under art. 30a of the law on medical devices for the needs of the hospital, "dr. atanas dafovski" ad kardzhali. Feb 20, 2014 320
Women's visits to hospitals without male guardians banned. Feb 14, 2014 509
NHS staff should be smoke free on duty. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 315
Law passed to transfer foundation hospital to Health Ministry. Jan 17, 2014 315
Res. Ex. 4254, approves of public bidding rules for acquisition by delivery system, medicated hemodinamia stent for hospital san juan de dios - cdt. Dec 16, 2013 112
Good sing-song just what doctor ordered; MUSIC Singing is good for your health, as a Midland hospital choir is proving. Roz Laws meets its members. Dec 12, 2013 934
Singing's the best medicine; A choir made up of hospital staff is proving a tonic, discovers ROZ LAWS. Dec 7, 2013 943
New law in New York will require hospitals to offer HCV testing. Dec 1, 2013 145
The claudio vicuna hospital of san antonio (for these purposes, the hospital) provides the following special administrative rules (bae), which define the administrative provisions governing the compet. Nov 30, 2013 159
CMS two-midnight rule begins, but audits are on hold. Fiegl, Charles Nov 1, 2013 605
Is required to acquire electrical materials, hereinafter materials for the hospital, as defined in this regulation. Oct 30, 2013 110
SGK approves regulation allowing private hospitals to charge 200 pct in fees. Oct 24, 2013 125
Priest quits hospital board over abortion; Cleric leaves his position due to religious beliefs. Oct 3, 2013 381
Health leadership training academy tackles worst first. Bateman, Chris Oct 1, 2013 943
UK Hospitals Impose Hijab Ban on Muslim Staff. Sep 20, 2013 455
Hospital staffing initiative; Nurses start push for ballot measure. McCluskey, Priyanka Dayal Sep 18, 2013 853
Provisioning is required and supplies acquisition solutions for hospital pediatric peritoneal dialysis, henceforth the inputs, hospital inpatient requested, as defined in this regulation. Sep 17, 2013 113
Health Minister takes exception to poor cleanliness at govt hospitals. Aug 31, 2013 312
Health Minister takes exception to poor cleanliness at govt hospitals. Aug 31, 2013 312
Stiffer penalties for hospitals hiring unlicensed staff soon. Aug 28, 2013 500
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $2.3 Million in Grants to Western Illinois Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 323
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $1.6 Million in Grants to Northwestern Illinois Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 269
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $3.4 Million in Grants to North Central Illinois Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 329
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $791,000 in Grants to Northern Illinois Hospitals Includes Funding for Improvements and Needed Upgrades. Aug 10, 2013 236
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $3.2 Million in Grants to Madison and St. Clair County Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 238
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $687,000 in Grants to Lake and McHenry County Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 217
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $1.4 Million in Grants to DuPage and Will County Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 229
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $1.4 Million in Grants to DeKalb and Kane County Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 238
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $5.1 Million Investment in Southern Illinois Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 430
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $4.7 Million Investment in Central and Eastern Illinois Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 437
United States : Governor Quinn Announces $47 Million Investment in Cook County Area Hospitals. Aug 10, 2013 451
Hospitals can charge for medical records. Aug 4, 2013 378
I WILL STOP ABUSE OF ABORTION LAWS BY HOSPITALS; Reilly vow on legislation. Jun 21, 2013 536
Emergency Nurses Association Applauds Texas Legislation that Raises Assaults Against Emergency Department Personnel to Third Degree Felony. Jun 19, 2013 606
Belgium : Commission expresses concerns about refusals by Spanish public hospitals to recognise EHIC. May 31, 2013 387
Under the public procurement law 19,886, as amended regulations, the hospital san pablo de coquimbo tender calls to companies or suppliers in the industry, to establish a supply agreement for " serolo. May 24, 2013 170
"supply, installation, commissioning and warranty of a new, modern ultrasound machine multidisciplinary diagnosis, based entirely on digital platform, for the university hospital" academic ivan penche. May 11, 2013 155
NNA position statement on staffing bill. Brief article May 1, 2013 192
Teaching hospital financial status and patient outcomes following ACGME duty hour reform. Navathe, Amol S.; Silber, Jeffrey H.; Small, Dylan S.; Rosen, Amy K.; Romano, Patrick S.; Even-Shosh Report Apr 1, 2013 8200
Is required to acquire replacement instrumentation requested for hospital sterilization unit, as defined in these regulations. Mar 1, 2013 104
HIV/AIDS and admission to intensive care units: a comparison of India, Brazil and South Africa. Naidoo, K.; Singh, J.A.; Lalloo, U.G. Report Mar 1, 2013 1338
Is required to acquire antiescaras cushions and mattresses, requested for clinical support service hospital, as defined in these regulations. Feb 26, 2013 113
New Schumer Bill Helps Vulnerable Nursing Home Patients by Addressing Unfair, Costly Hospital "Observation Stays". Feb 25, 2013 441
Law Providing Safe Haven at PA Hospitals for Newborns Hits 10-year Milestone. Feb 6, 2013 442
Hospitals find patients feel neglected. Feb 1, 2013 457
Hong Kong : Hospital bill system upgraded. Brief article Dec 29, 2012 177
Private hospital in Madinah shut down. Dec 14, 2012 209
NGO: ISAF Attack Afghan Hospitals, Violating 'All Established Rules'. Dec 8, 2012 735
My husband died like battery hen; MP complains over hospital care. Dec 5, 2012 530
Hospital status must to conduct surgeries. Dec 2, 2012 609
New regulation affects seven Abu Dhabi hospitals. Nov 15, 2012 669
Treatment prices to be fixed for pvt hospitals. Oct 8, 2012 248
Expert panel review of elective surgery and emergency access targets under the national partnership agreement on improving public hospitals. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 155
Four hour rule program progress (FHRP) and issues review in Western Australia. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 250
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Sep 1, 2012 1058
Obama administration issues new rules to cut red tape for doctors and hospitals, saving up to $9 billion. Aug 7, 2012 576
Alaska's rural hospitals: new innovations help address challenges. Sommer, Susan Aug 1, 2012 1726
Unanimous House vote blocks plan to close Taunton State Hospital. Jul 12, 2012 358
A Dallas doctor who spoke truth to power: three perspectives. Fordtran, John S.; Prince, Robert; Seldin, Donald W. Report Jul 1, 2012 9255
Collaboration strategies for CDS success: evidence-based CDS has the potential to lower costs and improve outcomes by standardizing care. Button, Pat Jul 1, 2012 889
ED visits rise, despite Massachusetts reform: from the annual meeting of the society for academic emergency medicine. Wendling, Patrice Jun 15, 2012 542
Reform's small effect on ED visits. Anderson, Jane Jun 1, 2012 189
Health IT Industry Comments on the Final CMS Hospital Participation Rule. May 24, 2012 912
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview May 1, 2012 1095
Bhisho corruption-busting now the national pilot. Bateman, Chris Report May 1, 2012 1733
You've no right to dish out fines; HOSPITAL PARKING FIASCO. Apr 28, 2012 514
Long waiting lists continue to plague hospitals. Apr 19, 2012 287
Navigating regulations: how Edward Hospital & Health Services is achieving secure document management. Wesley, Mark Mar 1, 2012 741
PennFuture Files Notice of Intent to Sue Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Health Department for Violating Clean Air Law. Feb 16, 2012 723
Meaningful Use Stage Two: The Advisory Board Company Helps Hospitals Set Strategy. Feb 16, 2012 1040
Applying a model of patient's right in the state hospital, Sari, Iran. Abedi, Ghasem; Azimehr, Layla; Rostami, Farideh; Mohammadi, Samira Report Feb 1, 2012 3198
The impact of 'never events' on post-acute care: why hospitals are not the only providers who should worry. Sanders, Paula G. Feb 1, 2012 1536
HQIA does not preempt all state law barring discovery of hospital records. Jan 1, 2012 815
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammclleo, A. David Case overview Jan 1, 2012 1071
Legal focus on hospital law issues: jury verdict for failure of ER doctor to meet standard affirmed on appeal. Jan 1, 2012 960
Web-based solution helps hospital keep up with regs: managers at a 25-bed critical-access hospital hoped the software could make regulatory surveys smoother by addressing their three biggest challenges. Jan 1, 2012 1443
When can I go home? Hanson, Annette Jan 1, 2012 959
Hospital stamps out smoking in quiet zone; Board of Health willing to use its authority to create rule. Dec 23, 2011 575
Laboratory-driven Lean Sigma to prove critical to hospitals' future success under new healthcare reform law. Maul, Patrick Dec 1, 2011 1161
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview Nov 1, 2011 1043
Obama's proposal worries hospitals: administrators fear more cuts in medicare, medicaid. Friedman, Mark Oct 3, 2011 1132
New CMS rules reducing hospital regs will impact favorably transplant centers, OPOs and ESRD facilities. Oct 1, 2011 1457
Orange nurses take a stand: bed closures at Orange Base Hospital won a commitment from the LHD for safe staffing ratios. Oct 1, 2011 930
O'Farrell axes 5,000 public sector jobs: there was slightly more money for health in the O'Farrell Government's first State Budget but it comes at the cost of massive job cuts elsewhere in the public sector. Oct 1, 2011 433
Betsi passes NHS wards dignity test; IT'S CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH FOR OUR HOSPITALS FROM OAP COMMISSIONER. Sep 26, 2011 387
Indiana University Hospitals Turn to McKesson's Latest Electronic Document Management Release to Optimize Service Quality. Sep 22, 2011 747
Hospital fails to comply with all fire regs. Sep 15, 2011 293
Hospital Safety system slow to take off in Arkansas. Friedman, Mark Sep 12, 2011 1085
Strong medicine: St. Joseph Hospital announces more layoffs. Brief article Sep 9, 2011 218
Emergency room detour. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 101
Son of 'Mediscam': state's hospitals battle back over state's Medicaid funding experiment. McCord, Michael Aug 12, 2011 1108
State will appeal reimbursements ruling, again. Landrigan, Kevin Brief article Aug 12, 2011 112
Cosmetic surgery. Brief article Aug 12, 2011 225
Corpses of 2 Taliban shifted to Bolan Medical hospital. Jul 26, 2011 102
Corpses of 2 Taliban shifted to Bolan Medical hospital. Jul 26, 2011 102
Sindh Law Minister inaugurates Neurology ward at CMC Teaching Hospital. Jul 25, 2011 328
Four hospitals claim state owes them $40m: battle over state cuts heats up with filings. Kitch, Michael Jul 15, 2011 532
They said I was sick; turns out it was just a code. Colpas, Phil Column Jul 1, 2011 477
Three Suburban Chicago Hospitals Ask State to Defer Approval of New Hospitals. Jun 7, 2011 536
Committees: A Resource for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Hospices. Kapp, Marshall B. Jun 1, 2011 464
Continuing education department: RN continuing education requirements new MT board of nursing regulations. Swehla, Barb May 1, 2011 796
Driving out errors, with mom in mind: Maine system sets ambitious patient safety goal building processes that 'couldn't fail if you tried'. Weinstock, Matthew Apr 1, 2011 2321
Hospital filed claim for indemnification of damages too late! Apr 1, 2011 817
Senate Committee Endorses Rural Hospital Hiring Doctors. Mar 28, 2011 409
Lawmakers Push for Changes to Hospital Hiring Law. Mar 17, 2011 645
Rural Hospitals Hope to Change Hiring Law. Mar 17, 2011 645
Modifying the Open Hospitals Proceedings Act. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 284
CMS releases proposed rule on value-based purchasing: quality measures tied to hospital incentives. Hagland, Mark Mar 1, 2011 348
ACOs: how do you get there from here? Jarousse, Lee Ann Mar 1, 2011 1619
Bed-blocking eviction claims denied. Feb 17, 2011 294
ID Experts' RADAR(TM) Supports Hospitals' and Clinics' Efforts to Receive Electronic Health Record 'Meaningful Use' Incentives. Feb 3, 2011 522
Let's chuck out this hospital slop: the NHS's cheap, mass-produced food policy needs a complete overhaul. Blythman, Joanna Jan 22, 2011 385
Varsity Hospital sets up eight-bed ward for swine flu patients. Jan 8, 2011 228
Reforms pending for providers. Kibbe, Cindy Brief article Dec 31, 2010 156
Former hospital in danger of collapse. Dec 11, 2010 246
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Dec 1, 2010 1100
Clean bill of health for hospitals; HYGIENE. Dec 1, 2010 126
Ban on physician-owned specialty hospitals. Lewin Interview Nov 15, 2010 651
Brace for regs aimed at quality and cost transparency. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 160
The ban on physician-owned specialty hospitals. Lewin Interview Nov 1, 2010 747
The ban on physician-owned hospitals. Interview Nov 1, 2010 701
Getting ahead of the reform storm: three steps to supercharging provider information management. Muppalla, Sam Nov 1, 2010 1336
$66.5 million for hospital. Oct 28, 2010 258
Whither healthcare IT. Cover story Oct 1, 2010 2299
Optimizing release-of-information processes: while Underwood-Memorial Hospital was already working with a provider that was meeting most of its medical records needs, a key element was missing. Zahn, Bonnie Oct 1, 2010 1053
Do target waiting times in emergency departments affect patient care? New Zealand has followed England's lead end introduced target waiting times for those presenting at emergency departments. An emergency care nurse in England looks at the impact of target waiting times and explores some issues nurses here should consider. Yarwood, Sally Report Oct 1, 2010 2595
Response to Commentary: what conclusions can we draw from recent analyses of anesthesia provider model and patient outcomes? Needleman, Jack; Minnick, Ann F. Oct 1, 2010 3541
The complexity behind quality measures: Jane Metzger, principal researcher, Emerging Practices, CSC, reflects on a drill-down of the MU Quality measures. Hagland, Mark Oct 1, 2010 1849
Do you collect the right data for defending your paid claims? In the age of healthcare reform, hospitals need to go above and beyond meeting minimal data requirements. Hurd, Phil; Martin, Bo Oct 1, 2010 1252
You've asked: "I am a nurse practitioner hired to work in the emergency department. I am occasionally asked to replace a registered nurse for a shift on a medical nursing unit. Can I do this?". Guitard, Virgil Sep 22, 2010 692
AUB Study: Hospital staff in emergency departments subject to violence. Sep 5, 2010 686
Mass. Labor Relations Board Issues Final Ruling, Finding Cambridge Hospital Violated State Labor Law By Declaring Impasse & Imposing Its Last Offer Including a 40% Cut to the Nurses' Retiree Health Benefit Without Exhausting Longstanding Requirements for Mediation. Aug 30, 2010 910
New rules for charitable hospitals. Kimball, Priscilla E.; Eills, Andrew B. Aug 27, 2010 690
Medicarea[euro](tm)s hazy outlook. Aug 11, 2010 1142
Hospital declared smoke-free zone. Aug 4, 2010 254
State Labor Division Rules That Cambridge Health Alliance Committed an Unfair Labor Practice and Violated the Rights of Whidden Hospital Nurses in 2008 by Unilaterally Implementing Fees for Parking Without Negotiating with the MNA. Jul 22, 2010 993
Cambridge Hospital Nurses to Conduct Informational Picket on July 22 to Protest the Hospital's Unlawful Effort to Slash Nurses' Retiree Health Benefit After State Labor Board Cited CHA Management for Violating Nurses Rights. Jul 20, 2010 591
Physicians, Nurses, Clinicians, Hospitals Ask Congress to Enact Legislation Prohibiting Non-therapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Animal Production. Jul 13, 2010 798
Board of Directors of Medical Cities and Specialist Hospitals Hold 5th Meeting. Jul 10, 2010 174
Hospitals handed clean bill of health. Jul 8, 2010 181
Cambridge Health Alliance Nurses File Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against the Hospital for Bad Faith Bargaining - Seek Injunction to Prevent Dramatic Cuts to Nurses' Retiree Health Benefit. Jul 7, 2010 867
Discount drug program could save eligible hospitals millions of dollars: reform law extends 340B program; hospitals advised to yet ready now. Ament, Lucy Jul 1, 2010 472
Tawam Hospital turns 100% smoke-free. May 31, 2010 267
Tawam Hospital -- 100% Smoke Free Zone. May 31, 2010 404
Tawam Hospital becomes 100pc smoke-free zone. May 30, 2010 298
Tawam Hospital -- 100% Smoke Free Zone. May 30, 2010 404
Health reform may curb ER expansion at hospital. May 27, 2010 492
The Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati and The Christ Hospital to Pay $108 Million for Violating Anti-Kickback Statute and Defrauding Medicare and Medicaid. May 21, 2010 739
OR teams too stubborn to not get stuck? Brief article May 1, 2010 140
President Obama on Thursday ordered his health secretary to issue new rules aimed at granting hospital visiting rights to same-sex partners. Brief article Apr 19, 2010 323
The historic St Vincent's Catholic Hospital in New York City's Greenwich Village filed for bankruptcy protection last week, after more than 160 years of treating patients. Brief article Apr 19, 2010 277
The road ahead: whatever lies ahead, the AHA will address key issues and the need to anticipate the future. Umbdenstock, Rich Apr 1, 2010 513
Outside track advances: think smaller and rural hospitals are hopelessly behind in satisfying the meaningful-use criteria under ARRA-HITECH? don't be so sure. Hagland, Mark Apr 1, 2010 2086
Concord: a New Hampshire Senate committee is recommending legislation that would create an independent panel to review hospital costs, but not set the rates as called for originally. Brief article Mar 12, 2010 98
Boston opens Day Center for homeless. Turner, Laura Brief article Mar 1, 2010 218
Law to keep a leash on pvt hospitals. Feb 11, 2010 141
The pain of change. Anderberg, Ken Editorial Feb 1, 2010 456
'Govt must act on hospital food'. Dec 29, 2009 142
The case of the nurse who whistled: when Tracie Lui exposed the wrong doings at the hospital that she worked for, she was labelled as a whistle-blower and management victimised her. Study this whistleblower case and suggest how whistle-blowers could be protected. Teik, Tan Chee Dec 1, 2009 990
HOSPITALS TOLD TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT; Report slates Royal and Ulster for hygiene standards. Nov 25, 2009 414
Improving quality care in emergency departments: achieving shorter stays in emergency departments requires a whole systems approach. Staff across the spectrum of patient care will need to be involved if this aim is to be realised. Geraghty, Michael Nov 1, 2009 1854
Smoke-free hospital campus policy. Gourley, David Nov 1, 2009 1017
Rapid HIV testing in an urban emergency department: using social workers to affect risk behaviors and overcome barriers. Silverman, Morgan; LaPerriere, Kathryn; Haukoos, Jason S. Report Nov 1, 2009 2589
Administrators voice concerns on health care: 55 pct. of hospitals report losses in '08. Friedman, Mark Oct 5, 2009 1281
Hospitals to get piece of stimulus. Sep 3, 2009 156
Reportlinker Adds the Chinese Hospital Pharmaceutical Market Outlook to 2014: Policy Environment, Healthcare System, Market Structure, Competitive Landscape, Growth Opportunities. Industry overview Aug 10, 2009 1898
Chinese health ministry to overhaul transplant regs after reports of foreign patients being transplanted. Aug 1, 2009 322
Hospitals OK cuts for reform. Anderson, Jane Aug 1, 2009 161
Better codes, better patient safety. Schwend, George T. Cover story Jul 1, 2009 1899
Making hospitals accountable: hospital-level liability could revive the dormant deterrent power of tort liability. Peters, Philip G., Jr. Jun 22, 2009 5302
The accountability of nonprofit hospitals: lessons from Maryland's community benefit reporting requirements. Gray, Bradford H.; Schlesinger, Mark Jun 22, 2009 10878
Single specialty hospitals and service competition. Carey, Kathleen; Burgess, James F.; Young, Gary J. Jun 22, 2009 5342
Pocahontas hospital seeks status change. Friedman, Mark Jun 15, 2009 236
Catholic bishops are threatening to close more than 600 church-run hospitals if the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is reintroduced and passed. May 1, 2009 104
Don't be put out by throughput in the emergency department. Waldrop, Ron D. May 1, 2009 2287
Hospitals Struggling to Comply With Red Flags Rules. Apr 22, 2009 810
Hospital bill. Brief article Apr 13, 2009 86
Infection correction: hospital-acquired infections can be reduced significantly or even eliminated with sound prevention procedures. Wolke, Anna Apr 1, 2009 1742
If required to allow abortions at a Catholic Hospital, bishop Will resist. McManus, John F. Brief article Mar 30, 2009 103
Federalism and the "new politics" of hospital financing. Bohm, Katharina Essay Mar 22, 2009 8604
Why take NPM to such ridiculous extremes? 'Healthy' guidelines for Welsh hospitals will ban most food and drink from vending machines. Leech, Melanie Mar 21, 2009 358
Adverse selection, moral hazard, and outlier payment policy. Mougeot, Michel; Naegelen, Florence Mar 1, 2009 8590
NPM used on vending machines in hospitals. Hegarty, Ronan Brief article Feb 28, 2009 330
Health IT Industry Applauds Funding in Federal Stimulus Package, Looks to National Network of Paperless Hospitals. Feb 17, 2009 583
Chaplains and confidentiality. Jan 1, 2009 1564
Joint Commission ruling on labs. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 82
HIPAA enforcement 'limited'. Anderson, Jane Brief article Dec 1, 2008 146
Philanthropic pains: the push to implement charity care and community benefit mandates is gaining speed, but will it hurt hospitals? Kramer, Stacey Dec 1, 2008 1078
CMS IPPS final rule changes. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 263
Faster laboratory detection of MRSA translates to cost savings for hospital. Murillo, Jeremias; Tsang, Patricia Nov 1, 2008 1951
Hospitals slow to offer EMR subsidies to Docs. Schneider, Mary Ellen Oct 15, 2008 478
Seeking accountability, improving safety. Masterson, Tom Sep 1, 2008 902
Third Circuit approves higher hospital fees for uninsured patients. Sileo, Carmel Sep 1, 2008 837
LAW IGNORED AT HRI: SMOKERS LIGHT UP; 'Fewer than before' says hospital. Aug 20, 2008 386
Healthy food in health care. Kim, Jo Ann Aug 1, 2008 419
An empirical taxonomy of hospital governing board roles. Lee, Shoou-Yih D.; Alexander, Jeffrey A.; Wang, Virginia; Margolin, Frances S.; Combes, John R. Aug 1, 2008 7073
Mersey update. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 145
The insulting code of conduct. Christman, Kenneth D. Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2008 695
New York State Hospitals Embrace Video Interpreting to Improve Access to Care For Deaf and Hearing Impaired Community. Jun 11, 2008 943
Making the trauma negligence case: emergency care facilities are chronically understaffed, overworked, and lacking in medical teams with experience in treating victims of trauma. Patients who urgently need competent medical care may suffer disastrous consequences. Bartimus, James R.; DeWitt, Anthony L. May 1, 2008 4008
What's in a name--medical home? Haebler, Janet May 1, 2008 635
Pathway to Excellence update. Apr 1, 2008 862
OSHA enforcement activity on BPS: an update. Perry, Jane; Jagger, Janine Mar 1, 2008 870
Patient Safety Goals updated. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 1, 2008 118
New insurance law reducing ER visits. Editorial Feb 15, 2008 257
ER visits drop as insurance law kicks in. Feb 14, 2008 552
Bare below the elbows. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 204
Top watchdog body lashes Zimbabwe--from Harare. Bateman, Chris Feb 1, 2008 1151
More action needed on MRSA. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jan 15, 2008 190
A matter of privilege. Zaremski, Miles Editorial Jan 15, 2008 936
California's Historic RN-to-Patient Hospital Staffing Ratios Upgraded Again With New Year. Jan 2, 2008 843
Controlling MRSA. Klotter, Jule Jan 1, 2008 332
Repricing specialty hospital outpatient services using ambulatory surgery center prices. Healy, Deborah; Cromwell, Jerry; Thomas, Frederick G. Dec 22, 2007 4336
$63m Portsmouth hospital expansion gains. Brief article Dec 21, 2007 141
Medicare final outpatient rule boosts device pay. Ault, Alicia Dec 15, 2007 600

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