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Media a critical player in ending impunity in Gender Based Violence. Dec 6, 2020 1322
The Ubiquity of Positive Measures for Addressing Systemic Discrimination and Inequality: A Comparative Global Perspective. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 123
Pastoralists need affirmative action. Nov 19, 2018 750
Affirmative Action Bill will not empower women over men is to correct social injustice. Nov 15, 2018 642
WHICH WAY DO WE GO? TRANSITIONING from HIGH SCHOOL to EMPLOYMENT: When trying to determine the best path for your son f or daughter to take on their road to independence, the attainment of a college degree, in and of itself, should not be the ultimate goal. Rather, the ultimate goal should be employment and independent living. Vanbergeijk, Ernst Cover story Oct 1, 2018 3207
Trump plans to rescind race guidelines in college admissions. Jul 3, 2018 358
Trump administration moves to rescind Obama-era guidance on race in admissions. Jul 3, 2018 375
Ameliorative Programs Gaining Recognition in Human Rights Legislation. Panos, Linda Mckay Jul 1, 2018 1186
The Arc Responds to the Department of Education's Rescinding of Affirmative Action Guidance: The Trump administration, in June, rescinded guidance the Department of Education provides to colleges, universities and K-12 schools on how they can use race and ethnic background in admissions decisions to promote diversity. Jul 1, 2018 228
Women group calls on National Assembly to pass gender bill. Jun 11, 2018 963
Two-thirds gender rule must be passed, implemented at all costs. Jun 4, 2018 652
Breaking the cycle: countering voter initiatives and the underrepresentation of racial minorities in the political process. Barnes, Kristen Mar 22, 2017 25241
Caste, 'quotas' and discrimination in India: insights from interdisciplinary quantitative research; an interview with Ashwini Deshpande. Yunus, Reva Interview Dec 1, 2016 6298
EEO for the department's majorit-minority: LE staff. Robinson, John M. Sep 1, 2016 445
Admissions challenge rejected. Brief article Jul 15, 2016 187
Public opinion on affirmative action. Bowman, Karlyn; O'Neil, Eleanor Jun 1, 2016 6051
The 'race card': the supreme court's re-visit of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin reignites the debate over affirmative action in admissions. Gray, Katti Jan 14, 2016 1436
Still work to do. Pluviose, David Editorial Dec 31, 2015 877
Supreme court Justice Scalia's commentary during the Fisher case arguments have sparked controversy. Arnett, Autumn A.; Morris, Catherine Dec 31, 2015 1505
A fair shake: the Supreme Court's decision to once again take up the Fisher v. University of Texas case has placed affirmative action and its necessity into the spotlight. Arnett, Autumn A. Aug 13, 2015 1131
Tumultuous Texas legacy: the University of Texas at Austin bears a complicated history toward race. Arnett, Autumn A. Jul 16, 2015 1863
Affirmative action, free housing, free lunch, free everything, yes, we have no more to give. DiLaura, J. Gary Jul 7, 2015 1525
Gayffirmative action: the constitutionality of sexual orientation-based affirmative action policies. Nicolas, Peter Apr 1, 2015 10808
Gayffirmative action: the constitutionality of sexual orientation-based affirmative action policies. Nicolas, Peter Apr 1, 2015 15202
The lingering battleground between race and education. Fallon, Ethan P. Dec 22, 2014 5342
The lingering battleground between race and education. Fallon, Ethan P. Dec 22, 2014 16909
The EEO mediation process at state. Robinson, John M. Column Dec 1, 2014 606
Affirmative action ending? Certain legal cases have left experts speculating where race-conscious admissions are headed. Davis, Kimberly Oct 9, 2014 1638
Ban dissuades Blacks. Davis, Crystal Brief article Sep 11, 2014 116
The anti-bottleneck principle in employment discrimination law. Fishkin, Joseph Sep 1, 2014 12555
The anti-bottleneck principle in employment discrimination law. Fishkin, Joseph Sep 1, 2014 28276
Preferences nullified: SCOTUS vs. affirmative action. Root, Damon Brief article Jul 25, 2014 245
Beyond black and white: a reflection on how the debate over affirmative action has evolved through the years. Ruffins, Paul Mar 13, 2014 1533
Legal landscape: the legal environment has ebbed and flowed in its support of advancing diversity. Freedman, Eric Mar 13, 2014 1638
Reprisal: a self-inflicted wound. Robinson, John M. Column Feb 1, 2014 602
Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin: Grutter (not) revisited. Purdy, R. Lawrence Jan 1, 2014 12885
The odd evolution of the civil rights state. Melnick, R. Shep Jan 1, 2014 8261
Supreme Court preview: As the Supreme Court's new term gets under way, states will want to keep an eye on several cases. Kessler, Victor Oct 1, 2013 1108
Shifting diversity perspectives and new avenues for representative bureaucracy. Elias, Nicole M. Rishel Report Sep 22, 2013 11827
Constructing age through bona fide occupational qualifications: de jure discrimination's last stand? Schachter, Hindy Lauer Report Sep 22, 2013 6273
Supreme Court countdown. Survey Jun 1, 2013 229
Ideological orientation of professors and equity policies for racialized minorities. Nakhaie, Reza Essay Mar 22, 2013 10943
Good faith and narrow tailoring in Fisher v. University of Texas. McAward, Jennifer Mason Mar 22, 2013 4159
Affirmative action reconsidered. Survey Jan 1, 2013 193
4: Civil rights, race, and the American Republic: today and tomorrow. Kass, Amy A.; Kass, Leon R. Essay Jan 1, 2013 10242
Two legacies: how blacks and Mexican-Americans helped shape University of Texas history. Smith, Susan Nov 22, 2012 1222
Moving forward. Davis, Crystal Brief article Nov 8, 2012 125
People's electric: engaged legal education at Rutgers-Newark Law School in the 1960s and 1970s. Conk, George W. Nov 1, 2012 19472
Debate over affirmative action in college admissions continues. Hu, Helen Oct 25, 2012 807
Could end of affirmative action be boon for Black colleges? Taylor, Aaron N. Aug 30, 2012 759
Equality and inclusion in modern recruitment: OT manager, Louise Walpole, discusses with employment law solicitor, Colin Godfrey, what correct recruitment processes employers should follow. Godfrey, Colin Cover story Jul 13, 2012 1378
The desegregation of higher education, race conscious admissions policies and the federal constitution: before Brown vs. Board and beyond. Lark, Taj'ullah Sky Report Jun 30, 2012 4888
'Top 10' admissions policy evaluated. Brief article May 24, 2012 185
How Congress could reduce job discrimination by promoting anonymous hiring. Hausman, David May 1, 2012 11816
Racial inclusion, exclusion and segregation in constitutional law. Adams, Michelle Mar 22, 2012 13784
No impunity for violators: commissioner warns companies to honour Affirmative Action legislation. Jacobs, Clemencia Jan 1, 2012 638
Veterans' jobs bill signed into law. Jan 1, 2012 389
The diversity imperative: college admissions offices continue to adjust affirmative action policies in wake of Grutter and Gratz. Phillip, Amara Column Oct 13, 2011 1471
Implementing Grutter's diversity rationale: diversity and empathy in leadership. Lee, Rebecca K. Sep 22, 2011 25373
10 Supreme Court cases every teen should know: part 2: more of the Court's most important rulings--from drug testing at school to teen rights at home. Jacobs, Tom Sep 19, 2011 2076
Aged care EEO inquiry. Aug 1, 2011 378
Revisiting class-based affirmative action in government contracting. Reece, Jarrod D. Jul 1, 2011 23523
From stereotypes to solid ground: reframing the equal protection intermediate scrutiny standard and its application to gender-based college admissions policies. Sacher, Lindsey E. Jun 22, 2011 14838
The lost origins of American fair employment law: regulatory choice and the making of modern civil rights, 1943-1972. Engstrom, David Freeman May 1, 2011 35957
Women in diplomacy an assessment of British female ambassadors in overcoming gender hierarchy, 1990-2010. Rahman, Talyn Report Apr 4, 2011 12170
The state-created danger in domestic violence cases: do we have a solution in Okin v. Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Department? Awoyomi, Atinuke O. Jan 1, 2011 15986
Engineering the endgame. Katz, Ellen D. Dec 1, 2010 21146
Anti-preference campaign plows ahead on election day: overshadowed by battle over controversial immigration law, anti-affirmative-action ballot initiative in Arizona goes unchallenged. Stuart, Reginald Oct 28, 2010 916
Strict in theory, but accommodating in fact? Varol, Ozan O. Sep 22, 2010 24054
The argot of equality: on the importance of disentangling "diversity" and "remediation" as justifications for race-conscious government action. Krotoszynski, Ronald J., Jr. Sep 1, 2010 36814
Profiling on steroids. McManus, John F. Jul 19, 2010 812
Good enough for government work: the interpretation of positive constitutional rights in state constitutions. Usman, Jeffrey Omar Jun 22, 2010 32620
Class-based affirmative action: creating a new model of diversity in higher education. Goldsmith, Neil Jun 22, 2010 14332
Temporal imperialism. Lacroix, Alison L. Apr 1, 2010 20216
Anti-discrimination law in peril? Jones, Trina Mar 22, 2010 9496
The Obama effect: a pipeline issue. Epps, A. Felecia Jan 1, 2010 7943
Glimmers of hope: the evolution of equality rights doctrine in Japanese courts from a comparative perspective. Martin, Craig Jan 1, 2010 37560
Colorblind diversity: the changing significance of "race" in the post-Bakke era. Baldwin, Bridgette Dec 22, 2009 12439
On account of race or color: race as corporation and the original understanding of race. Oh, Reginald Dec 22, 2009 5311
Debunking common myths about S/OCR. Robinson, John M. Dec 1, 2009 675
The diversity management approach to equal employment opportunity in Australian organisations. Burgess, John; French, Erica; Strachan, Glenda Dec 1, 2009 7148
Tightening India's "Golden Straitjacket": how pulling the straps of India's job reservation scheme reflects prudent economic policy. Jain, Sumeet Sep 22, 2009 12581
Rethinking colorblind state action: a thought experiment on racial preferences. Goodwin, Michele; Gewertz, Nevin Sep 22, 2009 14534
Affirmative action in corporate Norway. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 121
Top five stories on May 15-June 15. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 180
Disappearing without a case - the constitutionality of race-conscious scholarships in higher education. Elson, Alexander S. Jul 1, 2009 24091
Unfinished business: the Bush Administration and racial preferences. Clegg, Roger Jun 22, 2009 9675
The Emperor is still naked: why the protocol on the rights of women in Africa leaves women exposed to more discrimination. Davis, Kristin May 1, 2009 20323
The river runs dry: when Title VI trumps state anti-affirmative action laws. West-Faulcon, Kimberly Apr 1, 2009 36579
R. v. Kapp: new directions for section 15. Moreau, Sophia Mar 22, 2009 7196
"Weighting" for protection in Massachusetts: the myth of equal opportunity in employment. Kubilis, Courtney N. Dec 22, 2008 14012
A narrow path to diversity: the constitutionality of rezoning plans and strategic site selection of schools after Parents Involved. Collis, Steven T. Dec 1, 2008 11160
The next "great dissenter"? How Clarence Thomas is using the words and principles of John Marshall Harlan to craft a new era of civil rights. Weiner, Hannah L. Oct 1, 2008 16313
"If at first you don't succeed ...": an argument giving federal agencies the ability to challenge adverse Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decisions in federal court. Raniere, Steven M. Sep 1, 2008 15121
Model advocates or a model for change? The model equal opportunity briefing policy as affirmative action. Bartlett, Francesca Aug 1, 2008 19276
Pakistan's commitment to equal employment opportunity for women: a toothless tiger? Ali, Faiza; Knox, Angela Report Apr 1, 2008 6197
Affirmative action or passive participation in perpetuating discrimination? The future of race-based preferences in government contracting. Bradley, Patricia C. Feb 1, 2008 11545
Discrimination at will: job security protections and equal employment opportunity in conflict. Suk, Julie C. Oct 1, 2007 19428
Race-based school assignments after Parents Involved in Community Schools: in one of the most talked-about and contentious rulings of its 2007 term, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the race-based plans for assigning students to public schools in Seattle and Louisville. But what kinds of plans pass constitutional muster? Wojcik, Mark E. Oct 1, 2007 4110
Election fraud and the initiative process: a study of the 2006 Michigan civil rights initiative. Benson, Jocelyn Friedrichs Apr 1, 2007 22067
"A nation of minorities": race, ethnicity, and reactionary colorblindness. Haney Lopez, Ian F. Feb 1, 2007 37800
EEO staff from 27 posts train in Tanzania. De Heer, Jenniffer Brief article Jan 1, 2007 229
Building bridges: EEO Award Winner bridges cultural divide. Caramanica, Janice F. Jan 1, 2007 841
Who's watching? Q&A: helps and hindrances to workforce diversity. King, David J., III Jan 1, 2007 1030
Turning up the heat on affirmative action policies: Asian American student claims his race kept him out of Princeton. Galuszka, Peter Dec 14, 2006 782
Intuition or proof: the social science justification for the diversity rationale in Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger. Pidot, Justin Dec 1, 2006 22706
The diversity rationale for affirmative action in employment after Grutter: the case for containment. Mellott, Jared M. Dec 1, 2006 25471
Race-conscious student assignment plans: balkanization, integration, and individualized consideration. Siegel, Neil S. Dec 1, 2006 35628
Moving past hippies and harassment: a historical approach to sex, appearance, and the workplace. Williamson, Erica Nov 1, 2006 17992
Discrimination. Anderson, Teresa Brief article Sep 1, 2006 173
Affirmative action on ballot. Brief article Apr 28, 2006 158
Grutter at work: a Title VII critique of constitutional affirmative action. Bulman-Pozen, Jessica Apr 1, 2006 17336
Problems with minimalism. Sunstein, Cass R. Apr 1, 2006 8847
'English-only' lawsuits on the rise. Sileo, Carmel Feb 1, 2006 691
State labor legislation enacted in 2005: minimum wage, child labor, drug and alcohol testing, equal employment opportunity, human trafficking, overtime, plant closings, prevailing wage, time off, wages paid, and worker privacy were among the most active categories of labor legislation enacted or amended during the year. Fitzpatrick, John J., Jr. Jan 1, 2006 29645
Federal affirmative action law: a brief history. Dale, Charles V. Sep 1, 2005 2867
The O'Connor legacy. Chemerinsky, Erwin Sep 1, 2005 1521
The interaction between agreement making and EEO programs in Australian retailing. Burgess, John; Strachan, Glenda; Sullivan, Anne Apr 1, 2005 6927
Sex Ed: insulating yourself from sexual harassment litigation. Warfel, William Feb 1, 2005 2521
From Bakke to Grutter: the Supreme Court and the struggle over affirmative action in the era of globalization. Kamalu, Johnson A.; Kamalu, Ngozi C. Dec 22, 2004 7289
Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa - does McDonnell Douglas survive? A significant new chapter has been written in the evolution of the methods of proving discrimination in the unanimous Supreme Court decision of Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa. Spero, Donald J. Nov 1, 2004 6025
Racial integration as a compelling interest. Anderson, Elizabeth S. Mar 22, 2004 10962
Jim Crow's long goodbye. Chin, Gabriel J. Mar 22, 2004 12118
In defense of deference. Fuentes-Rohwer, Luis; Charles, Guy-Uriel E. Mar 22, 2004 17220
The last twenty five years of affirmative action? Johnson, Kevin R. Mar 22, 2004 9101
The dark side of Grutter. Spann, Girardeau A. Mar 22, 2004 13068
International human rights law perspective on Grutter and Gratz. Weissbrodt, David Mar 22, 2004 4785
Race as mission critical: the occupational need rationale in military affirmative action and beyond. Leach, Bryan W. Mar 1, 2004 22669
Connecting the dots: Grutter, school desegregation, and federalism. Parker, Wendy Mar 1, 2004 36103
The journey from Brown v. Board of Education to Grutter v. Bollinger: from racial assimilation to diversity. Edwards, Harry T. Mar 1, 2004 16660
Diversity and the practice of interest assessment. Nagel, Robert F. Mar 1, 2004 8892
Owens straddles affirmative-action line. Schwab, Robert Feb 1, 2004 467
The supremes call the tune. Hanna, Judith Lynne Dec 1, 2003 557
Equality control: a Catholic perspective on affirmative action in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decisions. Massingale, Bryan N. Sep 1, 2003 2104
Affirmative action upheld: Supreme Court backs use of race as a factor for college admissions. Hocker, Cliff Sep 1, 2003 573
Court rulings mark steps toward pluralism: but decisions on affirmative action, gay rights are not as far-reaching as they may seem. (Columns). Drinan, Robert F. Jul 18, 2003 925
Imperfect solution deserves support. . Editorial Jul 4, 2003 500
USA the battle for affirmative action. (Diaspora). Moonga, Choongo Apr 1, 2003 943
Affirmative reaction: the courts, the right and the race question. (Court Packing). Kennedy, Randall Mar 1, 2003 2395
Race matters: this year, the Supreme Court could dismantle affirmative action. Would it be ending an unfair practice or hurting the cause of racial equality? Nagourney, Eric Feb 21, 2003 3047
The Supreme Court announced that it will decide whether universities may favor minorities in their admissions process. (Newsbytes). Hughes, Alan Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 125
Socio-economic policies. Jan 1, 2003 7499
Ad-In/Ad-Out: deciding victory and defeat in affirmative action legal contestations . Johnson, Paula C. Dec 22, 2002 5900
Racial preferences in admissions: myths, harms, and alternatives. Levey, Curt A. Dec 22, 2002 6355
Standing on the promise of Brown and building a new Civil Rights Movement: the student intervention in Grutter v. Bollinger. Massie, Miranda K.S. Dec 22, 2002 5861
Swedish government may enforce quota for female board members. Brief Article Nov 26, 2002 122
Business enterprise program survives legal challenges. (Case Study). Holt, Colette Oct 1, 2002 1410
A rational basis for affirmative action: a shaky but classical liberal defense. Epstein, Richard A. Aug 1, 2002 12359
Is racial and ethnic diversity educationally beneficial? Zuriff, G. E. Aug 1, 2002 5764
Kerry: reforms "devastating" to small contractors; senator pushes legislation to raise goals, fight bundling. Jun 28, 2002 869
What's wrong with our talk about race? On history, particularity, and affirmative action. White, James Boyd Jun 1, 2002 14843
Affirmative action concerns stall women's set-aside. Brief Article May 31, 2002 408
Easing the spring: strict scrutiny and affirmative action after the redistricting cases: 2001 Cutler Lecture. Karlan, Pamela S. Mar 1, 2002 14013
Diversity efforts in independent schools. Brosnan, Michael Dec 1, 2001 8272
The diversity dialogues in higher education. Bunzel, John H. Dec 1, 2001 10914
Taking account of another race: reframing Asian-American challenges to race-conscious admissions in public schools. Gutierrez, Gitanjali S. Sep 1, 2001 25883
Admission of Success. Brief Article Aug 20, 2001 348
Affirmative-Action Regulatory Focus Shifts. Goldstein, David Aug 1, 2001 1895
Integration without classification: moving toward race-neutrality in the pursuit of public elementary and secondary school diversity. Diller, Paul Aug 1, 2001 36214
Diffusion of political power and the Voting Rights Act. Pildes, Richard H. Sep 22, 2000 7835
Agency, equality, and antidiscrimination law. Higgins, Tracy E.; Rosenbury, Laura A. Jul 1, 2000 12543
!Viva la evolucion! Recognizing unconscious motive in Title VII. McGinley, Ann C. Jan 1, 2000 35245
Bakke betrayed. Meese, Alan J. Jan 1, 2000 15615
Indirect constitutional discourse: a comment on Meese. Nagel, Robert F. Jan 1, 2000 2191
Appendix: the constitutional separation of powers between the President and Congress. Oellinger, Walter; Meese, Alan J. Jan 1, 2000 34843
Smith v. Midland Brake, Inc.: writing affirmative action into the Americans with Disabilities Act? Guedes, Edward G. Oct 1, 1999 3752
UNEASY PREFERENCES. Fried, Charles Sep 1, 1999 4230
Proposition 209 and the affirmative action debate on the University of California campuses. Taylor, Ula Mar 22, 1999 3458
Washington report: affirmative action onslaught persists. Jones, Joyce Brief Article Aug 1, 1998 582
Canady sledgehammers black business. Harris, Hamil Brief Article Jul 1, 1998 594
The purpose of purpose analysis. Rubenfeld, Jed Jun 1, 1998 1065
A call to arms: mounted opposition forces federal version of Prop 209 into recess - for now. JOnes, Joyce Brief Article Feb 1, 1998 501
What role does race play? Simpson, Michael D. Jan 1, 1998 656
House panel puts off decision on affirmative action: cities face options on their own programs. Dimas, Jose Brief Article Nov 10, 1997 536
Not 'Prop'ped up; California's ban on race preference has no effect on postgrad minority j-schools. Fitzgerald, Mark Sep 27, 1997 425
Blind justice for minority firms? Entrepreneurs await Justice Department findings on affirmative action. Jones, Joyce Sep 1, 1997 549
The quota czars. Gavora, Jessica Cover Story May 1, 1997 4059
Toward affirmative reaction: California's Prop 209 failed as a racial wedge issue - but here's what it means. Rice, Connie Jan 13, 1997 1680
Affirmative action in question: a coherent theory for section 15(2). Drumbl, Mark A.; Craig, John D.R. Jan 1, 1997 18730
Affirmative action? It's a tossup. Zirkel, Perry A. Column Dec 1, 1996 1671
Proposition 209 creates new social turbulence. Wirpsa, Leslie Nov 22, 1996 792
After affirmative action: life under an executive order suggests the future of affirmative action in a post-CCRI California. Lynch, Michael Nov 1, 1996 2776
Administration issues new rules on race-based federal contracting; action could be model for cities. Dimas, Jose Jun 3, 1996 438
Unequal justice for all: EEOC director fighting a rising tide. Jones, Joyce Interview Jun 1, 1996 634
Under the table: Dole-Canady bill out of sight until November elections. Smith, Eric L. Feb 1, 1996 414
Race and the numbers racket. Oliver, Charles Aug 1, 1995 3145
California's war on affirmative action. Spencer, Susan Jun 1, 1995 699
More of us are working: but gains are threatened by courts and anti-affirmative action initiatives. Simms, Margaret C. Apr 1, 1995 405
Preferences in hiring and promotion: courts impose heightened scrutiny. Sauls, John Gales Dec 1, 1994 3927
25 years of black capitalism initiatives. Hayes, Cassandra Nov 1, 1994 416
Will an employer that voluntarily implements an affirmative action program be subject to possible liability under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Turk, Harry N. Mar 22, 1994 515
Bush: civil rights and wrongs. McCoy, Frank Column Mar 1, 1992 565
Lower education. editorial Jan 7, 1991 600
Civil rights and affirmative action: revolution or fine-tuning? Morehead, Jere W.; Shedd, Peter J. Sep 1, 1990 5275
President Bush speaks out on ... discrimination, affirmative action, South Africa, Black Democrats and republicans. interview Apr 1, 1990 2281
Civil rights cases. Ruben, George Aug 1, 1989 889
Deaffirmation. Dyson, Michael Eric editorial Jul 3, 1989 717

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