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Legal challenge over stalled abortion services. MIRROR REPORTERS May 27, 2021 211
Texas Passes Restrictive Abortion Bill That Expands Exposure to Lawsuits. Najmabadi, Shannon May 13, 2021 517
A look inside at the May edition of the "Pro-Life Newspaper of Record". May 1, 2021 569
UK TO FORCE NEW ABORTION LAW; Secretary of State to take action despite DUP objections Secretary to act on access to abortion services. SHAUN KEENAN Mar 19, 2021 248
What refusing to treat abortion survivors tells us about today's Democrat Party. Editorial Feb 1, 2021 548
Value Them Both Amendment Passes Kansas Senate, Voters Will Now Decide. Feb 1, 2021 560
Big victory for Kentucky in 6th Circuit decision. Andrusko, Dave Oct 15, 2020 512
4th Circuit clashes with 9th Circuit over Trump Administration's "Protect Life" rule. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2020 577
I wasn't told the baby I aborted could feel pain: Woman launches legal case urging clinics to tell the truth. Sep 1, 2020 563
Indiana's 18-Hour Ultrasound Law To Go Back Into Effect After State's Largest Abortion Business Drops Suit. Sep 1, 2020 570
Infamous abortionist a hero to pro-abortion publication for moving to Alabama "to expand its abortion services to the full gestational limit set by state law". Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2020 541
Trump versus Biden on Supreme Court's abortion decision. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2020 624
What If Trump Wins? Apr 1, 2020 10111
Fewer clinics in 2020, but Planned Parenthood performing more abortions, later abortions, than it was ten years ago. O'Bannon, Randall K. Apr 1, 2020 2808
National Right to Life and Louisiana Right to Life File Amicus Brief in Support of Louisiana's Requirement that Abortion Doctors Have Hospital Admitting Privileges. Jan 1, 2020 594
Assessing Readiness to Provide Comprehensive Abortion Care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo After Passage of the Maputo Protocol. Glover, Annie L.; Kayembe, Patrick; Kaba, Didine; Babakazo, Pelagie Report Jan 1, 2020 8137
Chilean Medical and Midwifery Faculty's Views on Conscientious Objection for Abortion Services. Casas, Lidia; Freedman, Lori; Ramm, Alejandra; Correa, Sara; Baba, C. Finley; Biggs, M. Antonia Report Jan 1, 2020 8610
Federal Judge hears closing arguments in pro-abortion challenge to four Virginia abortion laws. Turner, Olivia Gans Jun 1, 2019 673
At abortion clinics, new laws sow confusion. May 22, 2019 615
The real reasons abortion activists and academics so oppose providing information about Abortion Pill Reversal. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2019 624
Speech as Speech: "Professional Speech" and Missouri's Informed Consent for Abortion Statute. Essma, Michael J. Mar 22, 2019 13241
Trump Administration Restores Title X Regulations to Separate Family Planning from Abortion: Change restores previous regulations prohibiting grantees from co-locating with abortion clinics or from referring clients for abortion. Mar 1, 2019 385
Court blocks abortion law. Brief article Feb 22, 2019 175
Supreme Court puts Louisiana admitting privileges law on hold: On a 5-4 vote Court grants procedural stay Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Would Have Allowed the Law to Go Into Effect. Feb 1, 2019 442
Abortion worker tells how they broke waiting period laws. Terzo, Sarah Brief article Feb 1, 2019 283
Was the Supreme Court's "Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt" decision based on sound research? Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 945
Marie Stopes suspends abortion services in Kenya. Nov 25, 2018 249
National Right to Life Applauds Announcement from Trump Administration Regarding Pro-Life Policies in Health Insurance. Nov 1, 2018 444
Indian authorities raid illegal sex-selective abortion enterprise. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2018 491
BACK TO LIFE: A radical wing of the anti-abortion crusade has returned, emboldened by the prospect of the end of Roe v. Wade. Liss-schultz, Nina Sep 1, 2018 1511
Requirements for pregnancy centers violate free speech. Jul 13, 2018 534
Following Supreme Court's NIFLA v. Becerra Ruling, Hartford Halts Attack on City's Only Pregnancy Center. Franklin, Katie Jul 1, 2018 489
Title X open to comment. Brief article Jun 29, 2018 144
Federal Judge orders Trump administration to not "interfere" with illegal immigrant teens accessing abortions. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2018 580
City of Baltimore asks Supreme Court to review decision striking down its law targeting pregnancy help centers. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2018 807
The Roadmap to Safe Abortion Worldwide: Lessons from New Global Trends on Incidence, Legality and Safety. Barot, Sneha Mar 20, 2018 3626
Report on Mexico City Policy. Brief article Feb 23, 2018 157
Court to hear abortion info case. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 314
Top 10 Pro-Life Reasons to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving. Gallagher, Maria Nov 1, 2017 308
"Blessing" a Texas abortion clinic and what that says about pro-abortionists. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2017 487
Ban pro-life protests outside abortion clinics, say 113 MPs. Oct 27, 2017 135
Postabortion Contraception: Emerging Opportunities and Barriers. Donovan, Megan K. Oct 2, 2017 2431
South Carolina Gov. McMaster uses executive order to cut off funding for abortion clinics. Gatling, Holly Brief article Sep 1, 2017 248
The Reproductive Rights Counteroffensive in Mexico and Central America. Arguedas RamAaAaAeA rez, Gabrie; Morgan, Lynn M. Essay Jun 22, 2017 5825
Why abortion reversal can and does work. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2017 428
MCCL Legislative Director tells committee why state regulation of abortion clinics is vitally important. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2017 594
"Misguided" changes weakening Virginia's regulations of abortion clinics likely to be adopted October 24. Andrusko, Dave Oct 1, 2016 544
Pro-abort legislator wants to undo protective measures enacted in wake of the murder convictions of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Gallagher, Maria Oct 1, 2016 645
Pro-abort legislator wants to undo protective measures enacted in wake of the murder convictions of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Gallagher, Maria Sep 1, 2016 637
Local Indiana pro-lifers commemorate loss of 35,000 unborn babies to now-closed abortion facility. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2016 589
The wisdom of NRLC's legislative strategy. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2016 622
Clinic requirements lifted. Brief article Jul 15, 2016 114
Reporters uncritically accept pro-abortion "research" relied upon by the majority in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2016 708
Since 2010, over three hundred laws have been passed across the country aimed at restricting a woman's ability to have an abortion. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Jul 1, 2016 208
Clock ticking as Supreme Court approaches deadline for decision on pro-life Texas law HB 2. Editorial Jun 1, 2016 1308
Border checkpoints and substantive due process: abortion rights in the border zone. Huddleston, Kate Apr 1, 2016 7095
Border checkpoints and substantive due process: abortion rights in the border zone. Huddleston, Kate Apr 1, 2016 20021
Last provincial holdout in Canada agrees to provide abortion services by the end of the year. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2016 444
Planned Parenthood in South Carolina fights fine for cooking the remains of aborted babies. Gatling, Holly Jan 1, 2016 517
Worth noting. Gajewski, Karen Ann Jan 1, 2016 816
Lower court decision upheld. Brief article Dec 18, 2015 152
SCOTUS to hear abortion case. Brief article Dec 4, 2015 149
A withering dissent demonstrates why an admitting-privilege requirement is sound law. Andrusko, Dave Dec 1, 2015 1094
NRLC urges support for bill that would deny 89% of all federal funds to PPFA. Andrusko, Dave Brief article Oct 1, 2015 249
Abortion clinic owner: "Planned Parenthood should be defunded". Terzo, Sarah Oct 1, 2015 943
Va. Board of Health rolls back protective abortion clinic regulations, but many more steps before changes take effect. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2015 719
Abortionists formally ask Supreme Court to review two provisions of Texas' HB 2. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2015 475
Supreme Court issues stay on portions of Texas's H.B. 2 while it consider whether to hear pro-abortionists' appeal. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2015 457
Impersonating a doctor, Kermit Gosnell, and the cries of murdered newborns. Gallagher, Maria V. Jun 1, 2015 523
Iowa Supreme Court strikes down law regulating webcam abortions. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2015 1137
"If a woman has even one daughter, I refuse to perform the abortion": sex determination and safe abortion in India. Potdar, Pritam; Barua, Alka; Dalvie, Suchitra; Pawar, Anand Report May 1, 2015 7137
Radical or routine? Nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, and physician assistants as abortion providers. Freedman, Lori; Battistelli, Molly Frances; Gerdts, Caitlin; McLemore, Monica May 1, 2015 1522
A "significant drop" in sex-selective abortions in India and Nepal: follows decision by Supreme Court of India. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2015 449
Historic abortion rights victory in NB. Mackintosh, Karen Brief article Jan 1, 2015 107
Elections have consequences. Editorial Dec 1, 2014 645
5th Circuit will hear challenge to Texas omnibus pro-life bill on January 7. Andrusko, Dave Brief article Dec 1, 2014 286
At 11th hour Planned Parenthood drops challenge to Kansas weblink law. Ostrowski, Kathy Dec 1, 2014 370
Abortion advocates, what are you doing to protect women from other Kermit Gosnells? Bilger, Micaiah Nov 1, 2014 546
What's next now that the supreme court has blocked Texas from enforcing parts of pro-life H.B. 2? Oct 1, 2014 626
Planned Parenthood will not appeal Missouri law extending reflection period from 24 hours to 72 hours. Andrusko, Dave Oct 1, 2014 601
Pro-abortion Texas newspaper laments decline of 13% in number of abortions. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2014 778
Strained comparisons, bogus analogies on display in recent pro-abortion court victories. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2014 1022
"Accessing abortion is much more difficult in 2014 than it was in 2009," pro-abortion think-tank report concludes. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2014 515
Last abortion clinic faces closure. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 210
Decision to revoke Toledo abortion clinic's license valid, hearing examiner rules. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2014 541
January 2015 trial set for Indiana abortionist. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2014 600
Freedom of conscience in medicine is under sustained attack but is worth fighting for. Saunders, Peter Jun 1, 2014 508
"Unsafe Abortion Protection Act" will soon be on its way to Louisiana Gov. Jindal. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2014 542
Wonderful news on Crisis Pregnancy Centers: a big win in court and the deception of NARAL and PPFA revealed. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2014 796
Pro-abortion Va. Gov. lays out new strategy to undercut protective abortion clinic regulations. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2014 649
Ruling restricts Texas abortion. Brief article Apr 11, 2014 169
What do all these abortion clinic closures really mean? O'Bannon, Randall K. Apr 1, 2014 2184
Pro-abortionists file another lawsuit challenging portions of Texas' HB 2. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2014 371
Mississippi law jeopardizes health. Tucker, Charlotte Brief article Apr 1, 2014 162
Planned Parenthood's aggressive push for ObamaCare. Muskett, Susan T. Feb 1, 2014 1589
Former planned parenthood abortionist reprimanded and fined for behavior at Wilmington abortion clinic. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2014 739
Supreme Court hears challenge to 35-foot "buffer zone" around abortion clinics. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2014 443
Texas abortion law continues. Brief article Dec 6, 2013 177
Why women are dying from unsafe abortion: narratives of Ghanaian abortion providers. Payne, Carolyn M.; Debbink, Michelle Precourt; Steele, Ellen A.; Buck, Caroline T.; Martin, Lisa A.; Report Jun 1, 2013 6716
Confronting maternal mortality due to postpartum hemorrhage and unsafe abortion: a call for commitment. Karanja, Joseph; Muganyizi, Projestine; Rwamushaija, Emmanuel; Hodoglugil, Nuriye; Holm, Emma Nesper Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2013 2759
Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems. Report May 1, 2012 1723
Norway confirms all women entitled to free early abortion. Brief article May 1, 2012 210
Ten years of legal abortion in Nepal has saved thousands of lives. May 1, 2012 356
Brazil lifts ban on abortion of anencephalic fetuses. Brief article May 1, 2012 113
Pro-natalist policies in Eastern Europe entrap young women. May 1, 2012 353
Abortion death in South Africa sparks controversy. May 1, 2012 356
Zambia's abortion law fails to reduce abortion deaths. Brief article May 1, 2012 252
Fatal consequences of El Salvador's absolute abortion ban. Brief article May 1, 2012 269
Abortion and contraception under fire, US. Brief article May 1, 2012 297
US Global Gag Rule on abortion led to increased abortion rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Brief article May 1, 2012 143
Services and support for sale, legal abortion growing since law reform in Mexico City. May 1, 2012 618
Successful provision of medical abortion by rural health extension workers, Ethiopia. Brief article May 1, 2012 261
Bangladesh's menstrual regulation programme. Nov 1, 2011 767
STOP PRESS: Russian parliament seriously limits legal abortions. Nov 1, 2011 506
The culture of life and the culture of death. Franz, Wanda Jan 1, 2011 1014
Medicaid funding for abortion: providers' experiences with cases involving rape, incest and life endangerment. Kacanek, Deborah; Dennis, Amanda; Miller, Kate; Blanchard, Kelly Report Jun 1, 2010 6340
Parental involvement in minors' abortions. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 1031
State policies on later-term abortions. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 769
Requirements for ultrasound. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 433
Restricting insurance coverage of abortion. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 624
Refusing to provide health services. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 1145
State funding of abortion under Medicaid. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 589
State family planning funding restrictions. Statistical data Apr 1, 2009 413
Abortion policy in the absence of Roe. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 793
Abortion reporting requirements. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 1001
Bans on "partial-birth" abortion. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 811
'Choose Life' license plates. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 442
Counseling and waiting periods for abortion. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 1705
An overview of abortion laws. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 1463
Protecting access to clinics. Statistical table Apr 1, 2009 567
Conscience clauses latest battle in abortion wars. Roberts, Tom Mar 20, 2009 936
Pope lectures Pelosi. Brief article Mar 6, 2009 174
Obama repeals 'global gag rule,' restores U.S. funds to UNFPA. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 228
Abortion access for incarcerated women: are correctional health practices in conflict with constitutional standards? Kasdan, Diana Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 3179
Missouri Abortion Clinic Law Enjoined. Sep 1, 2007 573
New Missouri Law Tightens Abortion Clinic Regulations. Aug 1, 2007 457
Pro-Life News in Brief. Dec 1, 2006 2738
Taking the sting out of reporting requirements: reproductive health clinics and the constitutional right to informational privacy. Bodger, Jessica Ansley Nov 1, 2006 11729
Law on voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP). Granizo, Yamileth Jan 1, 2006 1566
Medical abortion: the possibilities for introduction in the public sector in South Africa. Cooper, Diane; Dickson, Kim; Blanchard, Kelly; Cullingworth, Lee; Mavimbela, Nqobile; von Mollendorf Nov 1, 2005 5958
Abortion practice in the northeast Caribbean: "just write down stomach pain". Pheterson, Gail; Azize, Yamila Nov 1, 2005 6394
Reaching women with instructions on misoprostol use in a Latin American country. Cohen, Jessica; Ortiz, Olivia; Llaguno, Silvia Elena; Goodyear, Lorelei; Billings, Deborah; Martinez Nov 1, 2005 5558
A project to improve the quality of abortion services in Moldova. Comendant, Rodica Nov 1, 2005 4994
Study supports the introduction of early medical abortion in Turkey. Akin, Ayse; Kocoglu, Gonca Oktay; Akin, Levent Nov 1, 2005 5571
Abortion in the moral world of the Cameroon grassfields. Schuster, Sylvie Nov 1, 2005 5678
Termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormality incompatible with life: women's experiences in Brazil. da Costa, Lucia de Lourdes Ferreira; Hardy, Ellen; Osis, Maria Jose Duarte; Faundes, Anibal Nov 1, 2005 5308
Reproductive health policy in Norway. Sundby, Johanne Nov 1, 2005 1150
Using human rights principles to promote quality of abortion care in Brazil. Adesse, Leila Nov 1, 2005 1607
Parental consent legislation. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 188
Kansas Attorney General Investigates Young Minors' Abortions. Mar 1, 2005 714
Post-Roe postcard: is ole Miss our future? Having all but outlawed abortion, Mississippi has become a laboratory for antichoice strategists prochoicers are beginning to take notice. Lerner, Sharon Feb 7, 2005 3064
Abortion law challenged in the constitutional court. Jan 1, 2005 536
Bush administration allies with abortion industry. Dec 27, 2004 399
1978 legal briefs financing abortion: ploys revisited. Slovenko, Ralph Mar 22, 2004 594
1991 overturn the Gag Rule now. Haffner, Debra W. Mar 22, 2004 587
Pro-life news in brief. Townsend, Liz Jul 1, 2003 1926
South Carolina Abortion Clinic Regulations Upheld. Townsend, Liz May 1, 2003 568
Cairo agreement stands, despite U.S. opposition. (F Y I). Hollander, Dore Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 226
The public health impact of legal abortion: 30 years later. (Comment). Schulz, Kenneth F. Jan 1, 2003 2980
Roe v. Wade at 30: what are the prospects for abortion provision? (Viewpoints). Joffe, Carole Jan 1, 2003 4452
PRO-LIFE NEWS IN BRIEF. Townsend, Liz Dec 1, 2002 2126
Providing family planning after abortions, Turkey. Nov 1, 2002 340
Father Charged with Killing His Disabled Son. Oct 1, 2002 1001
South Carolina Abortion Center Closes; Abortions Drop 50 % As General Assembly Enacts Pro-life Legislation. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 464
Swiss movement. (FYI). Hollander, Dore Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 204
Complications of unsafe abortion: a case study and the need for abortion law reform in Nigeria. Oye-Adeniran, Boniface A.; Umoh, Augustine V.; Nnatu, Steve NN May 1, 2002 1912
Clear and compelling evidence: the Polish Tribunal on Abortion Rights. Girard, Francoise; Nowicka, Wanda May 1, 2002 6061
Making abortions safe: a matter of good public health policy and practice. Berer, Marge May 1, 2002 10158
Elective abortion as a primary health service in rural India: experience with manual vacuum aspiration. Iyengar, Kirti; Iyengar, Sharad D. May 1, 2002 6570
Abortion: the Portuguese case. Vilar, Duarte May 1, 2002 3906
The Partial-Birth Fraud. (Correspondence). Frank, Barney Letter to the Editor Dec 17, 2001 346
Wendland Case Is Officially Over >TX; California Abortionist May Face Sanctions. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 464
Abortion's Guerrilla War. Guiden, Mary Brief Article Jun 26, 2000 907
Abortion and Autonomy. KAMINER, WENDY Jun 5, 2000 1442
Court Holds PAs Can Perform Previability Abortions. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article May 1, 2000 708
State actions on reproductive health issues in 1996. Sollom, Terry Jan 1, 2000 5798
The effects of mandatory delay laws on abortion patients and providers. (SPECIAL REPORT). Althaus, Frances A.; Henshaw, Stanley K. Jan 1, 2000 5067
State legislation on reproductive health in 1990: What was proposed and enacted. (Special Report). Sollom, Terry Jan 1, 2000 5080
State laws and the provision of family planning and abortion services in 1985. Sollom, Terry; Donovan, Patricia Jan 1, 2000 5662
Clinton Bows to Limits on Funding of Overseas Pro-Abortion Groups. Dec 1, 1999 1847
The supply of infants relinquished for adoption: did access to abortion make a difference? Gennetian, Lisa A. Jul 1, 1999 9409
Countries, by reasons for which abortion is legally permitted, according to region, 1997. Jan 1, 1999 486
Saving FACE: clinic access under a new Commerce Clause. Nemko, Amy H. Nov 1, 1996 3717
Secret files menace doctors. Porteus, Skipp Jun 22, 1996 950
Abortion under fire. Apr 1, 1996 589
After the mourning, action. Editorial Feb 1, 1995 735
Protecting abortion protesters and patients. Chemerinsky, Erwin Dec 1, 1994 2399
States say no to Medicaid funding for abortion. Jun 1, 1994 422
Ban on antiabortion protests raises questions of free speech. Jones, Arthur May 27, 1994 466
Liberals should be sounding alarm over abortion protest restrictions. Editorial May 27, 1994 621
Defending choice. Sydell, Laura Feb 1, 1994 323
The right-to-life rampage: anti-abortion groups step up the terror. Sydell, Laura L. Cover Story Aug 1, 1993 3192
A growing climate of violence. Jones, Miriam Aug 1, 1993 1836

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