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Calls for assisted dying debate after suicide pact ordeal. PAUL BRITTON Jul 25, 2022 662
I lost four children and I don't accept assisted suicide is needed to ensure dignity in death; DAD DENNIS IN HEARTFELT PLEA Former MSP opposes Holyrood right-to-die bill. KATRINE BUSSEY Jun 20, 2022 552
Sturgeon is 'more open' to assisted dying for Scotland; FIRST MINISTER'S RIGHT-TO-DIE SHIFT Leader reveals view has softened since voting down old plan. EXCLUSIVE BY PAUL HUTCHEON May 4, 2022 534
Backing grows for new law. RECORD REPORTER Dec 13, 2021 222
Yousaf: I won't back assisted dying laws; HEALTH SECRETARY OPPOSES BILL SNP power brokers at odds over right to die. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Dec 6, 2021 464
'Law will damage care ethic of doctors'. Nov 2, 2021 249
Dying peer calls for relaxation of laws. Oct 23, 2021 355
Terminally ill Frank: I back right to die. ALETHA ADU Political Correspondent Oct 23, 2021 231
'I'll fly to Switzerland to end my life and avoid intolerable suffering'; David Peace cannot speak or swallow and fears choking to death every day -the 73-year-old wants assisted suicide to be legal and says 'our legislators have failed us thus far'. By, Martin Bagot Oct 16, 2021 331
Stop this extreme, dangerous Bill; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Oct 15, 2021 260
Stop this extreme, dangerous Bill. Oct 15, 2021 206
Prioritise dignified death. Sep 8, 2021 727
'Cruel and unsafe laws stood in way of tragic couple's right to die' CAMPAIGNERS SPEAK OUT AFTER ELDERLY HUSBAND AND WIFE'S SUICIDE. GARETH HUGHES & KELLY WILLIAMS May 18, 2021 570
Legislators vote for right to die. Mar 20, 2021 219
Legislators vote for right to die. Mar 20, 2021 219
Spain latest country to pass law on euthanasia. SARAH SLATER Mar 19, 2021 211
BRINGING LIFE TO A TABOOO SUBJECT; Belinda Bauer's latest novel deals with the right-to-die debate. HANNAH STEPHENSON Feb 9, 2021 1214
Assisted suicide: any attempt to change the law in Scotland should be resisted - Stuart Weir; Stop for a moment and imagine a world: a world that is marked by the strength of its relationships, whether that be relatives, friends or colleagues. Such are the conditions within this society that these precious relationships are as crucial at the end of life as they were when capacity and health were all in check. Stuart Weir Jan 26, 2021 583
Parliament votes to legalise euthanasia. Dec 18, 2020 527
AIDED DYING LAW 'COMING IN 2 YRS'. EXCLUSIVE by Nigel Nelson Nov 15, 2020 172
AIDED DYING LAW 'COMING IN 2 YRS' EXCLUSIVE. Nigel Nelson Nov 15, 2020 170
Vatican opposes euthanasia. Oct 2, 2020 167
I made promise to gran after she was denied right to die in dignity; SNP ACTIVIST'S VOW TO BELOVED GRANDMOTHER Josh told Mary he'd fight for assisted dying law. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Sep 14, 2020 1052
Three culture of death tipping points. Smith, Wesley J. Aug 1, 2020 968
End of life choice--do nurses know what they are voting for? Ingham, Louisa; Marshall, Bridget Jul 1, 2020 1773
Maryland Right to Life Achieves Victories for LIFE, Unifies Pro Life Movement in Maryland. Biasotti, Julie Apr 1, 2020 948
Is Illinois 'a good place' for 'right to die' activists? Constable: ER nurse has saved lives of those who didn't want to be saved. Mar 10, 2020 1032
Assisted suicide bill sets a dangerous precedent. Wade, Steven Feb 14, 2020 414
One Briton a week travels to Switzerland for assisted death; Motor neurone sufferer calling for MPs to step in after legal fight loss. AMY-CLARE MARTIN Jan 31, 2020 212
We had to go through ordeal for showing love to my dying father... law must change; ASSISTED DYING REVIEW CALL BACKED. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Jan 24, 2020 579
News they wanted to leave together; Daughter of woman cleared of murder shares image amid calls for change on assisted suicide. CHARLOTTE PAXTON News Reporter Nov 7, 2019 740
Police commissioner wants law change to allow assisted dying. Oct 29, 2019 284
Let him endhis ownlife if he wants; N.WALES CRIME TSAR BACKS POLICE BOSS WHO WANTS TO BE ALLOWED TO END HIS OWN LIFE. MARI JONES Daily Post Reporter Oct 29, 2019 493
Let him endhis ownlife if he wants. MARI JONES Daily Post Reporter Oct 29, 2019 510
Dr Gillian Wright: The value of human life should restrain society from taking it. Aug 21, 2019 697
Ethically corrupt and inherently immoral, abortion and assisted suicide challenge the very foundations of a civilized society. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2019 766
Support grows for 'right to die' law, says Opperman. Jul 8, 2019 547
I'm a prisoner in my body.. not allowing me to die at home is cruel; RICHARD'S ASSISTED SUICIDE PLEA MND victim campaigns for new law after arranging final trip to Dignitas. Jul 5, 2019 307
Doctors to put views on suicide. Jun 23, 2019 117
Maine becomes eighth US state to legalize assisted suicide. Jun 13, 2019 724
Maine Governor signs bill legalizing assisted suicide. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2019 289
Dutch Teen Not Euthanized, Died by (Abetted) Self-Starvation. Smith, Wesley J. Jun 1, 2019 466
Gauke: I back new assisted suicide laws. May 20, 2019 131
Progressives had their way in much of the 2019 General Assembly. Apr 9, 2019 1290
84% support right to die law change. Apr 2, 2019 226
New Jersey Legalizes Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients. Mar 26, 2019 647
Dying for change; Call for new law grows as doctors drop opposition to assisted dying in Britain. Mar 22, 2019 289
Dying for change; Call for new law grows as doctors drop opposition to assisted suicide in Britain. Mar 22, 2019 289
Amendments to medically-assisted suicide bill expected in Md. Senate. Mar 8, 2019 368
Md. House approves medically assisted suicide bill. Mar 7, 2019 130
We must not normalise the taking of lives. Mar 3, 2019 331
LET US DIE IN SCOTLAND. Feb 24, 2019 661
'I don't want to prolong this for anybody' TRIBUTES TO RIGHT-TO-DIE CAMPAIGNER EX-HEAD HONOURED BY URDD 'A TOTAL INSPIRATION'. Feb 23, 2019 526
Md. legislators bring back medically assisted suicide bill. Jan 29, 2019 685
November 2018. Nov 1, 2018 517
Architects of Victoria's right-to-die law publish 'manual' on how to push legislation through. Cook, Michael Nov 1, 2018 442
Welcome and Opening Remarks; Keynote Address; Panel Discussion. Jun 22, 2018 20922
Medical students' perspectives on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide and their views on legalising these practices in South Africa. Jacobs, R.K.; Hendricks, M. Report Jun 1, 2018 4655
'Right to die with dignity' family wins support of readers. May 28, 2018 795
When a mum and son took grandad to a clinic in Switzerland, they knew he wouldn't be coming back; This is John Lenton's story, and his family's hopes for a change in the law on assisted suicide. May 27, 2018 2475
Scientist, 104, ends life at Swiss clinic. May 11, 2018 118
LIESTAL, Switzerland -- A 104-year-old Australian biologist who drew internationa. May 11, 2018 304
'This is taking an awfully long time!', says scientist before assisted suicide. May 10, 2018 549
AMA still says no to assisted suicide. Smith, Wesley J. May 1, 2018 581
News 'I feared jail all for doing right thing by person I loved most in the world'. May 1, 2018 809
Life issues in state legislatures. Brief article Apr 20, 2018 210
Right-to-die law is working. Apr 10, 2018 706
Hawaii set to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. Mar 30, 2018 335
Hawaii set to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. Mar 30, 2018 218
A suicide clinic on our doorstep; Guernsey set to vote in favour of law change; Brits may be allowed to go there to end life; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 21, 2018 630
A suicide clinic on our doorstep; Guernsey set to vote in favour of law change; Brits could travel to island to get help to die; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 21, 2018 630
The last goodbye. Mar 12, 2018 1350
Does public understand bill? Darroch, Juliet Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2018 450
Physician-assisted suicide--an update. Tan, S.Y. Jan 1, 2018 1298
Justice Scalia on the Constitution, abortion, and assisted suicide. Stark, Paul Jan 1, 2018 887
Voluntary Assisted Suicide To Be Legalized In Victoria, Australia. Nov 22, 2017 668
Twins' euthanasia shows this is so wrong; AGAINST. Nov 12, 2017 209
Euthanasia move in Australia state; WORLD BULLETINS. Oct 21, 2017 106
Court against assisted suicide. Brief article Sep 22, 2017 133
NY high court rejects assisted suicide right. Smith, Wesley J. Sep 1, 2017 515
Where is the real divide over assisted suicide and euthanasia? Russell, Paul Reprint Sep 1, 2017 963
Doctors pressured this woman to die by euthanasia one year later she is much better. Schadenberg, Alex Reprint Sep 1, 2017 332
LIVE FOR THE RIGHT TO DIE. Aug 11, 2017 219
Time to legalise the right to die. Aug 8, 2017 559
Committee repeals DC law. Jul 28, 2017 123
Assisted Suicide Is Now Available In DC, Faces Threat From Republicans. Jul 19, 2017 528
Amendment to repeal D.C.'s dangerous assisted suicide law adopted. Popik, Jennifer Jul 1, 2017 435
Holding firm, moving forward, determined to win the battle before us. Tobias, Carol Jul 1, 2017 697
'They shoot horses, don't they?'. Zagano, Phyllis Jun 30, 2017 898
504 California Patients Opted For Life-Ending Drugs In A Year. Jun 2, 2017 544
Lawmakers defer suicide bill. Brief article Apr 7, 2017 156
Assisted suicide bill passes. Brief article Mar 24, 2017 157
Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Right to Decide? How Women's Health Advocates Might Shape End-of-Life Policies. Baehr, Ninia Mar 1, 2017 1425
NRLC Urges Swift Congressional Action to fight dangerous assisted suicide measure. Popik, Jennifer Jan 1, 2017 435
Colorado Gives Green Light To Assisted Suicide. Nov 9, 2016 328
Assisted suicide measures imminent in three states, more states to be targeted in 2017. Popik, Jennifer Nov 1, 2016 812
Should children have the right to die? Oct 11, 2016 957
Colorado voters will face ballot initiative with life and death consequences. Popik, Jennifer Sep 1, 2016 955
AMA to hold interim meeting to consider abandoning decades-long opposition to assisted suicide. Popik, Jennifer Sep 1, 2016 558
Cruel to abandon dying to suicide while preventing others. Smith, Wesley J. Sep 1, 2016 443
Assisted suicide and the psychiatrist. Valko, Nancy Sep 1, 2016 525
Physician-assisted suicide bill fails to advance in Massachusetts. Lips, Evan Reprint Jul 1, 2016 487
Euthanasia Still Acceptable to Solid Majority in U.S. Swift, Art Survey Jun 24, 2016 729
Canada says yes to suicide for the dying. Jun 19, 2016 102
Assisted suicide bill at Senate. Jun 17, 2016 130
Star Trek Patrick: Give sick Brits the right to die with dignity.. EXCLUSIVE. Jun 9, 2016 470
Star Trek Patrick: Give sick Brits the right to die with dignity.. EXCLUSIVE. Jun 9, 2016 472
Terminally ill patients may get the right to die. May 10, 2016 473
NY state to consider assisted suicide law: opponents gear up as advocates hope to parlay West Coast momentum. Feuerherd, Peter May 6, 2016 774
Canada drafts law to allow assisted suicide but excludes tourists. Apr 14, 2016 436
Doctor-prescribed suicide: early 2016 update. Popik, Jennifer Mar 1, 2016 849
Assisted suicide & estate planning: issues to weigh. Feb 3, 2016 779
End-of-life battle: church joins forces with disability rights advocates as movement for aid in dying makes legislative gains. Elliott, Elizabeth A. Jan 1, 2016 1892
Germany To Allow Legal Euthanasia. Nov 6, 2015 471
Germany legalizes assisted suicide-as long as it is "free". Valko, Nancy Nov 1, 2015 493
Poisoned elderberry wine is no longer a comedic farce. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Column Oct 23, 2015 1072
California governor signs right-to-die bill into law. Oct 23, 2015 387
California governor signs physician-assisted suicide bill. Gallegos, Alicia Oct 15, 2015 503
Parliament rejects right to die. Brief article Sep 25, 2015 176
Mercy and Canadian Law: the prohibition of assisted suicide. Bauslaugh, Gary Sep 22, 2015 4051
In case of emergency, please comply: Louisiana's outmoded advance directive legislation and the patient's need for reform. LaBruzza, Allyson R. Sep 22, 2015 18997
Consider assisted suicide. Payne, Kate Sep 22, 2015 841
Calif. sends MD-assisted suicide bill to governor. Gallegos, Alicia Sep 15, 2015 1423
'Right to die' Bill voted down by high majority. Sep 12, 2015 645
Proposed 'right to die' law defeated in Commons vote. Sep 12, 2015 442
Say no to plan for assisted suicide. Sep 8, 2015 259
Archbishop: Assisted suicide law is wrong. Sep 8, 2015 491
Assisted suicide will solve the problem of care in old age - but at the expense of our humanity; Joe Ronan replies to his MP Guy Opperman's backing for a change in the law and says the right to die could soon become a duty to die. Sep 4, 2015 1246
Bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide now on the desk of California Gov. Jerry Brown. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2015 839
Court rejects assisted suicide. Brief article Aug 28, 2015 144
Right-to-die bill stalled. Brief article Jul 31, 2015 151
Right-to-die act moves forward. Brief article Jun 19, 2015 171
I'd want choice if I could not bear the pain; MP READY TO PRESENT ASSISTED DYING BILL IN COMMONS. Jun 12, 2015 674
'I'd want the right to die if I faced the prospect of a slow and painful death'. Jun 11, 2015 879
NO right to die; DEFEAT No2 CAMPAIGNERS CRUSHED MSPs throw out bid to allow assisted suicide for seriously ill. May 28, 2015 427
Half of US states consider right-to-die legislation. Monir, Malak May 8, 2015 983
The disturbing end game of organization pushing assisting suicide. Popik, Jennifer May 1, 2015 1211
Begging to die: the curiously circumscribed suicide right recognized by Canada's Supreme Court. Sullum, Jacob Apr 18, 2015 654
'We thought long and hard about assisted suicide' After losing a parent to a rare and devastating neurological condition Examiner journalist Hilarie Stelfox asks if the time has come to change the law on assisted suicide. Apr 16, 2015 1171
Right to die law backed by4outof5. Apr 5, 2015 112
The inhumanity of laws against doctor-assisted suicide. LaFerrara, Michael A. Mar 22, 2015 698
Answering objections to assisted suicide laws. Armstrong, Ari Mar 22, 2015 1643
Nursing practice and assisted death. Christie, Timothy Cover story Mar 22, 2015 1026
Concerns raised by 'Death With Dignity' laws. Hanson, Annette Mar 1, 2015 1002
Canada's Supreme Court mandates assisting suicide for people with disabilities. Balch, Burke J. Feb 1, 2015 711
Supreme Court of Canada strikes down law against physician-assisted suicide. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2015 848
Assisted suicide advocates push dangerous legislation in unprecedented number of states--early victories and looming problems emerge. Popik, Jennifer Feb 1, 2015 1022
Is dying a pro-choice issue? The right-to-die movement gains national attention. Stockenstrom, Tone Jan 1, 2015 2860
Archbishop backs suicide bill. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 168
Supreme court rules on patient rights. Dec 1, 2013 381
Suicide denied: disabled woman loses in court. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article Jul 20, 2013 176
'No conflict between nursing ethics and helping a patient die with dignity': in our October issue, a nurse educator in palliative care, Julie Maher, argued against a draft bill which would allow patients to choose to die. Two more nurses join the debate on these pages, both arguing for the patient's right to choose to end an intolerable life. Havill, Glynis; Nichols, Jenny Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2012 1819
Death becomes us. Cones, Bryan Nov 1, 2012 679
Berlin court legalizes euthanasia. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 115
Just another prescription. Jan 1, 2009 386
Death, dying, and domination. Spindelman, Marc Jun 1, 2008 12914
Rodriguez redux. Downie, Jocelyn; Bern, Simone Jan 1, 2008 9761
When 'life' and liberty clash. Bradley, Craig M. Apr 1, 2006 1582
The (surprising) truth about Schiavo: a defeat for the cause of autonomy. Snead, O. Carter Dec 22, 2005 8867
From Cruzan to Schiavo: similar bedfellows in fact and at law. Larson, Edward J. Dec 22, 2005 5136
Terri Schiavo a right to life denied or a right to die honored? George, Robert P. Dec 22, 2005 3509
Family conflict and family privacy: the constitutional violation in Terri Schiavo's death. Burt, Robert A. Dec 22, 2005 11737
Judging the Schiavo case. Bagenstos, Samuel R. Dec 22, 2005 7997
The contagion of constitutional avoidance. Gant, Scott E. Dec 22, 2005 4046
Undue process: congressional referral and judicial resistance in the Schiavo controversy. Samaha, Adam M. Dec 22, 2005 10381
Bishop Henry: 'fight euthanasia'. Dec 1, 2005 491
Testing Cruzan: prisoners and the constitutional question of self-starvation. Silver, Mara Nov 1, 2005 15327
Terri Schiavo and end-of-life decisions: can law help us out? Mathes, Michele Jun 1, 2005 2678
Terri's legacy: the fight over Terri Schiavo showed just how vulnerable all couples are to outside interference in their private lives--especially gay and lesbian couples. Caldwell, John May 10, 2005 1310
Fallacies about the Schiavo case: the case for starving and dehydrating Terri Schiavo to death was built on hypocrisy and deception. Eddlem, Thomas R. Apr 18, 2005 1105
EDITORIALS; Questioning the Party Line. Andrusko, Dave Editorial Mar 1, 2005 1085
Life everlasting: the religious right and the right to die. Keizer, Garret Feb 1, 2005 6013
Church, state, and physician-assisted suicide. McKenzie, David Sep 22, 2004 9389
Pro-life news in brief. Townsend, Liz Jul 1, 2003 1926
The right to die versus the right to live, who decides? The long and wandering road to a legislative solution. Mazzeo, Kathryn E. Sep 22, 2002 11076
Feeding tube use in dementia depends on state DNR rates. (NH News Notes). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 150
Do not resuscitate decision-making: Ohio's do not resuscitate law should be amended to include a mature minor's right to initiate a DNR order. Mantz, Allison Jun 22, 2002 11680
Pro-Euthanasia Groups Win Temporary Stay On Decision Banning Use of Federally Controlled Drugs for Assisted Suicide. Dec 1, 2001 1002
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR): State Policies for At-Home and In-School. Miller-Thiel, Janice Nov 1, 1998 1853
The ultimate civil liberty. Dority, Barbara Jul 1, 1997 4284
A law unto themselves? Kessel, Ross Nov 1, 1995 497
Right to die: the battle is joined. Lindsay, Ronald A. Jun 22, 1995 1279
Conflicts of conscience: hospice and assisted suicide. Campbell, Courtney S.; Hare, Jan; Matthews, Pam May 1, 1995 7180
A quantum leap for the right to die. Dority, Barbara Column Jan 1, 1995 1340
Ethicists alarmed at Oregon law: growth of assisted-suicide efforts feared. Gibeau, Dawn Dec 2, 1994 777
Final act: sorting out the ethics of physician-assisted suicide. Hall, Robert T. Nov 1, 1994 3096
Suicide and the law. Richard, Jerome Nov 1, 1994 774
Oregon Ballot Measure 16. Transcript Nov 1, 1994 497
Diffusion and diversity: federalism and the right to die in the fifty states. Hoefler, James M. Jun 22, 1994 9646
The constitution and hastening inevitable death. Sedler, Robert A. Sep 1, 1993 7627
Flow chart for the interpretation of do-not-resuscitate order statutes. Ebell, Mark H.; Eaton, Thomas A. Editorial Aug 1, 1992 1681
Washington's I-119. Carson, Rob; Crigger, Bette-Jane Mar 1, 1992 2928
On regulating death. Keown, John Mar 1, 1992 4500
Assisted suicide: can we learn from Germany? Battin, Margaret P. Mar 1, 1992 8434
In re Helga Wanglie. Capron, Alexander Morgan column Sep 1, 1991 2502
Routine discussion of advance health care directives: are we ready? Saultz, John Dec 1, 1990 2185
An opposing view. Rodriguez, Glenn S. Dec 1, 1990 2604
No decision on Cruzan? Gauri, Varun Mar 1, 1990 309
Holding the line on euthanasia. Wolf, Susan M. Jan 1, 1989 2918

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