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TransCanna Announces Debt Settlement and Option Issuance. Jan 3, 2020 349
How the new UAE law will help debt-ridden residents. Staff Report Nov 20, 2019 1309
Bankrupt firms, individuals need to repay their creditors. Times News Service Oct 19, 2019 672
Bankrupt firms, individuals need to repay their creditors in Oman. Times News Service Oct 19, 2019 672
The New DIFC Insolvency Law. Aug 31, 2019 1156
Debtor Path to Bankruptcy: Dependence on the Annual Percentage Rate Charge. Kulcilck, Jan; Fiserova, Zuzana; Pasekova, Marie Report May 1, 2019 788
Parliament accepts Anastasiades's referral of insolvency law. Jul 13, 2018 370
Naming your revocable trust as beneficiary. Paul, Christopher R. Jul 6, 2018 407
Lien Requirements: A Case Study Using California Law. Ring, Chris Case study Mar 1, 2018 434
Russia's Duma passes Kyrgyz-Russia deal on $240 million debt settlement in first reading. Jan 19, 2018 203
Michael J. Payne, Partner, Frankel, Rubin, Klein, Dubin, Siegel and Payne P.C. to Speak at the Knowledge Group's Event. Dec 5, 2017 633
THE SOURCES OF OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE NEW CIVIL CODE. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report Jul 1, 2017 2415
Homestead Sweet Homestead? How Code Enforcement Liens Should Be Treated Under the Constitutional Homestead Exemption. Walker, Victoria Cecil Jul 1, 2017 3311
European Account Preservation Orders -- a useful tool for creditors or a step too far against debtors? Sep 4, 2016 909
What's up with troubled debt restructuring? Dykeman, John G. Sep 1, 2014 3355
A law on extrajudicial settlement of the debtor with the creditors. Nov 1, 2013 209
NACM legislative introduction and position brief 2013. Jun 1, 2013 3497
The enforceability question. Barron, Jacob Feb 1, 2013 585
Challenging service of process in Canada. White, Johnny Sep 1, 2012 1494
BRIEFS. Jun 25, 2012 612
Preference relief for real estate material and service providers. Nathan, Bruce May 1, 2012 1820
Fraudulent transfers 101. Powell, Charles R., III Apr 20, 2012 883
Property value is determined in light of purpose of valuation and proposed disposition or use. Mar 22, 2012 505
Settlement with creditors. Triponaite, Indre Jan 25, 2012 214
Insolvency laws need to be updated to attract investments. Dec 14, 2011 627
Sellers beware, as debtors continue the challenge to Section 503(b)(9): anticipate the attack through terms and conditions. Thorne, Deborah Nov 1, 2011 2127
Think global, collect local--Part II: collection success in Latin America. Barron, Jacob Nov 1, 2011 1838
FTC official offers "Red Flags" clarification to trade creditors. May 1, 2011 617
Electricity as goods entitled to Section 503(b)(9) priority status: a boom for utilities. Nathan, Bruce Feb 1, 2011 2438
The United States as a net debtor nation: overview of the international investment position. Jackson, James K. Report Feb 1, 2011 6338
The FDIC board proposed a rule ( clarifying how the agency would treat certain creditor claims under the new orderly liquidation authority established under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Jan 1, 2011 527
Churchill Debt Settlement is Compliant with FTC Regulations. Dec 2, 2010 184
Refreshing the page on online collateral auctions. Gilstrap, Stephen S. Dec 1, 2010 4347
New FTC Rule Embraced by ADMA. Nov 10, 2010 544
Confessions of an Illinois judgment: as more loans go bad, banks looking for better ways to collect from defaulting borrowers are turning to judgments by confession. The author explains how they work and argues they typically can be enforced as soon as they're entered, with no notice to the debtor. Cortina, Michael G. Nov 1, 2010 1813
A preference ordinary course of business defense double feature. Nathan, Bruce Sep 1, 2010 2209
NACM seeks insight on preference abuse, ramps up advocacy. Barron, Jacob Sep 1, 2010 1684
Self Help Debt Settlement Website - FTC Regulation of Debt Settlement Industry is a Big Win for Consumers. Aug 2, 2010 683
New legislation covers asset seizure. Jun 14, 2010 177
HM issues decrees. Jun 14, 2010 219
HM issues decrees. Jun 13, 2010 219
Royal Decrees. Jun 12, 2010 234
LLC members by default? Suppose an LLC member loses his or her shares to a creditor outside the company - does the creditor then stand in the former member's shoes, complete with voting rights? Not without other members' consent, says the LLC Act. Make sure you draft operating agreements accordingly. Hanson, Lin Jun 1, 2010 1069
Penalty e the most often used kind of security of obligations. Kaucikaite, Lina Apr 21, 2010 641
Leave no stone unturned: fraudulent transfer recovery in a liquidating Chapter 11. Thorne, Deborah Apr 1, 2010 1496
The interplay between Section 503(b)(9) priority claims and preference claims. Nathan, Bruce Mar 1, 2010 3307
Jesmany Jomarron, Elizabeth L. Somerstein, and Jamie B. Wasserman have joined Ruden McClosky in Ft. Lauderdale as associates in the firm's litigation practice group. Feb 15, 2010 100
Section 503(b)(9) goods supplier priority--beware of the debtor's setoff rights. Nathan, Bruce Feb 1, 2010 2203
Hooray for Delaware--a tale of two decisions: paid for new value counts as a preference defense and Section 503(b)(9) 20-day goods priority claim issues. Nathan, Bruce Jan 1, 2010 2989
Cash collateral and DIP financing orders: what can unsecured creditors do? Thorne, Deborah Column Nov 1, 2009 2170
Restructuring partnership debt may create unexpected results. Milo, Angelina L. Aug 1, 2009 1837
Creditor's rights under private annuities and grantor-retained annuity trusts in Florida. Gassman, Alan S.; Koche, David L.; Markham, Michael C. Jul 1, 2009 2653
Are you ready for the Red Flags rule? Eastern, Joseph S. May 1, 2009 679
'No jailing vulnerable over debt' LAW CHANGE. Apr 7, 2009 98
Is a debtor's credit card payment a preference? The U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals speaks. Nathan, Bruce Case overview Mar 1, 2009 2286
The continuing evolution of a seller's right to reclamation and administrative expenses for goods sold prepetition under the bankruptcy code. Gregg, John Column Jan 1, 2009 2133
The outer limits of dischargeability - when is a claim a claim in bankruptcy? Williamson, Michael G.; Lieb, Stephanie Crane Jan 1, 2009 4091
Closing a business. Jan 1, 2009 2691
Changes to Canada's Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act: consumer proposals just got a big boost. Tzanis, John Jun 1, 2008 475
Domestication of judgments. Knowles, Kavita May 1, 2008 613
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act: avoid the pitfalls. Thorne, Deborah; Zorilla, Krista Steinmetz Mar 1, 2008 2490
State law artisans' lien rights defeat preference exposure: the saga continues. Nathan, Bruce Mar 1, 2008 2195
An ancient debtors' code: creditors' rights established 39 centuries ago. Tonietti, Alphonse Jan 1, 2008 1263
Law, ethics, and international finance. Buchheit, Lee C. Jun 22, 2007 2225
Trustee-beneficiaries, creditors, and New York's EPTL: the surprises that result and how the UTC solves them. Hasseler, Victoria Sep 22, 2006 12238
A trade creditor's post-petition obligations under an unexpired executory contract prior to assumption or rejection: the muddled state of the law. Nathan, Bruce S. Sep 1, 2006 2336
Sec. 403(b) annuity included in bankruptcy estate. O'Driscoll, David May 1, 2006 677
Loan purchase commitment fees upheld as option premiums. Gottschalk, Stefan Feb 1, 2006 914
How does the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 affect Florida homestead? Many unanswered questions. Nelson, Barry A. Nov 1, 2005 3807
Bankruptcy law gets tough on debtors: latest legislation seeks big payback for creditors. Lundy, Tykisha Jul 1, 2005 470
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005: significant business bankruptcy changes in store for trade creditors. Borges, Wanda; Nathan, Bruce S. May 1, 2005 10806
Disclaimer statute may permit judgment debtors to deliver money to friends or family with nothing to creditors, but not always in Florida. Meyer, Robert C. Apr 1, 2005 5492
Is your retirement plan really safe? Protect your clients' assets from creditors. Altieri, Mark P. Apr 1, 2005 2354
Splitting with Eleventh Circuit, Seventh Circuit affirms debtors' rights. Burtka, Allison Torres Apr 1, 2005 903
Preference update: late payments may be ordinary and protected from the preference net! Blakeley, Scott Column Jan 1, 2005 1258
IRS changes stance on debtors' pensions. O'Driscoll, David Dec 1, 2004 679
Moving beyond the 'hard'-'easy' tug of war: a historical, empirical and theoretical assessment of bankruptcy discharge. King, John Dec 1, 2004 17169
At-risk final regs. on "disqualifying interests". Howard, B. Carol Nov 1, 2004 1275
In defense of a preference: what is the industry standard of the ordinary course of business preference defense and how may an industry report assist with the defense? Blakeley, Scott; Callahan, Terry Sep 1, 2004 2429
Are reclamation claims heading for oblivion where the debtor has a secured inventory lender? Nathan, Bruce S. Sep 1, 2004 2075
The Florida Supreme Court finds no liability for aiding or abetting a fraudulent transfer. Kleinfeld, Denis A.; Alper, Jonathan Jun 1, 2004 3563
PMSIs under the Ontario PPSA--special priority for suppliers. Mark, Lori Jun 1, 2004 996
So you're on a creditors' committee ... now what? Gavin, Edward T. May 1, 2004 3178
Sovereign debt restructuring: statutory reform or contractual solution? Sedlak, Jonathan Apr 1, 2004 13542
Preferential transfers not always legitimate. Apr 1, 2004 620
Are reclamation rights preserved where debtor's secured dip lender pays off pre-petition secured inventory lender? Yes and no! Nathan, Bruce S. Mar 1, 2004 2080
Discussing "discuss". Mitchell, Teresa Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 224
I owe the CCRA money--now what? Kirby, Richard Dec 1, 2003 886
Creditors' ball: the "new" new corporate governance in Chapter 11. Skeel, David A., Jr. Dec 1, 2003 16430
Mistaken identity. Sykes, Tanisha A. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 308
Director of a troubled company? Stay alert! As a director of a troubled company, decisions you make can trigger huge potential liabilities--unless you take steps to limit or avoid your exposure. (Corporate Governance). Greger, Michael S. Mar 1, 2003 1027
Florida's unlimited homestead exemption does have some limits. Nelson, Barry A.; Packman, Kevin E. Feb 1, 2003 3100
When is an assignee or judgment creditor taxed on partnership income? Bakale, Anthony Aug 1, 2002 1174
Consolidated Sec. 108(b) attribute reduction--post-United Dominion. Smith, Annette B. Jul 1, 2002 1761
Insolvency: The Canadian landscape. (International Affairs Section). Huber, Ari; Tannenbaum, Bryan A. May 1, 2002 2956
Favorable treatment of critical vendor's pre-petition unsecured trade claims: Another court says yes! (Business Law). Nathan, Bruce Feb 1, 2002 2243
What do I do with my judgment now? A primer on the new centralized judgment lien law. Bolton, Joseph D.; Long, Maxine M. Nov 1, 2001 6163
Reclamation Claims: The Bankruptcy Time Periods for Reclamation Demands Take Precedence Over Longer State Law Period. Nathan, Bruce Oct 1, 2001 2272
Are You a Critical Trade Vendor That Merits Immediate Payment on Your Prepetition Claim? Blakeley, Scott; Ruszat, Richard Sep 1, 2001 1466
Creditors versus capital formation: the case against the European legal capital rules. Enriques, Luca; Macey, Jonathan R. Sep 1, 2001 19243
The director's duty to take into account the interests of company creditors: when is it triggered? Keay, Andrew R. Aug 1, 2001 14344
What Are Your Rights as a Vendor Under the Bad-Check Laws? Blakeley, Scott Mar 1, 2001 1422
The new value exception to the absolute priority rule after In re 203 N. Lasalle Street Partnership: what should bankruptcy courts do, and how can congress help? Hoang, Hieu T. Dec 1, 2000 16054
Debt recovery - the law is an asset! (Business Matters). Walker, Libby Dec 1, 2000 1779
CREDITORS' RIGHTS: Tax Qualified Plans and IRAs. Altieri, Mark P.; Naegele, Richard A. Oct 1, 2000 3285
Secured Creditors Should Monitor Name Changes By Their Account Debtors. AVERY, WESLEY H. Mar 1, 2000 1445
Contract bankruptcy: a reply to Alan Schwartz. LoPucki, Lynn M. Nov 1, 1999 13949
Bankruptcy contracting revised: a reply to Alan Schwartz's new model. LoPucki, Lynn M. Nov 1, 1999 7052
Watch out for Chapter 11 plans relating to guarantors. Tatelbaum, Charles M. Jul 1, 1999 760
Law for sale: Alaska and Delaware compete for the asset protection trust market and the wealth that follows. Wagenfeld, Amy Lynn May 1, 1999 20783
Beware of the 91- or 92-day preference period: the Preference Zone expands. Nathan, Bruce S. Column Jan 1, 1999 1782
The use of the Florida homestead to defraud creditors. Cohen, Jules S. Dec 1, 1998 3131
Sale of claims and put agreements; a tool to cash in on claims: but be careful and read the fine print. Nathan, Bruce S. Nov 1, 1998 2374
Bankruptcy does not have to be debtor-friendly. Penn, John D. Column Oct 1, 1998 1093
Buying assets out of bankruptcy: procedural hurdles to bargain bonanza. Oct 1, 1998 2596
Section 546(g) return of goods: a leg up for unsecured creditors. Nathan, Bruce S. Oct 1, 1998 2407
When a customer files bankruptcy. Rasmussen, Teri G. Oct 1, 1998 1007
A new bankruptcy law for the millennium? Gerdano, Samuel J. Oct 1, 1998 1326
NACM is asked to testify before House Judiciary Committee. Transcript May 1, 1998 1891
The latest trend in bankruptcy: the "legacy of Sears." (Sears, Roebuck and Co.) Sass, Steven D. Apr 1, 1998 1640
The new bankruptcy claim form. Pearson, John K. Apr 1, 1998 2285
What every credit manager should know about the recommendations of the Bankruptcy Review Commission. Moses, Max; Johanson, Charles R., III Feb 1, 1998 2456
Vendor liens and other credit enhancements: an inducement to extend credit to troubled companies. Nathan, Bruce S. Feb 1, 1998 1604
New life for an old remedy: reclamation from insolvent buyers and bankruptcy debtors. Fagel, Allen J.; Quaid, Dennis E. Jan 1, 1998 2325
What you should know about the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Sinsley, Barbara A. Jun 1, 1997 3158
Achieving perfection: your financing statement must be actually filed. Blakeley, Scott Column May 1, 1997 1161
Fighting abuse in debt collection. Warren, Catherine R. Apr 1, 1997 1798
Securing Russia's future: a plea for reform in Russian secured transactions law. Kilborn, Jason J. Oct 1, 1996 21029
Organization of creditors' committees in Chapter 11. Leibowitz, David P. Oct 1, 1996 1212
Liability of Creditors' Committee members. Nathan, Bruce S. Oct 1, 1996 1708
"Bad faith" and involuntary bankruptcy filings. Blakeley, Scott Oct 1, 1996 1327
The recent Supreme Court decision in Strumpf: the effect on bank rights of set-off in bankruptcy. Mason, Jonathan A.; Nalley, David C. Oct 1, 1996 788
Reclaiming seller versus inventory lienholder: who's on first? Nathan, Bruce S. Mar 1, 1996 1226
Calculating the new value defense: how to avoid being shortchanged. Nathan, Bruce S. Jan 1, 1996 1221
Battling a cramdown. Rodriguez, Vic Jul 1, 1995 1282
Navigating rough seas: accounting for impaired loans. Ward, Dan R.; Wilson, Thomas E., Jr.; Ward, Suzanne Pinac Apr 1, 1995 1869
International debt recovery: a game of three-dimensional chess. Berman, Keith; Kenney, Martin S. Apr 1, 1995 4716
Recent developments in the "ordinary course of business" defense. Blakeley, Scott E. Column Feb 1, 1995 928
How to handle waivers of lien. Millis, Robert K. Jan 1, 1995 1140
Understanding the art of liquidation from a lender's point of view. Shaw, Eric Jan 1, 1995 2876
The statute of limitations in bankruptcy cases: higher courts come to the rescue. Phillips, K. Todd Jun 1, 1994 717
Honor thy creditors? The Religious Debtor's Constitutional Conflict with Section 1325 (b). Cerne, Kathleen M. Mar 1, 1994 3111
Reclamation rights in bankruptcy. Dopke, Bruce Feb 1, 1994 1352
Extending credit to the Chapter 11 debtor: the trade creditor's dilemma. Tilton, Richard N. Mar 1, 1993 4249
Qualified plans, IRAs, your creditors, and you. Fair, Andrew J. Jan 1, 1993 2069
NACM takes action to protect creditors in liability claims. Wise, Jim Column May 1, 1992 782
Preserve creditors' rights by filing a proof of claim. Steinberg, Paul H. Apr 1, 1992 2272
Deprizio revisited: avoiding the extended preference period. Teigen, Pamela J.; Fagel, Allen J. Mar 1, 1992 956
Is absolute priority the rule? Kaiser, Kirsten L. Feb 1, 1992 1681
NACM's Senate testimony advocates creation of Chapter 10. Owings, Julie A. column Oct 1, 1991 750
Extension is denied to Revco. Nov 19, 1990 420
Setoff involving an insolvent carrier is resisted. Wright, P. Bruce column Apr 1, 1990 752

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