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The Surrogacy Regulation (2019) Bill of India: A Critique. Srivastava, Astha Report Jan 1, 2021 6955
Surrogacy, an Excellent Opportunity for Women with More Threats. Editorial Apr 1, 2019 817
Biopower, Disability and Capitalism: Neoliberal Eugenics and the Future of ART Regulation. Goodrow, Gabrielle Mar 22, 2019 9251
THE POLITICS OF PRO AND NONREPRODUCTION POLICIES IN ISRAEL. Almog, Shulamit; Bassan, Sharon Mar 22, 2018 19857
Freeze all Policy: An Expanded Strategy Before Its Clinical Approval. Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza Editorial Oct 1, 2017 932
Constitutional parentage. Grossman, Joanna L. Jun 22, 2017 13562
A hidden gendercide: discrepancies between embryo destruction and sex selective abortion laws. Kanowsky, Mary Sep 22, 2016 13006
Consideration of genetic connections in child custody disputes between same-sex parents: fair or foul? Feinberg, Jessica Mar 22, 2016 23382
Blunting the edge: federalism, criminal law, and the importance of legislative history after the Reference Re Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Snow, Dave Jul 1, 2015 5716
Blunting the edge: federalism, criminal law, and the importance of legislative history after the Reference Re Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Snow, Dave Jul 1, 2015 11882
Surrogacy legislation in India. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 331
The "progeny" of Florida's reproductive technology statutes. Bendeck, Odette Marie Feb 1, 2014 6329
The governance gap in assisted human reproduction. Cattapan, Alana; Eichler, Margrit; Weir, Lorna Conference news Dec 2, 2013 1932
The Assisted Human Reproduction Act Reference and the thin line between health and crime. Ogbogu, Ubaka Mar 22, 2013 3107
Federalizing embryo transfers: taming the wild west of reproductive medicine? Daar, Judith Jun 22, 2012 9768
Federalizing embryo transfers: taming the wild west of reproductive medicine? Daar, Judith Jun 22, 2012 21551
Anonymously provided sperm and the Constitution. Byrn, Mary Patricia; Ireland, Rebecca Mar 22, 2012 13532
Genetically related children: harvesting of gametes from deceased or incompetent persons. Kindregan, Charles P., Jr. Sep 22, 2011 14000
The new Uniform Probate Code's surprising gender inequities. Knaplund, Kristine S. Mar 22, 2011 10793
The state of surrogacy laws: determining legal parentage for gay fathers. Dana, Anne R. Mar 22, 2011 21410
"With liberty and justice for all (families)": the modern American same-sex family. Gonzalez, Lissette Mar 22, 2011 15966
Assisted reproductive equality: an institutional analysis. Coan, Andrew B. Jun 22, 2010 6267
Reproductive Technology: Of Labor and Markets. Briggs, Laura Essay Jun 22, 2010 6287
Unraveling the fertility industry: challenges and strategies for movement building: report on international consultation on commercial, economic and ethical aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs). Mulay, Shree Mar 22, 2010 580
Exploiting the fiduciary relationship: the physician as information intermediary in assisted human reproduction. Gruben, Vanessa Sep 22, 2009 5048
Fertility bill wins more support. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jul 1, 2009 98
Racial classification in assisted reproduction. Fox, Dov Jun 1, 2009 26287
Frozen embryos, divorce, and needed legislation: on the horizon or has it arrived? Gonzalez, Maria C. Apr 1, 2009 2989
Who's your daddy? Children of sperm donors are seeking more information about their once-anonymous fathers, sometimes at the risk of the fertility industry itself. Miller, Cheryl Feb 1, 2009 2893
Assisted reproduction without assisting over-collection: fair information practices and the assisted human reproduction agency of Canada. Gruben, Vanessa Jan 1, 2009 15298
The Constitution and the rights not to procreate. Cohen, I. Glenn Feb 1, 2008 33966
Straightening your heir: on the constitutionality of regulating the use of preimplantation technologies to select preembryos or modify the genetic profile thereof based on expected sexual orientation. Paonessa, Louis Jun 22, 2007 15532
Rethinking the procreative right. Dillard, Carter J. Jan 1, 2007 35524
Why criminalizing sex selection techniques is unjust: an argument challenging conventional wisdom. Long, Angela M. Jan 1, 2006 17856
Regulating consent to human embryo research: a critique of Health Canada's proposal. Ram, Natalie Dec 22, 2005 5843
Church claims of victory ring false in Italian vote. Brief Article Sep 22, 2005 267
Legal and ethical issues in ART "outcomes" research. Nelson, Erin L. Jan 1, 2005 12876
Swedish Government to propose bill allowing creation of cloned human embryos. Brief Article Apr 16, 2004 151
Congress restricts patents. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Dec 12, 2003 160
Roe and the new frontier. Roy, Lisa Shaw Sep 22, 2003 20729
The stem cell debate and Fr. De Souza. (News in Brief: Canada). Apr 1, 2003 520
Disputes over frozen preembryos & the "right not to be a parent". Pachman, Tracey S. Jan 1, 2003 11620
Symposium on Bill C-13: the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Caulfield, Timothy Dec 22, 2002 1063
The science of stem cells: some implications for law and policy. Daar, Abdallah S.; Sheremeta, Lorraine Dec 22, 2002 7232
Bill C-13, the Assisted Human Reproduction Act: examining the arguments against a regulatory approach. Caulfield, Timothy Dec 22, 2002 4352
Defining a policy rationale for the criminal regulation of reproductive technologies. Campbell, Angela Dec 22, 2002 4613
A constitutional analysis of the proposed ban on non-reproductive human cloning: An unjustified violation of freedom of expression? Billingsley, Barbara Dec 22, 2002 6378
Donate a definition. Herder, Matthew Dec 22, 2002 2953
Betwixt and between human stem cell guidelines and legislation. Baylis, Francoise Dec 22, 2002 4981
Mum's the word: donor anonymity in assisted reproduction. Johnston, Josephine Dec 22, 2002 3993
Privacy and assisted human reproduction: a discussion paper. Foster, Jennifer; Slater, Barbara Dec 22, 2002 4685
Stem cell terminology: practical, theological and ethical implications. Shanner, Laura Dec 22, 2002 3162
Assisted reproductive technologies and the Constitution. Coleman, Carl H. Nov 1, 2002 5800
Red light, green light: the California cloning and stem cell laws. McLean, Margaret R. Nov 1, 2002 478
Protecting posthumous children. (at law). Dresser, Rebecca Nov 1, 2002 1687
Embryonic stem cell research and respect for human life: philosophical and legal reflections. McCartney, James J. Mar 22, 2002 13734
Human cloning and genetic engineering: the case for proceeding cautiously. Brown, Barry L. Mar 22, 2002 12630
Pregnancy and state policies. Feb 1, 2002 2125
Frozen pre-embryos and the right to change one's mind. Shapo, Helene S. Jan 1, 2002 12727
A place for criminal law in the regulation of reproductive technologies. Campbell, Angela Jan 1, 2002 11949
14 days: Rock's brave new world. Marwick, Michael Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 931
Redefining family: Should lesbians have access to assisted reproduction? (Critique and Comment). Dower, Tami Aug 1, 2001 8165
Canadian Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies? Baylis, Francoise Jul 1, 2001 523
House of Lords legalizes human embryo cloning. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 256
The reemergence of Enlightenment ideas in the 1994 French bioethics debates. Ball, Nan T. Nov 1, 2000 18142
State legislation on reproductive health in 1990: What was proposed and enacted. (Special Report). Sollom, Terry Jan 1, 2000 5080
Procreative rights in assisted reproductive technology: why the angst? Stempel, Vincent F. Mar 22, 1999 7441
NRLC Letter to U.S. Senate on Cloning. Johnson, Douglas Brief Article Feb 11, 1998 394
Regulating new reproductive and genetic technologies: a feminist view of recent Canadian government initiatives. Valverde, Mariana; Weir, Lorna Jun 22, 1997 1534
And baby makes three ... or four ... or five: assisted reproduction. Dresser, Rebecca Dec 1, 1995 2449

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