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September 23 marks the day the Philippines learned it was under Martial Law. Sep 23, 2020 1513
50% of South Koreans support law banning sending anti-NK leaflets. Jun 11, 2020 384
Decisions were being made by govt but undue propaganda was being made against Ulema: Siraj. Apr 25, 2020 393
Bullet Dumas says carelessness allowed spread of martial law propaganda: 'Tayo lang ang may kakayahang ayusin ito'. Feb 26, 2020 456
I won't be intimidated in fight against pollution, says MP Koyoo. Jan 13, 2020 474
Propaganda against NAB amendmemt ordinance is baseless: Shahzad. Dec 30, 2019 253
PM Imran vows no let-up in accountability. Dec 30, 2019 847
Europe launches joint actions to disrupt IS online propaganda. Nov 25, 2019 212
Top Muslim body accuses a section of media of spreading propaganda in Ayodhya case. ANI Nov 6, 2019 298
'Campus militarization figment of imagination'. Aug 21, 2019 1264
PNP accuses Makabayan bloc, leftist groups of 'bloating' Negros killings. Aug 1, 2019 482
NAB law is black only for those involved in corruption, NAB and corruption can't coexist, NAB can't be dictated: Chairman NAB. May 3, 2019 845
Senate body passes unanimous resolution condemning Indian baseless propaganda against Pakistan. Feb 22, 2019 595
Negative campaigning against competitors is allowed - Comelec. Feb 13, 2019 298
Palace to Satur Ocampo: Stop using arrest for propaganda. Dec 1, 2018 623
Trade unions' participation in electoral propaganda illegal. Nov 10, 2018 159
Don't pay hearing to hearsay. Nov 5, 2018 679
Brexit propaganda masquerades as fact. Oct 26, 2018 210
Cyberwar attempts to block Daesh propaganda. Aug 26, 2018 1525
Donald Trump slammed for using Mollie Tibbetts' murder as 'political propaganda' as he blames weak immigration laws; The 20-year-old student's death has been thrust into the US debate on immigration after a man believed to be an undocumented Mexican was charged with her murder. Aug 23, 2018 920
GBLA condemns Indian propaganda. May 31, 2018 310
Experts stresses for gate-keeping social media across borders. May 19, 2018 474
Experts stresses for gate-keeping social media across borders. May 18, 2018 532
Experts stress for gate-keeping social media across borders. May 14, 2018 747
Marketing of food and beverage in Brazil: scientific literature review on regulation and self-regulation of advertisements/Publicidade de alimentos e bebidas no Brasil: revisao de literatura cientifica sobre regulacao e autorregulacao de propagandas/Publicidad de alimentos y bebidas en Brasil: revision de la literatura cientifica sobre regulacion y auto-regulacion de propagandas. Kassahara, Aline; Sarti, Flavia Mori Apr 1, 2018 6723
Game of Trolls: The Sinister Face of Facebook: Facebook, which was sold as a medium wherein citizens could counter government propaganda, now provides tools to governments to squash dissent. Christy, Tatiana Mar 5, 2018 2095
Taiwan plans to change rules to counter Chinese propaganda. Jan 31, 2018 241
Iran Complains to Ofcom over UK Media Propaganda on Recent Unrests. Jan 5, 2018 853
House unanimously passes bill mandating tri-media discounts on election propaganda. Dec 12, 2017 426
Fehmia Mirza for unanimous resolution to condemn BLA propaganda in Geneva. Sep 20, 2017 155
Fehmida Mirza for unanimous resolution to condemn BLA propaganda. Sep 20, 2017 155
Report: Britain No.1 in Europe for Online Propaganda by Militants. Sep 19, 2017 313
Lawmaker seeks police-social media tie-up vs terrorism. Aug 22, 2017 373
'Martial law. Now' propaganda video taken down amid criticisms. Jun 2, 2017 820
'Martial law. Now' propaganda video taken down. May 31, 2017 604
Marriyum urges social media users to refrain from propaganda against constitutional institutions. May 14, 2017 134
The real risks of fake news. Haber, Morey Apr 1, 2017 884
Whose bodies? Black lives matter and the reproductive justice imperative. Hutchinson, Sikivu Essay May 1, 2016 1077
AP Reviewing New Evidence Of Cooperation With Hitler. Mar 31, 2016 449
Fighting ISIS Online: the Islamic State is an Internet phenomenon as much as a military one. Counteracting it will require better tactics on the battlefield of social media. Talbot, David Nov 1, 2015 2770
Legal Response to Propaganda Broadcasts Related to Crisis in and Around Ukraine, 2014-2015. Richter, Andrei G. Sep 1, 2015 9138
Peaceful demonstration in support of law banning gay propaganda planned in Bishkek. Jun 9, 2015 134
'Gay propaganda' law announced unconstitutional in Kazakshtan. May 28, 2015 543
Writing and the recognition of customary law in premodern India and Java. Lubin, Timothy Essay Apr 1, 2015 19244
European colleagues respect Atambayev's position on anti-gay propaganda and foreign agents bills, President's Administration spokesperson. Mar 31, 2015 220
Human Rights Council considers bill to ban gay propaganda as discrimination, but it is not so, Deputy Foreign Minister says. Mar 27, 2015 105
PACE rapporteur expresses concern over 'gay propaganda' law in Kyrgyzstan. Mar 11, 2015 153
European Parliament says no to Kyrgyzstan's anti-gay propaganda bill. Jan 16, 2015 296
Bills on foreign agents, gay propaganda means to distract societal attention from corruption -- human rights defenders. Oct 16, 2014 212
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan passes bill foreseeing incarceration for gay propaganda in 1st reading. Oct 15, 2014 385
U.S. Embassy urges to oppose bills on prohibition of gay propaganda, foreign agents. Oct 13, 2014 166
Selling Obamacare: the weird, misleading propaganda behind the federal health care law. Hemingway, Mark Jul 16, 2014 2298
LGBT community asks Kyrgyz parliamentarians to recall bill on prohibition of gay propaganda. May 28, 2014 193
To Russia with love: an insider's view of Putin's agenda. Johns, Merryn Interview Dec 1, 2013 2102
Biz frets over human rights. Barraclough, Leo Brief article Jun 18, 2013 131
Control information, control souls: Yu Gao, deputy managing editor of Caixin Media and affiliate of 2013 Nieman Fellow Jin Deng, on how Chinese media censorship works. Essay Jan 1, 2013 487
A cidade verde, images and discourses: the case of Maringa (PR) Brazil/A cidade verde, imagens e discursos: o caso de Maringa (PR) Brasil. Bovo, Marcos Clair; Amorim, Margarete Cristiane de Costa Trindade Dec 1, 2012 8253
Famed War Reporter Calls Pentagon/Media 'Propaganda' Program Illegal. Galloway, Joseph L. May 15, 2008 836
Private regulation and public policy: toward effective restriction of Internet hate propaganda. Bailey, Jane Jan 1, 2004 21631

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