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Austria : Against TTIP and CETA in the National Council. Apr 15, 2017 427
Treaty-based claims against subdivisions of ICSID contracting states. Pivnichny, Douglas Jan 1, 2017 21536
TWEETS & POSTS. Oct 5, 2016 457
Trade Agreements Delivering Growth Momentum to the European Union Automotive Industry. Sep 14, 2016 582
Time to fly flag for Commonwealth to get post-Brexit trade deals; Joe Riley keeping a watching brief on the world at large MY SHOUT. Aug 22, 2016 353
Complicity and Beyond: US Must Pull the Plug on Arms to Saudi Arabia. Aug 18, 2016 616
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: the death-knell of generic pharmaceuticals? Stimac, Alexander May 1, 2016 13013
Much that can still be done on US-GCC trade. Apr 23, 2016 608
International law in the Obama administration's pivot to Asia: the China seas disputes, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, rivalry with the PRC, and status quo legal norms in U.S. foreign policy. deLisle, Jacques Mar 22, 2016 15080
Riding a "friendly elephant"? How African nations can make the best of economic partnership with China. Campbell, Austin Mar 1, 2016 4908
Riding a "friendly elephant"? How African nations can make the best of economic partnership with China. Campbell, Austin Mar 1, 2016 21064
Israel,United States : U.S. signs trade deal into law to protect Israel. Feb 29, 2016 134
Kazakhstan : Kazakh Senate adopts law on FTA between EAEU and member states. Feb 26, 2016 279
Obama's Africa legacy. Stith, Charles R. Aug 1, 2015 969
Relief as AGOA renewed: despite some hurdles, the US-Africa trade act will continue to allow sub-Saharan Africa duty-free access to the US market. Thomas, David Aug 1, 2015 789
US-Africa: a work in progress. Williams, Stephen Aug 1, 2015 1308
The US meets Africa. Aug 1, 2015 499
Secrecy around TPPA negotiations challenged. Aug 1, 2015 409
Senate passes "fast track" trade deal, goes to Obama. Jun 25, 2015 277
ICSID jurisdiction over international mass investment arbitrations: due process and default rules. McCarl, Ryan Jun 22, 2015 11790
Let's stop prosperity; Warren sees trade threat that isn't there. Editorial Mar 9, 2015 553
Janet Cord, Partner, Ladas & Parry LLP to Speak at the Knowledge Group's Patent Law in Light of The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Live Webcast. Feb 5, 2015 624
The NAFTA alternative: saving KORUS FTA dumping appeals from the dumps. Powell, Czarina Jan 1, 2015 8342
CUSLI expert roundtable report: CETA, TPP, TTIP, and the Canada-U.S. trade relationship. Brouse, Kelly; Nguyen, Vy; Lohschelder, Sarah Jan 1, 2015 2430
Davies calls on Cameron to back trade deal bill. Oct 28, 2014 760
Personal data privacy and the WTO. MacDonald, Diane A.; Streatfeild, Christine M. Jun 22, 2014 10307
Converging towards NAFTA: an analysis of FTA investment chapters in the European Union and the United States. Fontanelli, Filippo; Bianco, Giuseppe Jun 22, 2014 18555
Merkel optimistic about completing TTIP by end of 2015. Conference news May 12, 2014 396
Belgium : EU adopts stronger rules to better defend its rights under trade agreements. May 9, 2014 283
Plaid ANDTORIES clash over epic US-EU trade deal. Mar 28, 2014 495
Obama's trade initiatives could be blocked by democratic-controlled Senate. Brief article Feb 3, 2014 214
Mexico says Trans-Pacific partnership will also 'modernize' NAFTA. Jan 27, 2014 304
Two groups developing competing trade bills. Jan 20, 2014 534
Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, Cross-Strait Agreement on Intellectual Property Right Protection and Cooperation, and implications of one-China. Chen, Ping-Hsun Jan 1, 2014 14747
What is TiSA and why does it matter? Allgeier, Peter Jan 1, 2014 692
Trademarks under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with references to the current Mexican law. Rosas, Roberto Jan 1, 2014 24505
Congress not likely to take up trade promotion authority before 2014. Dec 9, 2013 442
Fast-track: enabler of the "free trade" agenda: fast-track (aka Trade Promotion Authority--TPA) is a direct attack on our constitutional checks and balances and has been key to approval of all our free trade agreements. Kenny, Jack Sep 2, 2013 1273
Malaysia Applauded for Strong Proposal to Protect Tobacco Control Measures Under Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. Aug 27, 2013 715
Malaysia Applauded for Strong Proposal to Protect Tobacco Control Measures Under Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. Aug 26, 2013 725
A treaty for the 21st century: Arms Trade Treaty is another strand of international law to contain the forces of militarism and death. Siebert, John Jun 22, 2013 661
The era of petroleum arbitration mega cases: commentary on Occidental v. Ecuador, ICSID award, 2012. Garcia, Julian Cardenas Jun 22, 2013 7106
The era of petroleum arbitration mega cases: commentary on Occidental v. Ecuador, ICSID award, 2012. Garcia, Julian Cardenas Jun 22, 2013 10634
Administration to seek 'fast-track' authority from Congress. Mar 25, 2013 509
Vulnerable U.S. Dairy Industry Could Be Harmed By TPP Trade Deal. Mar 4, 2013 843
Twards and Arms Trade Treaty. Mar 3, 2013 439
FTA with Singapore, Mexico. Feb 1, 2013 186
Cross-strait financial prospects boosts foreign shareholding of Taiwanese FHCs. Li, Judy Nov 20, 2012 718
Ukraine : Mykola Azarov - The CIS countries which have signed the FTA Agreement to complete its ratification by the year end. Brief article Sep 29, 2012 259
Section 421: China's WTO noncompliance and the protection of U.S. corporate interests. Bouts, Michael W. Sep 22, 2012 9838
CIER: regulatory harmonization is key to Taiwan's success of signing FTAs. Chuang, Steve Aug 15, 2012 367
Ukraine's Yanukovych Signs CIS Trade Agreement. Aug 10, 2012 230
US supports continued negotiations of Arms Trade Treaty. Conference notes Jul 28, 2012 217
International Artists Write To UN Secretary General In Support Of An Effective Arms Trade Treaty. Jul 3, 2012 1060
The league of Arab States a regional perspective. Decreux, Yvan; Hermelink, Ursula; Spies, Julia Jul 1, 2012 2114
Oxfam warns over arms trade treaty. Jun 27, 2012 478
U.S. Health Groups Support USTR Efforts to Protect Tobacco Control Measures under Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. May 14, 2012 414
EU parliament approves agri trade deal with Morocco. Feb 17, 2012 528
Research and Markets: South Korea Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q1 2012 - In 2011, the US Congress Approved the Republic Of Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement. Report Dec 22, 2011 267
S.Korean president signs off FTA with US. Nov 29, 2011 304
S. Korean President Signs Bills to Implement FTA with US. Nov 29, 2011 422
S.Korea set for divisive vote on US trade deal. Nov 22, 2011 383
South Korea President Pushes For Stalled U.S. Trade Pact. Nov 15, 2011 202
Big business urges US to expand global trade pacts. Nov 11, 2011 319
Taiwan and China agree to set up mutual trade offices. Li, Judy Brief article Nov 11, 2011 242
Obama signs into law U.S. free trade deals with South Korea, Panama,Colombia. Oct 21, 2011 135
Three trade deals approved by Congress. Oct 19, 2011 415
AJC Applauds Congressional Approval of Free Trade Pacts. Oct 13, 2011 308
American Frozen Food Institute Applauds Congressional Passage of South Korea, Panama, Colombia Trade Pacts. Oct 13, 2011 340
Wine Institute Hails Passage of U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement. Oct 13, 2011 435
IDFA Hails Passage of Free Trade Agreements. Oct 13, 2011 421
Textile Industry Loses as Congress Passes KORUS Free Trade Agreement. Oct 13, 2011 832
Obama praises Congress'' approval of trade pacts. Oct 13, 2011 121
US congress passes trade pacts with South Korea, Panama. Oct 13, 2011 137
Dow Issues Statement on Free Trade Agreement Progress. Oct 5, 2011 411
CWA: Colombia Free Trade Agreement is a Flawed Plan, Will Not Improve Workers' Lives in Colombia. Oct 4, 2011 361
Global Automakers Urges Congress to Move Quickly on Ratification of Korean U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Oct 4, 2011 351
American Frozen Food Institute Urges Quick Congressional Passage of South Korea, Panama, Colombia Trade Pacts. Oct 3, 2011 305
GE Chairman and CEO, Jeff Immelt's Statement on the U.S. Free Trade Agreements. Oct 3, 2011 148
House extension of lapsed trade measure triggers movement on pending FTAs. Franken, Jessica Oct 1, 2011 1236
American Frozen Food Institute Urges Extension of GSP Program and Action on Free Trade Pacts with South Korea, Panama, Colombia. Sep 20, 2011 297
Key members of Congress critical of delay in approving free trade agreements. Aug 22, 2011 458
TechNet Urges U.S. Senate Approval of Key Trade Agreements. Jun 29, 2011 601
An ICSID tribunal denies jurisdiction for failure to satisfy BIT's "cooling-off" period: further evidence of a sea change in investor-state arbitration or a meaningless ripple? Deutsch, Richard Jun 22, 2011 4770
ACTA fool or: how rights holders learned to stop worrying and love 512's subpoena provisions. Shanahan, Colin E. Jun 22, 2011 8998
Promotion Office in Chile. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 172
East Asia's engagement with cosmopolitan ideals under its trade treaty dispute provisions. Lim, C.L. Jun 1, 2011 18651
Glamis Gold Ltd. v. The United States and the fair and equitable treatment standard. Ryan, Margaret Clare Jun 1, 2011 17215
American Frozen Food Institute Leads Food Industry Effort Urging Congress to Approve Pending Free Trade Agreements. May 5, 2011 440
Freer trade ... with more rules: with well over 100 trade agreements, Latin America is the freest trading region in the world, at least on paper. To benefit, very specific requirements must be followed that can challenge even the most organized and diligent companies. Ludwig, Mark A. May 1, 2011 1772
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: contradictions in Australia and in the Asia Pacific region. Ranald, Patricia Report May 1, 2011 7781
DeFazio wants continuing reviews of proposed free trade agreements. Apr 25, 2011 139
U.S., Colombia closer to gaining approval of bilateral free trade agreement. Apr 11, 2011 433
Rep. Levin urges congressional action on south Korea Free Trade Agreement. Apr 4, 2011 343
Understanding the North American Free Trade Agreement; legal and business consequences of NAFTA, 3d ed. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 128
Rebalancing oil contracts in Venezuela. Garcia, Julian Cardenas Mar 22, 2011 22787
Pac Rim Cayman v. Republic of El Salvador: confronting free trade's chilling effect on environmental progress in Latin America. Zaunbrecher, Katie Mar 22, 2011 5344
American Frozen Food Institute Commends House Vote to Extend Andean Trade Pact. Dec 16, 2010 230
U.S., South Korea reach free trade deal, minus beef. Dec 13, 2010 504
Chubb Calls for Congress to Approve Free Trade Agreement With Korea. Dec 6, 2010 341
CEA Applauds Negotiators for Agreement on the Korea-U.S. Trade Agreement (KORUS). Dec 4, 2010 448
Signed Protocol for further liberalization in CEFTA. Dec 1, 2010 393
Taiwan's exporters must apply for ECFA certificate for preferential tariffs. Liu, Philip Brief article Nov 30, 2010 259
Better days for free zones. Brief article Nov 30, 2010 278
FTA amendment protocol ratified. Nov 7, 2010 182
In defense of transnational domestic labor regulation. Doorey, David J. Oct 1, 2010 26248
Taiwan parliament approves landmark China trade deal. Aug 20, 2010 382
Taiwan parliament approves landmark China trade deal. Aug 19, 2010 382
Taiwan parliament approves landmark China trade deal. Aug 18, 2010 382
Legislature approves ECFA. Liu, Philip Aug 18, 2010 320
WTO rules against EU duties on Taiwan-made FPD products. Liang, Quincy Jul 30, 2010 288
ECFA-driven duty cuts to benefit Taiwan exporters. Shen, Ben Brief article Jul 2, 2010 204
The evolution of labor provisions in U.S. free trade agreements: lessons learned and remaining questions examining the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR). Albertson, Paula Church Jun 22, 2010 8548
Global trading system: decline of nondiscrimination and rise of preferential trade arrangements and agreements. Srinivasan, T.N. Jun 22, 2010 8414
Regime type, veto points, and preferential trading arrangements. Mansfield, Edward D.; Milner, Helen V. Jun 22, 2010 10977
Liberalization of public procurements in CEFTA countries: equal terms for all participants in tenders. Jun 1, 2010 422
MKs: Don't Let PA Violate Trade Border Agreement. Brief article May 2, 2010 90
ECFA to be signed in next cross-strait talk: President Ma. Liu, Philip Brief article Apr 14, 2010 313
Coalition Urges US to Approve Trade Agreements. Mar 4, 2010 112
Chinese official supports Taiwan signing FTA with other nations. Jan 20, 2010 321
EU hopes Taiwan to further expand GPA market. Li, Judy Brief article Dec 11, 2009 226
South Korean Parliament ratifies free trade deal with India. Nov 6, 2009 434
Macedonia's regional trade drops 50%: at the last CEFTA meeting, Macedonia negotiated full liberalization of its trade with Albania and Moldavia, except for the wine. Economy Minister Fatmir Besimi says that the wine export quotas are still being negotiated and talks are being conducted with Croatia concerning full liberalization of the trade in farming food produces. Conference news Oct 1, 2009 555
Economics Minister Shih hopes to sign FTA with trade partners. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 176
Mexico: opportunity for international expansion: Mexico is an opportunity that franchisors should consider. Tuttle, Garrett M.; Hooper, Pablo Sep 1, 2009 2429
U.S. business groups call for White House action on pending trade agreements. Aug 17, 2009 516
Passport, s'il vous plait? Investment treaty protection and the individual investor's citizenship. Nelson, Timothy G. Jun 22, 2009 9495
The overwhelming merits of bilateral investment treaties. Schwebel, Stephen M. Jun 22, 2009 2483
Toward a minimalist system of international investment law? Yackee, Jason Webb Jun 22, 2009 16135
The philosophical approaches to intellectual property and legal transplants. The Mexican Supreme Court and NAFTA Article 1705. Barbosa, Roberto Garza Jun 22, 2009 17291
The casualty of investor protection in times of economic crisis. Claussen, Kathleen May 1, 2009 4412
Replacing slingshots with swords: implications of the Antigua-Gambling 22.6 panel report for developing countries and the world trading system. Hamann, Georgia May 1, 2009 16211
Making the WTO 'more supportive of development'? The Doha round and the political rationality of the WTO's development mission. Alessandrini, Donatella Apr 1, 2009 9332
Far from disaster: Ukraine's energy sector seeks investment and growth. Hunt, Martin; Eisele, Erik Mar 22, 2009 6200
A fundamental misunderstanding: FCC implementation of U.S. WTO commitments. Sherman, Laura B. Mar 1, 2009 4782
Pacific trade controversy continues. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 227
International legal protection of trademarks in China. Hu, Robert H. Jan 1, 2009 19980
International arbitration - ICSID jurisdiction under NAFTA - Bayview Irrigation District v. United Mexican States, ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/05/1, award 19 June 2007. Shapiro, Nick Dec 22, 2008 2939
In defense of the international treaty arbitration system. Meyers, Daniel S. Sep 22, 2008 11443
Rep. Pascrell Introduces Trade Agreement Parity Bill to Boost U.S. Manufacturing; Legislation Could Create 90,000 U.S. Jobs. Jun 27, 2008 456
Should NAFTA be revisited? If you had to do it all over again, would you as President of the United States support NAFTA--the North American Free Trade Agreement--as implemented? Jun 22, 2008 6713
Mexico without its corn? Brief article Jun 1, 2008 181
Recapturing public power: is investment arbitration's engagement of the public interest contributing to the democratic deficit? Choudhury, Barnali May 1, 2008 26456
The Latino Coalition Urges Congress to Pass the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Apr 10, 2008 325
CEA Urges Congress to Pass Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Apr 7, 2008 409
Fact Sheet: United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act. Dec 14, 2007 1190
Retailers Urge Senate Passage of Peru Free Trade Agreement. Dec 4, 2007 449
Statement by the President: Free Trade Agreement with Peru. Dec 4, 2007 155
Say what you mean: improved drafting resources as a means for increasing the consistency of interpretation of bilateral investment treaties. Connolly, Kelley Nov 1, 2007 12526
Fact Sheet: Latin American and Korean Free Trade Agreements Vital to U.S. Economy and Security. Oct 12, 2007 1188
The limits of international human rights law and the role of food sovereignty in protecting people from further trade liberalization under the Doha Round negotiations. Hauter, Wenonah Oct 1, 2007 11586
Big pharma--bullies in the PBS: Hans Lofgren shows how US pharmaceutical companies are undermining the PBS. Lofgren, Hans Oct 1, 2007 1974
N.H. lawmakers target trade deals. Bracco, Aubry Brief article Jun 22, 2007 228
The relationship between bilateral investment treaty arbitration and the Wider Corpus of International Law: the ICSID approach. Leeks, Annie Mar 22, 2007 19664
A wobbly balance? A comparison of proportionality testing in Canada, the United States, the European Union and the World Trade Organization. Attaran, Amir Jan 1, 2007 21877
Peruvian-American Chamber of Commerce Urges U.S. Congress to Ratify the Peru-U.S. Free Trade Agreement; Peruvian Lawmakers Vote 79-18 to Approve Pact; Congress Now Waits for Approval in Washington. Jul 12, 2006 638
Trade and morality: preserving "public morals" without sacrificing the global economy. Gonzalez, Miguel A. May 1, 2006 13688
Japan's parliament endorses FTA pact with Malaysia. May 1, 2006 128
Investor-state dispute settlement between developed countries: reflections on the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement. Dodge, William S. Jan 1, 2006 18276
An appellate mechanism for review of arbitral decisions in investor-state disputes: prospects and challenges. Gantz, David A. Jan 1, 2006 17324
Foreign purchases. Devine, Michael S. Jan 1, 2006 476
Trade law: balancing priorities. de Sousa, Prema Brief article Oct 1, 2005 249
How will trade agreement affect black workers: CAFTA may lower consumer prices but at a cost. Jones, Joyce Oct 1, 2005 569
Senate ratifies CAFTA. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 84
Triumvirate: a North American interparliamentary innovation. Frechette, Christine Sep 22, 2005 1741
Finality versus consistency: does investor-state arbitration need an appellate system? Laird, Ian; Askew, Rebecca Sep 22, 2005 7519
Dominican Republic approves CAFTA. Brief Article Sep 12, 2005 90
Cafta signed. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 273
China's new revolution: China's economic transformation is built on mass faith in markets and technology and a disregard for workers. Goodman, James Jun 1, 2005 2027
Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) Change Notice 20050113. May 1, 2005 139
Exporting American jobs & industry: CAFTA, a forerunner of an "EU of the Americas," trades away American jobs in the name of rewarding Latin American "democracies.". Grigg, William Norman Apr 18, 2005 3355
Red tape threatens Vermont food deals. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 303
Public health policies at risk from world trade agreements. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 289
Charting the transnational dimension of law: U.S. free trade agreements as benchmarks of globalization. Murphy, Ewell E., Jr. Sep 22, 2004 9089
Blaming Nafta: a convenient scapegoat, trade deal unfairly criticized by the indolent. Moody, John Feb 1, 2004 622
The limits of international law in protecting dignity. McGinnis, John O. Sep 22, 2003 6729
Ruling provides sliver of hope for forest industry. Wareing, Andrew Sep 1, 2003 530
Learning from NAFTA: countries negotiating the FTAA look for better trade dispute mechanisms. (Government Issues). Demers, Julie Apr 1, 2003 1637
FTAA progress report. (Insider Report). Brief Article Aug 26, 2002 325
House Approves "Fast Track". Brief Article Jan 14, 2002 272
Fast-Track Revisited. (Insider Report). Brief Article Dec 17, 2001 215
House Committee Plans Markup of Fast-Track Trade Bill. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 550
Vietnam Embassy Trade Office Targets U.S. Investors. Maffia, Joseph Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 248
Bush to implement order to allow Mexican trucks into the US. Brief Article Apr 12, 2001 315
Coalition Files Case Challenging NAFTA; Charges Violations of U.S. Constitution Jan 16, 1997 694

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