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SECTION 230 HATERS AREN'T GOING AWAY. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Jun 1, 2021 807
N.D. Governor Signs COVID-19 Liability Protection Bill. Stephanie K. Jones Apr 27, 2021 229
Defamation liability: Razing media outlets to the ground? Apr 24, 2021 1282
Declarations. Apr 19, 2021 644
PS8k payout after dentist 'failed to treat decay' Boxing coach in legal action after disastrous treatment. Stephanie Balloo Staff Reporter Apr 8, 2021 555
PS8K PAYOUT AFTER DENTIST 'FAILED TO TREAT DECAY' Boxing coach took legal action after disastrous dental treatment. STEPHANIE BALLOO News Reporter Apr 4, 2021 552
'Bad Apples' bill would end qualified immunity. TIM KIRSININKAS Capitol News Illinois Mar 27, 2021 800
'Bad Apples' bill to end qualified police immunity advances out of committee. TIM KIRSININKAS Capitol News Illinois Mar 27, 2021 863
After corporate liability, it's time to consider liability provision for public servants. Mar 26, 2021 960
Company director to be first person in Malaysia charged with corporate liability for corruption. Mar 17, 2021 308
COVID-19 Liability Shield Bill Signed by Indiana Governor. Mar 8, 2021 215
Coronavirus: Legal challenges to government decrees. CM Guest Columnist Mar 3, 2021 1236
Liability Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Bowers, Kate R. Mar 1, 2021 1638
The PREP Act and COVID-19: Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures. Hickey, Kevin J. Mar 1, 2021 3400
Angara: COVID-19 indemnity law only seeks to free vaccine makers from liability. Feb 21, 2021 336
Bill on civil liability due to use of vaccines and drugs against coronavirus passed (HPR). Feb 19, 2021 247
Cabinet meeting looks at draft law on civil liability resulting from use of COVID-19 vaccines. Feb 15, 2021 275
Senators told govt has no formal vaccine supply deals yet, as bill rushed exempting LGUs from procurement law. Feb 12, 2021 991
Money for Something: Music Licensing in the 21st Century. Scherer, Dana A. Report Feb 1, 2021 16512
Citizen Responsibilities in Australia. Jan 31, 2021 668
Citizen Responsibilities in Australia. Jan 31, 2021 597
Ruling proves the law has moved on to the chagrin of some and relief of others - Steven Smart; Some saw it as a step being taken by the government in an attempt to derail the "compensation culture" sweeping the UK. Others felt that it was a draconian measure that would harm ongoing efforts to "level up" health and safety in order to protect workers. Steven Smart Jan 22, 2021 624
MP Tretiakova Proposes Rada Abolish Criminal And Administrative Liability For Cultivation And Sale Of Medical Cannabis. Jan 20, 2021 398
Social media platforms remain dangerous. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim Jan 15, 2021 909
Regulatory Update: Best Interest proposal, COVID liability shield and reduced auto assessment. Jan 1, 2021 194
Regulatory Update. Jan 1, 2021 256
China lowers age of criminal liability to 12 for some crimes. Dec 28, 2020 158
China lowers age of criminal liability to 12 for some crimes. Dec 28, 2020 158
China lowers age of criminal liability to 12 for some crimes. Dec 28, 2020 158
Lawmakers Push Bipartisan US Stimulus Plan To Break Stubborn Deadlock. Dec 15, 2020 540
Rada To Consider Reintroducing Criminal Liability For Inaccurate Declaration On December 3. Dec 2, 2020 224
Age discrimination in critical care triage in South Africa: The law and the allocation of scarce health resources in the COVID-19 pandemic. Erasmus, N. Report Dec 1, 2020 4146
The impact of the state of emergency / alert on the rights of the litigant in the criminal process. Selea, Mircea Mugurel Dec 1, 2020 4839
The PREP Act and COVID-19: Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures. (Legal Sidebar). Hickey, Kevin J. Dec 1, 2020 3033
Managing Health: Important Information About Coverage Plans. Lang, Ron Dec 1, 2020 679
The new UAE Resolution concerning the Supreme Committee of Medical Liability. Nov 30, 2020 1340
Joint and solidary liability in seafarers' abandonment cases. Nov 10, 2020 855
Lawmakers eye limits on qualified immunity for police. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois / Report For America Nov 7, 2020 254
U.S. Treasury Warns Cyber Liability Insurers Against Paying Ransomware Demands. Andrew G. Simpson Oct 19, 2020 1158
Facebook removes inaccurate Trump post on flu deaths Post: Trump calls for repeal of liability shield law. Rachel Lerman The Washington Post Letter to the editor Oct 7, 2020 445
Law protecting online buyers under way. Oct 5, 2020 540
Personal liability risk reactivated for struggling businesses - comment; The reactivation of wrongful trading rules last month marks the return of personal liability risk for directors of businesses that continue to trade while on the brink of insolvency. Lucy McCann Oct 5, 2020 572
General conditions for engaging the criminal liability of the legal persons based on penal laws and fiscal legislation: A case study for Romania. Gorun, Tiberiu Horatiu; Spulbar, Cristi; Birau, Ramona Case study Oct 1, 2020 5056
Regulatory Update: The NAIC seeks comment on annuity model; two states seek to block limited health plans and Nevada law shields casinos from COVID liability. Oct 1, 2020 462
Bill seeks to hold perpetrators of EJKs liable. Sep 27, 2020 338
Advanced liability waivers: a perspective. CM Guest Columnist Sep 23, 2020 1356
Insurance Agencies Get No Break When It Comes to Cyber Liability. Tom Wetzel Sep 10, 2020 662
DOF sweetens rules for delinquent taxpayers. Sep 8, 2020 383
Duterte accepts Morales resignation but move doesn't clear him -- Palace. Aug 27, 2020 456
Bill lifting bank secrecy up for plenary approval. Aug 25, 2020 600
Senate passes two government bills along with amendments. Aug 20, 2020 290
Ask the law: Help, my company asked me to work for a subsidiary, but now no one is paying me. Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, Special to Gulf News Jul 9, 2020 668
Collateral Damage: How Cyber Security Affects Agencies. Tom Wetzel Jul 6, 2020 609
Groups demand 'international liability' of Duterte over rights 'transgressions'. Jul 4, 2020 656
Senators Propose 'Scalpel, Rather Than Jackhammer' to Reform Internet Liability. Nandita Bose and David Shepardson Jun 25, 2020 443
Strategies to reduce liability in age of COVID-19. Jun 22, 2020 690
Business Leaders Share 'Return to Work' Strategies, Concerns. Jun 22, 2020 368
DFS News--Re: Property Damage Due to Riots or Civil Commotion. Jun 22, 2020 250
DOJ still eyeing criminal charges vs. Anakpawis rep, others --- DILG. Jun 11, 2020 449
States Adding Laws to Shield Businesses From Liability for Coronavirus Claims. Jim Sams Jun 2, 2020 1152
Trump signs executive order against social media companies, escalating war on Twitter. ZEKE MILLER Associated Press May 29, 2020 1176
Putrajaya to implement MACC law that compels commercial corporate liability beginning June. May 21, 2020 304
Returning to work: What liability do businesses have? May 20, 2020 850
Oklahoma Senate OKs Bill Limiting Coronavirus Liability for Businesses. Stephanie K. Jones May 14, 2020 364
Oklahoma Bill Limiting Healthcare Providers' COVID-19 Liability Heads to Governor. Stephanie K. Jones May 7, 2020 305
Oklahoma House Passes Bill Shielding Healthcare Workers from COVID-19 Liability. Stephanie K. Jones May 5, 2020 299
Accessibility and Accountability. Padgett, Lauree Column May 1, 2020 1427
COVID-19 and Workplace Liability: Selected Issues Under Antidiscrimination Laws. Anderson, April J. May 1, 2020 1532
Liability loopholes stifle manufacturers. Apr 26, 2020 317
Azerbaijani citizens free of criminal liability for not informing on adopting foreign citizenship. Apr 25, 2020 223
Tenants brace for lockdown impact. Apr 14, 2020 667
In focus: What is the medical liability draft law? Egypt Today staff Apr 2, 2020 317
Webcasting in the Time of COVID-19: Copyright Implications of Remote Worship & Distance Learning. Richards, Kevin T. Apr 1, 2020 2066
EMERGENCY OF EXPANDING GOVERNMENT: As localities seek to take over ambulance services from private providers, the reasons such services should stay private become apparent. Shaw, C. Mitchell Mar 23, 2020 1877
The Economic Analysis of Law in Pakistan. Siddique, Omer Mar 22, 2020 3335
Justice Department announces civil settlement with Plains All American. Mar 13, 2020 167
Reps Support Ease Of Doing Business, Pass CAMA Bill Through Third Reading. Mar 5, 2020 647
The apology in medicine--yes, no, or maybe? The ethics of, the laws behind, and the effective apology. Smith, Steven R.; Sanfilippo, Joseph S. Mar 1, 2020 3004
The strange ancient law that could see you paying [pounds sterling]100,000 to fix your local church; You can blame Henry VIII for this. By, Ellie McKinnell Feb 27, 2020 399
Is the Pendulum Swinging Toward Defendants on New York Labor Law Claims? Matthew J. Minero and Jonathan B. Isaacson Feb 4, 2020 1108
Nonpayment vitiates VR facility of NAB: SC. Jan 24, 2020 810
Review insurance and motor vehicle laws. Jan 5, 2020 553
They Had One Job: Boards should reconsider whether they are adequately monitoring activities that are mission critical to their companies. Raymond, Doug Jan 1, 2020 873
Two Day Programme: Liabilities, Damages and other Contentious Issues in International Commercial Agreements (London, United Kingdom - March 5-6, 2020). Dec 20, 2019 468
State-owned company could take over the liabilities of the Freeport of Ventspils by the end of the year - Linkaits. Dec 15, 2019 273
10 private members' bills introduced in NA. Dec 11, 2019 571
Uber could get a PS1.5bn hit. Dec 5, 2019 137
COMMENT. Dec 5, 2019 367
Significant Developments: UAE Medical Liability Law. Nov 30, 2019 2041
Director's Liability in Canada Offers an Authoritative Analysis of Laws and Precedents and Helps Directors Minimize Personal Liability. Nov 28, 2019 667
Enactment of Administrative Liability Law to be postponed to mid-2020 to avoid "sudden uncertainties". Nov 25, 2019 307
Labor leaders and migrant workers advocates oppose removing joint solidary liability of recruiters in bill creating Department of OFW. Nov 22, 2019 484
Dawn of the VAT Litigation in UAE - Are You Prepared? Nimish Goel and Geet Shah Nov 10, 2019 935
YOUR VIEW; Today we hear from Joe Michna, manager, Citizen Advice Hartlepool. Joe Michna Oct 28, 2019 697
Tajik parliament passes amnesty law. Oct 26, 2019 406
Tajik parliament passes amnesty law. Oct 26, 2019 455
Call for post-decommissioning incident liabilities to be debated; LEGACY. Oct 19, 2019 287
Autonomous Car Regulation in the Smart Transportation Infrastructure: Ethical Issues, Legal Liabilities, and Privacy Concerns. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Oct 1, 2019 1838
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Illegal trips to Azerbaijan's occupied territories can result in criminal liability. Sep 28, 2019 179
JAMAICA-LEGISLATION-Jamaica to toughen legislation on dogs. Sep 27, 2019 323
Employers: Only service provider liable in cases of illegal contractualization. Sep 27, 2019 553
The New Cabinet Resolution No (40) of 2019 concerning the UAE Federal Law on Medical Liability (Law No. 4 of 2016): An Analysis. Sep 25, 2019 1037
Beazley Launches Title IX Coverage for Educational Institutions. Sep 19, 2019 374
Resolving Claim Disputes: Step 3 Research and Document the Interpretation - Part 1 of 3. Bill Wilson Sep 16, 2019 2180
Philippine business must watch for new laws. Sep 16, 2019 849
MiliAeviA: Extension of law on default interest rate stimulates business. Sep 10, 2019 207
California boat fire may put spotlight on Titanic's legal defence. Sep 7, 2019 565
Opening the Door: Insurers are concerned as states are changing or reconsidering laws allowing child sex abuse victims to sue. Darragh, Timothy Sep 1, 2019 1853
Insurers Urged to Show Caution When They Pursue Recovery of Paradigm Fees. Jul 29, 2019 1091
Cyber Alert: New Era in Privacy Liability to Begin California's Data Privacy Law Could Be Game-Changer for Businesses, Insurers. Jergler, Don Jul 15, 2019 2267
Dog Collar Liability Ruling Could Harm Amazon's Broader Business Model. Jul 9, 2019 612
Law and Health Care Quality, Patient Safety, and Liability, 8th Edition. Book review Jul 1, 2019 123
Liability for Subcontractors' Failure to Pay Laborers on Private Works: How to Protect Your Company. Salamone, Mary; Bulfer, Dan Reprint Jul 1, 2019 1279
The prevention and punishment of corruption in the italian legislation/La prevenzione e fa repressione della corruzione neffordinamento giuridico italiano. La Vattiata, Federico C. Jul 1, 2019 7938
Employee Assistance Programs: Balancing Increased Productivity and Engagement Among Employees with Equal Employment and Legal Complience. Smith, Robert A.; Badr, Kauther S.; Wall, Alison E. Jul 1, 2019 5086
Supreme committee's decision final in medical liability cases. Jun 15, 2019 916
Explainer: Who decides on UAE medical liability cases. Jun 15, 2019 1012
5 Areas of School Liability to Watch. Jun 3, 2019 1404
UN lauds Juvenile Justice law, reiterates call vs lower MACR. Jun 3, 2019 409
Toxic Torts in a Nutshell, 6th Edition. Book review Jun 1, 2019 117
Liability for Content Hosts: An Overview of the Communication Decency Act's Section 230. Brannon, Valerie C. Jun 1, 2019 2317
Understanding the legal treatment of juveniles. May 29, 2019 627
Taiwan to no longer compensate daredevils who suffer accidents on mountains. May 29, 2019 470
Bill to protect public on fake goods long overdue. May 24, 2019 543
FBR announces amnesty for industry. May 23, 2019 359
Missouri Statute Update Shields Insurers from Certain Bad Faith Litigation. Daugherty , Nick May 17, 2019 635
Comelec to look into liability of suppliers. May 14, 2019 243
Medical errors: How UAE law protects patients, doctors. May 13, 2019 952
Diokno to support efforts to legalize divorce, same sex marriage in Senate. May 8, 2019 847
5 Basics Every Startup & Growing Business Should Know About Employment Law. Cooper, McInnes May 1, 2019 1979
DOJ's Guevarra warns criminal liability vs coddlers of Acierto, et. al. Apr 27, 2019 258
Organic bill on patients' rights and medical liability sets maximum compensation period of medical errors for 15 years. Apr 9, 2019 273
MANAGING RISK TAKING WITH INTEREST RATE POLICY AND MACROPRUDENTIAL REGULATIONS. Cociuba, Simona E.; Shukayev, Malik; Ueberfeldt, Alexander Apr 1, 2019 16969
Dental patient gets PS15k for 10 years of toothache. Mar 14, 2019 326
Dental patient gets PS15k for TEN YEARS of toothache. Mar 14, 2019 348
Parliament of Kazakhstan passes law on boosting legal liability for child abuse. Mar 14, 2019 106
Seat belt bill clears Senate after debate. Mar 11, 2019 336
Top Nine Mistakes Employers Make in Employment Applications. Demaria, Alfred T. Feb 25, 2019 582
K.K. Sarpong is a liability @ GNPC. Feb 21, 2019 1749
Candidates, beware: Law bansbribery, cash gifts, donations. Feb 13, 2019 876
New Year Update on New York State and New York City Employment Laws. Demaria, Alfred T. Feb 11, 2019 1120
That insane bill. Feb 10, 2019 812
Lowering criminal liability to age 9 or 12 is immoral. Feb 1, 2019 750
Senate seeks harsher penalties for parents of juveniles in crimes. Feb 1, 2019 412
"Sorry" Is Never Enough: How State Apology Laws Fail to Reduce Medical Malpractice Liability Risk. McMichael, Benjamin J.; Van Horn, R. Lawrence; Viscusi, W. Kip Feb 1, 2019 26681
Three Surprises to Watch Out For. Feb 1, 2019 509
'The law is always protective of the welfare of the children' -- Panelo. Jan 31, 2019 464
Robredo hits lower criminal liability age threshold, weak justice system. Jan 30, 2019 391
The Perils of Ignoring Supervisor Misconduct. Rogers, Amber M.; Brown, Jayde Ashford Jan 1, 2019 1135
Public Transit Systems See Rise in Liability Losses. Dec 7, 2018 461
Ones to Watch: Law. Dec 5, 2018 462
Year-end planning ideas for business owners. Dec 4, 2018 917
Persons who intervene to prevent violence against women, children have no liability - CA. Nov 20, 2018 1005
Full implementation of juvenile reform pushed. Nov 19, 2018 206
TWIA's Request to Hike Liability Limits Denied; Rate Increase Decision Suspended. Nov 5, 2018 819
Aviation Delay: Extension of Scope of Applicability of EC 261 for Long Haul Flights and Multiple Carriers. Nov 4, 2018 1950
Texas Windstorm Insurer's Request to Hike Liability Limits Denied. Oct 18, 2018 503
Summary of 2018 Workers' Comp-Related Bills Signed into Law in California. Oct 4, 2018 640
DSWD urges gov't to strengthen laws addressing juvenile crimes. Oct 3, 2018 294
Liberalization of the Principles of Criminal Law. Towards a Postmodern Criminal Law in Romania? Putinei, Madalina-Cristina Report Oct 1, 2018 6775
INSURING AGAINST GDPR LIABILITY: How will the EU's new data protection regulation impact the cyber insurance market? Giordano, Stella Szantov Oct 1, 2018 1819
Entering the U.S. Market: Legal Hurdles That Manufacturers Must Overcome. Del Mauro, Steven; Meyer, Kenneth R.; Patterson, Jean Oct 1, 2018 5634
UNICEF calls Sotto's proposal lowering criminal liability 'giant leap backward'. Sep 27, 2018 380
Lowered minimum age of criminal liability opposed. Sep 27, 2018 415
Duterte hits 'Kiko' Pangilinan and his juvenile justice law. Sep 27, 2018 421
Unicef opposes bill seeking to lower age of criminal liability to 12. Sep 27, 2018 356
Sotto seeks to lower criminal liability age to 13. Sep 25, 2018 332
Negligence: Rail Carrier Liability- Train Derailment- Statute Of Limitations. Sep 21, 2018 156
'Captain of the ship' doctrine. Tan, S.Y. Sep 1, 2018 1198
5 Things to Know About Innovator Liability. Ferrera, David L.; Leard, Michael J. Sep 1, 2018 1304
Will courts clarify the implied false certification theory? Ninth Circuit holds that the Supreme Court established a mandatory test, but the issue remains unsettled. Linebaugh, Chris D. Sep 1, 2018 1518
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Jordan. Aug 31, 2018 1413
The Anti-Kickback Statute and the False Claims Act. Cox, Shannon; Cummings, Stephen Aug 27, 2018 1231
Illinois struggles to balance smart tech policy with business needs. Aug 20, 2018 1205
LLPs to promote informal economy documentation. Aug 3, 2018 263
How New York Strangled Its Mom-and-Pop Rental Car Companies. Epstein, Jim Aug 1, 2018 825
Uncertainty Persists Around Alien Tort Statute. Alexander, Laura; Hale, Christopher Aug 1, 2018 845
OP-ED: Answer to personal liability issue lies down a rabbit hole. Jul 30, 2018 823
Remington College Honolulu Campus offers new Paralegal Associate Degree Program. Jul 23, 2018 308
OP-ED: Answer to personal liability issue lies down a rabbit hole. Jul 17, 2018 827
Remington College Webster Campus offers new Paralegal Associate Degree Program. Jul 14, 2018 297
Remington College Greenspoint Campus Offers New Paralegal Associate Degree Program. Jul 12, 2018 318
Saiontz & Kirk sued by former client's estate for acting as 'case broker'. Jul 8, 2018 629
Contemporary Criminal Law: Concepts, Cases, and Controversies, 5th Edition. Book review Jul 1, 2018 204
Life Esidimeni deaths: Can the former MEC for health and public health officials escape liability for the deaths of the mental-health patients on the basis of obedience to 'superior orders' or because the officials under them were negligent? McQuoid-Mason, D.J. Jul 1, 2018 2423
CPD QUESTIONNAIRE. Jul 1, 2018 507
Statutory Interpretation Expert Evidence. Jun 25, 2018 187
Insurer liable for all damages arising from fire. Jun 22, 2018 1353
VOLATILE CRUDE AND RAILROAD REGULATION. Gurney, Brian; Hill, Joshua P. Jun 22, 2018 3726
OP-ED: Bullish developers must consider liabilities tied to condos. Jun 14, 2018 869
Trump Signs "Right to Try" Act Into Law: Legislation Aims To Ease Experimental Drug Access For Terminally Ill; But Will It? Jun 4, 2018 869
ISA rule change boost for widows and widowers. May 31, 2018 638
AITAF questions sending of scrutiny notices to assessees by GST authorities. May 30, 2018 360
Law updated so cops can get EpiPens at last EpiPen: Doctors' liability not anticipated. May 24, 2018 943
Law updated so cops can get EpiPens at last EpiPen: Doctors' liability not anticipated. May 24, 2018 518
Community Bank System, Inc. announces net income of $40.1m. Financial report May 3, 2018 314
Law, Liability, and Ethics for Medical Office Professionals, 6th Edition. Book review May 1, 2018 129
Risk Rises Down Under: Australian franchisors face uncertainty with joint employer regulations. Giles, Stephen May 1, 2018 1016
Can One Person be Criminally Liable for Photographing another in the UAE? Apr 30, 2018 699
Safe Place To Work Should Be First In Reform. LaRocque, Philip Apr 30, 2018 605
Obligation for payment of water bills. Apr 29, 2018 663
Employer's liability for acts of employee. Apr 14, 2018 831
By the govt, for the govt. Apr 9, 2018 866
Fort Myers Litigation Expert Michael Corso to Present Ethics for Engineers at Purdue University. Apr 4, 2018 414
Brian M. Cathell / Pessin Katz Law. Apr 4, 2018 142
States Fine-Tune the EITC. Apr 1, 2018 445
Causation in Reverse Payment Antitrust Claims. Soter, Kevin B. Apr 1, 2018 23661
Craigslist Shuts Down Personals Section Over Passage Of Sex Trafficking Bill. Mar 23, 2018 564
Ensuring the Continuity of the African-American Family Reunion by Organizing a Nonprofit Entity. Copeland, Roy W. Mar 22, 2018 7913
UAE's FTA clarifies liability for VAT. Mar 4, 2018 255
NY Workers' Comp Liability Standards Face Reform. Harman, Thomas Mar 1, 2018 368
Beyond NLRB: Wider Impacts of Joint Employer: Legislative action must be taken to ensure the commonsense definition of joint employer is passed into law. Layman, Michael; Williams, Tom Mar 1, 2018 1015
Bill that could decrease contractor liability, legal costs heads to Senate. Feb 23, 2018 295
Contractor liability bill heads to Assembly. Feb 21, 2018 369
Bill limiting contractor liability up for vote. Feb 20, 2018 383
DILG to probe possible liability of Aklan local execs over 'Boracay crisis'. Feb 15, 2018 417
Industry fears fallout from workers' comp ruling. Feb 1, 2018 461
OSHA's asbestos regulations and litigation: What insurers should know. Feb 1, 2018 1462
House OKs safe harbor bill for insurers. Jan 25, 2018 452
Paul E. Wojcicki, Shareholder, Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, Ltd. to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Live Webcast. Jan 23, 2018 672
POEA warns OFWs on Qatar's law vs tobacco, cigarette-related items. Jan 11, 2018 347
GulfBusinessVATseminArinpArTnership. Jan 7, 2018 401
On mandatory reserve requirements. Jan 2, 2018 290
Is Impossibility Preemption Impossible? Federal Drug Law and Preemption of State Tort Claims. Armstrong, Kathryn B. Jan 1, 2018 1772
COPYRIGHT AS MARKET PROSPECT. Balganesh, Shyamkrishna Jan 1, 2018 34667
Azerbaijani banks may get new concessions on liability restructuring. Dec 28, 2017 165
1st Egyptian Medical Liability draft law to regulate abortion. Dec 3, 2017 361
BIR's P21.5-M VAT deficiency case vs Daewoo voided. Nov 21, 2017 225
Senate Committee Approves Sex Trafficking Bill Despite Objections From Tech Advocates. Nov 9, 2017 1044
Consumer Protection: Why the Fair Credit Reporting Act matters to your company. Barnhill, Michael C. Nov 1, 2017 847
Business law critical to your practice: Preventive law, like preventive medicine, can make all the difference. Smith, Steven R. Nov 1, 2017 2312
Shipping Agents in Kuwait: Applicable Law & Potential Liabilities. Oct 31, 2017 963
Let the Seller Beware! Jordan: from Caveat Emptor to Caveat Venditor. Oct 28, 2017 803
Shipping Agents in Kuwait: Applicable Law & Potential Liabilities. Oct 28, 2017 891
County Board discusses workman's comp. Oct 25, 2017 550
Going about launching businesses and tackling liabilities. Oct 11, 2017 740
UPDATE: When Silence Isn't Golden: Omissions Liability under Securities Laws. Sykes, Jay B. Oct 1, 2017 1314
No justice without liability for corporate immorality. Glasbeek, Harry Sep 22, 2017 2351
Cause for concern. Sep 22, 2017 1461
What to consider when negotiating environmental indemnity agreements. Sughrue, Dennis; Hirst, Adam Sep 6, 2017 752
Beware of facilitating counterfeiting and trademark infringement. Walker, Jeremy T. Aug 4, 2017 551
Medical Marijuana. Aug 1, 2017 203
Joint employer concerns linger for franchising industry. Lotito, Michael J.; Parry, Missy Aug 1, 2017 1761
What You Need to Know About Title IX, the Clery Act, and OCR. Jul 14, 2017 532
THE SOURCES OF OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE NEW CIVIL CODE. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report Jul 1, 2017 2415
Allocation of responsibilities of internet providers for third party act in the 12,965/14 law (brazilian civil rights framework for the internet)/Responsabilidade civil dos provedores de aplicacoes por ato de terceiro na lei 12.965/14 (marco civil da internet). Barreto, Irineu Francisco, Jr.; Leite, Beatriz Salles Ferreira Jul 1, 2017 13589
No Liability for Dog That Ran Down Street Trailing Loose Bike Rack Behind. Rogak, Lawrence Jun 26, 2017 3680
UAE health care law opens new vistas. Jun 5, 2017 949
Update on the false claims act. Tan, S.Y. Jun 1, 2017 1196
Second chance. May 25, 2017 715
Lawmakers scrap lowering age of criminal responsibility. May 24, 2017 695
Crime liability kept at age 15; penalties vs exploiters raised. May 23, 2017 628
Update on the false claims act. Tan, S.Y. May 15, 2017 1235
Don't get collared by poor 'no pet' policies. Egan, John W.; Greenstein, Dennis H.; Shaw, Sefarth May 10, 2017 1135
Liabilities of Directors under the UAE Bankruptcy Law. Apr 25, 2017 1097
Proposal to lower age for criminal liability hit. Apr 5, 2017 426
Duterte: Pangilinan's law produced criminal minds. Apr 4, 2017 474
Bill lowering criminal liability age opposed. Apr 3, 2017 354
Does a Directors' Release Suffice to Negate Liability in Egypt? Mar 29, 2017 1247
What is your liability for involuntary commitment based on faulty information? Marett, Christopher P.; Mossman, Douglas Report Mar 1, 2017 3572
Gabriela calls solons backing lower criminal liability age 'King Herods'. Feb 22, 2017 730
The Litigation Trends In-House Counsel Can Expect in 2017. Jan 24, 2017 952
The Litigation Trends In-House Counsel Can Expect in 2017. Jan 24, 2017 990
Alvarez tells critics of juvenile justice law to help instead of opposing. Jan 18, 2017 419
CA clears Mayor Gatchalian of admin liability on Kentex Fire. Jan 18, 2017 495
Terrorism legislation increases potential corporate liability. Jan 1, 2017 374
Protecting Trade Secrets: Legal Challenges and Liabilities for Organizations. Fitzpatrick, William M.; Dilullo, Samuel A. Jan 1, 2017 19232
The New UAE Medical Liability Law: An Analysis. Dec 4, 2016 2565
Bangladesh urges Senate to reopen probe into $81M cyber bank heist. Nov 29, 2016 543
House still eyes to pass death penalty bill before Christmas break. Nov 17, 2016 278
Improving use-of-force outcomes: never mind the numbers. Wittrup, Brian Nov 1, 2016 2338
Construction faces coverage challenges. Artese, Dennis J.; Wolff, Allen R. Nov 1, 2016 1113
The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA): Selected Legal Issues. Tsang, Linda Report Nov 1, 2016 12570
HOW TO DESIGN CRIMINAL LAW IN THE XXI CENTURY. Melander, Sakari Oct 1, 2016 2654
Cybersecurity mistakes that lead to regulatory and legal action. Reed, Michelle A.; Tatachar, Jay K. Cover story Oct 1, 2016 1597
Going Paperless on Payroll? Avoid These 3 Legal Pitfalls. Sep 28, 2016 921
Health care fraternity welcomes new law. Sep 20, 2016 686
Limited Liability Partnership Bill introduced in NA. Aug 4, 2016 158
Spokeo v. Robins: a promising development. Oliver, Douglas Aug 1, 2016 2089
Supreme Court offers mixed take on false claim liability. Gallegos, Alicia Aug 1, 2016 960
Laws are clear to specify liability, says prosecutor. Jul 19, 2016 597
Arrr! Sever thee transmitters! Making radio pirates walk the plank with aiding and abetting liability. Nacheman, Max Jul 1, 2016 13427
Health Care Fraud and Abuse Laws Affecting Medicare and Medicaid: An Overview. Staman, Jennifer A. Report Jul 1, 2016 3710
5 US Cities Battling With Airbnb. Jun 28, 2016 641
Employer liability for employee's acts. Jun 25, 2016 1393
Bam warns vs lowering age of criminal liability. Jun 16, 2016 253
Death or Bodily Injury on Board the Aircraft: A UAE Perspective. May 29, 2016 2157
Supreme Court case could expand false claims liability. Gallegos, Alicia May 15, 2016 1215
RBI working on regulation to curb frauds in e-transactions. May 4, 2016 327
In Re Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001: Claims Against Saudi Defendants Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA). Elsea, Jennifer K. Report May 1, 2016 10340
Data breach liability: critical steps for Rx. O'Neil, Catherine; Oldham, Nicholas Apr 18, 2016 1426

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