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Can One Person be Criminally Liable for Photographing another in the UAE? Apr 30, 2018 699
Obligation for payment of water bills. Apr 29, 2018 663
Russian Federation : The Federation Council approved the laws adopted by the State Duma. Apr 19, 2018 847
Russian Federation : Criminal liability for the theft of funds from a bank account or electronic funds has been increased. Apr 19, 2018 340
Russian Federation : Andrei Tenishev Spoke About the Changes in the Criminal and Antimonopoly Legislation. Apr 17, 2018 289
Employer's liability for acts of employee. Apr 14, 2018 831
By the govt, for the govt. Apr 9, 2018 866
United States : PBGC Issues Guidance to Assist Multiemployer Pension Plans Seeking Alternative Payment Rules for Employer Withdrawal Liability. Apr 4, 2018 368
Brian M. Cathell / Pessin Katz Law. Apr 4, 2018 142
Fort Myers Litigation Expert Michael Corso to Present Ethics for Engineers at Purdue University. Apr 4, 2018 414
States Fine-Tune the EITC. Apr 1, 2018 445
Craigslist Shuts Down Personals Section Over Passage Of Sex Trafficking Bill. Mar 23, 2018 564
United Kingdom : New Civil Liability Bill would be great news for motorists says ABI. Mar 22, 2018 490
United States : Congressmen Long and Costa Lead Bill to Protect Farmers, Ranchers, and Dairy Producers. Mar 19, 2018 481
UAE's FTA clarifies liability for VAT. Mar 4, 2018 255
NY Workers' Comp Liability Standards Face Reform. Harman, Thomas Mar 1, 2018 368
Beyond NLRB: Wider Impacts of Joint Employer: Legislative action must be taken to ensure the commonsense definition of joint employer is passed into law. Layman, Michael; Williams, Tom Mar 1, 2018 1015
Bill that could decrease contractor liability, legal costs heads to Senate. Feb 23, 2018 295
Contractor liability bill heads to Assembly. Feb 21, 2018 369
Bill limiting contractor liability up for vote. Feb 20, 2018 383
DILG to probe possible liability of Aklan local execs over 'Boracay crisis'. Feb 15, 2018 417
United States : Construction Law Alert: Proposed Legislation Would Make Contractors Liable for Unpaid Wages of Subcontractors. Feb 14, 2018 212
Industry fears fallout from workers' comp ruling. Feb 1, 2018 461
OSHA's asbestos regulations and litigation: What insurers should know. Feb 1, 2018 1462
House OKs safe harbor bill for insurers. Jan 25, 2018 452
Paul E. Wojcicki, Shareholder, Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, Ltd. to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Live Webcast. Jan 23, 2018 672
POEA warns OFWs on Qatar's law vs tobacco, cigarette-related items. Jan 11, 2018 347
GulfBusinessVATseminArinpArTnership. Jan 7, 2018 401
On mandatory reserve requirements. Jan 2, 2018 290
COPYRIGHT AS MARKET PROSPECT. Balganesh, Shyamkrishna Jan 1, 2018 34667
Azerbaijani banks may get new concessions on liability restructuring. Dec 28, 2017 165
1st Egyptian Medical Liability draft law to regulate abortion. Dec 3, 2017 361
BIR's P21.5-M VAT deficiency case vs Daewoo voided. Nov 21, 2017 225
Senate Committee Approves Sex Trafficking Bill Despite Objections From Tech Advocates. Nov 9, 2017 1044
Consumer Protection: Why the Fair Credit Reporting Act matters to your company. Barnhill, Michael C. Nov 1, 2017 847
Business law critical to your practice: Preventive law, like preventive medicine, can make all the difference. Smith, Steven R. Nov 1, 2017 2312
Shipping Agents in Kuwait: Applicable Law & Potential Liabilities. Oct 31, 2017 963
County Board discusses workman's comp. Oct 25, 2017 550
Insurance For The Needs Of The University Of Montpellier - Civil Liability And Ancillary Risks. Oct 20, 2017 141
Going about launching businesses and tackling liabilities. Oct 11, 2017 740
Cause for concern. Sep 22, 2017 1461
What to consider when negotiating environmental indemnity agreements. Sughrue, Dennis; Hirst, Adam Sep 6, 2017 752
Beware of facilitating counterfeiting and trademark infringement. Walker, Jeremy T. Aug 4, 2017 551
Medical Marijuana. Aug 1, 2017 203
Joint employer concerns linger for franchising industry. Lotito, Michael J.; Parry, Missy Aug 1, 2017 1761
What You Need to Know About Title IX, the Clery Act, and OCR. Jul 14, 2017 532
THE SOURCES OF OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE NEW CIVIL CODE. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report Jul 1, 2017 2415
No Liability for Dog That Ran Down Street Trailing Loose Bike Rack Behind. Rogak, Lawrence Jun 26, 2017 3680
Vietnam : NA adopts Revised 2015 Penal Code. Jun 23, 2017 159
Australia : Tough new laws to combat terrorism. Jun 23, 2017 275
UAE health care law opens new vistas. Jun 5, 2017 949
Update on the false claims act. Tan, S.Y. Jun 1, 2017 1196
Second chance. May 25, 2017 715
Lawmakers scrap lowering age of criminal responsibility. May 24, 2017 695
Crime liability kept at age 15; penalties vs exploiters raised. May 23, 2017 628
Update on the false claims act. Tan, S.Y. May 15, 2017 1235
Don't get collared by poor 'no pet' policies. Egan, John W.; Greenstein, Dennis H.; Shaw, Sefarth May 10, 2017 1135
Liabilities of Directors under the UAE Bankruptcy Law. Apr 25, 2017 1097
Proposal to lower age for criminal liability hit. Apr 5, 2017 426
Duterte: Pangilinan's law produced criminal minds. Apr 4, 2017 474
Bill lowering criminal liability age opposed. Apr 3, 2017 354
Does a Directors' Release Suffice to Negate Liability in Egypt? Mar 29, 2017 1247
What is your liability for involuntary commitment based on faulty information? Marett, Christopher P.; Mossman, Douglas Report Mar 1, 2017 3572
Gabriela calls solons backing lower criminal liability age 'King Herods'. Feb 22, 2017 730
The Litigation Trends In-House Counsel Can Expect in 2017. Jan 24, 2017 952
The Litigation Trends In-House Counsel Can Expect in 2017. Jan 24, 2017 990
Alvarez tells critics of juvenile justice law to help instead of opposing. Jan 18, 2017 419
CA clears Mayor Gatchalian of admin liability on Kentex Fire. Jan 18, 2017 495
Abstracts of selected recent NBER working papers. Jan 1, 2017 1853
The New UAE Medical Liability Law: An Analysis. Dec 4, 2016 2565
Bangladesh urges Senate to reopen probe into $81M cyber bank heist. Nov 29, 2016 543
House still eyes to pass death penalty bill before Christmas break. Nov 17, 2016 278
Selection Of Contractor To Perform Construction And Installation Work On The Construction "reconstruction Of The Building At Ul.p.brovki, 50 In Vitebsk In Order To Expand The Company%s Business Incubator Of Small Limited Liability Legal" Law & Order "grou. Nov 5, 2016 129
Construction faces coverage challenges. Artese, Dennis J.; Wolff, Allen R. Nov 1, 2016 1113
Improving use-of-force outcomes: never mind the numbers. Wittrup, Brian Nov 1, 2016 2344
"development And Implementation Of Information System Management And Maintenance Of A Public Register By The Law On Liability For Preventing And Remedying Environmental Damage.". Oct 6, 2016 127
Cybersecurity mistakes that lead to regulatory and legal action. Reed, Michelle A.; Tatachar, Jay K. Cover story Oct 1, 2016 1597
Going Paperless on Payroll? Avoid These 3 Legal Pitfalls. Sep 28, 2016 921
Health care fraternity welcomes new law. Sep 20, 2016 686
Provide Services For Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of Vehicle Owners (ctp). Aug 11, 2016 296
Limited Liability Partnership Bill introduced in NA. Aug 4, 2016 158
Spokeo v. Robins: a promising development. Oliver, Douglas Aug 1, 2016 2089
Supreme Court offers mixed take on false claim liability. Gallegos, Alicia Aug 1, 2016 960
Provision Of Services On Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of Vehicle Owners (ctp) For The Needs Of Isu Deu?6. Jul 25, 2016 268
Laws are clear to specify liability, says prosecutor. Jul 19, 2016 597
Providing services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles (motor insurance mtpl) 2016-2017gg. for the needs of bu yalchikskaya crh health ministry of chuvashia. Jul 17, 2016 312
Arrr! Sever thee transmitters! Making radio pirates walk the plank with aiding and abetting liability. Nacheman, Max Jul 1, 2016 13427
5 US Cities Battling With Airbnb. Jun 28, 2016 641
Employer liability for employee's acts. Jun 25, 2016 1393
Bam warns vs lowering age of criminal liability. Jun 16, 2016 253
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp). May 29, 2016 497
Services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners. May 29, 2016 277
Death or Bodily Injury on Board the Aircraft: A UAE Perspective. May 29, 2016 2157
Providing services for the insurance of official vehicles for the compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp) for the needs of ogku oblstroyzakazchik. May 27, 2016 489
Provision Of Services On Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of Vehicle Owners (Ctp) For The Needs Of The Republican Protection Service, Control And Regulation Of Use Of Objects Of Fauna, Related To Hunting, Control And Supervision Of Natural Resource. May 26, 2016 156
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners pku gb itu tyumen region russian ministry of labor. May 21, 2016 373
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp). May 19, 2016 278
Provision of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners. May 19, 2016 260
Supreme Court case could expand false claims liability. Gallegos, Alicia May 15, 2016 1215
Provide services for compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp). May 15, 2016 275
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners. May 14, 2016 322
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp). May 14, 2016 496
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp). May 10, 2016 267
Data breach liability: critical steps for Rx. O'Neil, Catherine; Oldham, Nicholas Apr 18, 2016 1426
Qatar: the corporate veil. Apr 2, 2016 1065
A global conversation about emerging liability: members of the insurance industry talk to A.M. BestTV about emerging liability. Apr 1, 2016 453
Flawed but fixable: section 230 of the Communications Decency Act at 20. Bolson, Andrew P. Mar 22, 2016 5853
Strengthening the prevention and diversion mechanisms for children under age of criminal liability and children in conflict with the law. Mar 11, 2016 304
Provision of services on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners. Mar 10, 2016 275
Trends in SEC enforcement: what CPAs need to know. Betman, Ronald S. Mar 1, 2016 2525
2 To Provide Services For Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of Vehicle Owners (CTP) For The Needs Of The Department Of Smolensk Region On The Protection, Control And Regulation Of Forestry, Wild. Feb 11, 2016 157
Law & medicine: to whom do doctors owe a duty? Tan, S.Y. Feb 1, 2016 1121
Cuomo Vetos bill raising minimum limits of liability on auto insurance. Jan 25, 2016 330
The new partnership audit rules. Keneally, Kathryn Jan 1, 2016 1381
Law & medicine: oral contraception and medical liability. Tan, S.Y. Jan 1, 2016 1064
Reflection on the jurisdictional functions of The Financial Superintendence of Colombia/ Reflexiones sobre las funciones jurisdiccionales de la Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia/ Reflexoes sobre as funcoes jurisdicionais da Superintendencia Financeira da Colombia. Corredor-Higuera, Jorge Armando; Paz-Sefair, Antonio Jan 1, 2016 22275
Claims management traffic liability and damages under the railway law. Dec 19, 2015 139
United States : EPA Marks 35th Anniversary of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act. Dec 12, 2015 408
Air travellers may get more compensation in case of death or injury. Dec 3, 2015 399
Sinai Plane Crash: The Legal and Regulatory Investigations to follow. Nov 29, 2015 1991
The answer is a resounding 'Maybe!': An analysis of recent FCC Rulings on the issue of vicarious liability in debt collection. Nov 6, 2015 1871
The answer is a resounding 'Maybe!': An analysis of recent FCC Rulings on the issue of vicarious liability in debt collection. Nov 6, 2015 1909
BSP Strengthens Its Expertise in Litigation and Employment by Recruiting Herve Michel. Oct 30, 2015 429
FCC discusses 'verbal consent'. Oct 23, 2015 779
Comprehensive insurance property and liability. Oct 12, 2015 483
Legal liability and responsibility of the Romanian state regarding uniformity of law at European level. Sperila, Mariana-Daniela Essay Oct 1, 2015 5417
Physician liability issues and telemedicine: Part 1 of 3. Kmucha, Steven T. Oct 1, 2015 1010
Limits to Liability under Montreal 1999 in the UAE. Sep 29, 2015 943
Insurance market property damage, general liability, accidents and complement-law, common law personal injury, automobile. Sep 29, 2015 147
What appraisers need to know about discovery. Levine, Mark Lee; Thode, Stephen F. Sep 22, 2015 6160
Morrison, the restricted scope of Securities Act section 11 liability, and prospects for regulatory reform. Grundfest, Joseph A. Sep 22, 2015 10761
Morrison, the restricted scope of Securities Act section 11 liability, and prospects for regulatory reform. Grundfest, Joseph A. Sep 22, 2015 34269
Crashing into the unknown: an examination of crash-optimization algorithms through the two lanes of ethics and law. Gurney, Jeffrey K. Sep 22, 2015 29720
The evolution of municipal risk management. Corcoran, Stanley Sep 1, 2015 1886
Medical peer review in UAE Civil proceedings: A case study. Case study Jul 14, 2015 2381
Politician resignations and personal liability for by-election costs. Bowal, Peter Jul 1, 2015 1544
Kentex still liable amid settlement with victims' families. Jun 24, 2015 227
What happens when state formed insurer acts in bad faith? First party bad faith creature of statute in Florida. Zalma, Barry May 25, 2015 1337
6 steps to avoiding liability from video surveillance in the workplace. May 19, 2015 936
SECP approves draft Limited Liability Partnership Bill 2015. Apr 8, 2015 271
Federal law passed on commercial companies. Apr 1, 2015 378
Big questions surrounding NY Scaffold Law. Zetlin, Michael; Sliwinski, Alana Mar 25, 2015 952
Criminalization in context: involuntariness, obscenity, and the First Amendment. Barmore, Cynthia Feb 1, 2015 14875
Premises liability revisited. Blecke, James C. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2015 472
Bill filed to lower minor's minimum age of criminal liability. Jan 17, 2015 306
Securities Law--Section 10(b) Liability Not Applicable to Domestic Securities-Based Swap Agreements on Foreign Securities--Parkcentral Global Hub Ltd. v. Porsche Auto. Holdings SE, 763 F.3d 198 (2d Cir. 2014). Patterson, Alisha Jan 1, 2015 10257
Refining comparative fault in Florida: a causation theory for apportioning vault. Brodsky, Benjamin H. Jan 1, 2015 6272
The cybersecurity scare: there are actions that directors can take to keep themselves within the protection of the business judgment rule. Raymond, Doug Jan 1, 2015 799
Senator Santiago files bill increasing death liability. Dec 26, 2014 588
A primer on the intentional-tort exception to employers' workers' compensation immunity. Webster, Peter D.; Graves, Christine Davis Dec 1, 2014 4054
Health professionals in the UAE have to be insured. Nov 15, 2014 589
The dangers of forwarding: Protecting your company from copyright liability in the digital age. Oct 15, 2014 882
The study of rules governing the privacy of individuals using the satellite in Iran's law and international standards. Abdollahalameifar; Pour, Ali Jani Oct 1, 2014 8080
Reforming New York Labor Law section 240(1). Greagan, William J. Sep 22, 2014 7979
Big Liability. Sep 14, 2014 859
Jenny W. Clark, Director, Decosimo Solvability, LLC to Speak at KC's Understanding Successor Liability: How to Deal with Employment Law Claims Live Webcast. Sep 5, 2014 530
Jenna L. Mooney, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP to Speak at KC's Understanding Successor Liability: How to Deal with Employment Law Claims LIVE Webcast. Sep 4, 2014 441
EPA: most waste sites used for renewable energy subject to state laws, not CERCLA. Jul 31, 2014 430
EU legal & regulatory update--June 2014. Cook, Trevor; Faircliffe, Sarah; van Wijngaarden, Marc; Kohlen, Janneke; Lanckriet, Polina Report Jul 1, 2014 6953
A high-risk venture. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Jul 1, 2014 392
Ethical and legal issues regarding the action and knowledge of orthodontists before civil liability/Questoes eticas e legais relacionadas a acao e ao conhecimento dos ortodontistas frente a responsabilidade civil. Maia, Luiza Valeria de Abreu; Flores, Mariana Mourao de Azevedo; Pedro, Adriana Correia; Fernandes, Jul 1, 2014 3552
What's next in consumer data breach litigation? Emerging theories of liability. Jun 13, 2014 980
Introduction--innovation technologique, incertitudes et responsabilites. Verges, Etienne; Khoury, Lara Jun 1, 2014 1142
Risks and uncertainties of scientific innovations in French liability law: between radical departure and continuity. Verges, Etienne Jun 1, 2014 10120
Informed consent: whose duty to inform? Rock, Mary J.; Hoebeke, Roberta May 1, 2014 2799
Insurance services relating to the liability. Apr 10, 2014 391
The reparation of moral damages suffered by individuals and legal persons during and after the comunist period. A study on doctrine and jurisprudence. Sava, Laura Antoaneta; Busoi, Nichita-Iulian Apr 1, 2014 5646
CMPA/CNPS joint statement on liability protection for nurse practitioners and physicians in collaborative practice. Mar 22, 2014 1292
Supply of two pieces of public buses to the municipal transport company limited liability company in inowroclwiu. Mar 12, 2014 368
Corporate liability for foreign corrupt practices under Canadian Law. Blyschak, Paul Mar 1, 2014 7519
Corporate liability for foreign corrupt practices under Canadian Law. Blyschak, Paul Mar 1, 2014 15019
Erdoy-an becomes a liability. Jan 14, 2014 1649
La relativite aquilienne en droit de la responsabilite civile - analyse comparee des systemes germanique, canadien et quebecois. Lacroix, Marieve Dec 1, 2013 6604
A First Amendment approach to generic drug manufacturer tort liability. Sullivan, Connor Nov 1, 2013 6782
5 U txt, u looz. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 140
Civil liability for environmental damage; comparative analysis of law and policy in Europe and the US, 2d ed. Book review Oct 1, 2013 163
Air cargo liability: a system of chaos. Abeyratne, Ruwantissa Oct 1, 2013 527
Breaking it all down: employers' sanctions under immigration law and OCAHO litigation. Carson, Giselle Sep 1, 2013 3049
Intellectual property liability of consumers, facilitators, and intermediaries. Book review Aug 1, 2013 210
New lease accounting proposal: what it means and what companies can do to prepare. Day, Rick; Stuart, Rich Jul 1, 2013 1550
Legal questions? Take advantage of free "Avoiding Liability Helpline". Leslie, Richard S. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 241
Criminal liability of civilian contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. Price, Ingrid L. Jun 22, 2013 6302
Law & medicine: medication-related liability. Tan, S.Y. Jun 15, 2013 907
Landlord protection against construction liens arising from work performed by tenants. Menor, Arthur J. Jun 1, 2013 2857
Can Global Supply Chains Be Accountable? Davis, Jerry May 16, 2013 1433
Legal considerations in mammography. Watson, Alfred B., Jr.; Sahani, Vivek G. Apr 1, 2013 2619
Termination of therapy--client stops attending. Leslie, Richard S. Apr 1, 2013 1024
Discussion of Laws on Practicing Medicine, Dentistry and Medical Liability. Mar 27, 2013 161
Plaintiff's release to third party defendant relieves it of liability to third party plaintiff: Balkheimer v Spanton. Mar 18, 2013 514
Corrective justice and its alternatives: an analysis on European Consumer Law. Goicovici, Juanita Report Mar 1, 2013 8544
Torts and estates: remedying wrongful interference with inheritance. Goldberg, John C.P.; Sitkoff, Robert H. Feb 1, 2013 8713
Law & medicine: physician liability in driving accidents. Tan, S.Y. Jan 1, 2013 901
The dangers of membership: participation as an offense and liability of group leaders. van Rensburg, Kate Janse Jan 1, 2013 14056
Law & medicine: physician liability in driving accidents. Tan, S.Y. Interview Jan 1, 2013 1061
Govt's plan to sweeten nuke liability ' deal'. Dec 27, 2012 476
Environmental damage and liability problems in a multilevel context; the case of the Environmental Liability Directive. Book review Dec 1, 2012 221
Shipowners' limitation of liability. Book review Dec 1, 2012 193
Pressupostos da responsabilidade civil do estado por danos ao meio ambiente. Mota, Mauricio Dec 1, 2012 13091
Theresa A. Domenico Joins McCumber Daniels' Tampa Office. Nov 28, 2012 358
UAE institutes nuclear civil liability law. Oct 16, 2012 538
UAE details nuclear plant liability law. Oct 16, 2012 348
UAE issues new nuclear liability law. Oct 15, 2012 250
UAE Issues Nuclear Liability Law. Oct 15, 2012 409
Missouri protects third-party peer reviews. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 216
Corporate criminal liability: article 10 of the convention against transnational organized crime. Mattar, Mohamed Sep 22, 2012 7489
Human Rights Center Condemns Israeli Amendment of Civil Liability Law. Aug 26, 2012 226
The risk of vicarious liability for broker misconduct: this review of case law reveals steps lenders can take to avoid vicarious liability for the misconduct of mortgage brokers. Marcus, Bradley A.; Whitaker, Nakiya E. Aug 1, 2012 2141
Business e-mails and potential liability: protecting privilege and confidentiality through disclaimers and prudent use policies. Ruhnka, John; Loopesko, Windham E. Aug 1, 2012 3033
Research and Markets: Drug and Medical Device Product Liability Deskbook. May 11, 2012 339
Civil liability for marine oil pollution damage; a comparative and economic study of the international, US and the Chinese compensation regime. Book review Apr 1, 2012 148
Management working for LLCs subject to personal liability under Mine Act. Smith, Ellen Apr 1, 2012 660
Skepticism builds as tort reform goes nowhere. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 1018
Physicians skeptical about medical liability reform action: 'our desire is to bring some rationality to the system.'. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 1028
Skepticism builds as tort reform languishes. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 1055
Skepticism builds as tort reform goes nowhere. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 991
Promises, promises: liability reform remains elusive. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 15, 2012 954
The storm before the calm? A short-term increase in regulatory claims may lead to more stable FI/D&O risks. Kirk, Edward; Cooper, James Feb 1, 2012 2222
An inconvenient deliberation; the precautionary principle's contribution to the uncertainties surrounding climate change liability. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 116
Has the S corporation outlived its usefulness? Stancil, John L. Feb 1, 2012 4099
Tax preparers' liability for incurred interest charges: Eckert decision in California could lead to reduced taxpayer recovery. Reif, Brandon; Buha, Steven Feb 1, 2012 1157
The downside of social: communicating in a liability minefield. Jan 1, 2012 154
Corruption in the private sector: definitions and regulatory options/Korupcija privaciame sektoriuje: apibrezties ir teisinio reguliavimo galimybes. Burda, Rysardas Jan 1, 2012 5448
India, U.S. to hold talks on nuclear liability law. Dec 11, 2011 258
PM, Obama talks: Discussions on nuclear liability within India law, US told. Nov 19, 2011 559
US still in process of studying content of India's Nuclear Liability Act. Nov 18, 2011 505
'We have gone some way in responding to US firms concerns on nuclear liability law,' says PM. Nov 18, 2011 403
Nuclear liability to dominate Manmohan-Obama talks on Thursday. Nov 17, 2011 351
India does not see its nuke liability laws as impeding civil nuke cooperation with US. Nov 17, 2011 444
The risk and liability of studying abroad: traveling abroad can be dangerous, but the experience in terms of broadening a college student's education and fostering an interest in the world outside the United States is well worth the risk. Zoffer, Steven W. Nov 1, 2011 1333
Misalignments in tort law. Porat, Ariel Oct 1, 2011 28845
European developments in corporate criminal liability. Book review Oct 1, 2011 173
Laws holding alcohol retailers accountable can reduce deaths. Currie, Donya Oct 1, 2011 280
Fast food and slow payers: Sadcas v. Professional Finance. Palmer, Norman Company overview Oct 1, 2011 9341
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan disapproves bill exempting local broadcasting companies from liability for "black PR" in rebroadcasted foreign programs. Sep 29, 2011 270
Settling the unknown: why Congress should adopt reopener liability under OPA 90 to compensate victims of the deepwater horizon oil spill. Owens, Mary M. Sep 22, 2011 11831
Dodd-Frank's impact on aiding and abetting claims. Freeman, Karen P. Sep 19, 2011 698
Quick shots: news from the hunting world. Jul 1, 2011 390
Recovering from construction defect claims: navigating builder-friendly state statutes. Bush, Kevin D.; Fox, Douglas B. Cover story Jul 1, 2011 1542
Curbing corruption: strict new U.K. Bribery Act escalates liability risks for U.S. companies. Roberts, Kayleigh Jun 30, 2011 1361
Conditions which engage personal liability of auditors in Romanian insolvency procedure. Corches, Radita Report Jun 1, 2011 1052
The enemy within: as regulatory pressure builds on data breach exposure, companies need to be aware of an internal threat. Slavin, Al May 1, 2011 1796
Time for a legislative overhaul of the Sunshine in Litigation Act. Lumish, Wendy F.; Alonso, Cristina May 1, 2011 5204
Oregon diocese named in sex assault lawsuit. Morris-Young, Dan Apr 29, 2011 1648
Due diligence: a necessary step in real estate transactions. Young, Sherry Apr 8, 2011 684
Towards corporate liability in International criminal law. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 148
Liability for fairness opinions under Delaware Law. Cushman, Cameron Mar 22, 2011 8787
City facing dam liability; Maintenance costs could total $1.5 million annually for 10 years. Mar 15, 2011 713
Is medical liability reform back on the table? Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 15, 2011 654
International human rights - corporate liability claims not actionable under the Alien Tort Statute - Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. Kearney, Colin Jan 1, 2011 3937
EU law on defective products: essential aspects of producers' responsibility. Goicovici, Juanita Report Jan 1, 2011 4891
Modern production in food industry--opened challenge for the future. Saharov, Natalia Report Jan 1, 2011 2026
Chinks in the armor: current trends in limited liability company structure after Olmstead. Lioce, Domenick R. Jan 1, 2011 5053
Employment policies in the context of the Labour Code amendments in 2011. Nita, Andreea-Mihaela; Ion, Veronica Report Jan 1, 2011 3323
Russia does not see India's nuke liability law as an obstacle, but seeks more information. Dec 17, 2010 331
Rights of epileptic patient according to Turkish law/Turk hukukuna gore epilepsi hastalarinin haklari. Oktay-Ozdemir, Saibe; Alpagut, Gulsevil Report Dec 1, 2010 4200
Homologacao de sentencas penais estrangeiras no direito internacional privado brasileiro. Pereira, Marcos Vinicius Torres Dec 1, 2010 5430
Fiduciary folly leads to fiasco: the case of Consolidated Pipeline and Equipment Corporation (CPEC).(Instructor's Note) Sullivan, Laura; Stretcher, Robert; Robertson, Joey Report Nov 1, 2010 1222
India not ready to budge on Nuclear liability Bill. Oct 24, 2010 294
Fiduciary folly leads to fiasco: the case of Consolidated Pipeline and Equipment Corporation (CPEC). Sullivan, Laura; Stretcher, Robert; Robertson, Joey Case study Oct 1, 2010 1377
Legal liability for published content. Dunn, Damon E. Oct 1, 2010 1163
Alien tort claims act (ACTA). Oct 1, 2010 1363
The Alphabet--some hints on avoiding liability. Leslie, Richard S. Oct 1, 2010 1620
US seeks changes in n-liability bill. Sep 9, 2010 373
US for changes in Indias Nuclear Liability Bill. Sep 8, 2010 260
Establishing liability for harm caused to patients in a resource-deficient environment. McQuoid-Mason, David Report Sep 1, 2010 2931
U.S.-India Business Council Statement on Nuclear Liability Law. Aug 31, 2010 317
US-India Business Council's guarded comments on civil nuclear liability bill. Aug 31, 2010 456
Centre removes the niggling ' and' to clear nuke liability Bill. Aug 21, 2010 330
Faulty doors can leave you in a legal jam: learn how faulty or damaged door hardware can turn into a personal injury liability case against you. Leighton, John Elliott Aug 1, 2010 574
In praise of three notable N.H. educators. Cook, Brad Jul 16, 2010 757
Liability of supervising physicians. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2010 842
Law & medicine: liability of supervising physicians. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2010 964
Iran Joining 3 Int'l Maritime Conventions. Jun 23, 2010 368
Delineating liability: China's new tort law provides guidance but raises new questions in an uncertain civil landscape. Melnitzer, Julius Jun 1, 2010 1183
The dangerous driver dilemma. Healey, Karen Jun 1, 2010 813
Liability fund shift was illegal. Anderson, Jane Brief article May 15, 2010 113
Medical liability law safe for another year. Brief article May 1, 2010 96
Premises liability. Blecke, James C. Letter to the editor May 1, 2010 508
A Sierra divide: two bills in the California legislature targeting snowboarders and skiers could increase ski resorts' liability. Reynolds, Dan May 1, 2010 617
New Podcast from ACE USA Highlights International Developments in Executive Liability. Apr 5, 2010 696
Thailand approves draft pollution law. Apr 4, 2010 403
The discordance of New York Central Jazz: it is time to abandon the notion of corporate criminal liability. Hasnas, John Mar 22, 2010 6350
Kyrgyz Parliament agrees with the President's objections to the law providing for criminal liability for neglect of conscription-mobilization reserve duties. Mar 19, 2010 286
Clock work: wage and hour cases outpace all other types of employment class actions. Swanton, Mary Mar 1, 2010 1291
Medical law case of the month: can liability exist without a physician-patient relationship? Case overview Mar 1, 2010 781
Personal liability of an executor or trustee--time for a change. Bertschy, Timothy L. Mar 1, 2010 6138
Tort Law Resources for Illinois Practitioners: from simple to complex, general to specific, common law to statutory--Illinois tort law gets a full treatment in a variety of secondary resources. Gaylord, Tom Mar 1, 2010 827
Premises liability. Henry, David W. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2010 486
Are we doing enough to prevent patient injury caused by positioning for surgery? Beckett, Alison E. Report Jan 1, 2010 2892
Limited liability company. Jan 1, 2010 363
Lithuania eases incorporation rules for small--and medium. Gutauskas, Arturas Dec 17, 2009 461
Taking counsel: civil liability of a sole governing body of a closed jointstock company. Dobilas, Irmantas Dec 9, 2009 1114

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