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Velocity-Free Adaptation Compensation Control of MEMS with Prescribed Performance. Dong, Jie; Zhang, Yanzhao; Liu, Xiaotian; Song, Zhankui Jun 16, 2022 5360
SRC opens battle with trade unions over prior agreements. Feb 23, 2022 656
1.7 million state workers to receive pay hike. Jan 13, 2022 880
A New Rule for Affirmative Action Programs. Biggs, Ambika J. Dec 1, 2021 846
Compensation Programs for COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries. Hickey, Kevin J.; Ward, Erin H. Report Dec 1, 2021 6933
Compensation Programs for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries. Hickey, Kevin J.; Ward, Erin H. Oct 1, 2021 4019
Arena Pharmaceuticals' board approves stock options & RSUs pursuant to Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4). Jun 21, 2021 232
Arena Pharmaceuticals' board approves stock options & RSUs pursuant to Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4). Jun 21, 2021 233
Atara Biotherapeutics approves restricted stock units & stock options under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(C)(4). May 10, 2021 234
Atara Biotherapeutics approves restricted stock units & stock options under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(C)(4). May 10, 2021 235
ImmunoGen's board approves non-qualified stock option for two new employees under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4). Mar 2, 2021 196
ImmunoGen's board approves non-qualified stock option for two new employees under Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(c)(4). Mar 2, 2021 200
Compensation Programs for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries. Hickey, Kevin J.; Ward, Erin H. Mar 1, 2021 3748
Texas Workers' Compensation System's Path to Wellness. Stephanie K. Jones Dec 16, 2020 2218
Stock Repurchases and the Components of Equity Compensation: The Impact of SFAS123R. Albritton, Bonnie; Rakowski, David; Sarkar, Salil Sep 22, 2020 8851
Study Tracks Post-Reform Trends in California Workers' Comp Medical Service. Sep 15, 2020 568
Composite Compensation Control of Robotic System Subject to External Disturbance and Various Actuator Faults. Sheng, Hao; Liu, Xia Report Aug 31, 2020 5288
GlycoMimetics approves non-qualified stock option under NASDAQ Listing Rule 5635(c)(4). Jul 13, 2020 181
Nested Saturation Function Control of a Magnetic Levitation System. Gutierrez-Frias, Octavio; Lozada-Castillo, Norma; Aguirre-Anaya, J. Alejandro; Flores-Hernandez, Die May 31, 2020 4613
Human-wildlife conflict victims to receive pay in six months. Mar 30, 2020 556
Ask the law: Can my company in the UAE fire me if I get coronavirus? Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, Special to Gulf News Mar 27, 2020 892
Rules on payment of compensation amended. Jan 21, 2020 295
Participants at 2019 Business Days call for stronger fight against corruption. Dec 7, 2019 314
Will my employer pay me for leave not taken? Oct 18, 2019 396
Greater Scrutiny of Argo Executive Compensation Began Before SEC Stepped In. Hollmer, Mark Oct 10, 2019 383
Even Monkeys Cannot Explain Why Companies Insist on Subrogation Waivers. Oct 3, 2019 1537
Families of Injured Patients File California Ballot Measure to Raise MICRA. Don Jergler Sep 26, 2019 300
Victims of wild animal attacks to get compensation. Sep 20, 2019 539
No need to serve notice period in UAE if employee compensates. Sep 15, 2019 1077
Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Control for Networked Control System with Time Delay and Packet Dropout Based on a New Compensation Strategy. Zhang, Yu; Xie, Shousheng; Zhang, Ledi; Ren, Litong; Zhou, Bin; Wang, Hao Jul 31, 2019 7802
Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Workers' Comp Reform Legislation. Jun 3, 2019 499
Oklahoma Senate OKs Workers' Comp Reforms; Bill Goes to Governor. May 23, 2019 519
Research on Adaptive Trajectory Tracking Algorithm for a Quadrotor Based on Backstepping and the Sigma-Pi Neural Network. Chen, Zhiming; Niu, Kang; Li, Lei Apr 30, 2019 4313
Labor Department's proposed salary basis rule will make more employees eligible for overtime. Apr 25, 2019 745
Department Of Labor's proposed salary basis rule will make more employees eligible for overtime. Apr 23, 2019 762
DOL Unveils New Overtime Rule. Apr 1, 2019 262
OP-ED: Measure 104 would realign Oregon government with constitution. Oct 16, 2018 782
SC ruling affirms new compensation scheme for bus drivers, conductors. Sep 28, 2018 793
California Workers' Comp Changes Helping System, Division Chief Says. Interview Jul 27, 2018 2024
Maine Employers Are Not Required to Reimburse Employees for Medical Marijuana Use. Blosfield, Elizabeth Jul 2, 2018 1391
PAY GAP MELTS IN ICELAND. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 165
Program to compensate victims. Brief article Mar 9, 2018 193
Corporate Governance: Overview, Case Studies, and Reforms. Book review Jan 1, 2018 152
A CEO Pay Ratio Tipping Point? Boards and compensation committees should prepare for a bigger role on broad-based pay topics. Jones, Blair; O'Toole, Seamus Jan 1, 2018 699
Are you entitled to compensation for working on UAE National Day? Dec 3, 2017 301
Employer should pay 50% extra salary for working on national holiday. Dec 3, 2017 355
Federal, state or local minimum wage: Which applies? Unsure about wage rules that affect your employees? Consider consulting experienced counselor HR professionals to ensure that your pay practices comply. Morris, Rebecca May 1, 2017 1160
Compensation committee strategies for the trump era: Dodd-Frank and CEO pay ratio reporting may not disappear, and new roles may be required of the compensation committee. Becker, Irv Mar 22, 2017 1513
Public sector nurses' awards/agreements. Mar 1, 2017 494
Bill to exempt BIR from salary standardization to increase pay. Feb 14, 2017 446
Trump raises employer hopes on opt-out payments. Nov 18, 2016 319
En deficit d'autonomie. La commission d'indemnisation des accidents du travail du Nouveau-Brunswick (1918-1932). Ouellet, Nelson Sep 22, 2016 9865
Workers' compensation and payments. Sep 16, 2016 928
No contractualization in SM group, conglomerate says. Sep 8, 2016 278
Prosser, Wade, and Schwartz's Torts: Cases and Materials, 13th Edition. Book review Aug 1, 2016 153
The bye-bye benefits. Jul 5, 2016 932
The midnight oil: Department of Labor passes new federal OT rule. Fox, Jason; O'Connor, Kasey Jul 1, 2016 816
THE BYE-BYE BENEFITS. Jun 30, 2016 1003
Combining childhood vaccines at one visit is not safe. Miller, Neil Z. Jun 22, 2016 3214
Pay ratio disclosure: a final SEC rule laden with controversy. Afterman, Allan B. Apr 1, 2016 1643
Called in over Christmas. Kiejda, Judith Brief article Feb 1, 2016 109
What constitutes compensable 'working time'? Goodridge, Amy M. Apr 17, 2015 649
Key provisions of the Nurses Award 2010: as set out in the order they appear in the award. Mar 1, 2015 671
How does the FLSA affect how I pay my employees? Oct 7, 2014 873
Work less, make more: Obamacare incentives. Suderman, Peter Brief article Jun 27, 2014 303
Guidance on compensation committee membership. Mar 22, 2014 717
Prorating pay when a salaried employee is fired. Johnson, Linda Feb 22, 2013 719
Short-time working arrangements in France during the crisis: an empirical analysis of firms and employees. Calavrezo, Oana; Lodin, Francois Report Jun 1, 2012 8494
New compensation disclosures coming. Barlas, Stephen Jul 1, 2011 455
SEC proposes compensation committee and adviser independence rules. Ladd, Scott Jun 1, 2011 445
The 'reasonable comp' balance of power. Vartanian, Justin T. May 20, 2011 814
Changes to loan officer pay practices. Schneider, Howard Apr 1, 2011 1035
The impact of independent and overlapping board structures on CEO compensation, pay-performance sensitivity and accruals management. Chang, Jui-Chin; Luo, Mi; Sun, Huey-Lian Mar 22, 2011 10896
Executive pay circa: as executive pay practices come under more intense scrutiny, companies must better manage compensation-related risk. As they adapt compensation programs in the year ahead, they'll be providing stronger links between performance and pay. Heim, Jim Jan 1, 2011 1944
The decision to adopt a clawback provision. Addy, Noel; Yoder, Timothy Jan 1, 2011 3587
Holiday leave and pay practices. O'Brien, Peg Legislation Nov 5, 2010 636
The right moves for the new realities: alert to compensation committees: Do the procedures you use to select and manage your outside pay experts stand up to scrutiny? Here is how two comp committees 'owned the process.'. Lederer, Jack L. Sep 22, 2010 1739
Avoiding pay pitfalls: the SEC pushes companies to analyze whether their compensation plans actually promote behavior that creates risk. Kelly, Susan Mar 1, 2010 1055
What's all this i'm hearing about "compensation risk?" Five ways for directors to make sense of compensation risk. Cagney, Lawrence K.; Lewis, Jonathan F.; Serebransky, Elizabeth Pagel Jan 1, 2010 1400
Commitment to service & advocacy. Reese, Edward R. Jan 1, 2010 795
Material liability of an employee and effective means for recovering damages. Gudeliauskiene, Lina Oct 21, 2009 740
Business issues: compensation/withdrawals in 8(a) companies. Fallon, Bill Jul 10, 2009 792
LEGAL VIEW. Mar 17, 2009 630
Wage violations can be a costly mistake: recent case is a reminder that companies should become familiar with state wage laws and bring their pay practices into compliance. Johnson, Linda Dec 5, 2008 797
VII. Half-hearted SEC regulation has hurt investors. Freeman, John P. Jun 22, 2007 6238
Reviewing your physician compensation plan. Weymier, Rick Sep 1, 2004 1555
On the mend: insurers and employers wait for workers' compensation reform in California to reduce their costs. Valerio, Benjamin Aug 1, 2004 2321
California regs draw fire from Walgreens. Feb 16, 2004 442
Medicare set-asides and protecting the parties' interests in longshore claims. Engerrand, Kenneth G. Report Jan 1, 2004 16294
Further evidence on compensation committee composition as a determinant of CEO compensation. Vafeas, Nikos Jun 22, 2003 9783
Employee-owner compensation in C and S corporations. Beck, Allen M. Oct 1, 2002 644
Stock options are compensation. (Sound Off). Iqbal, M. Zafar Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 764
Taxing Employee Stock Option Programs. (Washington Insights). Hinchman, Grace Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 574
Reasonable compensation: still alive and kicking. Moore, Philip E. Oct 1, 2001 833
High-Year Tenure (HYT) Adjustments. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 429
A leg up or a foot down? Blalock, Cecelia Apr 1, 1998 920
FLSA relief on the way? Tabin, Barrie Brief Article Apr 28, 1997 428
Compensation issues for S corporations: compensation or distributions? Gates, Patricia S.; Smith, Darlene A. Nov 1, 1995 1678
Recent cases narrowly construe exemption from overtime provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act. Silbergeld, Arthur F.; Tuvim, Mark B. Jun 22, 1994 3982
Corporate tax changes: a closer look. O'Hare, Brian; Glaser, David Apr 1, 1994 2324
May an employer implement a different overtime compensation system for nonexempt employees whose hours fluctuate each week? Turk, Harry N. Dec 22, 1993 836
Accounting for stock-based compensation: the FASB's proposal. Strawser, Joyce Oct 1, 1993 3173
Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, will an employer be obligated to pay overtime premiums to an exempt employee who is taking an unpaid leave? Turk, Harry N. Sep 22, 1993 800
Hey, Bill: get out of the way on pay. Meredith, David R. Sep 1, 1993 2892
How to adjust to the $1 million compensation cap. Cagney, Lawrence K. Jul 1, 1993 1558
Employee compensation for on-call or waiting time. Turk, Harry N. Jun 22, 1993 1020
Compensation considerations for qualified plan sponsors. Silverman, Jim Mar 1, 1992 1367
Unreasonable compensation for employee-stockholders of a professional corporation: it is not an unreasonable proposition. Dietrich, Mark O. Mar 1, 1992 5234
The Civil Rights Act of 1991. Brown, Barbara Berish Dec 22, 1991 2316
Reasonable compensation: how much is too much? Maydew, Gary L. Aug 1, 1991 3617
Workers' compensation: 1986 state enactments. Tinsley, LaVerne C. Jan 1, 1987 3786

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