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GENETIC DUTIES. Roberts, Jessica L.; Foulkes, Alexandra L. Oct 1, 2020 28023
Rosenbach v. Six Flags Entertainment Corp. Swafford, Julia Jul 1, 2020 1103
Opening the Door: Expanding Civil Redress for Sexual Assault Through Fraternity Insurance. Willingham, Alexandra Jun 1, 2020 23216
Have We Reached the Tipping Point? Emerging Causation Issues in Data-Breach Litigation. Hooker, Michael; McConnell, Guy P.; Pill, Jason A. May 1, 2020 6213
Two Day Programme: Liabilities, Damages and other Contentious Issues in International Commercial Agreements (London, United Kingdom - March 5-6, 2020). Dec 20, 2019 468
RIGHT TO LIVE: In a landmark case, Australia's High Court has awarded damages to an Aboriginal group in compensation for historic incursions on their land, opening the way for billions of dollar's worth of potential claims. Sep 1, 2019 467
Bad Behaviour 4.0: Employees getting away with... Bowal, Peter; Ragan, James Jul 1, 2019 1088
CIDG says crackdown against Kapa, other investment scams will continue. Jul 1, 2019 219
It's time for Kenya to review libel laws. Jun 26, 2019 264
How Evidence of Subsequent Remedial Measures Matters. Chao, Bernard; Santos, Kylie Jun 22, 2019 17472
Machine maker pays $9.75M for role in workplace accident. Chaney, Matt May 8, 2019 567
Penalty for intentionally disabling systems. May 4, 2019 714
Carpenter's widow settles wrongful death suit for $1.05M. Cresenzo, Bill Apr 25, 2019 580
DSS sex abuse victim awarded $534K verdict. Chaney, Matt Apr 24, 2019 572
Despite no direct evidence, lawyers secure $4.8M verdict. Bridges, Barry Apr 4, 2019 1252
Opened emails protected under federal act. Chaney, Matthew Mar 25, 2019 816
Dog-bite jury verdict may be highest-ever under 2009 statute. Mar 20, 2019 757
MME's agricultural quarantine offices inspect 5,577 imported shipments in February. Mar 10, 2019 141
Judge punctuates $5M verdict with $600K fee award. Murphy, Pat Jan 10, 2019 632
Lease clause fails to shield landlord from 93A liability. Olson, Kris Dec 6, 2018 1684
Martial law, human rights and other stark issues. Nov 6, 2018 993
Exclusive Remedy: The Scope of Protection in Illinois Workers' Comp. Sep 13, 2018 772
Senate body on law reforms finalises ToRs. Sep 13, 2018 178
Call for review of law on reporting on suspects. Aug 16, 2018 279
MME inspects 5,990 shipments of imported farm products in July. Aug 3, 2018 137
Indemnification Statutory Intepretation. Jul 18, 2018 221
JJ loses 4.7B St. Louis baby powder case. Jul 13, 2018 347
Quarantine Offices inspects 5,586 imported shipments. Jul 3, 2018 140
Employer's liability for acts of employee. Apr 14, 2018 831
Preimpact Terror Awards - A Lottery. Apr 1, 2018 5742
THE "ARTICLE OF MANUFACTURE" TODAY. Burstein, Sarah Mar 22, 2018 30961
Driver must document loss of use in order to recover costs. Olson, Kris Mar 15, 2018 1777
Charlotte doctor accused of sex assault hit with $2M verdict. Bantz, Phillip Mar 15, 2018 696
Why Marsy's Law may harm victims. Lewis, Michael Mar 2, 2018 792
HALO IS NOT THE SAVING GRACE FOR THE PATENT SYSTEM. Hartjest, Jennifer Mar 1, 2018 11205
Quarantine offices inspects 5,485 imported shipments. Feb 6, 2018 141
SJC extends time for bringing Ch. 21E property damage claims. Berkman, Eric T. Feb 1, 2018 1499
Trade Agreements and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals. Gleeson, Deborah; Menkes, David B. Report Feb 1, 2018 2468
Israelis sue New Zealanders over Lorde boycott. Jan 31, 2018 587
Israeli Group Sues Activists Who Convinced Pop Star Lorde to Boycott Tel Aviv Concert. Jan 31, 2018 704
Bill: Allow damages for loss of consortium. Vieth, Peter Jan 15, 2018 1233
Board members, investors avoid liability for executives pay. Murphy, Pat Jan 4, 2018 1713
Maritime Law and Aviation: Hammering a Plane-Shaped Peg into a Boat-Shaped Hole. Szczechowski, Alec Wesley Jan 1, 2018 9909
Senate demands compensation from US for damages in drone attacks. Dec 19, 2017 235
Senate demands compensation from US for damages in drone attacks. Dec 19, 2017 235
Banks face heftier fines for mistreating customers. Nov 20, 2017 440
Federal court rules for woman poked by needle on plane. Dryden, Lee Sep 26, 2017 859
LAW PROFESSORS AS PLAINTIFFS. Jarvis, Robert M. Sep 22, 2017 39164
TIME IS MONEY: AN EMPIRICAL ASSESSMENT OF NONECONOMIC DAMAGES ARGUMENTS. Campbell, John; Chao, Bernard; Robertson, Christopher Sep 1, 2017 24446
Ayesha Ahad serves Rs200 mln defamation notice to Rana Sanaullah. Aug 7, 2017 243
Tort law and ethics of virtues in the light of Alasdair Macintyre thought/A responsabilidade civil como instrumento etico no plano interno e internacional de direitos humanos uma abordagem macintyriana. Bonna, Alexandre Pereira; Leal, Pastora do Socorro Teixeira Jul 1, 2017 8579
Brickbats. Oliver, Charles Jul 1, 2017 558
Justice at last for victims of child abuse. Jun 23, 2017 209
Boundaries, extraterritoriality, and patent infringement damages. Holbrook, Timothy R. Apr 1, 2017 26597
Post-judgment collection: stepping into the shoes of the judgment debtor in claims against third parties. Brouillet, Adam B. Mar 1, 2017 2549
The Florida homeowners construction recovery fund: how to collect from an uncollectible contractor. Perera, Diane S.; Ross, Erik G. Jan 1, 2017 4974
Charles petitions for reinstatement. Nov 15, 2016 128
Charles petitions for reinstatement. Nov 1, 2016 128
What it's like to be in debt to the state: inside the lives of five people who have served their time, but are still paying for their crimes. Sep 17, 2016 1240
Nevada must treat California agency like a Nevada agency in damages claim. Beavers, James A. Jul 1, 2016 1218
Too close for comfort: protecting agriculture in an urban age: Labrayere v. Bohr Farms, LLC. Gibson, Maggie Jun 22, 2016 7072
Iran Parliament Passes Bill To Seek Compensation From US. May 18, 2016 457
Competitive injury and damages under the Robinson-Patman Act: Morton Salt and statistical analysis. Leffler, Keith; Tatos, Ted Dec 22, 2015 16103
Private damage actions under the Robinson-Patman Act. Blair, Roger D.; Durrance, Christine Piette Dec 22, 2015 10617
The occupiers' liability and civil liability legislation. McGivern, Brenda; Handford, Peter Dec 1, 2015 12617
Project influence doctrine applies where property has always been contemplated for condemnation. Jun 22, 2015 611
The limits on the remedy of damages for breach of jurisdiction agreements: the law of contract meets private international law. Dinelli, Albert Apr 1, 2015 7796
Has all Heck broken loose? Examining Heck's favorable-termination requirement in the Second Circuit after Poventud v. City of New York. Collins, John P. Dec 1, 2014 6631
Has all Heck broken loose? Examining Heck's favorable-termination requirement in the Second Circuit after Poventud v City of New York. Collins, John P. Dec 1, 2014 14559
Nuns' food drive rebuffed. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 144
Milwaukee bankruptcy plan shuts out majority of abuse claimants. Rohde, Marie Feb 28, 2014 1066
The collateral source rule and medical expenses: anticipated effects of the Affordable Care Act and recent state case law on damages in personal injury lawsuits. Geslison, Benjamin A.; Jacobs, Kevin T. Jul 1, 2013 6850
Balancing the separation of powers and right-remedy principles in Minneci v. Pollard. Howe, Zach Mar 22, 2013 4297
Reconsidering the "recognizable psychiatric illness" requirement in Canadian negligence law. Belanger-Hardy, Louise Mar 22, 2013 14793
The 1920 Death on the High Seas Act: a remedy whose time has gone. Eriksen, Michael D. Mar 1, 2013 4317
Double immunity. Tang, Aaron Feb 1, 2013 7865
Double immunity. Tang, Aaron Feb 1, 2013 19196
Products liability litigation since the passage of NAFTA and the unintended consequences. Robertson, Catherine Jan 1, 2013 14623
Causation in English tort law: still wrong after all these years. Steel, Sandy Dec 1, 2012 14539
The malleability of collective litigation. Lavie, Shay Dec 1, 2012 6887
The malleability of collective litigation. Lavie, Shay Dec 1, 2012 20373
Only value of special benefit, but not general benefit, may offset award for damage to remainder. Jun 22, 2012 413
The Public Vessels Act and maritime injustice: proving redress to deserving foreign admiralty tort victims. Raley, Kenneth P., III Mar 22, 2012 16833
Monetary damages under the Lanham Act: Eighth Circuit holds actual confusion is not a prerequisite. Dyer, Roger W., Jr. Jan 1, 2012 6908
Misalignments in tort law. Porat, Ariel Oct 1, 2011 28845
Damages under the Privacy Act: sovereign immunity and a call for legislative reform. Kardon, Alex Mar 22, 2011 25686
Causing damage without authorization: the limitations of current judicial interpretations of employee authorization under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Urban, Garrett D. Mar 1, 2011 16250
Remedies on and off contract. Brooks, Richard R.W.; Stremitzer, Alexander Jan 1, 2011 15881
Patent law - no infringement for extraterritorial completion of method patents - Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. V. St. Jude Medical, Inc. Feldman, Catherine Schulte Sep 22, 2010 8716
Getting what's due: prejudgment interest in Illinois: make no mistake, the accrued interest on your client's damage award can add up to real money. This article describes the steps for obtaining prejudgment interest and weighs the pros and cons of a recent proposed statutory amendment that would have provided prejudgment interest for tort claims. Hirsch, Adam N. Aug 1, 2010 3513
The decline of the Court of Federal Claims in Nebraska Public Power District v. United States, 590 F.3d 1357 (Fed. Cir. 2010). Thies, Daniel Jun 22, 2010 5817
Bankruptcy as constitutional property: using statutory entitlement theory to abrogate state sovereign immunity. Pace, Joseph May 1, 2010 31314
Proving disgorgement damages in a copyright infringement case is a three-act play. Wolfe, Richard C.; Elton, Serona Feb 1, 2010 4788
Fourth Amendment remedial equilibration: a comment on Herring v. United States and Pearson v. Callahan. Owens, David B. Jan 1, 2010 12991
Israel Paying 'Hundreds of Millions' to Terrorists. Oct 19, 2009 81
CERCLA contribution claims and the collateral source rule. Stewart, Russell O.; Triplett, Eric J. Oct 1, 2009 4752
The extrapolation of defendants' liabilities under CPLR Article 16 where the plaintiff is contributorily negligent: an update toward resolving a perceived ambiguity of CPLR 1601. Dillon, Mark C. Sep 22, 2009 8840
Pt. discharged: dies next morning from fluid filled lungs. Tammelleo, A. David Apr 1, 2009 980
A review of state law modifying the collateral source rule: seeking greater fairness in economic damages awards. Benjet, Bryce Apr 1, 2009 21522
Judgment-sharing agreements. Leslie, Christopher R. Feb 1, 2009 34650
Disrupting terrorist financing with civil litigation. Smith, Jack D.; Cooper, Gregory J. Jan 1, 2009 9293
Developing private enforcement in the EU: lessons from the Roberts Court. Odudu, Okeoghene Dec 22, 2008 11512
Ask, don't tell: ethical issues surrounding undocumented workers' status in employment litigation. Cimini, Christine N. Nov 1, 2008 35938
The good fight. Weisbrod, Les President's page Sep 1, 2008 806
Representing the age discrimination plaintiff: charges of age bias in the workplace are increasing as baby boomers reach their 60s. While these cases have broad jury appeal, they can challenge even seasoned trial lawyers. Amlong, William R.; Amlong, Karen Coolman Aug 1, 2008 4679
A higher standard: the defamation jurisprudence of I.D.F. Callinan in context. Leeser, Julian Jul 1, 2008 4215
Proving the invisible: traumatic brain injury is difficult to detect and to prove, but when you use the right tests and the right experts, you can help the jury understand what injuries your client suffered and how they changed his or her life. Sheff, Douglas K. Jul 1, 2008 1746
The law in the service of terror victims: can the Palestinian Authority be sued in Israeli civilian courts for damages caused by its involvement in terror acts during the second Intifada? Asael, Gal Jul 1, 2008 23404
Money for nothing? Unconditional payments and unjust enrichment in Jackman v. Jewel Lake Villa One. Roesch, Benjamin J. Jun 1, 2008 7814
Supreme Court ruling on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and auto insurers' use of insurance scores to set premiums. Allen, Robert D.; Perry, Meloney Cargil; Reynolds, Kathryn V.; Long, Brandon P. Apr 1, 2008 5859
So I finally understand the "impact rule" but why does It still exist? Littky-Rubin, Julie H. Apr 1, 2008 4683
Bouchat v. Bon-ton Department Stores, Inc.: claim preclusion, copyright law, and massive infringements. Byars, M. Brent Mar 22, 2008 10864
When reliance is detrimental: economic, moral, and policy arguments for expectation damages in contracts terminated for the convenience of the government. Page, Bruce D., Jr. Mar 22, 2008 19490
From the defense: how to combat a deepening insolvency claim. Keyes, Michael E. Feb 1, 2008 548
Contract changes. Lawson, Marci A. Jan 1, 2008 2946
Where Jewish husband had agreed in writing with his Jewish wife, that immediately after their Quebec civil divorce, the husband would grant release from marriage under Jewish Law where he delayed doing so for fifteen years, Supreme Court of Canada upheld award to wife of damages for breach of contract as supported by balance of interests in favor of public order and lack of countervailing religious considerations on husband's part. Jan 1, 2008 3257
Les Fleurs du mal: a critique of the legal transplant in Chinese Internet copyright protection. Xue, Hong Sep 22, 2007 16621
Barnes v Addy claims and the indefeasibility of Torrens title. Harding, Matthew Aug 1, 2007 14225
As if it had never happened. Ripstein, Arthur Apr 1, 2007 18242
Florida tightens its restrictions on class action lawsuits. Rapprich, Francis X., III; Harne, Christopher M. Mar 1, 2007 2986
Civil liability for identity theft: identity theft can cause catastrophic financial damage, but many victims also suffer emotional, psychological, and even physical injuries. Civil claims against the responsible parties can help repair the damage. Ferguson, James A. Feb 1, 2007 3061
Adult siblings can claim wrongful death damages, says Vermont high court. Sileo, Carmel Jan 1, 2007 710
Seeing the light: ignoring collateral economic benefits to the public when enforcing servitudes. Schneider, Michael S. Jan 1, 2007 8864
Harriton v. Stephens, Waller v. James: wrongful life and the logic of non-existence. Stretton, Dean Dec 1, 2006 15696
Overcharge damages for monopolization of new economy markets. Lopatka, John E. Sep 22, 2006 19537
Damages for exclusionary bundled discounts. Crane, Daniel A. Sep 22, 2006 4943
Antitrust damages and deadweight loss. Leslie, Christopher R. Sep 22, 2006 17081
Economics of cost pass through and damages in indirect purchaser antitrust cases. Kosicki, George; Cahill, Miles B. Sep 22, 2006 11302
Corporate wolves in victims' clothing: to most tort 'reform' advocates, the only good lawsuit is the one they file, the only injuries that deserve compensation are theirs, and damages paid to them (but only to them) should be unlimited. The right dose of ridicule can expose these hypocrites for what they are. Lane, Justinian Jul 1, 2006 2611
Insurer may take share of damages award, Supreme Court rules. Ertel, Karen Jul 1, 2006 599
Unwise and unnecessary: statutory caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases and the appellate review alternative. Emery, Ryan T. Jun 22, 2006 10490
Understanding and applying Florida's flexibility theory of damages. Coleman, Jonathan S. May 1, 2006 5008
Lawsuit lakes Home Depot to the woodshed for hidden fees. Sileo, Carmel Mar 1, 2006 418
The reexamination clause: exploring bifurcation in mass tort litigation: analyzing the constitutional hurdle to bifurcated trials. Taber, W. Russell Jan 1, 2006 11510
Children of uninsured drivers get full coverage in Pennsylvania. Burtka, Allison Torres Dec 1, 2005 1037
Georgia inmate raises questions about accommodation. Comey, Philip Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 178
The "loss of chance" doctrine of damages for breach of contract. Sturgess, Robert H. Oct 1, 2005 3459
Obtaining justice when a child dies; representing a family in a child death case can be a gut-wrenching experience. Tap into your own empathy and that of jurors to ensure that your clients get full and fair compensation for their loss. Messerly, Chris Sep 1, 2005 3157
Recovering "stigma" damages in mold-related construction defect cases: making the property owner whole. Alfert, Robert, Jr.; Collison, Harry W., Jr.; Tate, George W., III Jun 1, 2005 4234
Perils of third party practice in construction litigation: avoiding substantive and procedural pitfalls to preserve and assert your rights. Kubes, Jeffrey T.; Mulcahy, Thomas W. Apr 1, 2005 6308
The what and why of claims resolution facilities. McGovern, Francis E. Apr 1, 2005 14604
Alternative courts? Litigation-induced claims resolution facilities. Hensler, Deborah R. Apr 1, 2005 5073
Indirect purchasers: state antitrust remedies and roadblocks. Folsom, Ralph Mar 22, 2005 4154
Apportioning the risk of delay in construction projects: a proposed alternative to the inadequate "no damages for delay" clause. Beattie, Carl S. Mar 1, 2005 11196
Punitive damages: achieving fairness and consistency after State Farm v. Campbell: despite its best efforts, the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion leaves many blank spaces and holes with which appellate courts have had to cope. Sud, Nitin Jan 1, 2005 6857
Publican in England uses EC competition law to recover in English Court: Crehan upstages Courage by challenging a tie arrangement with a brewing giant and comes off with a European Community law victory. Holmes, Marjorie; Lennon, Paula Oct 1, 2004 3049
Foreign tort claims note: government owned vehicles colliding with rental cars--who pays for the damage? Sep 1, 2004 943
The uninjured plaintiff: new frontiers of liability: defense counsel must prepare for tort claims based on theories that are not part of the traditional history and requirements of tort law. Peisch, Thomas E.; Matloff, Johanna L. Jul 1, 2004 8123
Damages under FDUTPA. Federbush, David J. May 1, 2004 7586
Breast-implant plaintiffs can recover even when told of risks. Sileo, Carmel May 1, 2004 672
Block exemption works for shipping conferences. Jan 1, 2004 3340
Maryland Senate consider bills to aid child sex abuse victims. (Church In Crisis). Feuerherd, Joe Mar 7, 2003 804
Considerations before implementing Florida's civil theft statute. Osherow, Mark R. Mar 1, 2003 6526
Life after SLUSA: what is the fate of holding claims? The pre-emptive force of the 1998 legislation should not upset the long-held balance in the U.S. federal system by trumping all state actions. Rose, Amanda M. Oct 1, 2002 7272
Subrogation traps for vulnerable plaintiffs: a plaintiff who has received a damages award may be forced to repay government benefits. Here's how to help your clients protect their just compensation. Henretta, J. Thomas Oct 1, 2002 1797
Make time palpable by using per diem arguments: a well-crafted per diem argument, when allowed by the jurisdiction where you practice, lets jurors see and feel what a difference a day makes to a client in pain. Orr, Richard Oct 1, 2002 2427
How to protect damages in federal tort cases: safeguard your clients' awards by knowing the pitfalls of Federal Tort Claims Act litigation. Higginbotham, Laurie M. Oct 1, 2002 2964
Predictably incoherent judgments. Sunstein, Cass R.; Kahneman, Daniel; Schkade, David A.; Ritov, Ilana Jun 1, 2002 26131
Recovery of mental distress damages in bad faith claims in Florida. (The Price of Peace of Mind). Liggio, Jeffrey M.; Russell, P. Scott, IV Nov 1, 2001 5212
The secrecy interest in contract law. Ben-Shahar, Omri; Bernstein, Lisa Jun 1, 2000 22094
Recoverability of pre-impact fear damages in aircraft disaster cases. Barry, Desmond T., Jr. Apr 1, 1998 5250
Recoverable damages for wrongful death in the states. Schap, David; Valvo, Deirdre K. Sep 22, 1997 704
Cap on damages is unconstitutional, Alabama high court says. Hellwege, Jean Brief Article Dec 1, 1995 340
Damages recoverable on tort theories in construction cases. Sido, Kevin R. Jan 1, 1995 7716
Parking lot security. Anderson, Teresa Sep 1, 1994 674
Damages after burke: tax-free claims. Segal, Mark A. Oct 1, 1993 1725
Personal injury recoveries after Burke. Cohen, Robert L. Dec 1, 1992 1521
The Civil Rights Act of 1991. Brown, Barbara Berish Dec 22, 1991 2316

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