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Housing finance reform: the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Goodman, Laurie S. Report Apr 1, 2020 4189
Termite inspections are routinely required for a home sale. Dec 8, 2019 530
Termite inspections are routinely required for home sale. Barry Stone Dec 8, 2019 533
Crime raps filed vs shuttered Banco Filipino execs for 'unsafe, unsound' banking. Dec 4, 2019 446
New York rent laws driving multifamily interest to Jersey. Dec 4, 2019 267
How do short-sales laws affect NH brokers and agents? It's unclear whether a special license is required. Funk, W. John; Dietel, Robert J. Apr 12, 2019 961
Banking Regulation. Van Doren, Peter Mar 22, 2019 390
Residential mortgage consumer protection bills clear assembly. Perry, Jessica Brief article Mar 8, 2019 285
Comparing methods for termite treatment. Nov 23, 2018 552
Comparing methods for exterminating termites. Nov 23, 2018 555
How to fix the festering sore of daily interest mortgages. Sep 1, 2018 419
Fannie Mae updates set for condo market. Knopp, Elana Brief article Jun 13, 2018 112
FG moves to scale up housing delivery, inaugurates FHA, FMBN boards. Mar 7, 2018 629
Mortgage interest rates of 8-10% still unaffordable: President Jeenbekov. Jan 19, 2018 271
Poll: Voters Support CFPB, Strict Financial Regulation. Jul 18, 2017 237
Cyber snare: New York's cyber law casts a wide net. Batistoni, Dianne Jun 1, 2017 583
I said don't call me. Biderman, David; Strain, Donna Jun 1, 2016 2515
TRID done right. Williamson, Laura; Minchenberg, Janice Mar 1, 2016 2377
Living with TRID: the growing pains and benefits to come. Corr, Jonathan Mar 1, 2016 1405
TRID: a checklist for successful compliance. Farrell, Kathlyn "Lyn" Mar 1, 2016 848
A whole lot of spending. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Sep 1, 2015 420
MBA seeks clearer rules from CFPB. Sep 1, 2015 367
A squishy deadline. Sichelman, Lew Jul 1, 2015 1447
Keys to staying relevant. Schneider, Howard Company overview Jul 1, 2015 1008
The TRID challenge. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Cover story Jul 1, 2015 5192
TRID 360[degrees]. Alvey, Alice Jul 1, 2015 2735
Ready or not: here TRID comes. Finkelstein, Melanie R. Jul 1, 2015 1081
The end is near. Schneider, Howard Interview Jun 1, 2015 1024
Who's responsible for teaching Johnny how to borrow? Rudner, Stephen C. Jun 1, 2015 947
One small step. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Editorial Nov 1, 2014 418
Today's housing crisis. Jones, Allen H. Oct 1, 2014 3263
Investing in the forces of change. Jaffa, Alan Oct 1, 2014 1363
What to do when you can't pay the mortgage; Property law specialist Rukhsanah Haroon explains what happens if you don't make payments on your property. Sep 20, 2014 692
Parking spaces. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Interview Sep 1, 2014 1402
Get ready for the combined disclosures. Fulmer, Ann Sep 1, 2014 900
The elephant in the room. England, Robert Stowe Aug 1, 2014 5602
The importance of third-party oversight. Pistilli, Tony Aug 1, 2014 979
New mortgage rules restrict credit availability: ABA survey. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 263
Little rest for weary lenders. Schneider, Howard May 1, 2014 1015
August 2015. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Apr 1, 2014 392
Dear Bureau: there are some things you need to know. Haitz, Joel Apr 1, 2014 1344
The key to the mortgage industry's future. Weaver, Lisa M. Mar 1, 2014 808
FHFA's Watt officially delays guaranty fee hikes. Feb 1, 2014 342
Telltale signs your QC program has problems. Walzak, Becky Nov 1, 2013 2466
The new normal for mortgage banking: the mortgage industry has faced its share of challenges through the Great Recession and into an era of much tighter regulation. But today's landscape holds promise for those who can navigate the new normal. Starkey, Kelli Jun 1, 2013 1989
Mortgage rules remodeled: homebuyers will see broad new protections when state and federal reforms take effect in January 2014. Morton, Heather May 1, 2013 1542
-Mortgage lenders concerned about new US consumer agency regs. Apr 5, 2013 248
-Mortgage lenders concerned about new US consumer agency regs. Apr 5, 2013 244
HUD's Donovan testifies on disappointing FHA actuarial report. Jan 1, 2013 753
A new year's resolution. Fulmer, Ann Jan 1, 2013 853
Everything is hard--and that's Ok. Newman, William A. Oct 1, 2012 1201
The next administration. England, Robert Stowe Sep 1, 2012 5313
Mortgage lenders in Saudi Arabia yet to free up fund flow to end-users. Aug 30, 2012 483
Mortgage law necessitates regulatory vigilance. Jul 16, 2012 797
Hunt for bad guys extends to residential lenders. Barbarino, Al Mar 7, 2012 817
SAFE act doesn't go far enough. Walsh, John Mar 1, 2012 781
Gale-force winds and uncharted waters: the regulatory environment will be tough to navigate this year for the mortgage industry. Here's a small lifeboat to help get you through. Vong, John; Roth, Jason Cover story Mar 1, 2012 3778
MBA urges agencies to modify risk-based capital guidelines. Mar 1, 2012 881
CFPB to examine originators. Schneider, Howard Mar 1, 2012 810
Reforming America's mortgage market: what comes after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? O'Shields, Reginald T. Mar 1, 2012 13760
Mortgages CAN. Sokolowski, Rachael Dec 1, 2011 1098
A UCDP guide for small lenders: deadlines are upon us for the new appraisal data program required by Fannie and Freddie. If you are a smaller lender and looking for some compliance help, here are some tips. Miller, Jennifer Dec 1, 2011 2047
Top originators thriving: new research reveals a lot about what makes top originators so highly effective. Many are seeking a good home in today's hostile regulatory environment. But they remain upbeat about the market. Woodard, Sue Nov 1, 2011 3466
Make your mortgage affordable: improve your chances of getting approved for a home loan modification. Brown, Carolyn M. Nov 1, 2011 1076
Dodd-frank's new rules for residential lending--falling down the rabbit hole. O'Connor, Steve Sep 1, 2011 1439
Mortgage lenders warn over proposed rules from Europe; 'ADDITIONAL REGULATION COULD IMPACT ON BUYERS'. Aug 12, 2011 813
Hot town: summer in the city. Fulmer, Ann Aug 1, 2011 2022
Seeking to reinflate the housing bubble. Hoar, William P. Jul 18, 2011 1600
Kyrgyz Economic Regulation Ministry proposes to set up state mortgage company. Jul 13, 2011 110
The credit box. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Jul 1, 2011 417
The risks of risk retention: there is a lot not to like about the proposed qualified residential mortgage (QRM) definition. And regulators are hearing all about it. Stowe, Robert Jul 1, 2011 6338
Reform that hurts homebuyers. Carr, James H. Jun 1, 2011 900
Cleaning up the aftermath of subprime: welcome to the Kafkaesque world of mortgage loan servicing. It's time for national consumer standards--and prosecutions for fraud, too. Konczal, Mike Jun 1, 2011 2392
Brace yourself. Hewitt, Janet Reilley May 1, 2011 492
The mortgage industry reformation: these are times of zero tolerance. Get it right from the start is the new mantra for loan quality. Industry survivors must become true believers if investors are going to come back into the fold. Kladde, Mary; Lee, Ruth Apr 1, 2011 3622
IV. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be eliminated as GSEs over time. Mar 24, 2011 3494
The tortoise and the hare on Capitol Hill. Killmer, Bill Mar 1, 2011 902
The cost of uncertainty: lenders can manage through current uncertainty by knowing what they don't know and partnering with others to help control the risk of changes yet to come. Stucky, Scott K. Mar 1, 2011 2256
Fingers in the pie; property posers Your legal questions answered by RICHARD BATTRICK. Jan 20, 2011 196
The next banking crisis: the foreclosure mess may force a solution to the deeper economic drag of underwater mortgages and zombie banks. Kuttner, Robert Jan 1, 2011 1652
Getting the balance right: careful planning, the right technology and good execution can help lenders find the right balance in their production channels. Katz, Rob Dec 1, 2010 2259
Election 2010: impact on the real estate finance industry. Killmer, Bill Dec 1, 2010 877
Change on many levels. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Legislation Nov 1, 2010 363
HUD proposes strengthening FHA indemnification process. Nov 1, 2010 549
Pay by the rules: three recent developments have turned traditional pay practices upside-down in the mortgage origination field. Sorting them out will take some effort. Northway, Rob Law overview Nov 1, 2010 3512
The road less traveled: there are many hurdles to overcome for lenders contemplating owning an affiliated title agency. But it can be done, with a little planning and due diligence. Broussard-Speier, Mary Jo Legislation Nov 1, 2010 2903
Where is the tipping point for outsourcing REO? Barnett, Brandon Nov 1, 2010 836
GSE reform: avoid 'sledgehammer' solutions. Courson, John A. Oct 1, 2010 976
Tracking Washington. Sep 27, 2010 380
Much to digest. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Sep 1, 2010 407
Galvanizing the grassroots: a grassroots lobbying initiative representing the real estate finance industry proved its worth this year--and then some. The effort, called the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA), mobilized its members and shaped legislation that could have devastated the mortgage banking business without its input. Wisniowski, Charles Sep 1, 2010 3053
An industry at the crossroads: the reverse-mortgage industry faces some critical choices that could determine whether its future is bright or in decline. Reaching out to a new subset of borrowers with new product variations could be the answer. Corn, Craig Sep 1, 2010 2822
The debate is far from over. Killmer, Bill Legislation Sep 1, 2010 849
Prepare for a new regulator. Schneider, Howard Sep 1, 2010 796
F-cubed diffused. Williamson, Lauren Aug 1, 2010 210
A no-win situation. Aug 1, 2010 510
Congress passes sweeping financial reform legislation. Aug 1, 2010 1181
Dodd-Frank Act transfers SAFE Act authority to new consumer bureau. Aug 1, 2010 369
Stabilization is a relative term--prime deterioration on the rise. Blecher, Herb Aug 1, 2010 895
News from the loan-modification front: there is no shortage of opinions on the success of a variety of loan-modification programs--especially the Home Affordable Modification Program. Morse, Neil J. Cover story Aug 1, 2010 3258
Rebutting allegations of unfair lending: here's a basic primer on how to build a powerful defense against charges of unfair lending using origination data and statistics. Bloch, Farrell Aug 1, 2010 2808
Strict courts create servicer headwinds. Bergman, Bruce J. Aug 1, 2010 1084
House passes FHA Reform Act. Jul 1, 2010 373
Smarter tools in the fight against fraud: a new generation of fraud-detection tools is helping FHA lenders more effectively fight fraud. Mckenna, Frank Report Jul 1, 2010 2650
The SAFE act's unlevel playing field non-depository mortgage lenders face much steeper compliance costs under the SAFE act's licensing provisions. Kromer, John P.; Bauer, Heidi M. Jul 1, 2010 2788
Picking contenders, not pretenders: all settlement-service providers are not created equal. It takes experienced professionals to handle today's FHA, REO and short-sale deals. Rennell, Leslie Jul 1, 2010 2110
Half-full or half-empty--examining the glass. Morse, Neil J. Conference news Jul 1, 2010 992
Mortgages after the meltdown. Taylor, Candace Jul 1, 2010 543
NCUA rules that a line of credit is MBL. Jun 2, 2010 182
House Financial Services Committee approves FHA Reform Act. Jun 1, 2010 473
Regulators target fair servicing: regulators are now analyzing whether minority borrowers are receiving loan modifications on par with similarly situated non-minority borrowers. Consider the following risk-mitigation strategies for the coming wave of "fair-servicing" examinations and enforcement actions. Tucker, Jonice Gray; Saul, Benjamin P.; Sommerfield, Lori J. Jun 1, 2010 2885
From 'don't ask, don't tell' to 'zero tolerance, zero defects'. Focardi, Craig Jun 1, 2010 1112
RESPA readiness: here are some best practices for hitting a moving target known as RESPA. Kolb, Angie Jun 1, 2010 2903
Specialty servicing: a delicate balance. Sharma, Gagan Jun 1, 2010 1094
New HAMP report card shows new trial mods decline in March. May 1, 2010 383
A new season. Courson, John A. May 1, 2010 1697
Q&A with Edward DeMarco. Stowe, Robert Interview May 1, 2010 4140
CMBS market in transition: regulatory and accounting changes give issuers and investors pause, as the commercial mortgage-backed securities market seeks to stage a comeback. Leon, Hortense May 1, 2010 2842
Home valuation code of consternation. Lewis, Ken May 1, 2010 4732
PA banking department steps up enforcement in 2009. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 243
Appraisal Institute opposes use of BPOs in HAFA short-sale program. Apr 1, 2010 410
IMS helps servicers increase permanent loan mods: expands REO asset management offering. Apr 1, 2010 566
Stewart Lender Services offers short-sale and deed-in-lieu services. Apr 1, 2010 277
FHA commissioner details enforcement crackdown in testimony. Apr 1, 2010 878
Mortgage bankers band together. Britell, Alexander Mar 9, 2010 506
Catching the bad guys: a full-scale crackdown against mortgage fraud is under way. The federal government, the federal housing administration and individual lenders are leading the way. Wisniowski, Charles Cover story Mar 1, 2010 4048
Raising the drawbridge against fraud; lenders and servicers are taking the battle against mortgage fraud to a new level. The trick is finding really good armor. Holmes, Greg Cover story Mar 1, 2010 2853
No pain = No gain for HAMP fulfillment. Loeb, Jay A. Mar 1, 2010 914
Moving from broker to banker. Schneider, Howard Mar 1, 2010 817
Rewriting the rules; All eyes are on the senate as a legislative deadline looms for enacting financial regulatory reform. two key issues are risk retention and a consumer-protection agency. Milligan, Jack Feb 1, 2010 2887
Fannie Mae relaxes Florida condo regulations. Jan 8, 2010 181
Administration starts drive to convert trial mods to permanent mods. Jan 1, 2010 608
House passes sweeping financial reform bill. Jan 1, 2010 780
HUD proposes SAFE Act minimum standards for states. Jan 1, 2010 450
Mortgage mash-up: regulatory reform here and now: as consumer protection grows ever more complex, only technology can keep pace. Vong, John I.; Lampe, Donald C. Cover story Jan 1, 2010 3007
Mortgage Cadence makes compliance support services enhancements. Jan 1, 2010 300
Q3 Commercial and multifamily mortgage performance falls in weakened economy. Jan 1, 2010 433
Amendment exempts commercial/ multifamily from risk-retention requirements. Jan 1, 2010 380
Is it SAFE? Stack, Andy Jan 1, 2010 807
Treasury guidance on REMIC gives owners more flexibility. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 275
The home valuation code of conduct and its potential impacts. Abernethy, Avery M.; Hollans, Harris Jan 1, 2010 7479
'Skin in the game' provisions opposed in regulatory reform proposals. Law overview Dec 1, 2009 323
High-stakes debate. O'Connor, Steve Column Dec 1, 2009 1596
The new Good Faith Estimate: as the deadline nears, the mortgage origination industry is still puzzling over details of the new Good Faith Estimate. Schulman, Phillip L.; Bunting, Holly Spencer Law overview Dec 1, 2009 4705
How can you regain consumer trust? A new organization funded by the Ford Foundation has set out to establish super-strict rules on mortgage lending practices for its members in exchange for getting a "Fair and Safe" lender seal of approval. The Fair Mortgage Collaborative bans certain products and monitors market pricing to try and guarantee safe lending by its members. Lazerson, Jeff Dec 1, 2009 3939
Pulling out the crystal ball. Cooley, Scott Personal account Dec 1, 2009 1343
RESPA, MDIA, HAMP mods and more. Gardner, Harry Law overview Dec 1, 2009 946
MBA, industry groups urge Treasury to adjust REMIC change. Sorohan, Michael; Murray, Michael; Kemp, Carolyn Law overview Dec 1, 2009 610
iEmergent forecasts weak production volume in 2010. Nov 1, 2009 544
Modifying loans: getting to true success. Ramocinski, Janice Nov 1, 2009 928
Flat fees for originators weighed by Fed. Schneider, Howard Nov 1, 2009 853
FHA commissioner announces steps to tighten credit policy. Law overview Oct 1, 2009 601
New REMIC rules on modifications. Law overview Oct 1, 2009 609
A portrait of the servicer as a landlord. Lang, Cheryl Oct 1, 2009 1630
Administration issues report card on servicers' loan-mod efforts. Report Sep 1, 2009 724
New FHA loan-mod program launched to curb foreclosures. Sep 1, 2009 485
Restructuring for the next generation. Courson, John A. Sep 1, 2009 1053
Mortgage brokers face new regulations, changing industry. Bonnell, Isaac Sep 1, 2009 1106
Obama administration urging large servicers to step up loan mods. Aug 1, 2009 474
Maximizing mods: promising approaches to deal with the crush of loan-mod volume are starting to emerge. The formula includes both high-tech and high-touch. Dezube, Dona Aug 1, 2009 3810
A refresher course in government servicing: with government lending on the rise, servicers should prepare for more red tape when it comes to rules about loss mitigation, property preservation and inspections. Archambault, Gary Aug 1, 2009 2457
Near-term technology: investments to make a difference. Hamermesh, David Column Aug 1, 2009 1428
New roles for rules. Parkins, Brad; Lehman, Bill Aug 1, 2009 1839
Many steps to remortgaging; The law ro o m with Claire Simmons of Ward Hadaway. Jul 11, 2009 558
Federal agencies propose originator registration rules under SAFE Act. Law overview Jul 1, 2009 333
HUD shelves 'required use' RESPA provision. Law overview Jul 1, 2009 433
The changing servicing landscape. Carey, Patrick Jul 1, 2009 1117
Appraisal management companies on the rise. Schneider, Howard Law overview Jul 1, 2009 851
Coming in October: regulation changes for consumer loan advertising. Pry, Carl G. Jun 1, 2009 530
House passes sweeping mortgage reform bill. Law overview Jun 1, 2009 702
Getting it right. Courson, John A. Jun 1, 2009 1652
One for all, all for one: lenders are finally getting a single licensing system for all states. It isn't perfect, but it is here. Vong, John Conference news Jun 1, 2009 3852
Finding lending equilibrium. McElmurry, Scott May 18, 2009 687
A lot of hoopla. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Editorial May 1, 2009 499
MBA offers proposal for uniform national regulation of mortgage lending. May 1, 2009 378
Is CRA responsible for the meltdown? Did the Community Reinvestment Act play a part in pushing lenders to make higher-risk loans in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods that helped drive the market meltdown? Kane, Kevin; Woos, Lorraine Cover story May 1, 2009 6427
The administration's plan for troubled borrowers: The details of the Obama administration's plan for helping strapped borrowers are complex. The components include both refinancing and loan modifications. And Congress is adding its own solutions into the mix, which may include bankruptcy cram downs. Platt, Laurence E.; Smith, Kerri M. May 1, 2009 4095
Negative equity--a novel solution: a growing number of homeowners are underwater on their mortgages. An idea to credit a greater share of monthly mortgage payments early on to principal, rather than to interest, could offer a solution. Taff, Laurence G. May 1, 2009 3477
Just keep going. O'Connor, Steve May 1, 2009 1604
The political climate: congress is about to completely rewrite the operating rules for the mortgage-lending business, and the mood is not pretty. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Law overview Apr 1, 2009 3504
Damaged by UPL? The Bar argues the public has a right to redress. Apr 1, 2009 620
Pitfalls of FHA lending: many lenders are finding the Federal Housing Administration's lending programs attractive today. But there are many unique rules lenders must learn before getting started. Walzak, Rebecca B. Law overview Mar 1, 2009 2430
FHFA to require new loan-level identifier data for originators. Law overview Feb 1, 2009 360
Congressional testimony calls for tempered FHA growth. Law overview Feb 1, 2009 420
MBA white paper maps compliance for anti-identity-theft mandate. Feb 1, 2009 343
HUD files RESPA reform rule at eleventh hour. Dec 1, 2008 1068
FHFA keeps conforming loans limits mostly steady for 2009. Dec 1, 2008 514
Full disclosure. Robbins, John M. Column Dec 1, 2008 1638
The need for the non-traditional mortgage. House, Devin Dec 1, 2008 1074
Banks pass on rate cut; Chancellor orders lenders to act now. Nov 8, 2008 433
Congress passes, Bush signs Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Nov 1, 2008 614
Federal government to purchase bank stakes. Nov 1, 2008 571
HUD launches two separate foreclosure-prevention programs. Nov 1, 2008 625
FDIC proposes higher assessments on insured banks. Nov 1, 2008 384
Insufficient loss mitigation could bring treble damages. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 228
FDIC simplifies coverage rules for mortgage servicing accounts. Nov 1, 2008 311
Ken Harney - Tossing out a lifeline. Harney, Ken Oct 3, 2008 747
Servicer-led solutions provide blueprint in rebuilding U.S. mortgage market. Heid, Michael J. Oct 1, 2008 981
Striking the right balance: new regulations issued by the Federal Reserve seek to carve out protections for borrowers in a new category of "higher-priced loans." But will these protections be enough to satisfy Congress as it seeks to enact tough restrictions on originators in the wake of the foreclosure crisis? Platt, Laurence E. Oct 1, 2008 4959
A strategy for long-term growth: Envoy Mortgage is thriving right now in the midst of market mayhem. Part of this stems from adhering to a set of core principles that made the company get out of subprime lending way back in 2005. Zugheri, David Oct 1, 2008 3022
Harnessing the current of change. O'Connor, Steve Oct 1, 2008 1198
LenderLive purchases Guardian Mortgage Documents. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 288
FBI investigates fraud in failed firms. Sep 25, 2008 366
FBI zeroes in on collapsed and troubled giants as pressure grows for limits on pay-offs to bosses. Sep 25, 2008 355
Rewriting the rules. Reilley Hewitt, Janet Editorial Sep 1, 2008 493
State of affairs; A hectic year of mortgage legislative activity in the states has ended with some solid accomplishments. But lawmakers are expected to again take up a slew of mortgage industry measures in 2009. DeMuth, Jerry Sep 1, 2008 2580
Buyback prevention; Buyback demands from investors have cost the mortgage industry real money in recent times. Careful attention to compliance prior to funding can prevent some of these costly problems.. Ryan, Leonard Sep 1, 2008 2531
Broke; The mortgage industry's approach to consumer-protection compliance needs fixing. Pizante, Lou Sep 1, 2008 3056
Automated underwriting's next frontier: servicing: it's only logical--so why not move automated underwriting tools into servicing, where they can help determine best options for loss mitigation? Simmons, Linda C. Sep 1, 2008 2224
The quick calculus of sound mortgage lending; Calculating the net tangible benefit of every loan for every one of your borrowers is the smart way forward for the origination business. Vermillion, Dale Sep 1, 2008 2400
Mortgage meltdown: offers lessons for all. Childs, Larry B. Report Sep 1, 2008 1620
Bush signs housing bill into law. Aug 1, 2008 456
Fed adopts final HOEPA rules. Aug 1, 2008 873
Major housing bill nears passage. Aug 1, 2008 692
Fed and Treasury roll out Fannie, Freddie backstop plan. Aug 1, 2008 678
HOPE NOW helps 1.7 million borrowers, rolls out new guidance. Aug 1, 2008 677
Time out: let's stop the blame game. Robbins, John M. Column Aug 1, 2008 1850
The fight over seller-financed down payments: seller-financed down-payment assistance has been controversial from the get-go. Proponents say low-income buyers need it to boost them into homeownership. Opponents, including federal housing commissioner brian montgomery, argue that seller-financed down-payment assistance is hurting the agency's insurance fund. DeZube, Dona Aug 1, 2008 3743
Industry technology in interesting times. Gardner, Harry Aug 1, 2008 1155
Banks tighten commercial underwriting standards. Survey Aug 1, 2008 371
Bush signs housing bill into law. Jul 31, 2008 456
Bush signs housing bill into law. Jul 30, 2008 456
Housing bill bars insurance sales by reverse mortgage sellers. Postal, Arthur D. Jul 28, 2008 489
US mortgage aid bill passed. Jul 25, 2008 460
US mortgage aid bill passed. Jul 24, 2008 460
US Economy Needs Months to Recover. Jul 21, 2008 126
MBA paper seeks to clarify roles of mortgage banker, broker. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 267
Will brokers raise their standards? Schneider, Howard Jul 1, 2008 839
Bush signs housing relief bill; appraisal institute applauds. Jun 22, 2008 398
House passes housing-stimulus legislation. Jun 1, 2008 711
HUD extends RESPA reform comment period. Jun 1, 2008 398
Congress, administration each propose FHA mortgage relief. May 1, 2008 728
Ken Harney - Will ruling impact mortgage lending? Harney, Ken Mar 31, 2008 757
State of the industry: more challenges ahead in 2008. Conference news Mar 1, 2008 597
New year brings new national mortgage regulatory framework. Feb 1, 2008 482
Fed proposes HOEPA revisions for comment. Feb 1, 2008 414
Dodd introduces anti-predatory-lending bill. Feb 1, 2008 382
Mortgage industry to receive more scrutiny by state regulators. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 238
CMBS hits a wall: the subprime-induced meltdown in the capital markets last year changed the rules of the road in the commercial real estate market. Smith, Dan; Rhodes, Todd Jan 1, 2008 2398
Report: foreclosure mess will worse. Brooks, David Dec 21, 2007 800
President, mortgage lenders announce plan to help some homeowners facing foreclosure. Wallace, Mike Dec 10, 2007 960
Overtime lawsuits revisited: in spite of opinion letters from the Department of Labor, lawsuits continue against lenders, pressing for overtime pay for loan officers. Key exemptions help lenders defend themselves, but haven't yet eliminated the problem. Fife, Joan B. Tucker Nov 1, 2007 3315
House passes extension of terrorism-insurance law with veto threat looming. Nov 1, 2007 716
The emergence of 'neo-prime' lending. Holland, Steven Nov 1, 2007 1421
It's time to go back to the future. Coop, Kevin Industry overview Nov 1, 2007 1336
Paul F. Hancock--mortgage industry attorney and fair-lending expert. Wisniowski, Charles Interview Oct 1, 2007 3588
Northern rock: solutions and problems. Weale, Martin Company overview Oct 1, 2007 4004
Prepayment penalties on subprime mortgages. Ergungor, O. Emre Sep 1, 2007 2483
The state of things. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Sep 1, 2007 559
Getting help with fair lending: as regulators continue to turn up the heat over fair-lending compliance, new technology is coming to the rescue of lenders. Hawes, Sam Sep 1, 2007 2788
A revitalized FHA: expanding access to a safe mortgage solution. Robbins, John M. Aug 1, 2007 1671
Fed hearing focuses on disclosure and lending curbs. Aug 1, 2007 660
Regulators issue final guidance on subprime mortgage products. Aug 1, 2007 571
MBA chairman: regulate bad actors, not subprime loan products. Jul 1, 2007 643
Insurance hassles: the role of commercial/multifamily servicers--when it comes to insurance--has gotten a whole lot more complicated. Bergsman, Steve Jul 1, 2007 3186
Levee requirements cause county concern. Friedman, Mark May 21, 2007 367
Lending organizations endorse homeownership preservation principles. Coleman, Carolyn May 14, 2007 295
House Financial Services Committee passes GSE reform bill. May 1, 2007 355
Tighter lending standards will dampen short-term homes sales. Statistical data May 1, 2007 341
Freddie Mac rolls out tougher subprime lending standards. Apr 1, 2007 666
More responsibilities, more pressures: the practice of mortgage-related law has gotten a lot more complex in recent years. Attorneys are stretching to cover all the bases. DeMuth, Jerry Apr 1, 2007 2233
Regulatory overload: a host of issues are simmering at the state, local and federal levels. Regulators and lawmakers are generating new guidance and legislation over mortgage issues at a dizzying pace. Morse, Neil J. Apr 1, 2007 2660
iComply's got compliance covered: a unique resource in the mortgage industry has made industry laws, regulations and legal rulings accessible by computer. Washington, D.C.-based Lotstein Buckman LLP's iComply database transforms average mortgage professionals into up-to-speed compliance people no matter where they operate. DeZube, Dona Cover story Apr 1, 2007 2963
Senate predatory lending hearing to be followed by more hearings. Mar 1, 2007 466
Anti-predatory-lending standard, mortgage fraud top MBA agenda. Feb 1, 2007 561
House passes bill to remove 'reverse' mortgage caps. Feb 1, 2007 337
Servicing's tough new challenges: servicers are facing several challenges in 2007. Delinquencies are up, home prices are down and compliance demands are on the rise. Plus, growing numbers of nonprime borrowers require much more hand-holding when adversity hits close to home. Morse, Neil J. Cover story Feb 1, 2007 3718
The right compliance tools: lenders need help when it comes to complying with many new layers of compliance risk. Brooks, Bob Column Feb 1, 2007 2499
Could fax be the weak link in your security chain? Huff, Phil Feb 1, 2007 861
Two key issues concerning the supervision of bank safety and soundness. Jaffee, Dwight M. Jan 1, 2007 2104
Ohio, Maryland courts overturn local predatory lending laws. Jan 1, 2007 583
Data security to heat up at federal, state levels in 2007. Conference news Jan 1, 2007 522
Federal regulators pass on setting CRE lending limits. Jan 1, 2007 407
Freddie Mac tweaks Seller/Servicer guide. Dec 1, 2006 352
Regulators issue final guidance on nontraditional products. Nov 1, 2006 598
OFHEO: Congress must act to pass GSE reform. Nov 1, 2006 402
FHA reform needed sooner rather than later. Nov 1, 2006 535
Is it legal? Here is a step-by-step plan for evaluating the legal risks of your business plan, from the perspective of a veteran industry lawyer. Platt, Laurence E. Oct 1, 2006 4265
Following the letter of the law: servicers need to carefully monitor what is in a bankruptcy plan before it's confirmed, if they want to ensure full repayment under Chapter 13. Roselle, Cynthia; Boll, Edward J., III Oct 1, 2006 2288
DOL issues favorable opinion to MBA on overtime issue. Davis, Robert P.; Markison, Ken Oct 1, 2006 672
Reining in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: how can we control the mortgage giants' interest rate risk? Jaffee, Dwight M. Sep 22, 2006 4315
FHA reform bill clears the House. Sep 1, 2006 523
Freddie Mac adopts temporary portfolio growth limit. Sep 1, 2006 323
Licensing, lending and losing. Your identity: mortgage banking regulatory and legislative trends at the state and local level covered a range of topics in 2006. Watch for possible state action on nontraditional mortgage products in 2007. Tomaszczuk, Carol M.; Ried-Barrett, Amber; Pane, Anna C. Cover story Sep 1, 2006 3087
HMDA revisited: the date is fast approaching for release of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data for 2005. Make sure you are ready to explain what the data show--and what they don't show. Ryan, Leonard Sep 1, 2006 2402
Better options for subprime lenders. Schneider, Howard Sep 1, 2006 867
FHA reform bill filed in Senate, companion to House legislation. Aug 1, 2006 471
HUD issues antiproperty-flipping rule. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 297
Mortgage shakedown: mortgage fraud against lenders is definitely on the rise. Whether law enforcement can get the crime wave under control is an open question. DeZube, Dona Cover story Aug 1, 2006 3976
Overtime lawsuits remain threat: in spite of revisions to Fair Labor Standards Act rules in recent years and a new opinion letter from the Labor Department, lenders still face lawsuits for overtime claims by loan officers. Fife, Joan B. Tucker Aug 1, 2006 4481
Freddie Mac's new approach. Cooley, Scott Aug 1, 2006 1575
A toast to BREW. Minton, Gabe Aug 1, 2006 998
Realizing the potential of eSignatures. Huff, Phil Aug 1, 2006 814
No surprises from the Fed. Schneider, Howard Aug 1, 2006 858
Florida tops MBA/MARI report on mortgage fraud in 2005. Jul 1, 2006 672
Oxley: no predatory lending bill this year. Jun 1, 2006 400
Data-security bill awaits vote on House floor. Jun 1, 2006 305

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