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KP soon to notify rule of businesses for recent legislations on domestic violence, reproductive healthcare rights. Feb 24, 2021 536
KP Govt to soon notify rule of businesses for legislation on domestic violence. Feb 24, 2021 384
A thrillingly dark tale of revenge; AUTHOR'S NOTES books Bestselling author John Nicholl has released his 10th dark, psychological thriller - and like the books before it, it looks set to be a bestseller, writes Jenny White... Feb 6, 2021 1063
Parliament prepares draft law toughening penalties for domestic violence. Nihal Samir Jan 26, 2021 377
Govt taking steps to prevent domestic violence against women: KP CM. Jan 26, 2021 182
KP CM terms Domestic Violence against Women Bill as landmark legislation. Jan 25, 2021 312
KP CM terms Domestic Violence against Women Bill as landmark legislation. Jan 25, 2021 350
New law to prevent domestic violence against women: CM. Jan 25, 2021 344
KP CM terms Domestic Violence against Women Bill as landmark legislation. Jan 25, 2021 350
Women Commission welcomes passage of domestic violence bill. Jan 18, 2021 226
Women Commission welcomes passage of domestic violence bill. Jan 18, 2021 226
Domestic abuse laws 'show victims they are not alone' >>>>Minister hails new Bill >>>>14-yr terms for attackers. MICHAEL MCHUGH Jan 18, 2021 324
KP Assembly passes 'Domestic Violence against Women (Prevention and Protection) Bill 2021. Jan 16, 2021 318
KP finally legislates to criminalise domestic violence. Jan 16, 2021 818
KP assembly passes domestic violence bill. Jan 16, 2021 246
KP passes bill to protect women against domestic violence. Jan 16, 2021 279
KP approves bill to protect women against domestic violence. Jan 15, 2021 274
Domestic violence bill. Jan 10, 2021 438
7 years jail ends abuse loophole; Non-fatal strangulation law planned. EXCLUSIVE BY NIGEL NELSON Political Editor Jan 10, 2021 294
Domestic abusers who leave no marks on victims face 7 years in jail under new law; EXCLUSIVE: Tory Justice Secretary Robert Buckland is hoping to plug a loophole that lets certain attackers off lightly under current charging criteria, protecting 5,000 women a year in the process. By, Nigel Nelson Jan 9, 2021 433
SC warns philandering husbands: marital infidelity can land you in jail. Oct 27, 2020 935
"Disappear for a Week and Leave Your Phone": Nevada Supreme Court Takes the Right Approach to Witness Intimidation. Pace, Chad Oct 1, 2020 1375
Why Men Who Are Domestic Violence Victims Don't Report. Patrick, Wendy L. Oct 1, 2020 812
Do Implicit Biases Impact Intimate Partner Violence Cases? Cox, Jennifer; Macieil, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2020 2198
Stop. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Compel Your Domestic Violence Victim to Court. Prior, Tracy M. Oct 1, 2020 1854
New Pro Bono Program Aims to Reframe the Way Domestic Violence Injunction Opinions Are Written. Weinstein, Morgan Jul 1, 2020 3343
Steps sought to stop possible rise in domestic violence during lockdown. Shazia Hasan Apr 6, 2020 618
Domestic Abuse and Quarantine: When the Danger Is Inside Your Home - What Victims Quarantined with an Abuser Need to Know. Patrick, Wendy L. Apr 1, 2020 847
Law aims to get tough on home abuse claims Long. Apr 1, 2020 200
Abuse of Power: Immigration Courts and The Attorney General's Referral Power. Menke, Julie Mar 22, 2020 11184
Domestic violence, gender discrimination alarming issues across globe: minister. Mar 10, 2020 339
Calls for bill to protect victims of domestic abuse; Campaigners hope for change as bill returns to parliament. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Mar 9, 2020 227
Calls for change to domestic abuse bill. Mar 9, 2020 181
Pets Should Receive Special Consideration in F.S. Ch. 61, Dissolution and F.S. Ch. 741, Domestic Violence. Downey, Margherita; Andrews, Sherry Mar 1, 2020 4129
1300 cases since controlling behaviour change introduced. TOM EDEN Feb 25, 2020 157
Seoul to restrict international marriage visa for domestic violence offenders. Feb 22, 2020 286
MP prioritizes preventive measures in fight against domestic violence. Jan 21, 2020 182
MP prioritizes preventive measures in fight against domestic violence. Jan 21, 2020 140
Human rights activist comments on lawmaker statement on domestic violence. Jan 16, 2020 150
Kyrgyz parliament wants to listen report on execution of law on protection from family violence. Jan 15, 2020 105
Vice Speaker slams Deputy Interior Minister after he fails to answer questions about domestic violence statistics. Jan 15, 2020 255
Watching You -- the blurred lines between romance and domestic abuse; The second series of the sensational show You is proving as spine-tingling as the first. Here, Lisa Harbour, Associate and Family Law Executive from Jackson Lees discusses the series in which abuse is at the core. Sarah Brazendale Jan 15, 2020 886
Domestic violence bill to be passed soon'. Dec 5, 2019 269
Parliamentarians discuss new law on protection from violence. Dec 2, 2019 347
Violence against Women and Girls in Harare, Zimbabwe. Zengenene, Maybe; Susanti, Emy Report Dec 1, 2019 5256
Don't forget the children; charity's message to politicians on domestic violence law. KALI LINDSAY @KALIALINDSAY Nov 22, 2019 397
WCCI to start skill programs for women affected by domestic violence. Nov 1, 2019 252
Important Changes to the Law Are Coming: Mark your calendar! Boyd, John-Paul Nov 1, 2019 2273
VIEW FROM THE COURTROOM: Law on domestic violence faces further delay. Waseem Ahmad Shah Oct 28, 2019 1226
9 things it's now illegal for your partner to do under new domestic abuse laws; The offence of coercive control outlaws many things within a relationship, including many forms of abuse not covered by previous legislation. Eleanor Fleming Oct 24, 2019 704
Human Rights Watch urges Kazakh government to protect women from domestic violence. Oct 18, 2019 1017
Domestic violence intolerable, unbearable: Police. Oct 11, 2019 203
Domestic Abuse Bill: Commons second reading. Oct 3, 2019 358
Domestic Abuse Bill: Commons second reading. Oct 2, 2019 333
Reforming our county prosecution system: NH needs to get real about what prosecutors need in order to do the job we demand of them. Lewis, Michael Essay Sep 27, 2019 748
Domestic Violence and the Home-Centric Second Amendment. Blocher, Joseph Sep 22, 2019 7693
Domestic violence. Bina Shah Sep 22, 2019 882
Learning From Those on the Ice: The Impact of Bill C-75 on Nunavummiut. Richards, Cassandra Sep 22, 2019 14430
The Effect of, Education on the Legal Aspects of Domestic Violence against Women through Social Networks, on the Awareness and Attitude of Nursing Students. Khazaienejad, Mojgan; Peyman, Akram; Nafe, Jalal Tohidi; Zanjani, Simin Esmaeilpour Sep 16, 2019 3688
Services join up to tackle region's domestic abuse; Meeting: Organisations to discuss ways to implement Scotland's new law. Aug 20, 2019 448
LAW UNCOVERS 400 DOMESTIC ABUSE CRIMES; Police hail figures as proof legislation has worked 'COERCIVE CONTROL' CRACKDOWN. Aug 17, 2019 647
Shock over figures for domestic abuse crimes. Aug 17, 2019 452
Weah signs Domestic Violence Bill into law. Aug 15, 2019 238
More victims seek Women's Aid help. Aug 12, 2019 522
The Co-existence of Laws Regarding Domestic Violence Case Settlement: Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Lestarini, Ratih; Herdiansyah, Herdis; Tirtawening, Tirtawening; Pranoto, Dianwidhi Michelle Aug 1, 2019 7731
Over 650,000 sign Russia petition to boost domestic violence law. Jul 30, 2019 411
HR plans to expand 'Women police station' in rural areas: Minister. Jul 30, 2019 656
HR plans to expand 'Women police station' in rural areas: Minister. Jul 30, 2019 656
HR plans to expand 'Women police station' in rural areas: Minister. Jul 29, 2019 629
One SIU student is debunking the myths related to domestic violence. Jul 26, 2019 661
One SIU student is debunking the myths related to domestic violence. Jul 26, 2019 594
One SIU student is debunking the myths related to domestic violence Study. Jul 26, 2019 662
Survivors of domestic abuse to be protected. Jul 17, 2019 185
VP Taylor cautions on Domestic Violence Bill. Jul 17, 2019 291
ON THE BEAT WITH DI JEN CORDINER; No excuse for domestic abuse under legislation. Jul 1, 2019 536
Restraining Justice: How Florida Can Better Aid Pro Se Survivors of Domestic Violence with Appeals of Injunction for Protection Cases. Waksler, Caitlyn R. Shield Jul 1, 2019 4870
China: Educating the public about domestic violence. Luo, Jieqi Jun 22, 2019 780
'Law update for domestic abuse critical'. Jun 19, 2019 119
NEW ABUSE LAW GAINS FIRST RESULT; Convicted man given payback order. May 31, 2019 224
On anniversary of Burulai's murder, Human Rights Watch calls Kyrgyzstan for action to protect women. May 28, 2019 532
WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO CHANGE AN ABUSER? Stone, Erin May 1, 2019 1449
Domestic violence. Apr 24, 2019 173
It'll take a huge culture change before new abuse laws work. Apr 17, 2019 675
House OKs domestic violence law with more gun controls. Apr 5, 2019 228
Law change will help stop misery of domestic abuse. Apr 3, 2019 561
New Scots abuse law 'monumental moment' says son; LANDMARK LEGISLATION PRAISED Hammer killer mum 'a victim of coercive control'. Apr 2, 2019 547
Domestic abuse laws take control. Apr 1, 2019 112
New law prescribes criminal action against perpetrators of domestic violence. Apr 1, 2019 534
Getting the law to work. Mar 30, 2019 1058
Domestic violence. Mar 30, 2019 169
Praise for 'landmark' domestic abuse law. Mar 26, 2019 170
The Trump Administration and Immigration Judges: Decreased Judicial Independence or Increased Efficiency? Cuic, Aleksandar Mar 22, 2019 3740
The Rights of Women. Mar 20, 2019 898
SOCIAL MEDIA - AAGAHI - APNAY MUSTAQBIL KI - The Rights of Women. Mar 14, 2019 896
54 Domestic abuser check used times in one month. Mar 10, 2019 668
Australia to bar visitors with domestic violence convictions. Mar 3, 2019 202
Bill on domestic violence introduced amid MMA reservations. Feb 12, 2019 964
KP Domestic Violence against Women Bill 2019 tabled in PA. Feb 12, 2019 470
'Domestic violence against Women bill-2019 tabled in KP PA. Feb 12, 2019 453
Govt making legislation for protection of women against domestic violence: Sultan. Feb 11, 2019 115
KP govt making legislation for protection of women against domestic violence. Feb 10, 2019 118
The Politicization of Safety: Critical Perspectives on Domestic Violence Responses. Book review Feb 1, 2019 173
Sick-leave law fills in gap for domestic violence victims, advocates say. Perry, Jessica Jan 14, 2019 642
QUARTERLY REVIEW. Jan 1, 2019 592
N.B. PROTECTION ACT 'RIGHT ON'. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 197
Behind the times. Chaney, Matt Dec 11, 2018 686
Awareness stressed to curb domestic violence. Dec 2, 2018 303
Domestic violence law under scrutiny. Nov 27, 2018 507
EDITORIAL - Violence against women and girls. Editorial Nov 24, 2018 474
Civil society praises approval of landmark Domestic Violence bill by KP cabinet. Nov 13, 2018 396
Approval of domestic violence bill widely admired. Nov 13, 2018 135
Proposed law on domestic abuse covers women only. Nov 11, 2018 571
WE WANT ACTION: The Institute for Public Policy Research recently released their latest Democracy Report, titled, "Landscaping Gender-Based Violence in Namibia". In this piece, Sister Namibia has extracted the recommended improvements and amendments to the legal system, which advocates fighting GBV should seek action on. Alweendo, Ndapwa; Andreas, Rakkel; Rafla-Yuan, Deanna Oct 1, 2018 643
Safer Homes, Safer Community. Staubus, Barry P. Oct 1, 2018 1322
Lancaster County's Domestic Violence Court Moving Cases Faster While Protecting Victims. Hambright, Brett Oct 1, 2018 1063
San Diego County's Strangulation Protocol: Improving Evidence Collection to Win the War. Prior, Tracy Oct 1, 2018 994
Pulling an Abusive Rabbit Out of the Hat. Archer, Shannon Oct 1, 2018 1155
Domestic Violence Awareness Month. O'banion, Nicole Oct 1, 2018 704
How Arizona Prosecutors Implemented a Statewide Domestic Violence Risk Assessment. Cramer, Amelia; Eliason, Jon; Ortiz, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2018 1759
Update: Forfeiture by Wrongdoing. Steward, Joshua P.; Goodman, Donald P., III Oct 1, 2018 494
Forfeiture by Wrongdoing After Crawford and Giles: An Effective Tool for Prosecutors with an Absent Victim at Trial. Pappas, Evanthia A. Oct 1, 2018 4894
Collaborative Anti-Lethality Program Reduces Domestic Homicides in Anoka County, Minn. Palumbo, Tony Oct 1, 2018 1319
Denver's "Unstoppable" Commitment to Realizing a Dream: The Rose Andom Center for Domestic Violence. Boyd, Kenneth D. Oct 1, 2018 995
The Ethical Dilemmas and Professional Responsibilities of Prosecuting Domestic and Dating Violence. Fields, Melanie S. Oct 1, 2018 1265
A Shift in Focus & Responsibility: Moving Toward Offender-Focused, Victim-Centered Prosecution to Hold Offenders Accountable and Reduce Domestic Violence. Gallagher, Aylysh B. Oct 1, 2018 1883
We talk about reducing the harm caused by domestic abuse and stopping it. But we must halt it before it even begins; POLICE CHIEF TELLS OF DETERMINATION AS CLARE'S LAW ALERTS 1596 TO RISK IN 3 YRS. Sep 30, 2018 1033
A PRIMER ON DIVORCE IN LOUISIANA. Wallace, Monica Hof Sep 22, 2018 21616
Getting a Grip on Strangulation: Enumerating Strangulation in the UCMJ Will Help the Fight Against Domestic Abuse. Chan, Kaley S. Sep 1, 2018 11561
Domestic Violence and Family Law Disputes. Boyd, John-Paul Sep 1, 2018 1216
Assessing the Relation Between Attitudes Towards Gender Roles and Domestic Violence of Nursing And Paramedic Students/Hemsirelik ve Acil Tip Teknikerligi Ogrencilerinin Toplumsal Cinsiyet Rolleri Ile Aile Ici Siddete Yonelik Tutumlari Arasindaki Iliskinin Degerlendirilmesi. Yilmaz, Emel Bahadir; Oz, Fatima Report Sep 1, 2018 4173
Many Sexual Assault Victims Don't Complete Evidence Kits; Even fewer sexual assault victims seen in emergency departments release evidence to police. Aug 14, 2018 266
Men in abusive relationships 'overlooked'. Aug 13, 2018 398
Experts: Law is not fair to abused women. Aug 5, 2018 930
Jenifer. russell. Aug 1, 2018 390
NZNO welcomes domestic violence legislation. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 157
Mental torture; EDITED BY SALLY MCLEANPsychological attacks by a partner or ex are illegal, just like physical abuse. Here are 11 red lines that shouldn't be crossed in a relationship. Jul 26, 2018 647
Coalition Forms to Support Legislation Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets. Jul 24, 2018 744
Amendments to Family Law Forms dealing with domestic violence, stalking. Jul 15, 2018 436
Ukrainian Domestic Violence Law Celebrated. Sychova, Anastasiia Jun 22, 2018 523
Police arrests 5 persons over Domestic Violence. Jun 7, 2018 163
Protective orders becoming more common. Vieth, Peter May 31, 2018 1549
Turnbull's Family and Domestic Violence Leave is inadequate. Brief article May 1, 2018 225
Uzbekistan among countries lacking laws protecting women from domestic violence u World Bank. Apr 24, 2018 165
CAV: Emotional manipulation forfeited right to confrontation. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 18, 2018 1871
Taking the battle to end violence against women from Wales to the world; Violence again women needs a global UN Treaty, argue academics and writers Dr Eleri Evans and Dr Jean Silvan Evans. Apr 3, 2018 1372
You & The Law: How Saudi Arabia is combating domestic abuse. Mar 22, 2018 526
FEDS GETS TOUGH ON ASSAULT. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 196
Assistant AGs talk domestic violence in Rwanda, Costa Rica. Olson, Kris Mar 1, 2018 1003
Long arm of the law gives helping hand to a survivor; KIND-HEARTED POLICE OFFICERS HELP VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BY STOCKING CUPBOARDS. Feb 16, 2018 434
Long arm of the law gives helping hand to victim; KIND-HEARTED OFFICERS HELP SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BY STOCKING CUPBOARDS. Feb 9, 2018 486
Police 'are letting down victims of domestic abuse'. Jan 29, 2018 408
Northumbria Police defends record on Clare's Law disclosures to protect women from violent partners; Clare's Law allows those in fear of domestic violence to ask police for information about their partner's past. Jan 13, 2018 610
'He split my lip and then beat me until I was unconscious' woman backs clare's law after suffering horror of domestic violence. Jan 10, 2018 1480
New law will tackle domestic abuse. Jan 2, 2018 250
Domestic abuse law is so vital. Jan 2, 2018 144
Agents for Change: Local Women's Organizations and Domestic Violence in Indonesia. Afrianty, Dina Report Jan 1, 2018 8865
Women's Lives, Cut Short. Dec 28, 2017 678
Lengthy prison terms handed down to four in high-profile domestic abuse case. Dec 15, 2017 466
We need to better understand why some young men are motivated to attack and abuse women and how we - as parents, communities and a society - can prevent it; TACKLING GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE An international campaign highlighting the battle to end violence against women has just drawn to a close. But the work is far from done. Tomorrow, MSPs on the justice committee pick up the baton as they continue to consider new laws to crack down on abusers. Dec 11, 2017 535
Community leaders for legislation to end domestic violence, child marriages. Dec 6, 2017 332
Community leaders for legislation to end domestic violence, child marriages. Dec 6, 2017 332
'Wales must eradicate domestic abuse... it's everyone's business' Shocking statistics on domestic abuse in Wales illustrate just how far we need to go to tackle the problem. Here Julie James AM outlines what's being done by Welsh law-makers and the further steps needed... Snb. Nov 25, 2017 895
Kyrgyz Government bans issuance of firearms licences to citizens who committed domestic violence crimes. Nov 15, 2017 145
The Unknown Known Risk. Rocker, Allison Nov 1, 2017 1577
MSPs support law change. Sep 21, 2017 167
Crackdown on partner abuse cases is needed. Aug 19, 2017 392
A long-overdue change to Lebanese law. Aug 19, 2017 630
Too close for comfort. Aug 1, 2017 1422
Government tables domestic violence bill. Jun 20, 2017 126
NZNO supports domestic violence bill. Brief article May 1, 2017 130
Domestic violence cases up in 2016: Report. Apr 26, 2017 449
Parliamentary panel endorses protection from domestic violence bill. Apr 18, 2017 139
Parties seek to amend domestic violence law. Apr 8, 2017 868
Abuse of women: causes, consequences & Prevention--a survey of college going youth. Saha, Amal Krishna; Saha, Arunava Abstract Apr 1, 2017 5591
Protection orders as explained by the legal assistance centre (continued). Jan 1, 2017 1479
Cross-border domestic violence: the global pandemic and the call for uniform enforcement of civil protection orders. Feldman, Angelica Jan 1, 2017 19655
VAWA 2013's right to appointed counsel in tribal court proceedings - a rising tide that lifts all boats or a procedural windfall for non-Indian defendants? Gross, Jordan Dec 22, 2016 28938
The Third Amendment incorporated: "soldiers" and domestic law enforcement. Aronson, Chad Dec 22, 2016 16534
Domestic violence: Customary law discourages divorce. Dec 5, 2016 1421
Gendering legal discourse: a critical feminist analysis of domestic violence adjudication in India. Chattopadhyay, Sreeparna Dec 1, 2016 12144
Technical delay hits Family Violence law. Nov 3, 2016 602
Criminalizing "private" torture. Tetlow, Tania Oct 1, 2016 7105
Criminalizing "private" torture. Tetlow, Tania Oct 1, 2016 23121
Protection orders as explained by the legal assistance centre. Oct 1, 2016 1266
1044 Scots use Clare's Law.. and 371 get the answer they dreaded; DOMESTIC ABUSE SCHEME'S SUCCESS Victim's dad delighted at number of disclosures in first year of initiative. Oct 1, 2016 525
Intimate partner violence is everyone's problem, but how should we approach it in a clinical setting? Gordon, C. Oct 1, 2016 3073
Intimate partner violence: a helpful guide to legal and psychosocial support services. Lopes, C. Report Oct 1, 2016 3141
WE WILL NAIL THE PSYCHO-BULLIES; CHANGE LAW TO TACKLE ABUSERS - says Justice Secretary Michael Matheson The Scottish Parliament will today debate proposals to tackle domestic abuse. Here, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson explains why he believes a new specific criminal offence needs to be created to combat the scourge of countless families. Sep 15, 2016 425
Art imitating life as domestic abuse impacts on The Archers; Daisy Dunne reports on how an iconic radio soap has raised awareness of new legislation relating to domestic abuse. Sep 5, 2016 988
CII rejects KP Domestic Violence Bill. Aug 20, 2016 135
Gender and the law. Nagel, Mechthild Jul 1, 2016 5393
A victim of abuse should still have a castle: the applicability of the castle doctrine to instances of domestic violence. Messerschmidt, Cristina Georgiana Jun 22, 2016 14315
Access to legal services in womens' shelters. Wright, Alysia May 1, 2016 2543
Private Members' Bill addresses domestic violence. Narine, Shari Jan 1, 2016 140
'Controlling' partners face new domestic abuse crime; Psychological bullies could be jailed under law. Dec 29, 2015 220
China passes first domestic violence law. Dec 28, 2015 361
China Passes First Domestic Violence Law, Gay Couples Excluded. Dec 27, 2015 268
Special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction for Indian tribes: inherent tribal sovereignty versus defendants' complete constitutional rights. Zhang, Margaret H. Dec 1, 2015 14286
Do we need a specific domestic violence offence? Douglas, Heather Dec 1, 2015 15129
Domestic abuse ongoing after separation. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 244
DOMESTIC ABUSE THUGS HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE; CLARE'S LAW NATIONWIDE LAUNCH Partners can ask police about violent past. Oct 2, 2015 369
The Limited Power of Female Appointments: Abortion and Domestic Violence Policy in the Carter Administration. Mattingly, Doreen J. Sep 22, 2015 11453
"Beat your wife, and lose your gun": defending Louisiana's attempts to disarm domestic abusers. Murphree, Patrick D. Sep 22, 2015 21791
SCW praises anti-domestic violence law. Aug 7, 2015 347
Advancing tribal court criminal jurisdiction in Alaska. Fortson, Ryan Jun 1, 2015 6885
Advancing tribal court criminal jurisdiction in Alaska. Fortson, Ryan Jun 1, 2015 20537
Relocation law and survivors of domestic violence. Wood, Talley Jun 1, 2015 9790
Activists see little progress on domestic violence. May 28, 2015 704
Forum of women-MPs of Kyrgyzstan and OSCE experts discuss improving laws on prevention of domestic violence. May 20, 2015 148
MPs agree new law on domestic violence. Apr 8, 2015 599
Domestic violence law still not fully applied. Apr 3, 2015 847
The protection order seeking and accessing: a mechanism in combatting domestic violence. Albastroiu, Roxana Gabriela Report Apr 1, 2015 4788
Social Development Ministry develops bill protecting individuals from domestic violence. Feb 3, 2015 136
GCC drafting law against domestic violence. Jan 27, 2015 829
Domestic violence levels revealed by Clare's Law. Jan 26, 2015 665
Intimate partner violence against Asian American women: moving from theory to strategy. Lee, Donna H. Jan 1, 2015 5252
Intimate partner violence against Asian American women: moving from theory to strategy. Lee, Donna H. Jan 1, 2015 21214
Barriers to the utilisation of provisions of the Zimbabwean Domestic Violence Act among abused Christian women in Zimbabwe. Chireshe, Excellent Jan 1, 2015 7114
Attitudes and perceptions of young men towards gender equality and violence in Timor-Leste. Wigglesworth, Ann; Niner, Sara; Arunachalam, Dharmalingam; dos Santos, Abel Boavida; Tilman, Mateus Report Jan 1, 2015 7274
Crime commissioner who campaigned against domestic abuse welcomes new law; A new domestic abuse offence of 'coercive and controlling behaviour' will carry a maximum penalty of up to five years jail. Dec 21, 2014 460
DC calls on all stake-holders to help implement law on domestic violence. Dec 12, 2014 191
Unions push for domestic violence leave: unions are pushing to give millions of Australian workers access to domestic violence leave. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 191
China drafts first national law against domestic violence. Nov 26, 2014 647
14 YEARS JAIL FOR DOMESTIC ABUSE THUGS; New law on threats & emotional control. Nov 23, 2014 423
14 years jail for domestic abuse thugs; New law on threats & emotional control. Nov 23, 2014 425
Domestic violence laws take effect on Dec. 23. Nov 15, 2014 282
HIV and gender-based violence: welcome policies and programmes, but is the research keeping up? Gruskin, Sofia; Safreed-Harmon, Kelly; Moore, Chelsea L.; Steiner, Riley J.; Dworkin, Shari L. Report Nov 1, 2014 6920
Divorce in a context of domestic violence, Viet Nam. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 270
MP Llwyd highlights domestic abuse law. Oct 25, 2014 222
The politics of domestic violence-based asylum claims. Doedens, Joline Sep 22, 2014 14113
Domestic abuse law call by MP. Sep 9, 2014 200
Laws proposed to protect domestic abuse victims. Aug 20, 2014 164
MP seeks help to toughen law on domestic violence. Jul 29, 2014 369
Bill aims to beat domestic abuse and sex violence; Call to 'make a stand'. Jul 1, 2014 459
New law to highlight hidden menace of abuse; Reports of domestic abuse have more than trebled in some parts of Wales in the last three years. Here Darren Devine looks at the latest attempts to end the hidden cycle of abuse haunting homes in every corner of Wales. Jul 1, 2014 728
Government sets out plan to combat family violence. Jul 1, 2014 547
Even when I told police about him raping me, he told me that he'd never let me go, if he couldn't have me, no one could. I've been living in fear of him for years. He took my life away bit by bit - Domestic abuse victim Liz Hislop; DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIM FLEES SCOTLAND IN FEAR BUT BREAKS SILENCE TO BACK FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. Jun 1, 2014 1833
CLARE'S LAW TO PROTECT SCOTS; Women get right to vet partners as pilot to tackle domestic violence is rolled out. May 9, 2014 333
Kafa slams president over altered domestic abuse law. May 8, 2014 169
Domestic violence asylum after Matter of L.R. Marsden, Jessica May 1, 2014 19154
In the open; Domestic violence bill missteps on police logs. Editorial Apr 13, 2014 361
House OKs domestic abuse bill. Monahan, John J. Apr 9, 2014 715
Activists decry 'weakened' domestic violence law. Apr 2, 2014 894
Help us to end violence against women. Jones, Helen Apr 1, 2014 506
Sit in before ESCWA to approve law protecting women from domestic violence. Apr 1, 2014 137
Three issues with Lebanon's new domestic violence law. Apr 1, 2014 512
Closing the gap of justice: providing protection for Native American women through the special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction provision of VAWA. Singh, Shefali Mar 22, 2014 11979
Violent and tragic events: the nature of domestic violence-related homicide cases in Central Australia. Lloyd, Jane Mar 22, 2014 8197
How Clare's Law could save your life; Women are now able to find out the truth about their partners'violent pasts. SOPHIE DOUGHTY examines how Clare's Law could save lives in the North East. Mar 14, 2014 1170
Protest against domestic violence draws thousands. Mar 10, 2014 844
Lebanon protesters march over domestic violence bill. Mar 9, 2014 136
Act against domestic violence. Mar 6, 2014 277
Saudis demand laws to protect girls from domestic violence. Mar 5, 2014 369
Cops launch Clare's Law to prevent domestic violence. Mar 4, 2014 356
My sister's keeper: working to reduce domestic violence and gun violence. Crasso, Yvonne Mar 1, 2014 1492
Bahrain to discuss draft law on domestic abuse. Feb 28, 2014 174
Shura to discuss draft law on domestic abuse. Feb 28, 2014 147
MP's Bill seeks to toughen law on domestic violence; 'Too many victims are failed by flawed system'. Feb 26, 2014 365
Women's group calls for domestic violence law. Feb 22, 2014 150
Proposed new jury instruction 8.25. Feb 15, 2014 643
Family violence law on the way. Jan 7, 2014 423
Shura Council to discuss law against domestic violence. Jan 5, 2014 141
Reflecting on family violence. Dargatz, Sarah Jan 1, 2014 1370
Domestic violence, renting and the law. Johnson, Rochelle Jan 1, 2014 1224
Coordinated efforts stressed for implementation of domestic Violence Act. Dec 18, 2013 312
Domestic violence battle moves at snail's pace. Dec 14, 2013 754
Safe house for victims of domestic violence urged. Dec 12, 2013 185
Law to combat domestic violence urged. Dec 2, 2013 133
CRACKDOWN ON DOMESTIC ABUSE LAWS; Minister urged to tackle growing problem; TV Nigella's plight helps victims speak out. Nov 22, 2013 396
New domestic violence law to protect adults. Nov 15, 2013 418
Employer's rethink on domestic violence: taking part in a charity sleepout helped persuade one CEO that domestic violence ought to be considered a workplace issue. Nov 1, 2013 653
Helping domestic violence victims: domestic violence puts many women in a state of "raw fear" and employers need to do more to make the workplace a refuge, says the Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Nov 1, 2013 460
Islah and Al-Rashad NDC representatives reject legislation outlawing domestic abuse. Sep 25, 2013 337
Karzai should prevent child marriage, domestic violence against women: HRW. Sep 4, 2013 743
New Saudi law to protect women from domestic abuse. Aug 29, 2013 418
KSA declares war on domestic abuse. Aug 27, 2013 487
State legislatures push to allow early termination of leases for victims of domestic violence. Upano, Nicole Aug 1, 2013 569
Rights committee pushes for domestic violence law. Jul 24, 2013 176
Activists: Domestic abuse bill a step forward. Jul 23, 2013 834
MPs urged to pass draft law on domestic violence. Jul 19, 2013 152
Activists urge MPs to pass domestic violence law. Jul 15, 2013 608
Women launch campaign against domestic violence. Jul 5, 2013 278
Nearly 5,000 domestic violence complaints filed in y-stanbul in 7 months. May 27, 2013 671
Secure Communities: burdening local law enforcement and undermining the U Visa. May 1, 2013 11723
Women and Children\'s Affairs Committee sustains Discussing the Draft Law on Protection against Domestic Violence. Apr 3, 2013 218
Build Bridges not Walls. Niazi, Muhammad Uzair Mar 31, 2013 778
Ensuring victim safety and abuser accountability: reforms and revisions in New York courts' response to domestic violence. Lippman, Jonathan Mar 22, 2013 10192
Law, social movements, and the political economy of domestic violence. Weissman, Deborah M. Mar 22, 2013 18341
The culture of rights protection in Canadian refugee law: examining the domestic violence cases. Arbel, Efrat Mar 1, 2013 20923
These 9 Congressmen Refused to Consider Any Version of the Violence Against Women Act. Feb 28, 2013 539

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