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Did X mark the spot? Brand X and the scope of agency overrides of judicial decisions. Sze, Wesley Jan 1, 2016 19927
Appellate court rules governing publication, citation, and precedential value of opinions: an update. Cleveland, David R. Sep 22, 2015 8196
Stare decisis and secret law: on precedent and publication in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Boeglin, Jack; Taranto, Julius Apr 1, 2015 5930
The precedential and persuasive value of unpublished dispositions. Roberson, Andrew R.; Herndon, Randolph K., Jr. Mar 1, 2014 11233
Copy-paste precedent. Soucek, Brian Sep 22, 2012 8286
Private military firms, the American precedent, and the Arab Spring. Michaels, Jon D. Jun 22, 2012 7339
Transtemporal separation of powers in the law of precedent. Beck, Randy Apr 1, 2012 27204
What does it mean if your appeal as of right lacks a "substantial" constitutional question in the New York Court of Appeals? Pierce, Alan J. Dec 22, 2011 15817
The role of precedent at Japan's Supreme Court. Itoh, Hiroshi Sep 1, 2011 14202
The controversial contradiction between traditional precedent and recent failure to warn jurisprudence in New York. Kern, Dwight A.; Kostus, David S. Jan 1, 2011 11604
Originalism and precedent. McGinnis, John O.; Rappaport, Michael B. Jan 1, 2011 2253
Originalism, precedent, and judicial restraint. Rosen, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2011 2842
Fourth Amendment seizures of computer data. Kerr, Orin S. Jan 1, 2010 10198
Some observations about Jewish law in Israel's Supreme Court. Friedell, Steven F. Dec 22, 2009 21887
Colonialism and the suppression of Aboriginal voice. Vermette, D'Arcy Mar 22, 2009 21054
Shadow precedents and the separation of powers: statutory interpretation of congressional overrides. Widiss, Deborah A. Jan 1, 2009 31418
Text vs. precedent in constitutional law. Calabresi, Steven G. Jun 22, 2008 4835
On text and precedent. Amar, Akhil Reed Jun 22, 2008 2473
Why conservatives shouldn't be originalists. Strauss, David A. Jun 22, 2008 2765
The conservative case for precedent. Merrill, Thomas W. Jun 22, 2008 1955
Resisting the ratchet. Markman, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2008 1970
The poisonous precedent: how the Iraqi Special Tribunal undermines international law. Wolf, Paul Jan 1, 2007 1914
Lost triumph: Lee's real plan at Gettysburg - and why it failed. Bell, Jason M. Aug 1, 2006 3363
Precedent in the federal courts of appeals: an endangered or invasive species? Oakley, John B. Mar 22, 2006 3133
Trumping precedent with original meaning: not as radical as it sounds. Barnett, Randy E. Jun 22, 2005 5240
Originalism, stare decisis and the promotion of judicial restraint. Merrill, Thomas W. Jun 22, 2005 7416
Originalism, precedent, and candor. Strauss, David A. Jun 22, 2005 4190
The perils of bright lines: section 6110(K)(3) and the ambiguous precedential status of written determinations. Kwok, Judy S. Mar 22, 2005 24627

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