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laws to grow informal sector - stakeholders Market day boosts small businesses. Aug 22, 2022 441
Federal Contracting by Veteran-Owned Small Businesses: An Overview and Analysis of Contemporary Issues. Blackford, R. Corinne Report Aug 1, 2022 9451
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program. Dilger, Robert Jay; Blackford, R. Corinne Report Jul 1, 2022 11597
The top five reasons to franchise your small business. CM Guest Columnist May 31, 2022 1084
The top five reasons to franchise your small business. May 31, 2022 1074
University faculty given small business recognition. Feb 9, 2022 278
SECP amends regulations to help start-ups, small firms. Nov 24, 2021 302
SBA Small Business Investment Company Program. Dilger, Robert Jay Report Nov 1, 2021 21264
SBA's "8(a) Program": Overview, History, and Current Issues. Dilger, Robert Jay Report Nov 1, 2021 28688
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program. Dilger, Robert Jay Report Nov 1, 2021 11581
City councils in Penang announce regulatory waivers to help small businesses, hawkers. Jul 27, 2021 474
Small businesses, how are you doing? Jun 30, 2021 1465
Small Business Size Standards: A Historical Analysis of Contemporary Issues. Dilger, Robert Jay May 1, 2021 23015
Start saving early Expanding state law on offering retirement plans at small companies benefits us all. Apr 16, 2021 466
SBA Disaster Assistance for Civil Unrest. Lindsay, Bruce R.; Nagel, Jared C. Mar 1, 2021 1196
Here's What's New in U.S. Small Business Pandemic Paycheck Protection Program. Andrew G. Simpson Jan 11, 2021 557
Congress is failing the small business community. Dec 14, 2020 489
Palace prodded to facilitate unreleased P10-billion Covid fund for small businesses. Nov 18, 2020 575
Solon: 12% VAT on e-commerce sites could hurt small businesses, consumers. Jul 31, 2020 260
TAX CREDITS FOR PENSION PLAN START-UP COSTS: The SECURE Act provides small business owners with more incentives to set up retirement plans for their employees. Lou, Yusi; Curatola, Anthony P. Jun 1, 2020 1116
Changing Bankruptcy Law: The Impact on Small-Business Entry and Exit Behavior. Plemmons, Alicia Report Jun 1, 2020 5529
House OKs bill to ease access to small-business loans. Erica Werner The Washington Post May 29, 2020 561
Our View: Government can ill afford state support for small businesses. CM: Our View May 7, 2020 455
BSP eases rules to encourage bank lending to small firms. May 5, 2020 581
Trump signs $484 billion relief bill to aid small businesses, hospitals. Xinhua Apr 25, 2020 483
Simmons First National receives approval from SBA for over 3,100 PPP loans. Apr 21, 2020 289
Small business owners' new obligations to employees. Apr 20, 2020 670
Small business lending program on hold after reaching limit. JOYCE M. ROSENBERG and ANDREW TAYLOR AP Business Writer Apr 17, 2020 646
Saudi's small businesses get boost from new SAMA licensing rules. Arab News Apr 9, 2020 251
US banks to shun small business rescue plan. Apr 3, 2020 153
US banks to shun small business rescue plan. Apr 3, 2020 151
Louisiana Small Business Protection Act now in Effect. Stephanie K. Jones Feb 12, 2020 201
Chris McLaughlin: Labour leader's first job is 'caring for their staff'; MPs are a law unto themselves -effectively small businesses, setting disparate pay and conditions across the board. By, Chris McLaughlin Feb 8, 2020 540
Is there hope for small businesses? Jan 8, 2020 582
Concern over barriers to small firms trading online. Jan 6, 2020 495
Small Businesses Concerned About New Cybersecurity Certification. Lee, Connie Cover story Jan 1, 2020 1432
Proposed changes to BCCI laws 'not against small businesses'. Dec 30, 2019 500
How a California law will force small businesses to rethink staffing. JOYCE M. ROSENBERG AP Business Writer Dec 27, 2019 1028
Xero NAB Payments launches for small businesses. Dec 12, 2019 238
Xero NAB Payments launches for small businesses. Dec 12, 2019 236
SEC Issues Agenda for Dec. 11 Meeting of Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee. Dec 5, 2019 212
SEC Issues Agenda for Dec. 11 Meeting of Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee. Dec 4, 2019 197
Company Vakil promotes MSME Registration in India for Small business and Startups. Nov 18, 2019 1017
SEC Issues Agenda for Nov. 12 Meeting of Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee. Nov 7, 2019 207
SEC Issues Agenda for Nov. 12 Meeting of Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee. Nov 6, 2019 195
Small businesses prepare for state's new retirement savings law. Scot Bertram The Center Square Sep 24, 2019 388
Tougher state human rights laws a concern for small businesses. Sep 16, 2019 373
Leadsom to chair small business finance council. Sep 6, 2019 118
Redefining Retirement in the 21st Century for the Small Employer and America. Reiss, Jerry; Watson, Roberta Casper Sep 1, 2019 4262
Legislation Highlights Why Cyber Market Should Keep Watch on Small Business Risk. Aug 19, 2019 997
Agencies Propose To Expand Acquisitions For Overseas Small Businesses. Aug 9, 2019 397
Viewpoint: What Insurance Industry Should Acknowledge About Small Business Cyber. Jul 30, 2019 995
Small businesses may need help to do the right thing for planet. Jul 24, 2019 511
No rule change for salaried workers: The proposed rule would create a 'super minimum wage' that will harm all employers, particularly nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Jul 1, 2019 291
Small businesses pessimistic as Brexit and new regulations bite. Jun 10, 2019 142
SBA PRIMARY LOAN PROGRAM IN JEOPARDY. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Jun 1, 2019 248
Small-business retailers support statewide regs on tobacco, vaping. May 9, 2019 774
Sweet Justice. Brief article May 1, 2019 125
Big is Beautiful: debunking the myth of small business. Decker, Ryan A. Apr 1, 2019 1995
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Help Small Businesses Grow. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Mar 14, 2019 355
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Help Grow Small Business. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Mar 13, 2019 355
Bill to help small businesses passes House. Mar 13, 2019 229
BIPARTISAN BILL AGAINST PREDATORY LENDING. Barias, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2019 235
State offices react to minimum wage increase Reaction: Wage increase could take its toll on small businesses. Feb 27, 2019 672
Australia's small business watchdog calls for insurance sector reforms. Feb 11, 2019 122
Australia's small business watchdog calls for insurance sector reforms. Feb 11, 2019 120
Micro-loans boost small businesses in Nigeria. Unah, Linus Feb 1, 2019 1028
Bill would allow small businesses to contest potentially cumbersome state regs. Dec 18, 2018 225
Help For Small Businesses. Dec 1, 2018 299
Law complicates financial reporting for small businesses. Oct 15, 2018 636
RBS boss backs calls for regulation of small business lending after GRG scandal. Oct 10, 2018 650
Association Health Plans Can Help Small Businesses Offer Coverage; But AHPs may undermine ACA marketplace, as they are not required to comply with ACA regulations. Sep 17, 2018 240
Small businesses air gripes at Office of Advocacy roundtable. Saulsbery, Gabrielle Sep 12, 2018 821
Small businesses struggle with health insurance landscape: 93 percent of Colorado's population is insured--but fewer than half the state's employees get their coverage through work. Siebrase, Jamie Sep 1, 2018 1114
NJ more foe than friend to small businesses, annual survey says. Saulsbery, Gabrielle Aug 14, 2018 335
Stores risk falling foul of CCTV data rules; Small businesses have been warned they may be breaching new GDPR laws. GAELLE WALKER Aug 10, 2018 310
Small business chamber calls for separate PSC hearings. Aug 8, 2018 462
Looser rules turn on faucet for loans for small businesses. Aug 6, 2018 617
Dubious distinction NJ has highest cost for doing business. Ehlbeck, Laurie Aug 6, 2018 426
Maun small businesses demand fair treatment. Aug 5, 2018 414
MULTIPLE-EMPLOYER PLANS MAY EXPAND. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Aug 1, 2018 204
Small firms set to struggle with regulations post-Brexit, study reveals. Jul 11, 2018 260
THE SBFRC: A DECADE OF ADVOCACY: IMA's Small Business Financial and Regulatory Affairs Committee supports the interests of small businesses, privately held companies, and nonprofit organizations through advocacy efforts, comment letters, and regular communication with regulatory bodies and standards setters. Stark-Jones, Cindy Jun 1, 2018 1037
New data laws risk misunderstanding by small businesses; Small businesses and charities will be wasting valuable resources by entirely reviewing customers' data before May 25. May 24, 2018 614
NH firms learn to cope with new steel tariffs: Granite State businesses begin to see price hikes. Sanders, Bob May 11, 2018 1517
SEC simplifies financial reporting for small firms. May 3, 2018 261
Optimism Among U.S. Small-Business Owners Remains High. Newport, Frank; McMurray, Coleen Survey May 1, 2018 600
Mistakes Were Made: How Small Businesses Commonly Get Into Trouble with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Chamberlin, Hunter May 1, 2018 4725
MP: Application of int'l accounting standards should not affect small business in Azerbaijan. Apr 27, 2018 289
Bankruptcy law urged to protect small businesses. Mar 20, 2018 279
New credit law to help small firms. Mar 4, 2018 929
Immigration: Foreign workers abusing work permits, taking over small businesses. Feb 27, 2018 358
EDITORIAL: Entrepreneurs and small business need fewer rules. Jones, Laura Editorial Feb 22, 2018 598
Entrepreneurs and small business need fewer rules. Jones, Laura Feb 22, 2018 603
HEALTH REIMBURSEMENT ARRANGEMENTS IN SMALL BUSINESSES: Small businesses that use HRAs to help their employees with the costs of health insurance need to stay abreast of any changes in relevant legislation and regulatory guidance. Harden, William; Upton, David Feb 1, 2018 1179
State economy healthy: Federal regulations hurt small business. Dec 1, 2017 625
Small Businesses: Take Heed of Export Regulations. McVey, Thomas Dec 1, 2017 1070
SBA OPPOSES PROPOSED CFPB RULE. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Dec 1, 2017 133
U.S. Small-Business Owners Still Upbeat, but Worried About Hiring. McMurray, Coleen; Newport, Frank Survey Nov 8, 2017 532
VAT in the GCV: Benefits of Voluntary Registration, Especially for Small Businesses. Oct 4, 2017 678
Paid family leave program further endangers small businesses. Condotta, Cary Oct 1, 2017 681
House Panel Passes Bill to Boost Capital to Small Companies. Jul 25, 2017 260
How Replacing Obamacare Would Affect Small Businesses. Jul 16, 2017 992
Small business is collateral damage in health care chaos. Shaheen, Jeanne Jul 7, 2017 496
Optimizing the internet for more inclusive trade: Digital opportunities for inclusive trade can also lower costs for small business. Hamilton, David; Atkinson, Craig Jul 1, 2017 964
Election turmoil may benefit small firms; Store owners look to the positives of operating amid a hung parliament. ROBIN MANNERING Jun 16, 2017 335
Shop-worn: health insurance marketplace on the chopping block. Sanders, Bob Brief article Jun 9, 2017 299
Will limit on investors for Angel funds increase? A bill to update SEC regulatory requirements would facilitate angel investment in small business. Barias, Stephen Brief article Jun 1, 2017 229
A case of overcorrection: how the FTC's regulation of "unfair acts and practices" is unfair to small businesses. West, Jennifer L. May 1, 2017 14591
Small businesses face legal challenges. May 1, 2017 279
Small businesses and the regulation struggle. Wade, Holly Apr 1, 2017 389
Changing regulations--most common concern to micro and small firms. Mar 21, 2017 157
Impact of PFL on New York's small businesses. White, Richard A. Feb 27, 2017 721
Small Business Gets Year-End Relief for Health Reimbursements. Dec 27, 2016 818
Are you meeting a need? Mabus, Josh Nov 25, 2016 833
Local Business Owner Dr. Feyi Obamehinti Named to the National Small Business Association Leadership Council. Nov 9, 2016 369
Highlighting entrepreneurs: department boosts small business worldwide. Otto, Jeffrey L. Nov 1, 2016 850
Impact Branding Helps Small Businesses Gear Up for 2017. Oct 5, 2016 594
2016 study reviews capital, regulations, workforce, technology: the state of small business. Fletcher, Jim Oct 1, 2016 427
Zenius Corporation Earns Certified HUBZone Small Business. Oct 1, 2016 374
How will overtime changes affect small businesses? Interview Oct 1, 2016 527
Reporting exemptions for more small companies. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Oct 1, 2016 148
Atlanta's Consulting Firms Join Forces to Save Small Businesses from Failing. Sep 7, 2016 584
Councils recognised for backing small business. Aug 12, 2016 524
Lending help: SBA makes '504 Refi' program permanent. Feingold, Jeff Brief article Jun 10, 2016 148
The joint employer rule: an attack on small business that could impact your child's care: labor unions, losing their hold on the independent American worker, are desperate to find new sources of membership. Clark, Cliff Jun 1, 2016 711
Auto enrolment meets the small firm challenge. May 26, 2016 631
Small businesses need not be beholden to bank credit. Apr 15, 2016 848
Zoning and zen: how regulations and charges of "cultural appropriation" destroyed a widow's small business dream. Soave, Robby Mar 1, 2016 996
After New Rule, More Small Businesses Adopt Chip Technology. McMurray, Coleen; Newport, Frank Survey Feb 23, 2016 406
'Reasonable accommodation' sought for pregnant workers. Feb 19, 2016 580
From first business aged 17 to annual turnover of PS2.6m; SMALL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK HIGH PERFORMANCE CONSULTANCY Victoria Brown tells Bill Gleeson that being personable is crucial to growth of her businesses. Feb 18, 2016 926
The SBA's office of advocacy: the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy acts to advance the causes of small business within the U.S. federal government. Kuba, Jim Column Feb 1, 2016 1040
Through muddled regulatory process, an opportunity to increase small business lending: a constructive relationship with federal regulators should yield more efficient regulations that unlock loan guarantees for franchise small business owners. Serafino, Kevin Jan 1, 2016 928
Towards a more reasoned application of the Robinson-Patman Act: a holistic view incorporating principles of law and economics in light of congressional intent. Glick, Mark A.; Mangum, David G.; Swensen, Lara A. Dec 22, 2015 24259
Reforming the Robinson-Patman Act to serve consumers and control powerful buyers. Kirkwood, John B. Dec 22, 2015 17636
Private damage actions under the Robinson-Patman Act. Blair, Roger D.; Durrance, Christine Piette Dec 22, 2015 10617
Only in America! (and its outlying areas): the conflict between the SBA regulations and the far, and the importance of not burdening overseas and contingency contracting agencies with a requirement to execute U.S. small business set-asides. Mallone, Marc P. Dec 6, 2015 18361
Pro-small business health care fixes quietly signed into law: is it a sign of loosening partisan logjam or is congress just settling for the "lowest common denominator?". Serafino, Kevin Dec 1, 2015 788
Holding pattern: Shaheen decries delay in 504 refi revival vote. Feingold, Jeff Nov 27, 2015 323
America's forgotten formula for economic equality. Glastris, Paul Nov 1, 2015 814
Cracking the small business glass ceiling: women entrepreneurs face longer odds in getting access to credit, capital and federal contracts. Shaheen, Jeanne Oct 30, 2015 563
Smaller firms, meet the ACA: for 2016, the requirements bar is lowered. Sanders, Bob Oct 2, 2015 1831
Brussels to cut red tape to boost small businesses. Oct 1, 2015 269
Brussels to cut red tape to boost small businesses. Oct 1, 2015 267
How to prepare your business loan application: documentation needed for small business loan applications. Aug 7, 2015 746
Estate planning for the small business owner: it's much more than planning for distribution of property. Cargill, Kenneth R. Aug 7, 2015 642
Bring long-term highway bill to vote. Kuster, Ann Jul 24, 2015 620
Small firms need to set up pension schemes under new rules. Jun 2, 2015 244
Small firms need to set up pension schemes under new rules. Jun 2, 2015 242
Metalcaster testifies before small business committee on regulatory relief. Jun 1, 2015 185
Small business bill faces Veto: Significant support from Senate Democrats will be needed to win any override vote. Barias, Stephen Brief article May 1, 2015 162
ACA submits statement for the record for house committee on small business hearing on regulatory impacts on small manufacturers. May 1, 2015 532
Faux fixes: justice reform. Krayewski, Ed Brief article Apr 18, 2015 277
Shared leave rules cause concern for small firms. Apr 15, 2015 185
Metalcaster testifies before small business committee on regulatory relief: leader of ferrous and nonferrous casting company speaks up on impact of regulations. Salmon, Stephanie Apr 1, 2015 195
Red alert over workplace rules; SMALL FIRMS COULD FACE HEADACHE. Mar 25, 2015 408
Small biz burden: medical device fees. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Brief article Mar 15, 2015 236
Relief from Dodd-Frank rules? House passes promoting job creation and reducing small business burdens act, but Obama threatens to veto. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2015 214
Greener pastures: how to identify the best locale for your small business. Lesonsky, Rieva Mar 1, 2015 1584
The law can leave small businesses high and dry. Jan 22, 2015 694
New year may bring more small business help from D.C. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Jan 4, 2015 714
UK's small business owners say new EU VAT rules threaten life of UK micro firms. Nov 27, 2014 267
UK's small business owners say new EU VAT rules threaten life of UK micro firms. Nov 27, 2014 265
Marketplace fairness act attacks small business. Lahme, David Nov 14, 2014 579
Small businesses get boost from FDA circular. Nov 11, 2014 326
What small business can expect in the new Congress. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Nov 9, 2014 548
Health insurance is a tough fit for many small businesses. Abelson, Reed Nov 5, 2014 459
NAM releases study on cost of federal regulations. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 165
Five things small businesses need to know this fall. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Sep 21, 2014 726
Export-Import Bank continuation at risk. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 282
Complicated new garbage ordinance to penalize landlords, small business. Hudson, Mike Jul 8, 2014 1170
How has the AIA affected small businesses? Feb 11, 2014 378
How has the AIA affected small businesses? Feb 11, 2014 340
Credit laws 'failing' small businesses. Jan 6, 2014 104
Bill to help small businesses could be dead on arrival. Jan 6, 2014 414
Looking back on 2013's small business challenges. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Jan 5, 2014 638
The Affordable Care Act: what every franchise needs to know: mall employers can lower their costs by pooling the risk of providing health insurance with other small businesses buying plans in the "marketplace.". Olafson, Meredith Jan 1, 2014 936
Health care law poses burdens on hours flexibility, growth for small-business owners: franchising's high-achieving multi-unit franchisees share views on key topics. Jan 1, 2014 578
Proposed Crowdfunding rules include disclosure requirements. Jan 1, 2014 438
EAPA's 2013 World EAP Conference. Jan 1, 2014 718
Cottage food laws and small business. Damewood, Kelly Dec 22, 2013 1237
Pimlico Plumbers CEO Charlie Mullins: Clegg's Parental Leave Plans Will Massacre Small Businesses. Dec 3, 2013 767
Online health sign-up for small business is delayed. Johnson, Carla K. Nov 28, 2013 550
U.S. Small-Business Owners Split on Raising Minimum Wage; Six in 10 small-business owners say wage increase will harm businesses. Dugan, Andrew Nov 22, 2013 769
Small companies worry healthcare law is unhealthy for business. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 183
Small-business workers: a health insurance Q&A. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Interview Oct 7, 2013 766
Second phase of electricity liberalization as of 2014. Oct 1, 2013 341
Tax implications of healthcare reform for small businesses. Hardin, James R.; Segal, Mark Oct 1, 2013 2401
Throughout the year and the country--franchising continues health care advocacy efforts: amplifying the voice of the franchise industry means educating lawmakers and engaging fellow constituents on the issues most important to franchise small-business owners. Perron, Jay Oct 1, 2013 928
Candidates square off; Claros: Ease regs on small biz; Donahue: Get banks to the table. Foskett, Steven H., Jr. Sep 5, 2013 931
Employer mandate delay does not alter problems with Affordable Care Act: regulations within the ACA are keeping small-business owners from creating new jobs. Perron, Jay Sep 1, 2013 482
Family insurance in jeopardy for small businesses. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Aug 11, 2013 1041
New food safety proposals have small businesses worried. Jul 29, 2013 271
Indonesian Small Business Owners, Shut Out By Commercial Banks, Turn To Informal Lending. Jul 23, 2013 632
I'm going it alone in health and safety consultancy - but I've not gone mad; In the first part of a series visiting small businesses in the West Midlands, John Cranage speaks to an entrepreneur in the health and safety sector. Jun 27, 2013 1333
Joanne Forbes of Hill, Chesson & Woody Discusses How Healthcare Reform Will Impact Small Business. Jun 15, 2013 320
Our View: Being seen to be doing something to help small businesses. Apr 27, 2013 425
Making an urban agriculture small business sector feasible in San Francisco: a "Williamson Act" for California's cities. Reed, Nicholas Mar 22, 2013 3461
Women in small firms should get the same treatment surrounding maternity pay as those in larger companies. Mar 13, 2013 657
New defense legislation a mixed bag for small business. Lepow, Leslie H.; Specht, Damien C. Mar 1, 2013 1736
Thousands of small businesses fold. Nov 28, 2012 200
Directors in small firms more likely to fall foul of safety laws. Oct 5, 2012 437
Ohio Small Business Owner Campaigns for Small Business Awareness. Oct 4, 2012 556
Call to ease rules for small firms. Oct 2, 2012 250
Small business regulation: a case study and options for reform. Batkins, Sam; Brannon, Ike Case study Sep 22, 2012 1368
Federal science and technology in brief. Brief article Sep 22, 2012 131
SEC, NASAA tell small businesses: wait to join the 'crowd': crowdfunding is 'not yet legal until the commission appoints rules,' says SEC's Kim. Waddell, Melanie Aug 1, 2012 493
London Olympics: Shops Can Stay Open Longer on Sundays. Jul 22, 2012 389
Everyone is a venture capitalist: the new age of crowdfunding. Gobble, Mary Anne M. Jul 1, 2012 1334
8(a) and Alaska native corporations: working as intended to help fulfill mandates. Cottrell, Paula Jun 1, 2012 1563
Navigating uncharted waters: Alaska Native Corporations in a new era of 8(a) contracting. Maass, Emily M. Jun 1, 2012 10830
Bases staff strike over austerity. May 30, 2012 322
SBA lending hikes back from depths of recession. Jones, Luke May 7, 2012 653
JOBS Act clears congress. Brief article May 1, 2012 116
Regulation affects your profits. Warfield, Tonia; Stark-Jones, Cindy May 1, 2012 787
Hiring locally in Alaska: rules and regulations for resident hire. Saade, Renea I.; Tavella, Anne Marie May 1, 2012 1799
Pro: jobs act helps small business. Smith, Robert T. Apr 9, 2012 738
IFA Releases: pro-growth policy platform: small business, including franchise businesses, are the backbone of American job creation. Perron, Jay B. Apr 1, 2012 607
Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan to create working group to review law on state support for small businesses - CCI. Mar 13, 2012 113
SBA issues new size standards. Feb 29, 2012 580
Non-compete pacts: an all-or-nothing bet. Kolb, Joseph F. Column Feb 27, 2012 644
Health Costs, Gov't Regulations Curb Small Business Hiring; Nearly half of small-business owners name these issues. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Feb 15, 2012 1020
Advocacy saves small firms billions in FY 2011. Feb 15, 2012 206
NSBA urges easing of SEC small biz regulation. Jan 11, 2012 381
Legislative roadmap: the 2012 session will tackle issues that impact your business. Smith, Wesley Jan 1, 2012 834
House passes two ACA-backed regulatory reform bills that would ease burden on small businesses. Jan 1, 2012 587
House passes three small biz capital access bills. Nov 9, 2011 219
New Options to Refinance Commercial Real Estate Loans; SBA Now Offering Low Rates for Certain Working Capital Costs. Nov 3, 2011 486
Gov't Regulations at Top of Small-Business Owners' Problem List; One in three small-business owners are worried about going out of business. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Oct 24, 2011 913
Government grief; how to help your small business survive mindless regulation, political corruption and red tape. Book review Oct 1, 2011 132
SBA 8(a) regulation restructure: ANCs set to work with new rules. West, Gail Sep 1, 2011 1630
Healthy options for small firms. Aug 23, 2011 371
State Small Business Credit funding announced. Aug 17, 2011 241
The DiLeone Law Group, P.C. Named One of the Top 300 Small Businesses of the South. Aug 7, 2011 438
Policy ensures level playing field for supplies of all sizes; The law is on the side of small businesses when it comes to procurement, explains Rhodri Williams QC. Aug 3, 2011 699
Calling first-time franchisee attendees to premiere advocacy event: the franchise community's biggest grassroots advocacy event of the year encourages strong franchisee participation. Nethercutt, Meredith Aug 1, 2011 1119
Ongoing advocacy yields achievements on credit access front: recent developments in the international franchise association's credit access campaign illustrate the progress of the program as it works with allies to educate policymakers and lawmakers about the significance of eliminating barriers to lending for franchise small businesses. Aug 1, 2011 1077
Improving fairness for small businesses. Sanborn, Laurie Legislation Jul 29, 2011 522
Fears small firms will be hit hardest by pension reform. Jun 27, 2011 252
MPs remains locked in the Parliament for 2 straight nights debating to end the Postal dispute. Jun 25, 2011 550
Senators urge fed to monitor biz credit cards. Jun 22, 2011 244
The market mechanism in reality and myth: corporate business overlordship of small business. Jones, Evan Essay Jun 22, 2011 7471
SEC says: 'No new exemptions for small business filers releated to Sarbanes-Oxley'. Watts, Bill; Cheney, Glenn A. Jun 1, 2011 805
Small businesses run gauntlet of disability access laws, damages and abusive lawsuits. Levinson, Jerry Column Jun 1, 2011 1188
SBIR reauthorized through fiscal year. Jun 1, 2011 420
Study warns of risks from small-biz credit cards. Report May 24, 2011 548
NSBA chair interviews IRS official. May 24, 2011 183
Timeto stop Brussels's red tapefromsmothering small businesses. May 4, 2011 383
Tool explains disability laws. Brief article May 1, 2011 164
SINGLE MARKET: TWELVE TASKS. Brief article Apr 13, 2011 192
Give small businesses the chance to succeed. Apr 12, 2011 434
Office of Advocacy highlights labor regulations. Mar 30, 2011 363
Your hometown & the United Nations' Agenda 21: businesses - and their jobs - are fleeing California at breakneck speed because of costly, even abusive, regulations meant to adhere to UN standards. Is your state next? Jasper, William F. Cover story Feb 21, 2011 4136
Small-business loan guarantees hit a record. Statistical data Feb 1, 2011 723
SBA finds burden of rules is growing. Jan 1, 2011 158
Regulations hamper small firm's progress; ECONOMY TODAY: ECONOMY. Dec 17, 2010 138
Food safety bill proceeds with small biz exemption. Dec 14, 2010 433
Senators assail SBA failure on energy-efficiency. Dec 14, 2010 147
More tax law: selected provisions of 2010 Small Business Jobs Act. Josephs, Stuart R. Dec 1, 2010 741
Looking ahead to the 112th Congress: what do the midterm elections mean for franchising in 2011? Straczewski, Jason Dec 1, 2010 1229
SBA 90% loan guarantee set to sunset. Kibbe, Cindy Brief article Nov 19, 2010 243
Community commitment safeguards franchising industry: advocacy can take many forms, but all begin with one action: taking the first step. Nov 1, 2010 696
Participants in SBA's Microloan Program Could Provide Additional Information to Enhance the Public's Understanding of Recovery Act Fund Uses and Expected Outcomes. Nov 1, 2010 1379
Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. Nov 1, 2010 779
Tax increase for multinationals pays for Jobs bill. Barsky, Noah Nov 1, 2010 359
New law helps clear SBA $970 million loan queue. Oct 20, 2010 373
President Signs Small Business Legislation Impacting All Government Contractors. Oct 5, 2010 1490
Small businesses to benefit from healthcare legislation. Oct 1, 2010 258
How health-care reform helps small business and the self-employed. Bragg-Gamble, Suzanne; Swayze, Jim Column Oct 1, 2010 672
Small business bill. Williams, Katy Brief article Oct 1, 2010 275
Senate passes Small Business package. Oct 1, 2010 154
Houses passes rural small biz efficiency bill. Sep 29, 2010 264
Lawmakers pass 40 billion bill aimed at helping small businesses. Sep 23, 2010 290
House to vote on Small Biz Jobs Bill. Sep 22, 2010 341
Small Business Jobs Act one step closer. Sep 15, 2010 609
New IRS health reform rules cause a stir. Sep 10, 2010 408
Health care update for small businesses. Sep 8, 2010 819
Debit card measure a swipe at small business. Vallejo, Martin Aug 23, 2010 760
Small firms'pension headache. Aug 19, 2010 593
Scottsdale, Ariz., rolls out energy audit program. Turner, Laura Brief article Aug 16, 2010 161
Tech support: small business grant programs extended. Kibbe, Cindy Brief article Aug 13, 2010 153
Senate falls short on Small Business jobs bill. Aug 10, 2010 647
Health care law updates and upcoming web chat. Aug 10, 2010 244
FRC and SBC continue their influential voice. Devonish-Mills, Linda Aug 1, 2010 1263

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