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401(k) Plan Issues in the Current Environment: Practical and Legal Considerations. Geller, Sheldon M. Column May 1, 2020 1352
TILTING at windmills. Peters, Charles Column Nov 1, 2019 3812
Bipartisan Bill Would Allow Electronic Delivery of 401(k) Statements. Dec 12, 2017 355
ERISA's reasonable fee requirement. Geller, Sheldon M. Aug 1, 2017 1351
401(k) plan service provider selection and retention. Geller, Sheldon M. Column Feb 1, 2017 1386
401(k) plan investment selection: passive fund management versus active fund management. Geller, Sheldon M. Dec 1, 2016 1515
The knowledge gap in workplace retirement investing and the role of professional advisors. Fisch, Jill E.; Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess; Firth, Kristin Dec 1, 2016 15045
Understanding the various kinds of 401(k) service fee arrangements. Geller, Sheldon M. Jul 1, 2016 1800
Department of Labor finalizes retirement advice regulation: a practical perspective for 401(k) plan sponsors and investment committees. Geller, Sheldon M. Jun 1, 2016 2819
Understanding the increased liability for 401 (K) retirement plan committees. Geller, Sheldon M. May 1, 2016 1801
Proper 401 (k) plan management to reduce liability and optimize performance. Geller, Sheldon M. Column Apr 1, 2016 1043
An Adviser Eye on Washington. Aug 1, 2015 758
401(k) Guidance Favorites. Sep 1, 2014 792
Your savings, 401 (k), and retirement are in danger: the IMF is grabbing for total control with its proposed unlimited bailouts, global wealth tax, and "macroprudential policies.". Jasper, William F. Cover story Feb 17, 2014 4851
Read between the lines: disclosure rules help bring down 401(k) fees. Gladych, Paula Aven Oct 1, 2013 1248
403(b)s or 401(k)s for Nonprofits? Oct 1, 2013 337
Kan. House panel ends push for 401(k)-style plan. Mar 22, 2013 690
Retirement plans offer benefits for business owners: higher contributions and greater flexibility. Horowitz, Kenneth A. Feb 1, 2013 1721
A boost for your retirement account. Ngo, Sheiresa Brief article Dec 1, 2012 115
Get ahead of the curves 401(k) disclosures. Gladych, Paula Aven Sep 1, 2012 1304
401(k) Tab Added to Hoover and Associates Main Website. Jun 28, 2012 631
Many Happy Returns. Jun 1, 2012 722
Deadlines loom on new retirement plan rules. Riley, Sean P. May 18, 2012 706
Glossary. Glossary Apr 23, 2012 165
Unbundling 401(k) fees: Labor's final rule on disclosing 401(k) costs could well prompt plan sponsors to go shopping. Mandell, Nancy R. Mar 1, 2012 407
Are you ready for retirement plan disclosure? Rich, John E., Jr. Feb 24, 2012 738
A Changing World. Feb 1, 2012 735
Major new duties for 401(k) plan sponsors and vendors: expanded regulations under ERISA. Harvey, Louis S. Feb 1, 2012 1420
Funding the future: the evolving responsibilities of 401k plan sponsors. Vanek, Jeff Nov 1, 2011 1001
Breakaway 401(k)s: new fee disclosure regulations will create opportunities for advisors. Gonnella, Tom Nov 1, 2011 2017
The availability and use of 401(k) loans. Picker, Lester Oct 1, 2011 416
Retirement plan programs now offered through The Hartford/WVSMA: the brighter side of a two-sided coin. Shamblin, Kevin Jul 1, 2011 567
Full disclosure: new 401(K) fee rules: what you need to know. Dietz, Neil Jul 1, 2011 924
Lou Mazawey, Principal, Groom Law Group Chartered to Speak at KC's Managing Your 401(k), 403(b) and Other Retirement Plans for 2011 and Beyond Webcast. Jun 25, 2011 603
Scott Kiper, Senior Manager, Compensation & Benefits Consulting, Grant Thornton LLP to Speak at KC's 401(k) Fees: What You Need to Know in 2011 Live Webcast. Jun 18, 2011 675
Tom Kmak, CEO and Co-Founder, Fiduciary Benchmarks to Speak at KC's 401(k) Fees: What You Need to Know in 2011 Live Webcast. Jun 17, 2011 684
Michael Hadley, Incoming Partner, Davis & Harman LLP to Speak at KC's 401(k) Fees: What You Need to Know in 2011 Live Webcast. Jun 15, 2011 764
Jeleen Guttenberg, Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP to Speak at KC's 401(k) Fees: What You Need to Know in 2011 Live Webcast. Jun 5, 2011 600
Make it happen! Stanley, Michael K. Feb 21, 2011 725
Ready for new reporting rules? Smith, Colin Fitzpatrick Dec 1, 2010 479
Is EAP an ERISA-covered benefit? It depends on the specific plan. Nye, Sandra G. Oct 1, 2010 924
Perils of paying retail: a California court faults Edison International for overlooking lower-cost institutional mutual fund shares for its 401(k) plan. Kelly, Susan Sep 1, 2010 428
401K fee disclosure rules. Sep 1, 2010 468
New rules require disclosure of retirement plan fees. Jul 1, 2010 366
Discord with DOL: industry participants squabble over proposed final 401(k) advice rules. Waddell, Melanie Jul 1, 2010 598
Auto IRAs on the way? The Obama administration is proposing that employees without access to 401(k)s be automatically enrolled in an IRA. Aschkenasy, Janet Jun 1, 2010 407
Shaking up the status quo for a stronger future: Seacoast firm's transformation already paying, dividends. McCord, Michael Feb 26, 2010 1199
2010: the year of the Roth conversion? Arzaga, Rich Jan 1, 2010 2655
Employee benefits & pensions: IRS clarifies rule for contributing unused paid time off to sec. 401(k) plans. Sirkin, Stu Jan 1, 2010 1311
Private Pensions: Additional Changes Could Improve Employee Benefit Plan Financial Reporting. Jan 1, 2010 991
Time to update qualified retirement plans. McGrath, Patricia M. Nov 6, 2009 808
Companies whack 401(k) benefit programs. Sep 1, 2009 686
TIPRA is a game-changer: retirement planning maxims need rethinking. O'Fee, Kevin Aug 3, 2009 865
Defined contribution plans for nonprofit organizations: understand how new 403(b) plan requirements compare to 401(k)s. Early, Jarnie Aug 1, 2009 2331
House bill targets 401(k) advice. Postal, Arthur D. Jul 6, 2009 876
Roth IRA conversions: benefits and planning opportunities. Detzel, Lauren Y.; Bonnett, Eric N. Jun 1, 2009 3552
Retirement plan beneficiary information needs regular checkups. Cumming, Chris Jun 1, 2009 828
401(k) fees showdown: although courts have sided with 401(k) plan sponsors in lawsuits over plan costs and revenue sharing, the government is preparing to pounce. Kelly, Susan Jun 1, 2009 429
Who shredded our safety net? There's an old accounting joke: What starts with "f," ends with "k," and means "screw your workers"? That's right--401(k). Ridgeway, James Cover story May 1, 2009 4921
Distribution relief: new law suspends certain RMDs for 2009. Josephs, Stuart R. Mar 1, 2009 1383
Addressing 401(k) match suspensions: advisors can help sponsors with outreach efforts to affected employees. Bell, Allison Feb 16, 2009 984
401 (k) plans move away from employer stock as investment vehicle: increasingly, employees are given the option to choose how their 401(k) plan funds are invested; this greater choice is one factor in the decreased exposure to investment in employer stock. Wiatrowski, William J. Nov 1, 2008 4844
The new 401(k) landscape: how plan sponsors can adapt. Armstrong, Frank, III Sep 1, 2008 1638
Ten things to know about the Roth 401(k). Hasseltine, Kristy R. Sep 1, 2008 1235
FINRA proposes illustration changes. Bell, Allison Aug 4, 2008 328
DOL proposes simplified disclosure for 401(k) investment options. Brady, Matt Jul 28, 2008 450
Supreme Court upholds 401(k) participant's right to sue. Nevius, Alistair M. May 1, 2008 719
House panel OKs more 401(k) fee disclosure. Brady, Matt Apr 21, 2008 504
Big changes in store for 403(b) plans come 2009. Hersch, Warren S. Apr 7, 2008 804
High court ruling opens 401(k) can of worms. Griffith, Dodd S.; van Buskirk, Laurel Mar 28, 2008 805
High court rules that individuals can sue 401(k) plans under ERISA. Postalm Arthur D. Feb 25, 2008 687
Enhancing retirement benefits for owners and key executives. Laeyendecker, Ron; Watts, David M. Dec 10, 2007 995
Eyeing the sales opportunity in 409A's compliance deadline. Houston, David Dec 10, 2007 1352
'Safest available annuity' standard: is this meaningful change? McKeever, Joseph F. Dec 3, 2007 971
Consequences may follow 401(k) ruling. Nov 26, 2007 724
Defeat on 401(k) default investments seen as having limited impact. Postal, Arthur D. Oct 29, 2007 1191
Senate bill would increase transparency of 401 (k) fees. Brady, Matt Brief article Oct 29, 2007 184
What should advisors do now that PPA is here? There are plenty of opportunities to contact clients about regarding the new law. Wechsler, Jeane Oct 22, 2007 981
Managed accounts: a new direction for 401(k) plans. Sammer, Joanne Aug 1, 2007 2328
Qualifying the insurance sale for the qualified plan. Hersch, Warren S. Jul 23, 2007 813
A primer on qualified pension and profit-sharing plans: pension and profit-sharing plans, long important wealth-building and asset-protection tools, are more valuable than ever thanks to legislation passed early in this decade. Here's an overview for business advisors about these plans and what they can do for employers. Margolin, Stephen M.; Shifrin, Harvey S. Jul 1, 2007 4166
A wave of class action lawsuits over 401(k) plan fees has begun: employers need to be aware of what is happening in order to protect themselves. Dorsch, Jay; Bowers, Stephen Jun 11, 2007 1588
ACLI pushes DOL on annuities as 401(k) default investments. Postal, Arthur D. May 21, 2007 679
DOL seeks comment on disclosure of 401(k) fees and expenses. Postal, Arthur D. May 7, 2007 558
Dirty little secrets of 401(k) plan fees. Weber, Ken May 1, 2007 516
Time to rethink your 401(k) plan? Pension Protection Act allows employers to redesign retirement plans. Brown, Cynthia B. May 1, 2007 1838
Measuring fund returns. Delaney, Trevor May 1, 2007 583
Battle raging over 401(k) default investments. Postal, Arthur D. Mar 19, 2007 1082
Improving 401(k) fee disclosure on fast track. Postal, Arthur D. Mar 12, 2007 849
To Roth or not to Roth: more choice - and individual responsibility - in retirement investing means workers need to consider their options carefully. Thomasson, Timothy S. Feb 1, 2007 2812
Automatic enrollment rules for 401(k) plans: new law aims to increase employee participation. Laffie, Lesli S. Feb 1, 2007 501
Appendix A: types of qualified plans. Jan 1, 2007 5198
Participant-level money management account option. Geller, Sheldon M. Nov 1, 2006 1717
IRS tinkers with new Roth 401(k) and Roth 403(b) options. Blinn, Linda Segal Oct 9, 2006 859
Quietly to victory: congress passed and President Bush signed into law new 401(k) benefits for same-sex couples. How did the Human Rights Campaign and others win this fight? Very quietly. Kennedy, Sean Interview Sep 26, 2006 388
The Roth 401(k) and financial planning strategies: increased eligibility and flexibility for different taxpayer needs. Lauricella, Leonard J. May 1, 2006 3899
Financing retirement: the private sector; The shift from defined benefit pensions to personal retirement accounts is likely to benefit retirees. Wise, David A. Apr 1, 2006 4393
Employee benefits news you can use: here are some of the more important developments CPAs need to make their clients and employers aware of for 2006. Apr 1, 2006 1440
Saving for retirement: understanding the importance of heterogeneity; Retirement is only one aspect of complex saving behavior. Samwick, Andrew A. Jan 1, 2006 4199
Just what the doctor ordered: is ut time for your bank to start offering a health savings account (HSA)? Here's what you need to know about this new product. Baran, Mark R.; Juhas, Rachel Jan 1, 2006 1657
House set to pass pension bill. Brady, Matt Dec 19, 2005 317
New for 2006: Roth 401(k)s. Rankin, Clifford A. Dec 1, 2005 489
The power of the 401(k) plan. Domino, Anthony J., Jr. Column Oct 31, 2005 1083
Financial health. McPherson, Doug Jun 1, 2005 690
401(k) loan setback. Scott, Matthew S. Brief Article May 1, 2005 260
The 'Solo K' retirement plan. Knight, Michael J. May 1, 2005 562
IRS moves on 403(b) plans concern AALU and ACLI. Brady, Matt Feb 21, 2005 785
Are you spending too much on your 401k plan? With mutual fund and administration fees a hot current topic, a consultant suggests evaluating your plan--starting with a thorough review of the fees associated with the plan. Stone, Donald May 1, 2004 1835
Non-spouse beneficiaries of IRAs and 401(k)s. Correction Notice May 1, 2004 123
Tinkering with ERISA: Congress may amend the decades-old law protecting retirement benefits to allow providers of 401(k) and other retirement plans to advise investors. (Life/Health: Retirement Plans). Panko, Ron Jul 1, 2003 2826
The single-participant 401(k): the who, what and why of this new benefit for small businesses. Fleming, Peter D. Mar 1, 2003 2360
Take advantage of new tax benefits for retirement planning. Mar 1, 2003 976
Most small firms unclear on new retirement law. (Business Brief). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 303
The sole proprietor 401(k). (Dollars and Sense). Butera, Scott Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 377
Choosing between a Sec. 401(k) or 403(b) plan. Packard, Pamela May 1, 2002 897
Client report. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 306
Freedom to choose unwisely: Congress' misguided decision to leave 401(k) plan participants to their own devices. Stabile, Susan J. Mar 22, 2002 21785
Enron's enablers. (Comment). Meyerson, Harold Brief Article Feb 11, 2002 810
Prop. Regs. issued on age 50 "catch-up" deferrals for Sec. 401(k), 403(b) and other plans. Kautter, David J. Jan 1, 2002 867
New tax law significantly improves benefits of 401(k) and other qualified plans. Cochran-Becchina, Ann Nov 1, 2001 7716
House Passes Pension Reform Bill. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 105
IRS RELEASES GUIDANCE ON DEFAULT ELECTIONS. Altwardt, Peter S. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 905
IRS ruling enhances participation in secs. 403(b) and 457(b) plans. Weinberger, Mark Jan 1, 2001 577
The safe-harbor solution. Collins, Michael J. Jul 1, 1999 2269
Deferred compensation and other issues. Gauthier, Stephen Oct 1, 1997 991
New strategies for new laws. Guven, Neriman Feb 1, 1997 2293
Pension simplification: the ultimate oxymoron? Barber, Steven K. Feb 1, 1997 3796
Taking stock of the Boxer bill. Combs, Ann L. Cover Story Jan 1, 1997 2344
New hire rollovers don't trigger immediate coverage testing requirement. Bell, Lorraine Jan 1, 1997 589
Legal. Collins, Michael J. Dec 1, 1996 293
401(k)s are now money in the bank. Brief Article Oct 1, 1996 339
Victory at last. Boege, Robert S. Oct 1, 1996 1006
Pension simplification finally arrives: the employee benefit provisions of the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996. Sep 1, 1996 4632
Negative aspects to using LLCs for operating companies. Monroe, Tracy J. Aug 1, 1996 1328
Benefits for small business: Clinton plan could expand retirement coverage for up to 10 million workers. Brown, Carolyn M. Jul 1, 1996 588
Select-group qualified nonelective contributions. Field, Karen M. Jun 1, 1996 1703
Small business tax solutions. Matthews, Greg May 1, 1996 761
Maximize sec. 401(k) plan with companion nonqualified plan. Vines, Joan H. Feb 1, 1996 828
Current developments in employee benefits. Walker, Deborah Nov 1, 1995 9551
The problem with SEPs. Peterson, John M. Aug 1, 1995 678
Small business tax solutions. Matthews, Gregory Aug 1, 1995 724
401(k) hardship distributions. Lynch, Michael Jun 1, 1995 500
Who is managing your retirement plan? Lizzio, Joseph P. Column Jan 1, 1995 850
IRS takes hard look at 403(b)s. Rowland, Mary Oct 1, 1994 909
Most 401(k) sponsors are complying with 404(c) rules to limit liability. Sep 1, 1994 420
IRS revokes "mirror" sec. 401(k) ruling. Bowers, Jennifer J. Aug 1, 1994 536
Deferred income can fund retirement. Aug 1, 1994 486
IRS Key District raises qualification issues. Yurkovic, Denis L. Jun 1, 1994 740
The new $150,000 limit on qualified plan compensation. Price, Gene M. Dec 1, 1993 974
Avoiding 401(k) traps. Kidder, James L. Sep 1, 1993 2147
The cost of success: the top-heavy Sec. 401(k) plan. McKinney, Hal H., Jr. Aug 1, 1993 1314
Can a 401(k) plan be a qualified replacement plan? Patterson, Martha Priddy Jun 1, 1993 965
Impact of SEC insider trading rules on executive compensation arrangements. Kesner, Michael S. Nov 1, 1991 1580
404(c) regulations: the choice is yours. Walker, David M. Nov 1, 1991 2215
Should taxable income be sheltered? A look at an IRA. Green, Tracy Wilson Oct 1, 1991 1420
Comments on revenue ruling 90-105: timing of deduction for section 401(k) contributions December 20, 1990. Jan 1, 1991 1657
Mergers and acquisitions: buyer beware. Perry, Susan Nov 1, 1989 815
Final and proposed 401(k) regulations. Bader, William Jan 1, 1989 2041

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