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Changing a will with codicils... Jun 5, 2020 422
INHERITANCE FORGERY. Weisbord, Reid Kress; Horton, David Jan 1, 2020 28684
Danger Will Robinson: The New Frontier of Remote Online Notarization and Electronic Wills. Butters, Sarah S.; Rubin, Jenna G. Nov 1, 2019 4706
DIFC courts expand scope of wills services. Sep 8, 2019 191
DIFC courts expand scope of wills services. Aug 11, 2019 191
New rule on wills out for Non-Muslims in the UAE. Jul 31, 2019 931
Have multiple wills in UAE? Now, you can have just one. Jul 31, 2019 765
Inequities, unintended consequences of spousal elective share. Remillard, Maria L. Feb 28, 2019 1736
Dying without a will may trigger trouble, long wait for heirs. Dec 26, 2018 1045
Best & Worst of 2018. Dec 24, 2018 2058
Can a lawyer draft a will, then benefit from it? Dryden, Lee Dec 21, 2017 957
New Dubai law on inheritance and wills a good move. Nov 3, 2017 427
People Always Told Me, Be Careful What You Do: Wills and Dependency Legislation. Fenwick, Fred; MacLean, Andrea Sep 1, 2017 1686
New registry of wills for non-Muslims in UAE. May 23, 2017 585
Testamentary incapacity, undue influence, and insane delusions. Simmons, Thomas E. Jun 22, 2015 7288
Testamentary incapacity, undue influence, and insane delusions. Simmons, Thomas E. Jun 22, 2015 29232
Amendment to law on wills. Jun 10, 2015 119
New insights on wills and succession in Australia. Dodds, Imelda Jan 1, 2015 929
Equitable claims and family provision. Armfield-Barrister, John Jan 1, 2015 4864
Winds of change: law & society management of life, death and estate administration. Lindsay, Geoff Jan 1, 2015 2938
Patient asked me about will. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 116
I do, I will. Campbell, Angela Jul 1, 2014 12104
Formalizing gratuitous and contractual transfers: a situational theory. Hirsch, Adam J. Jun 1, 2014 8736
Formalizing gratuitous and contractual transfers: a situational theory. Hirsch, Adam J. Jun 1, 2014 26333
Non-Muslim Filipinos urged to prepare wills. Apr 28, 2014 507
More challenges to wills are likely as Government climbs down on new law. Jan 23, 2014 586
Understanding the limits of and exceptions to intent. Tiernan, Peter B. Jan 1, 2014 4260
Rethinking the testamentary capacity of minors. Glover, Mark Jan 1, 2014 23875
Succession law keeping pace with changes in technology and community expectations--informal wills. McEniery, Benu Jan 1, 2014 5461
Legal notice. Brief article Dec 10, 2012 196
Probate notice. Duke, Bryan W Brief article Dec 3, 2012 229
Court petitioned to unseal Legion documents. Berry, Jason Nov 22, 2012 818
A sample of a professional will. Report Nov 1, 2012 632
Adam 'MCA' Yauch Of The Beastie Boys Will Ban His Music And Image From Ads. Aug 11, 2012 357
Even In Death, Adam Yauch Has More Class Than Katy Perry. Aug 10, 2012 557
Family property law; cases and materials on wills, trusts, and future interests, 5th ed. Book review Oct 1, 2011 121
Secretary of State establishes procedures for depositing wills. Brokaw, Stephen Oct 1, 2010 477
Man's will can't discriminate. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 192
No involvement in Will preparation. Kiejda, Judith Brief article Mar 1, 2010 105
Where there's another will, there may be a way: the failure to contest a will does not always bar an action for intentional interference with an expectancy of inheritance, the supreme court rules. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Dec 1, 2009 854
Recognizing and avoiding a will contest: keeping the family together. Levitt, Steven C. Jul 1, 2009 2032
Make it an even 10: courts rely on more than the seven Carpenter factors to analyze a claim for undue influence of a will or trust. Hathaway, David P. Jun 1, 2009 4393
Undue influence and the law of wills: a comparative analysis. Scalise, Ronald J., Jr. Sep 22, 2008 30542
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills (1384-1858): uk/documentsonline/wills.asp. Whitaker, Anne-Maree Brief article Jun 1, 2008 178
The empire of illness: competence and coercion in health-care decision making. Garrison, Marsha Dec 1, 2007 24999
Anna Nicole Smith's will: a tragedy in many acts: it may be years before we know what becomes of Anna Nicole's vast estate. In the meantime, here is some informed speculation. McBride, Katarinna May 1, 2007 1446
Will your family inherit problems? Chucala, Stven Apr 1, 2005 895
Past and future: attempts to prospectively alienate property. Tymoczko, Alexei Jul 1, 2004 9333
Who what when and why? Capacity decisions. Kelly, Sherrilynn J. Feb 1, 2004 2700
Death, divorce, and taxes. Sroka, Louis Feb 1, 2003 2345
The recovery of attorneys' fees and costs for the unsuccessful offer of a will for probate: counsel must give close attention to the substantive and procedural aspects of the statute in order to obtain an award of attorneys' fees and costs from the estate. Wallace, Douglas A. Jan 1, 2002 4418
COMMON ESTATE PLANNING MYTHS. Korobow, Marvin L. Oct 1, 2001 1453
Making the Right Financial "Move". Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 657
How do you spell relief? Re-writing wills in Canada. Bowal, Peter Oct 1, 2000 3970
Unique problems, unique wills: special report on wills and estates. Platten, Karen Oct 1, 2000 1603
Nurses Should Know the Requirements for Witnessing Patients' Wills. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 1026
The use of forensic document examiners in Florida will contests. Bicks, Peter A.; Russell, Hollis F. Oct 1, 1997 4016
Estate planning - an act of kindness. Veres, Robert N. column Jan 1, 1990 1871
Testator must be found "enfeebled in mind". Jul 1, 1989 506
The final year of an estate-special rules. Wolosky, Gabe M. column Apr 1, 1989 1034
Wills: importance of tax apportionment clause. First, David M. column Apr 1, 1989 1102
Virginia Supreme Court considers testamentary competency. Jul 1, 1986 760

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