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The View from Syria: In War on Terror, Humanitarian Law Takes the Back Seat. Gutman, Roy Mar 22, 2020 7229
Turkey seeks advantage from Libyan intervention. Collins, Tom Mar 1, 2020 1272
MEPs call for sanctions against Turkey over military operation in Syria. Oct 24, 2019 331
Beijing Demands US 'Stops Intervening' in Hong Kong, Chinese 'Internal Affairs'. Jun 12, 2019 273
The US should intervene in Taiwan's party primaries in line with the TRA. May 28, 2019 379
Progress for Peace. May 1, 2019 672
US House votes for ending military intervention in Yemen. Apr 4, 2019 110
President Abbas meets with Italian FM Milanesi, discusses latest political developments. Jan 29, 2019 232
Government spokesperson warns against ongoing Israeli excavations in Silwan. Dec 9, 2018 122
Interagency Cooperation and the Future of Intervention Policy. Duffy, Frances Apr 30, 2018 1430
Russian roulette against Russia is reckless. Apr 15, 2018 1452
Yemen airstrikes very accurate, respecting military rules of engagement: Arab coalition incidents assessment team. Mar 7, 2018 195
TWAIL and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) as a New Instrument of Domination: the Case of Libya/ TWAIL ve Yeni Bir Hakimiyet Araci Olarak Koruma Sorumlulugu (R2P): Libya Ornegi. Kelleci, Tugce; Un, Marella Bodur Dec 22, 2017 7029
For recognition of a peoples' right to U.N. authorized armed intervention to stop mass atrocities. Bitensky, Susan H. Mar 22, 2017 24021
Consent is not enough: why states must respect the intensity threshold in transnational conflict. Hathaway, Oona A.; Crootof, Rebecca; Hessel, Daniel; Shu, Julia; Weiner, Sarah Dec 1, 2016 23272
Ashrawi: Israel's policies remain unhinged due to the lack of effective international intervention and accountability. Oct 8, 2016 472
Iran and the military option. Noon, Gregory P. Mar 22, 2016 2819
NATO Sends Ships To Mediterranean. Feb 11, 2016 568
Humanitarian intervention in a multipolar world. Jones, Jesse Jan 1, 2016 16098
Illegally evading attribution? Russia's use of unmarked troops in Crimea and international humanitarian law. Gillich, Ines Nov 1, 2015 15732
The applicability of the humanitarian intervention "exception" to the Middle Eastern refugee crisis: why the international community should intervene against ISIS. Sterio, Milena Jun 22, 2015 13084
The case against manifest destiny. Jun 3, 2015 738
State of Law coalition calls on the government and parliament to take a firm official position against the US interventions. Apr 30, 2015 103
Exploring U.S. treaty practice through a military lens. Corn, Geoffrey S.; Brenner-Beck, Dru Mar 22, 2015 8788
Exploring U.S. treaty practice through a military lens. Corn, Geoffrey S.; Brenner-Beck, Dru Mar 22, 2015 27198
Obama secretly authorizes U.S. combat extension of Afghan war. Dec 22, 2014 335
The "Islamic State" crisis and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth; Blanchard, Christopher M.; Humud, Carla E.; Margesson, Rhoda; Tiersky, Alex; Weed, Report Nov 1, 2014 15585
A new authorization for use of military force against the Islamic State: comparison of current proposals in brief. Weed, Matthew C. Report Nov 1, 2014 7093
Turkey-U.S. cooperation against the "Islamic State": a unique dynamic? Zanotti, Jim Oct 1, 2014 1201
U.S. military action against the Islamic state: answers to frequently asked legal questions. Garcia, Michael John; Elsea, Jennifer K. Report Sep 1, 2014 13910
Canada's reactionary policy brings nothing to the table. Webb, Stewart Jul 1, 2014 868
Use of force considerations in Iraq. Weed, Matthew C. Jul 1, 2014 1041
Uganda's military intervention in South Sudan under international law. Apr 19, 2014 2933
WMD Risks In Civil War: What Syria Can Teach. Ramberg, Bennett Jan 23, 2014 1460
Partitioning Syria. DeAtkine, Norvell Dec 18, 2013 561
Splits Among Key US Institutions. Brief article Dec 16, 2013 286
Forestalling Genocide In The Central African Republic. Dyer, Gwynne Brief article Dec 11, 2013 196
U.N. able & U.N. democratic. Nashashibi, Sharif Dec 1, 2013 1669
Syrian semantics: is killing with chemical weapons more deadly than incendiary bombs or napalm? Ismail, Nehad Nov 1, 2013 998
Syria's turmoil: what's next for the U.S.? Brown, Aaron Oct 16, 2013 618
Strike On Syria For Chemical Weapons - Not Illegal. Koh, Harold Hongju Oct 3, 2013 1514
Get a better speech writer: for generations, eminent New York Times wordsmiths have swooned over foreign strongmen, from Walter Duranty's Pulitzer-winning paeans to the Stalinist utopia to Thomas L. Friedman's more recent effusions to the "enlightened" Chinese Politburo. Steyn, Mark Oct 1, 2013 1258
Once bitten, twice shy. Seymour, Richard Oct 1, 2013 985
ARAB AFFAIRS - Sept 24 - Turkey, Jordan Say World Has Responsibility To End Syria War. Sep 28, 2013 517
Syria-US Crisis Stops At A 'Win' For Putin Holding Khamenei/Assad As A Bargain Chip. Sep 16, 2013 993
What Putin Means. Sep 16, 2013 534
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Sept 9 - Russia Warns Against Syria Strike Outcomes. Brief article Sep 14, 2013 289
ARAB US RELATIONS - Sept 12 - Kerry Rejects Assad's 30-Day Timetable. Sep 14, 2013 126
ARAB AFFAIRS - Sept 1 - Arab League Endorses International Action. Sep 7, 2013 941
ARAB AFFAIRS - Sept 5 - Iran Will Support Syria 'To The End': Military Chief. Sep 7, 2013 390
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Aug 25 - Moscow Warns US. Aug 31, 2013 343
IRAN - Aug 30 - Strike On Syria Will Burn Israel. Aug 31, 2013 222
IRAQ - Aug 26 - Use Of Airspace Or Territory In Any Attack On Syria Opposed. Brief article Aug 31, 2013 213
US stands alone as British lawmakers vote against military intervention in Syria. Aug 30, 2013 191
Brahimi: Military Intervention in Syria Needs UN Approval. Aug 28, 2013 258
Obama & Western Allies Weigh Syria Options. Aug 26, 2013 542
Amid Mideast Turmoil, What Does Russia Want? Graham, Thomas Aug 20, 2013 1373
Breaking the impasse. Ismail, Nehad Aug 1, 2013 1054
G8 Leaders Side Step Fate Of Syria's Assad. Beesley, Arthur Brief article Jun 18, 2013 210
Saudis Oust Qataris & Erdogan From The Assad/GME Conflict Zones. Jun 10, 2013 999
No-fly zones: strategic, operational, and legal considerations for Congress. Gertler, Jeremiah; Blanchard, Christopher M.; Dale, Catherine; Elsea, Jennifer K. Report May 1, 2013 6054
The "responsibility to protect" doctrine: revived in Libya, buried in Syria. Nuruzzaman, Mohammed Mar 22, 2013 3556
Sacrificing the law of armed conflict in the name of peace: a problem of politics. Dunham, Matthew E. Mar 22, 2013 23207
Lament of a Syrian child: Assad, when will the killing stop? Brief article Mar 2, 2013 188
On some aspects of the UN Security Council Mandate Application during the NATO operation unified protector/K nekterym aspektum aplikace mandatu RB OSN behem operace NATO unified protector. Kriz, Zdenek Dec 15, 2012 6122
SYRIA - June 17 - Syrian Opposition Calls For Intervention To Save Homs. Brief article Jun 23, 2012 304
Caution in what you wish for: the consequences of a right to democracy. Mitchell, Sara McLaughlin; Diehl, Paul F. Jun 22, 2012 15999
Intervention will escalate violence. Zunes, Stephen Apr 27, 2012 983
The case concerning intervention in Tagoon. Scharf, Michael P. Mar 22, 2012 18034
A dispute arising under the statute of the International Court of Justice February, 2012: the Government of the United States (Applicant) v. the Government of Canada (Respondent): memorial of the applicant. van Wyck, James; Dick, Justin Mar 22, 2012 7970
A dispute arising under the statute of the International Court of Justice February, 2012: the Government of the United States (Applicant) v. The Government of Canada (Respondent): Memorial of the respondent. Allen, Paul A.; Pitts, Kathleen D. Mar 22, 2012 9290
ARAB US RELATIONS - Mar 7 - US Defense Officials Say Obama Reviewing Military Options In Syria. Mar 10, 2012 536
ARAB US RELATIONS - Mar 7 - Top Pentagon Officials Stress Risks In Syria. Mar 10, 2012 868
Iran Warns USA Over Syria. Brief article Feb 27, 2012 312
The Lord's Resistance Army: the U.S. response. Arieff, Alexis; Ploch, Lauren Report Nov 1, 2011 11442
War counsel: Obama shops for Libya advice that lets him ignore the law. Sullum, Jacob Column Sep 9, 2011 649
India supports reforms in Syria, rejects any foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs. Aug 2, 2011 491
Humanitarian intervention--again? Bissett, James Aug 1, 2011 1511
Libya: unrest and U.S. policy. Blanchard, Christopher M. Report Jul 1, 2011 26920
Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya: a moment of legal & moral clarity. Williams, Paul R.; Popken, Colleen Mar 22, 2011 11834
Intervention in Libya, yes; intervention in Syria, no: deciphering the Obama Administration. Guiora, Amos N. Mar 22, 2011 12554
No-fly zones: strategic, operational, and legal considerations for Congress. Gertler, Jeremiah; Blanchard, Christopher M.; Daggett, Stephen; Dale, Catherine; Elsea, Jennifer K.; Report Mar 1, 2011 9133
Operation Odyssey Dawn (Libya): background and issues for congress. Gertler, Jeremiah Report Mar 1, 2011 13428
Ethiopia's armed intervention in Somalia: the legality of self-defense in response to the threat of terrorism. Allo, Awol K. Dec 22, 2010 15956
Contracting for state intervention: the origins of sovereign debt arbitration. Weidemaier, W. Mark C. Sep 22, 2010 10799
Coming full circle: the Rome Statute and the crime of aggression. Kacker, Devyani Sep 22, 2010 12335
Remarks to the 2009 Samuel Dash Conference on Human Rights Rule of Law in the Context of Military Interventions. Johnson, Jeh Charles May 1, 2009 3821
Taiwan-U.S. relations: developments and policy implications. Dumbaugh, Kerry Report May 1, 2009 14693
A pragmatic approach to jurisdictional and definitional requirements for the crime of aggression in the Rome Statute. Scheffer, David Mar 22, 2009 7135
Attacking without provocation; maintaining a subsequent occupation; all for the sake of democratization: the constitutionality and wisdom of preventive war and post-conflict nation-building. Green, Kevin Mar 22, 2009 13461
Post-conflict rule of law building: the need for a multi-layered, synergistic approach. Stromseth, Jane Mar 1, 2008 9404
Remarks on intervention. Mendez, Juan E. Jan 1, 2008 4182
Atrocity crimes framing the responsibility to protect. Scheffer, David Jan 1, 2008 11155
"Genocide" - the power of a label. Kelly, Michael J. Jan 1, 2008 6709
Enemies through the gates: Russian violations of international law in the Georgia/Abkhazia conflict. Cutts, Noelle M. Shanahan Jan 1, 2008 13380
Cry "humanitarian assistance," and let slip the dogs of war. Samy, Sharad A. Oct 1, 2007 10052
Developing the rule of law in Afghanistan: the need for a new strategic paradigm. Tasikas, Vasilios Jul 1, 2007 11736
Crossing the thin blue line: an inquiry into Israel' s recourse to self-defense against Hezbollah. Ruys, Tom Jun 22, 2007 16757
To condone or condemn? Regional enforcement actions in the absence of Security Council authorization. Hakimi, Monica May 1, 2007 21742
Using force first: moral tradition and the case for revision. Totten, Mark Jan 1, 2007 16290
Operation Iraqi freedom: legal and policy considerations. Turner, Robert F. Jun 22, 2004 13541
The use of force against Iraq: occupation and Security Council Resolution 1483. Hmoud, Mahmoud Jan 1, 2004 8892
Settling the score with Saddam: Resolution 1441 and parallel justifications for the use of force against Iraq. McLain, Patrick Jan 1, 2003 25224
Comments on the use of force in Afghanistan. Miller, Judith Dec 22, 2002 2606
A prelude to World War III? Military intervention in Iraq could well provide the preconditions for a global conflict. (war). Hinkson, John Oct 1, 2002 3306
International law and the problem of evil. Weisburd, A. Mark Mar 1, 2001 25057
Humanitarian intervention at a crossroads. Brown, Bartram S. May 1, 2000 24030
Reconsidering the legality of humanitarian intervention: lessons from Kosovo. Mertus, Julie May 1, 2000 18986
Humanitarian intervention: the case for legitimacy. Shotwell, Charles B.; Thachuk, Kimberley Jul 1, 1999 2897
Tragedies in Somalia, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Rwanda and Liberia - revisiting the validity of humanitarian intervention under international law. Nanda, Ved P.; Muther, Thomas F., Jr.; Eckert, Amy E. Aug 6, 1998 19332
Genocidal violence in Burundi: should international law prohibit domestic humanitarian intervention? Reyhan, Patricia Y. Mar 22, 1997 11873
Human rights, humanitarian intervention, and world politics. Pease, Kelly Kate; Forsythe, David P. May 1, 1993 10930
The Gulf crisis, international law, and American foreign policy. Grieves, Forest L. Sep 22, 1991 3066

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